The Lego Batman Movie, 20th Century Women and Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk Film 2017

The Lego Batman Movie, 20th Century Women and Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk

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Hello. This is Film 2017. I am Clara Amfo. We are raring to go. With us


tonight, we are turning down the lights, putting on some sweet music


and getting all romantic. We want to know some great movies for


Valentine's Day, so get in touch with us about that. Coming up on the


show tonight... The Lego Batman Movie, returns to Gotham city.


Growing up and freaking out. Annette Bening and Elle Fanning star in 20th


Century Women. And nobody puts this film in the corner. We celebrate the


wonder of Dirty Dancing 30 years on. Plus, we'll take a look at Billy


Lynn's Long Halftime Walk. Joining me tonight, Chris Hewitt, full of


germs, but soldiering on! And Danny Leigh! I'm freelance, this is not


good! Chris, we need to talk about these socks? Yes, these are my shiny


socks. You can get anything in this pattern, except, weirdly enough,


carpet. Do you have boxer shorts to match? I can't say. Later! Now, it


is the term of the gravelly voiced Will Arnett to bring the caped


Crusader back to the screen. This is The Lego Batman Movie. I'm home! You


come in with a big bang and there's some great action. And then it


shifts a bit and it becomes... Almost like a character movie. He's


a lonely guy, someone you think has everything. He's got great gadgets


and vehicles, women love him, but he doesn't have the most important


thing, which is family. You can't spend the rest of your life alone,


dressed in black and staying up all night. You need to take


responsibility for your life, and it starts by raising your son. This is


the batsman Ravi where he finds family. He actually adopts a child.


He puts together his own version of family during the course of the


movie. Wait, does but man live in Bruce Wayne's basement? I have seen


him in many different years. And that we had one in 1966. I have aged


phenomenally. You've got absurd Adam west versions of it, you've got


extremely serious versions of it. So, being able to have our take on


it was really important. Oh, my goodness, I am so sorry! I had the


luxury of taking pieces of all of them. Because they all exist, and I


tried to make him my own. I'm sorry, I literally have no idea what you're


talking about. Trying to go back to what was the thing that made that


first television series so successful back in the day. There


was always an element of tongue in cheek. It was able to not take


itself too seriously at the end of the day. Hate, but man! We're going


to have to rename this the Buttmobile! There is something in


this for everybody. The Lego Batman Movie, selfishly, I took my niece


and nephew to go and see this film. But it was all about me, not them!


Is everything still awesome? I think it is, it is just fractionally less


awesome. A lot of that was because the Lego movie had the huge element


of surprise. Having seen this pure, joyful and weirdly subversive


experience, The Lego Batman Movie does not have that element of


surprise. Instead, it has a barrage of gags. I have never seen a film


before, where there is a pre-pre- credit sequence. A lot of it is very


funny. Whether you're a ten-year-old kid, or whatever, it's funny the


whole way through. I can run the risk of sounding like a film critic


for a second, I'm sorry! But it is fractionally less awesome and it


just feels fractionally like a missed opportunity. Do you think


they tried to pack too many jokes in? I thought, I would rather go and


see this with my friends then whizz my knee for nephew, it just felt


like there were too many jokes. -- than with my niece and nephew. I


like the fact, if you don't like one bad joke, don't worry, another one


is along in a second. I like the healthy reference for the batsman


Ravi is, even the rubbish ones! How do you! In that movie, there is no


doubt about it. The Adam west but man, it goes really deep as well.


There is mention made of a whole litany of dreadful but man villains.


At one point he says, it is worth a Google, edited! The cynic in you


thinks, what could be better than to shift an awful lot of plastic


bricks, the corporate synergy! But I think there is more than that going


on. Actually The Lego Movie John Lowe Was Up Perfect Stroke Of


Genius, To Take This Character. Christian Bale can never play


batsman ever again. That ship has now sailed. The body of jokes... I


just kept thinking, somewhere, Christopher Nolan is having every


joke explained to him. I felt like this film was a bit of a joke take


on the typical macho batsman that we have come to love from Christian


Bale's portrayal? I do not want to pick holes in this because it is a


wonderful experience in many ways, but it cannot help becoming a bit of


a superhero movie, after a while. It is having fun with that idea, but in


the end it just becomes another batsman film. I think the problem is


with but man himself. He's great in small doses, but when he has to


carry a whole movie on his very small shoulders, it does greater


bit, after a while. Is a bit swaggering. He is great at stealing


the scene. They try to impart an emotional back story on him and give


him some depth - it doesn't really work. It's a little bit like if you


took his character from Arrested Development and you gave him his own


90 minute movie, you would be going after a while, I'm not sure about


this guy. We have to give a bit of love to Michael Cera. It is amazing


how many people give their best performances, at three inches high.


I have never been able to stand Michael Cera, but this is great,


once he's reduced down to that level. The whole cast, Rosario


Dawson and Ralph Fiennes as well. I think we all got to know Rosario


Dawson as a promiscuous teenager, not in real life, can we stress?!


For fantastic. There is a huge amount of funny going on in this, I


realise that I have been nit-picking. That's the batsman will


in you! Next up, 20th Century Women. This is a new film from director


Mike Mills. His last film, Beginners, was inspired by the life


of his father. This time it is the turn of his mum, and it stars the


fabulous Annette Bening, in what has been called a love letter to mothers


everywhere. We are at a turning point in our history. As you know,


there is a growing disrespect for government. It is a crisis of


confidence. It's America in 1979, and it's about a mother


coming-of-age, trying to figure out her son. And a son coming-of-age


were trying to figure out his mother. Inking you know everything


that's going on. No, I just held that having your heart broken is a


tremendous way to learn about the world. Mike Mills wrote and directed


the movie. He was very much intrigued by both of his parents. It


is always about the mother. This is about the mother. She was the


catalyst, but it became really another character to play. Do you


think you're happy? Seriously? You don't ask people questions like


that. She is a very context woman in her own right. And of course, all


real mothers are, it's just that we've spent so much time either


idealising mothers or on the other hand making them into the bad


mother. Whereas Dorothea is just a human mother who makes some


mistakes, and then also she gets a lot right. Jamie, would you please


wait for Abbie? Hold on, I'm menstruating. When we were actually


shooting, we mostly used the dialogue, but then we would have a


chance to do a scene, and he would say, say whatever you want. Your


menstruating, OK, but do you have to say it? And some of the best moments


came from those times when we were able to speak from the heart. Just


say menstruation, it's not a big deal, start saying it now.


Menstruation. Not bad. Let's say it together! Menstruation. I can't say


it. So, 20th Century Women, Chris, would you say this film shows you


don't have to be a teenager to come of age? Absolutely, I went into this


one, I must confess, with slight trepidation. I love character


studies, I'm love movies which are slightly plotless, but I was a bit


concerned that this might be a bit too twee. And it is that, but it is


a movie that has tonnes of compassion for its characters. It is


full of wit and warmth and wisdom. It only has one Oscar nomination,


which is for Best Original Screenplay, for Mike Mills. And it


deserves it, it is fantastic. It is a bit like a bat man movie, in that


every minute or so brings a new one minor, but this time, they are


covered in emotional depth. It is a wonderful movie, and it's built on


these incredible performances. Annette Bening, for me, she is the


star of the film, but I love her stance because she is the most


reluctant feminist icon, I guess! She is a woman bringing up this


child by herself, she talks to him as if he's an adult. It seems in the


film as if he almost wants more parental control? That's one of the


things I love about it. The period detail is so good, the sense of time


and place. In 1979 in California, you realise what it means to like


Talking Heads. And also Black Flak. It is about mothers and sons, being


a boy or a girl, a man or a woman. It could be a coming-of-age story,


it is the kind of story that a lot of directors of a certain age end up


producing, sensitive, slightly weird. It says, OK, so this


15-year-old's life is important, but also, he has got this mother. In


another film, she would be standing there with a cake at the doorway


being supportive, or she would be conspicuous by her absence.


Actually, this film gets half the film at least two Annette Bening.


There's such richness of character. It's all about her childhood and


oppression, she's bohemian but she's also so good with money. So there is


a real richness, which is very, very unusual. And there is a warmth I


think without being sentimental. And there is a cleverness, without being


precious. It is like Wes Anderson if everything was not in quote marks.


It is a very democratic movie as well.


Seeing what Greta Gerwig goes through, it is played beautifully.


The film likes all its characters. Any film will get bored with at


least one of its characters but here, there are great scenes of


people dancing in their bedrooms and it is as if the movie wants to


invite us in. There is a real charm to it. Can we try and say it


together? Menstruation. There we go. Moving on, it made a star of Patrick


Swayze and it made putting Baby in the corner unacceptable. Dirty


Dancing is 30 years old. There is a rumour that someone in this room has


not seen it. Its mix of sex and sound made it a head for me and I


even liked the sequel. I know I am not alone.


# Now I've had the time of my life. You know how when you watch a film


for the first time and it has an amazing cult following and you think


it cannot live up to those expectations and this was one of the


few films that really did. My mother really did not want me to see it


because it had the word dirty and the title. It's not illegal is it?


It was the first movie I saw in which people had sex. That was the


summer of 1963 when everyone called me Baby. It is the moment when he


jumps off the stage and moves down the aisle. It is like a magnet, it


pulls me in. I cannot think of a single girl that I know who has not


tried to recreate those Dirty Dancing moves. I think I sprained my


wrists trying to lift someone at a wedding once. The dams in the film


is not easy. It is technical. This is my dance face and this is your


dance space. It is beautifully choreographed. Turner, Turner... My


favourite scene is the montage to Hungry Eyes.


# Hungry eyes. Twist. It is so 1980s and so lovely and heartfelt. I like


that you can see how much Patrick Swayze does not like Jennifer Grey.


He found her annoying. Those are real outtakes. You have to


concentrate! Is this your idea of fun! He was a sensational dancer. So


when he was given someone like Jennifer Grey, his heart must have


gone, oh please! He uses dancing as sex. I mean it is body to body,


touch, feel, hold, grab, it is like making love. It is just a massive


sweatbox of self. The movie uses dancing as a metaphor for the sexual


awakening of Baby. The better dancer she is, the more sexually has and


the better dancer she becomes. Patrick Swayze did not have a bone


in his body that was not sexy. It started in his little toe and


finished at the hair on his head. His ads are incredible. This is peak


Patrick Swayze. Look at him. Oh my god! Boys and men are grossed out


when they see the camera going all over Patrick Swayze and I say, this


is what it is like being a woman in the cinema all the time! Enjoy! O


God, it is hopeless. Don't say that. I think there are so many things


going on in Dirty Dancing. It gets quite dark and serious with the


abortion theme with penny. He did not use either or nothing. The guy


had a dirty knife and a folding table. It is a movie that has real


smarts, not just a movie with a funny soundtrack. It will be fine.


It is a movie about the importance of pro-choice, a movie that


celebrates female sexuality, and movie that celebrates her


objectification of men. This is not a tragedy. It is one of the greatest


Amadis movies of all time. It is one of these films that is referenced by


people all the time. You will note those quotable lines. Carry a


watermelon! I think everyone knows the phrase spaghetti arms and it is


not complimentary. Where is my beige lipstick? Baby, stand up straight. I


love to watch your hair blowing in the breeze. There is one line in


this film which everyone says. Nobody puts Baby in the corner! What


does that even mean? What? There is a reason everyone still quote said.


Lines do not last for 30 years without good reason. It is not easy


to write a fun, funny teen movie with a smart script. And if you want


the time of your life, you can catch Dirty Dancing in cinemas nationwide


on February the 14th. I have got some of your tweets for your


favourite Valentine's Day movies. He says you cannot beat Some Like It


Hot. Some people said My Bloody Valentine. One guy says Star Wars,


if the guy does not like them, she is not a keeper. It is everything.


If you sit through the Phantom Menace, you're a keeper. Jonathan


Harvey has spoken. Next up is Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk from the


Oscar-winning director Ang Lee. Joe Alwyn stars as Billy home from the


Iraq war and reluctantly held as a military hero. It is going down.


What? I play Billy and he is a soldier and he finds himself thrown


into this extraordinary situation. He is caught on camera in this


suppose it act of heroism and the footage goes viral back home and


they are brought back to America for this victory tour. It is weird being


honoured for the worst day of your life. And the film takes place over


the course of the day as he is trying to figure out the kind of


madness and the circumstances around him and figure out who he is and


where he belongs in all of that. I cannot imagine what you went through


personally. I think it is the human drama about the growth of the young


person. It is really good to have you back, Little Brother. It is


about war and how to do with it, how they go through that. How they grow


and mature. When you are decorated hero, you have done your part. There


is no shame in it. I did my research. I made a commitment. To


what? We know why you signed up. What to say? I'm going back. The


book is a reflection of that time. It is also very timely and when I


was cutting the movie after I shot it, the election started. So I was


watching how the movie had fashioned and how the reality, was passing


out. Your story Billy, no longer belongs to you. It is the irony and


the contrast between what really happened and the public perception


of them. What really happened over there? The latest bomb Ang Lee,


Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk. A film that I found quite conflicting


to watch. The way it was shot, I found I was watching a really well


made for television movie. Most movies are shot in 24 frames per


second and this is shot in 120 frames per second. It produces a new


clarity of image and it effectively removes the barrier. It removes the


barrier between the viewer and the screen and it doesn't quite work. It


is a little bit too hyper real and it does not have the motion blur


that the Hobbit had. It is a little bit off-putting and visually bland


as well, which surprised me given the technology behind it and the


cinematographer. Too many frames per second. It is impossible to get


beyond. It is a shame, some were buried in their is a provocative


film about America and war. I could not make eye contact with this


movie. It looks so slick and jarring, like having a conversation


with someone who takes all the clothes off. You're not attracted to


them. You cannot focus, it is not happening. You think it is unsightly


and you do not want to carry on the conversation. Ang Lee is a gifted


director, but he makes these strange mistakes of judgment. I do not know


why he would have made the film like that because the hobbit was hard


work as well. There was a rational behind it, but a lot of this film is


made up of characters on concrete steps and there is no reason for


this to be in 3-D. Even though the film did slide in parts, it was


really ambitious for Joe Alwyn, his first movie ever, young British guy,


addition for Ang Lee a few times and he really stood out. He is the


start. I found he played the role quite tenderly. It did not seem like


he had become ruined by what he saw. He could have been a lung in the


wrong hands but he brings a tenderness and sensitivity to him


which is refreshing. Everyone is solid in this movie, including


Garrett Hedlund. It is difficult, there is an amazing set piece, a


moment where everything comes together, the half-time walk and the


look of the film makes sense, you can see the soldiers are there with


Destiny 'S Child. They are teetering on the brink of freaking out and you


can see why it is suddenly all connecting. In terms of the


performances, they get lost and buried. That is unfortunate, the


performances outweighed the film for me. The best performance is


Christian Stewart. Every time she is on screen, you notice. I'm just


happy to see her not playing Bella and I think she is happy. We will


move onto the film the week. 20th Century Women. I really liked The


Lego Batman Movie. You are taking me to 20th Century Women. That is


almost dead. Right here on the sofa next week will be my friend and the


sofa is not quite as uncomfortable as it looks. I will leave you with


something exciting, a first look at The Beguiled. Its star as Elle


Fanning and Nicole Kidman as the inhabitants of a girl skilfully


taken an injured soldier pled by: Farrell. Good night. -- a girls


school. Girls, we all need to help. Quickly,


he is losing blood. I prayed that the Lord see fit to restore the


health of the wounded soldier. We asked for protection over our school


and we pray that we will be kept from harm throughout the night.


Amen. Seems like the soldier being here is having an effect. If you


could have anything in the world, what would be? To be taken far from


here. We can show him some real Southern hospitality. This has


taught us all a very important lesson. Can I get you anything? The


enemy is not what we believe.


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