Logan, Elle and Viceroy's House. Film 2017

Logan, Elle and Viceroy's House.

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Hello, this is Film 2017 I'm Charlie Brooker,


and the award for best picture goes to Moonla Land.


Anyway it's the last show of the series so there's


an end-of-term feel in the studio, a relaxed air, as though life itself


simply doesn't matter, so why not chuck us your thoughts on Twitter?


Details for that are on the screen now.


No! He will have some ones are allowed but those. Hugh Jackman


plays Wolverine for the final time in the Logan. I never want to spend


more than two minutes dressed up. Hugh Bonneville plays the distinct


non-Wolverine Louis Mountbatten in Viceroy's House. 30 minutes, we will


do better next time. Superheroes, giant apes and singing candelabras.


We look forward to the films scuttling this summer. Stop right


there! I. Plus Isabelle Huppert stars


in provocative French drama, Elle. But first, chaperoning me are my


designated appropriate adults, Hello - I quickly have to ask,


have either of you recovered from the Oscars best


picture mix-up yet? Because I cringed so hard my I


anally ingested my own underwear... It may take me a while to find a way


from that image conversationally. Think happy thoughts.


We start with Logan, Hugh Jackman's ninth and final


outing playing Wolverine, a sort of furious cross


between Noddy Holder from Slade and a cutlery drawer.


This time round, he's not as ripped and fiery as in the past -


instead he's old, bitter, decrepit, disenfranchised


and other adjectives often used to describe me -


Logan. What did you do? In Logan we find our hero, Wolverine in very


different shape than we have seen him, he is ill, his body is


decaying, he is not healing the way that he used to. And he is raising


money, working for every dollar right now to buy medicine for


Charles Xavier who is living across the board in an abandoned chemical


tank. We have got ourselves in X-Men fan. Into their lives comes an


11-year-old girl. You're going to pay for that, right? Not OK! In many


respects, it is not a superhero movie. We feel that there has become


a formula for it these films and we thought we would try and change


things and see if it was possible to make a straight drama with these


superhero characters. She needs our help. Someone has come along. Scene


after scene could be taken from a small, independent movie about the


difficulties of getting old or being unwell, but nevertheless, Logan and


Charles are X-Men. They do have powers. On the count of three, and


you're going to start walking away. I am a lawyer now. Two... Three...


There is a lot of action and a lot of it, extremely violent. Quite


shocking. There are moments when you recoil. We were like, let's not just


make the movie about violence, but recriminations about violence. Make


the movie about a man and the recriminations have been a


superhero. No, no, no. I thought we had never fully cracked it. I felt


we had never really given the fans the true Wolverine that I knew they


wanted. It was my last shot. There are really is a sense of closure and


in a very emotional sense as well. You still have time. Now, this


struck me, this is what I like to think of as a gourmet Burger movie


in that it has some heft to it, it is very well made and looks


expensive but it is still basically a burger, junk food, I did enjoy it.


It is basically a burger. How bloody do you like your burgers? It is the


bloodiest film. Patrick Stewart seemed excited about the violence.


It is astonishingly visceral, there are body parts piling up, and in


that sense I do not think it is like a superhero movie. It is a raw and


dripping burger. There are interesting things going on. There


is a scene quite early on where you cut to Hugh Jackman and the whole


thing is paced so you would have a brilliant one-liner and there are


screen writers who can make a living out of doing just that. Hugh Jackman


does not make it, the moment passes and he looks sad. Superhero movies


do not do that. Wiping away the blood would take about half an hour!


I could not believe this was a 15 certificate. I don't know what


Wolverine would have to do to get an 18 certificate. He would have to


start doing! Then shaking it out of his trouser leg -- pooing. There is


a theme running through it and the references to Neal Westerns. Any


film in which a solemn young girl gets one over on those types of


Nazis is OK by me. Patrick Stewart was trying to make out... It is a


meditation on ageing and mortality. Hugh Jackman works in this movie.


One of my problems has been, he is a big musical theatre buff, but here,


he does not seem like that. He looks knackered and disgusted with


himself. The only problem is, the films that he is up against are not


quite his equals. You have Richard E Grant and a job lot of him blows.


You cannot have a powerful meditation on ageing and have


Richard E Grant as a villain. He has a robot hand and keeps on taking off


his sunglasses. If we have to live in this world were each film is


always at franchise, at least let them get better and this film has


learned from Deadpool. I admire, I took my son and he had seen all the


X-Men movies, and he was quite traumatised. It was not my finest


hour as a parent. People should be aware, there is a lot of blood. It


is like someone taking a lawn mower through a butchers shop. It is sort


of disgusting. The sound of it is disgusting. It is 17 years since the


first one, so we have grown up a bit. In a couple of years, we will


reach the point where there are only superhero movies. Superhero movies


that you have to watch by watching another superhero movie.


Next up is colonial drama 'Viceroy's House'


Hugh Bonneville stars as Louis Mountbatten,


the final Viceroy of India, sent to Delhi in 1947


when the good eggs running the British Empire decided to grant


India its independence, and gave it an extra helping


hand by carving it up on religious grounds.


I am to be the last Viceroy of India and I will carry out the role with


great pride. You're giving a nation back to its people, how bad can it


be? We are the future. Let's not make a mess of it. Viceroy's House


is about a period in 1947 when Lord Mountbatten who was the


great-grandson of Queen Victoria and his wife were sent to India to


essentially hand India back to its people. Without peace, all other


dreams vanished and are reduced to ashes. India is a ship on fire.


Viceroy's House employs the upstairs downstairs storyline. It enabled me


to tell this sweeping epic story of ordinary Indians, so whilst upstairs


we follow Mountbatten so many of the topics in


the film are playing out on the political stage. It is very


interesting to have these conversations about whether we can


learn from our mistakes. It is time, people are ready to go back and look


at alternative narratives to the Empire compared to the ones that I


grew up with and was taught in school. We will do better next time.


This seemed to me like it was trying to be three films at once, it was


like upstairs downstairs, it was like a political play in some ways


and it was also as sweeping romance or trying to be and I don't know


that it managed to do all three of those things. I think it did well at


contextualising the romance. It gave it an emotional immediacy. My


problem is simple, and this will sound like I have got it in for Hugh


Bonneville, but if you're going to make a film about a serious period


of history, you don't want to cast the bloke from Downton Abbey. What


have you got against him? Apologies to Hugh Bonneville. It is because he


is so nice. The British Empire is responsible for terrible massacres


but you cannot lay it at the feet of the nice dad from Downton Abbey. Ie


Wouldn't say I felt for his plight, I thought, that is a bit of a first


world problem. The film goes soft on the British Empire. I think you have


to cast the way she cannot make the film, because I think the film that


Gurinder Chadha wanted to make was a film about the millions of Indians


who had their lives torn apart but you cannot make that film. You have


to make it like Downton Abbey. You need the handy little people in it


or it does not happen. Are you saying that is why... The romance


Senate, I did not care for them. I think it was a couple, when we first


meet them, they had already fallen in love and we are told they are in


love and we are supposed to accept it. Well, I don't! You are being


selfish! The couple give the best performances. It is a real shame


they are not on the poster more. I am really ignorant and I did not


know a lot of this stuff about partition and I found it


interesting. In the first 20 minutes, it has to do so much heavy


lifting. Are you learning the real history? It says something terrible


about Churchill, you do not get that in British films. There is a film


called United Kingdom. That film was all about Churchill's skulduggery.


It had to be dressed up like Downton Abbey. This has to do the same


thing, lay out the sconce in order to bring in the audience. I think it


is smarter than that. Do you think it would have worked better as a


miniseries? For me, it could not make up its mind whether it was a


political peace or a romantic drama and I would have preferred to see


two separate things or see this play out over eight hours.


There were trying to pull in different audiences. They had to


maximise the audience and the trick of getting people into the cinema.


If people don't go to see it quickly, it disappears and the


history is lost. It is an nice and metaphor for the partition of India,


this couple who cannot be together. They captured the pain of the


subcontinent, so there is an artistic reason. Thought you were


going to say it was an nice and metaphor for Brexit.


Right, now, following a winter of critically acclaimed dramas


heaving with worthy themes and harrowing performances -


you probably feel the need to unwind with some pointless


Fortunately for you, blockbuster season's almost here.


We asked some critics what's worth looking forward to...


Let's go. Three, two, one. Talking raccoon is, romantic aliens and


shamefully out of shape, hideous old men. 2017 is only a couple of months


old, but already it is time for the return of the blockbuster. I love


blockbuster, they remind me of growing up. Your popcorn and just


enjoyed the movie. Summer season used to begin in June, now it begins


in March. Apart from the films where people suck the rest of their lives,


people get stomped on by giant critters. Apart from angry monkeys,


what else can we expect? Well, this sort of thing. Sometimes they can


feel a bit template heavy, just setting up for the next one in the


series. Sequels and remakes, reboots, remakes of the sequels...


These films cost $150 million to make and no one is willing to bet


that on something completely original and unproven. It is a myth


we are inundated with superhero movies. It's not the case at all. We


have Logan, two DC movies. I am looking for Warriors. The summer


blockbuster I am looking forward to has to be Wonder Woman. I love


seeing women being kick cars in movies. She has a new outfit.


Traditionally in superhero movies, they think women don't sell, so


traditionally, they have been terrible. Wonder Woman, ready. Maybe


this reboot will do it for you. One is a beauty, the other is a beast.


Emma Watson is the quintessential English rose. I think the casting of


her as Belle was perfect. This is the role Ewan McGregor was born to


play. If singing crockery and clapping candelabra aren't


terrifying enough... This looks very much like the horror of 2017.


Politically speaking and socially speaking, it will probably be the


most relative horror movie of the year. It is an incredibly ingenious


racial satire which takes horror and comedy, puts them together to create


something very intense. Sticking with scary, try this... It looks


like a return to an nasty creature aboard a spaceship, picking off the


crew, one by one. The hope is, this will be a little bit more like


alien, in that it will be terrifying and scary. It needs to be.


Meanwhile, on Earth, Amy Schumer and Goldie Hawn teamed up and much


hilarity ensues before our very eyes. Amy Schumer and Goldie Hawn


get kidnapped. You have messed with the wrong pitches. Welcome to


Baywatch. Baywatch, where do you begin? There is a whole lot of


explosions this year. I am looking forward to Get Out.


Ellen, anything in particular you really want to see?


Baywatch. I watched it as a kid and it is probably going to be terrible,


but it might not be. Hideous. Danny, I imagine the summer


isn't your season film-wise? I work on my tan in the summer. Lots


of things coming out. I am looking forward to Alien Covenant. Bill


Paxton, died at the weekend, which is a sad loss. Alien will always be


the greatest of them, but it is a sad moment. I thought 2016 was over,


we didn't have to do this any more. You have been treating us mentioning


your favourite Bill Paxton movies and characters. And it was Chet in


weird science. Hurricane Dixon in One False Move. He was in a lot of


brilliant films. Simple plan. Frailty, he directed.


Our last film is Elle, a provocative thriller


from veteran Dutch director, Paul Verhoeven.


In an Oscar-nominated performance Isabelle Huppert stars as a woman


who is violently raped by a masked intruder and who at first appears


to react with an almost surreal level of detachment.


It is a story about a woman to whom is something violent and unusual


happens and she reacts in such a way that it is quite unpredictable.


She is a fearless woman and she is a sort of solitary character, also.


The way she reacts is interesting because she is not a victim, and


also she is not the caricature of the classical revenge girl. She is


more like a postfeminist heroine, not being a victim, but in between.


There is a quest in the film and I was always touched by the story like


she was seeking something and trying to put the pieces of her life


together. I was flabbergasted by this film. It


works almost like a magic trick. Lots of extremely offensive and


outrageous things going on, yet somehow you are calm about it while


you are watching it. It operates on a strange dreamlike level. Whatever


the French for flabbergasted is, that is what I was. I think if


people expect it to be a rape revenge thriller, reduce it down to


three words, those would be done, but it is not that movie. It gets to


the revenge without giving away what happens. It leaves you off balance.


I have a lot of time for this film. But if you sat there now and said


you were outraged or freaked out, I couldn't tell you that you were


wrong. What happens, the way it swerves, keeps you off-balance, it


is electric. It is not lost something you would necessarily


recommend to anyone else. It was never, it was consistently


entertaining. You never know what is going to happen next. We have to say


it works on lots of different levels. Moments of extreme comedy.


It works as a soap, in some ways. It is easy to say what it is not. It is


not a feminist masterpiece, it is not on rape culture, it is a good


film. One of them oppressive things is how it is ambiguous and slippery


both in tone and in the story and also fundamentally the character.


The high wire gamble is to take a film about a rape victim and tell


the story about what happens after the rape, but also her messy life,


her business intrigues and this shambolic family. That is where the


latter comes. On another planet, this is a sitcom because of what is


happening with the family. We have to talk about Isabel Hubert, people


watch this, and the man who made Basic Instinct and Showgirls. She is


hypnotic in this. She is in every scene. Almost like she is very


brittle, a very brittle character who, in any other film, might seem


unlikeable. But I warmed to her because some of the other people


were grotesque in this. She does it in such great style as well. In


English, it wouldn't make sense. Paul Verhoeven wanted to make this


in America, he wanted Sharon Stone, Nicole Kidman. Imagining this film,


the big cliche, I cannot imagine this film with any other actress.


Elle, how could you make this film without Isabelle Huppert. People


might be taken aback by this film, it would be 1000 times worse without


Isabelle Huppert. It doesn't make sense, that is part of the weird


beauty, it doesn't make sense. Things happen in it, at one point


she reverses her car into her ex-husband's car. The front bumper


falls off and he scarcely registers this. It almost feels like she


works, she works at a video film company, and it is like it is in the


grand theft auto universe. He does well in having his Cake and eating


it, it is like a French fantasy arthouse film. It is the predictable


pleasures as well. Is it your film of the week? Yes. I panicked them. I


think it is my film of the week. A movie that can take your breath away


like this and leave all three of us and everyone who watches this, what


have I just seen? How rare is that. You might be more of a Logan person


and that is OK too. Imagine them as a double bill?


Right that's almost it for this week and the series.


No one's going to be here for you next week.


You'll have to adopt some kind of coping strategy.


Finally, because it's 40 years old this year,


we'll leave you with a iconic moment from the 1977 classic,


'Saturday Night Fever', the inspiring tale of a Travoltian


man struggling with the tragic leg condition known as Disco Fever.


Personally, I love to see someone tearing up the dance floor.


A 24-year-old man has been charged with murder.


I've got no doubt about Michael Farmer's guilt.


You made sure an innocent man is charged.


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