Oscars, Patriots Day, A Cure for Wellness Film 2017

Oscars, Patriots Day, A Cure for Wellness

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Welcome to Film 2017. Up late on a school night, what seems. Tonight we


will be talking Oscars. Send us your tweets for best picture. Will it be


La La Land? Let us know your thoughts. Off we go on tonight's


show. Marathon manhunt. Mark Wahlberg stars real-life terrorism


thriller Patriots Day. We've got to find these guys before they do this


to somebody else. The doctor will see you now. Dane DeHaan is not sure


about A Cure For Wellness. Paso doble canapes and prepare the plonk,


it's the Oscars. -- pass over the canapes.


Talking of beautiful people with great teeth and dripping with


diamonds, joining me to chat all things Oscar related our two of the


film world's most glamorous critics, Danny Lee and Tim Roby. Let's get


things going with tonight's show. Back in 2013 two bombs were


detonated at the end of the Boston Marathon. This is the subject of


Patriots Day, starring Mark Wahlberg. It is marathon day, be


prepared to augment should they require our assistance. Wow. They


say half a million people take place in the Boston Marathon here in New


England. Children, mothers, fathers, going on route on the Mac and loved


ones. It's a joyous occasion. People don't expect something like this to


happen. -- root on their loved ones. When it happens people to -- when it


happened people didn't run away, they ran towards the victims. They


were pulling people to the emergency vehicles. It was an amazing example


of human heroism. It's terrorism. Let's get the evidence, it started


right over there. What I was interested in doing in this film is


showing a positive reaction that the law enforcement had, to show how


helpful they were and how tireless these men were and how they were


putting themselves on the line of fire to help the Citizens of Boston.


Two bombers. We need to find these guys before they do this to somebody


else. We cannot have our citizens on the street with all these threats.


Every inch of the city is getting searched. They realised there is


nobody else but us. We need to stop this, figure this out. Are there


more bombs? All units be on alert for a black Mercedes SUV. Are there


more bombs? I want a lawyer. I have rights. You ain't got nothing,


sweetheart. For me this felt too soon. Really? Bitter taste, really.


Interesting because I am a very oversensitive person. I didn't feel


that. I thought it handled it gracefully. It almost reminded me


that it could be mawkish but it reminded me of the film that came


quite soon after 911. It felt necessary. I think it's something


quite important about the way a city response. It doesn't feel


jingoistic. It is a film about Boston. It reminds me of 77, I am in


London, it doesn't become aggressive and exclusive, and I think it


captures that nicely so it doesn't feel, if I can be honest Trumpy.


What about the characters, the goodies and the baddies? This is the


third one this director has done with Mark Wahlberg. They did Lone


Survivor. I would be interested to see him do a film about survivors


that are not American and without Mark Wahlberg. It isn't quite


believable that this guy did all of this stuff in the course of a few


days. That is a debit audit. The way the terrorists are bullying each


other is really good. And there is a very good Chinese actor who plays


the hostage. There is a really good bit of sequence building. He is


getting better at doing that. And the manhunt, and the shoot out, the


really big shoot out that began. It is fantastic. On a pragmatic level.


You know the story. Exactly and when the explosion happened at the


marathon. It takes you by surprise. That is why mentioned 1993. The


camera goes half a second ahead of you. You have to catch up with it.


That is what happens with the explosion. There is not that


tick-tock we are not ready for it. When the explosion happens it is


chaos and bedlam. You feel connected with the characters because of that.


For them everything is scrambled and for you, as well. As the film


unfolds, the shoot out, listen, I may write, what do I know about


that, I don't know how that works, but it feels real. It feels chaotic.


You don't know what's happening. The trilogy, do we want more from them?


I prefer Mark Wahlberg when he is being nasty light in The Departed.


He is better. -- like in. As well as the shoot outs, there is the


interrogation rooms. We saw that in that clip when the woman says are


there any more bombs. She has to say that about ten times. She goals from


coldly terrified and to maternal. It was a really well-written scene. --


she goes. There are not many other male movie stars who can play a


working dude without seeming like somebody raiding the dressing up


box. I think the director will keep going back to Mark Wahlberg because


he has the nature for it. The go to guys. Next up, a thriller, A Cure


For Wellness. Dane DeHaan stars as a young executives sent to rescue his


boss from a mysterious wellness spa from the Swiss Alps. But he soon


figures out that all is not what it seems. I would like you to go to


Switzerland and bring him back. What do you offer here? It is a process


of purification away from the pressures of modern world. You want


to bring him back with you? He is -- is that a problem? He is a patient,


not a prisoner. I was just leaving. Nobody ever leaves. Welcome back.


Signs of concussion. Deplete the immune system. I would like to


recommend a treatment. Think of it as a cleansing of the mind. As much


as the body. Some patients experience visions. Rest assured, it


is just the toxins leaving the system. There is a terrible darkness


here. This is happening now. You said no one ever leaves. What


happens to them? I saw the bodies. You are not a well man. You are


trying to make me think I'm insane. What is happening to me? It is all


part of the cure. There is no cure. Accept the diagnosis and you will


see. Any problems with the dentist? Don't


go anywhere near this film. Or eels. There were so many in this film. I


don't know if any of them were harmed. Some of them definitely fell


asleep. It goes on forever, this thing. I think he is an interesting


stylist. Here, I think he has just plucked things and put them in any


order and it seems to go around in circles. It could be signpost this


way too scary Gothic peace number five. It just keeps doing that. --


this way to scary Gothic set number five. If you're old enough to


remember the 90s first hand you will remember the music videos of Marilyn


Manson. When people watch that people think the only bad thing


about these videos is it isn't to the half hours long, well, this is


the movie for you. He packs every single second with something. Some


of those images are chilling, but there is a lot of camp going on. It


is like League Of Gentlemen making a trip around advert. How many hosed


buttocks to have to see? I'm not getting time back. He says that is


his nightmare. And mind. There is no logic to your dreams and your


nightmares. -- and mine. It made sense, that he was just throwing


that logic as the film. You feel as if you are stuck inside a sleep


cycle with him. You feel like asking can we do it in 90 minutes and throw


in a bit of the camp which I did enjoy to a point. The actor who


played the owner of the spa seemed to be enjoying himself. I think it


also becomes Shutter Island on half speed with Dane DeHaan just doing


Leonardo DiCaprio light, his younger brother, or something. Lots of great


stuff is getting thrown around. There is the old universal horror


films coming through. Dracula, mad science, Frankenstein, but the thing


about the capital murder universal horror films is that they were 70


minutes. This film is not 70 minutes, you cannot kill the slasher


in the film, every time you think you have him he gets up again, let's


have more eels! It tries to mess with your head. But you are thinking


I'm still watching this film, this is a dream, I'm still going to be at


A Cure For Wellness, I'm never getting out of this film. Help me.


Let's leave eels and fluffy robes to one side, it is time to talk dickie


bows, it is time to talk Oscars. Four days until the 89th Academy


Awards. The glitzy annual jamboree where the fabulously famous and


tremendously talented gather to celebrate the best of last year's


films. Top of the pile nominations wise is La La Land. Can anything


beat it? Let's take a look. And the BAFTA goes... And the BAFTA goes


to... Emma Stone. La La Land. This year La La Land seems unstoppable.


It's very, very exciting. With a record 40 nominations it could be


the biggest Oscar winner of all time. What? -- 14. Hollywood likes


happy endings but Tinseltown also likes a surprise. What? What? What


do you mean? This year sees other films threatening to take the glory.


Brace for impact. Hidden Figures has beaten La La Land at the box office


and picked up three nominations, including Best picture. Pretty heavy


stuff. Going in all guns blazing is Hacksaw Ridge with six nominations,


including one for director Mel Gibson, his first in over 20 years.


Sci-fi epic Arrival has eight nominations. But is it proper


introduction. But none for its star, Amy Adams. When it comes to acting,


La La Land's chances may not be set in stone. With show stopping


performances from Isabelle Huppert in Elle. Natalie Portman in Jackie.


And Casey Affleck in Manchester By The Sea threatening to spoil the


party. But always invited to the party is


Meryl Streep. I am so blessed. She picks up her 20th nomination for


Florence Foster Jenkins. After last year's Oscars saw controversy, this


year sees seven actors of colour nominated. Including first timers


Dev Patel for Lion. The money is on the Viola Davis --


is on Viola Davis in Fences. Missing out our Tom Hanks -- are Tom Hanks.


And Annette Bening's performance in 21st-century Women. It is radio


silence for Martin Scorsese. And, as ever, some of the biggest grossing


movies of the year have missed out. Such as Dead pool. And Finding Dori


but one film which might give La La Land a run for its money is


Moonlight. Having already won big awards ceremonies, it is officially


this year's little movie that could. What was you expecting? Will Barry


Jenkins become the first ever African-American to win best


director? Or will wonder kid Damien Chazelle become the youngest ever


winner for La La Land? Either way, on Sunday, all will be revealed.


I want to know what are you doing for Oscar night. I don't spend


enough of my life in cinemas watching things so I'm watching it


on a big screen! Probably drinking coffee all night. I will break into


his house! Every year! Weird. With eels! Walk away from the eels! Do


you think the nominations are a good representation, is a good year? I


think it is a very good year. We talk about it every year but this is


the first I can remember when a lot the best films actually stand a good


chance of winning something, maybe even best film. I would say it is an


uncommonly good year. Is it a good representation of variety? There are


some good nominations and some unfortunate missing people, Annette


Bening was highlighted and that was a real shame. Some of the other


actors in Moonlight as well. La La Land looks set to do well. I feel we


are jaded media darlings that we have been hearing so much about it


since September, that you reach a point, enough already. Give it some


Oscars and move on. The conversation which seems to be happening is this


Moonlight against La La Land almost wrestling match which we need to get


over. If you talk to Damien Chazelle or Barry Jenkins, they would both


love each other's films. I was not a huge fan of La La Land at the time


but it is a huge crowd pleaser and audiences here in the state have


fallen in love with it. We are a couple of years away from everyone


eating each other! If people can find some solace and fun and at the


cinema, great. And there are so many crowd pleaser is, different kinds


this year. La La Land is the obvious one, Hidden Figures is another one


and it has done better at the box office in America. And Moonlight as


well, I have been to screenings and the crowd go crazy for it. Hell Or


High Water is above nobody is talking about. Fantastic film. And


did very well at the box office. It kept being filled, people would go


and said they had seen it... It is the sleeper hit of the year and I'm


glad it got the attention it's got. Jeff Bridges was nominated, I would


have nominated Ben Foster as well. I would have nominated about six from


Moonlight. But I think it will win and hopefully screenplay as well is


pretty much in the bag so I think it will get two. I'm so much more of a


Moonlight fan but La La Land has almost become cast as the bad guy.


It is a little film actually. It is not an expensive movie. There is


huge ambition behind it and it is straight it has become cast, it is


like King Kong. I hope Moonlight wins a lot of Oscars and more people


go and see it. But in no way it is bigger than the Oscars and the


effect it has already had and will continue to have gone films from


2070 onward are going to stop looking like Moonlight. That the


-- 2017. The Academy has done a little better this year after last


year's all-white acting nominees. Let's have a look at the acting


categories. I just settled in. It seems like he's doing pretty good. I


think he is. When I first read the script I cried many times, it is a


really moving story in a way that you just don't see any more. You


think you're better than us? No. Did you like that? There wasn't any


hesitation when I read the script, it was a compelling script and a


compelling person. I don't know how I'm going to live with myself.


You've never seen it. All my other but it's playing... You should go. I


can take you. We can't go to the funeral. We had to be what we're


told. The powerful control the lives of the powerless. That's the way the


world works. He is the father of six children from the live deep in the


forest from the youngest ones have hardly been out of the forest at


all. Why don't you go ahead and let him play football, he wants to be


like you. I don't want him to be like me, I want him to get as far


away from my life as he can possibly get, the only decent thing that ever


happened to me. We couldn't have done it if we hadn't done the plate.


You're trying to find your character and direct and produce and the


dialogue! It's a story about a woman to whom


something violent and unusual happens. And she react in such a way


that it's quite unpredictable. Will you marry me? We both really love


these characters and I think we needed one another for these


performances. It was strangely non-verbal of agreement that we


would treasure these people and honour them by being as truthful and


authentic as possible. Can you hear me? One of the most inspiring things


for me in playing the role was that she edited all her interviews so she


had so much control and wanted to author her story. I'm guessing you


won't allow me to write any of that. No. Because I never said that. Two


options from you follow my rules or follow my rule. This is my favourite


place in the whole world. And I'm going to sing here. It is true that


a lot of singers might age are on the decline I seem to just get


better and better. Her favourite place, Oscar-nominated! Can we talk


about actor first? Is it a close race between Casey and Denzel? It is


because Casey has been winning most of the award but there was a bit of


controversy around him and Denzel does some of his best work in


sensors. It could be down to the wire between them. What about Andrew


Garfield? -- in Fences. Andrew Garfield is very good, but also in


Silence which has been shut out completely. I would have nominated


the Japanese actor who plays the main interrogator and he was


brilliant. If that is not a best supporting actor, I don't know what


is. By Ola Davies is the interesting one. For a lot of the films it is a


double act -- Viola Davis. This is a slightly cowardly thing they've


done, she is going to win because she should and overdue as well but


she won on Broadway for playing the lead actress. She would have beaten


Emma Stone and she would have only been the second black actress to win


after 5-3. It feels premeditated, she has always been talked about in


terms of best supporting -- after Halle Berry. If you tally it up, she


is on screen as least as much as Denzel Washington if not more and in


the scenes in that film, the big scenes are hers. She is supporting


actress but the supporting categories you will traditionally


have someone like Anne Hathaway singing a song. Don't spoil it! I


don't know what the category is supposed to be any more. I interpret


it as a support to the lead actor. You think about Mascarell yelling in


Moonlight -- this Mahershala Ali. It is also about reflecting on the


other actors. That is the perfect size for a sporting of Ormesby is up


against Dev Patel who might be a spoiler -- but he is up against. We


love Dev Patel and Lens is a great movie but he the supporting actor


despite having half the film but the actor in the first up is nowhere to


be seen. There are lot of double acts this year and Florence Foster


Jenkins, and course Meryl Streep rolled up for her nomination but


Hugh Grant does not get nominated. He is constantly turning the light


on Meryl Streep and he is nowhere. But a look at the elms up for the


top prize, best picture. There are days that define your


story beyond your life. Some people build Fences to keep people out and


that build them to keep people in. You're free to run into the health


of our -- going to be hellfire battle without a weapon. Did you


hear about these bank robberies? Can you handle it? Absolutely.


I have to find my way back home. What if you do find it? I can't be


the guardian. I thought we had discussed this. At some point you've


got to decide for yourself who you're going to be.


I'm here. I want to do the Casey Affleck think I don't know! So many


fantastic films. If La La Land wins everything, it could only win 13 and


it becomes the most successful film ever. It won't win that many, maybe


seven or eight. The big one it might lose its best actor I think Ryan


Gosling lose. But it will lose things like costumes, I think Jackie


might win, and one of the Sound awards might go to Hacksaw Ridge,


they will give that a well done for coming. It might lose original


screenplay to Manchester by the Sea which I think would be the correct


call, Kenneth Lonergan deserves that. I have certain issues with


Manchester by this e-book is a piece of writing it is phenomenal. And the


as well. -- Manchester by the Sea but as a piece of writing. Is there


a film that could be something that sweeps? We have talked about


Moonlight and there is a lot of love for it, is that what you want to


see? I would like to happen but I don't think it will. Moonlight will


elevate from being the runner up in a sense, the kind of dark horse that


people wanted to win. La La Land will be the winner that people


forget in five years' time. I think that's right. I'm still going to be


doing jazz hands in 20 years! You need to stop that. I don't begrudge


people the good time they have had La La Land but thinking about best


director, if you get Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling, it is almost like


buying them off the shelf, they come and do at what they do. It is a


persona. They are basically doing their thing. It is not a film that


has been made on the same level as Moonlight and to just get that film


made in the way it is, that is kind of astonishing. I don't think


Moonlight needs the Oscar, maybe the Oscars need Moonlight. Arrival is up


for best picture but nothing for Amy Adams? Which is strained again, we


talked about Annette Bening. They would have both have lost and


they're both be nominated about five times.


I will put you on the spot. Which film do you think will win and which


ones you want to win? I think Moonlight should win but I think La


La Land will win. Same. If Hidden Figures picks up a couple, or


Manchester By The Sea, then great. I only ask you for one. I could give


you a very big list. Let's talk about eels. Not again. A Cure For


Wellness. Oscar. We know what they think, now what do you think. Jamie


says La La Land will win but I once Moonlight to win. It is a master 's


piece that space with you. Spencer says let's not overpraised La La


Land. Has everybody else forgotten Arrival? Andy says that La La Land


is entertaining, wonderful, and just what the world needs will stop an


all-time favourite of mine, I have seen it six times, I think it will


win. Dora says Lion is a bit of a sleeper, it would not surprise me if


it won best picture. It would surprise me half a bit. Brandon says


if Moonlight doesn't win anything I will cry. Not long to wait now. All


will be revealed early Monday morning. Next week, Charlie Brooker


will be back. But for all a few beautiful people jetting off to LA


this week and, I am going to leave you with a masterclass in how to


make an awards show pop. This is a multi-award-winning, well, I think


it won two Razzies. Nominees, presenters, take note, this is how


you do it. Thanks for watching. Goodbye. In three, two... Read the


card, moron. Well, this certainly is a special evening. I can barely


catch my breath. Turn it over the term... What the hell is he doing?


It gets me out of breath just watching you. To Raquel... You are


not supposed to read that. Let's get to the subject at hand. The nominees


are Sir Richard Attenborough for his musical based on the life of Mother


Teresa. Mother! # I love food, I love food


# Don't get any salsa... #. Spike Lee. But as Frank at the


Academy Awards. And his tale of genetics going


haywire at a retirement home. A 24-year-old man


has been charged with murder. Huntley's definitely


hiding something.


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