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Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the majestic Royal Albert Hall for the


EE British Academy Film Awards. Join us now, as we meet some of the most


celebrated stars in cinema. Welcome to the Baftas.


It's just a lovely place to be be and to be able to show up and just


say thank you to people. The fun of the moment. This red


carpet and seeing all the fans and everybody arriving, all looking


dapper. My mum and step dad are hugely excited. It is a really


special evening for me. And tonight, we're in the presence of royalty.


Very exciting. Overwhelming. Cold, you know. All the bested a jectives.


-- all the best adjectives. It is insane. You go from your normal life


and you are like - oh, people are nuts. It is my first time at the


Baftas. It is such an honour. It is always so wonderful and strange.


Well, I don't know if they are fans, but it is good to have a crowd, yes.


I just think it is a state of madness Such a huge honour and


achievement to be here and considered with such talent. But who


will be taking home a beloved Bafta mask? We are about to find out I'm


just so excited to be here. I've got my whole family. It's time for the


British Academy Film Awards. Ladies and Gentlemen,


please welcome Cirque du I can't tell you how long we had to


rehearse that. Dance is my life. I haven't been surrounded by so many


thrillingly lithe and muscular bodies since -


well, since last night. So the warmest welcome ladies


and gentlemen to the Magnificent Royal Albert Hall


for the EE British beasts we have found


for our annual celebration of all that is wonderful


in the world of filmed So wonderful that we cut it down to


a healthy two minutes for you to watch. As my dear grandma used to


say. Cop of load of this, bitches. You had a guy with a case


full of monsters, huh? APPLAUSE


A great year in film. We are delighted that


their Royal Highnesses the Duke and Duchess of


Cambridge are here for In fact, we're especially


pleased that the Duchess is here as she'll be such


a support to her husband who, after watching


a recent episode of Who Do You Think You Are?


is still recovering from the devastating news that


he's related to Danny Dyer. Now, I look down on row


after row of the most in their beautiful,


borrowed evening wear, by the force of her sheer


magnetism, I'm instantly attracted to Emma Stone -


star of one of the nominated films, the


entrancing La La Land. Hers was a quite


brilliant performance singing, dancing, and most


astonishingly of all, pretending Also here is master film-maker Ken




Now Ken Loach could have been influenced by


La La Land to capture the glitz, glamour and fun,


fun, fun of the British social welfare benefits


But instead he went the other way and produced a passionate


masterpiece of realism, wrath and outrage.


I see two of its stars here, the magnificent Hayley


The arrival of Arrival made us all wonder if we


could ever find a rival to rival Arrival's arrival.


Here is its star, and the star of course of the stunning


In Arrival, Amy plays a linguist employed to decipher


unintelligible utterings that make no apparent


She will be standing by in the wings all


evening to help us out as the winners leap up to


Now ladies and gentlemen, we applied to the


Royal Borough of Kensington Chelsea for


planning permission to seat two huge stars next


to each other, and, wouldn't you know it, they


triumph in the ear-shatteringly brilliant Florence


Cary and Student, Hugh Grant. and unquestionably one


of the greatest actresses of all time - what kind of


Now Miss Streep, I want to call you Dame Merrell, if you were British


you would have been Damed five times over.


It is a little tradition here at Bafta to ask an


esteemed member of our audience to give me a kiss.


Oh, thank you, bless you. You know what... Wow. Never in the field of


human conflict has my left cheek been so jealous of my right.


Now it's time to howl in appreciation of the


masterful Moonlight and its luminescent star,


This brutal, yet tender gem of a film left me strangely


unsettled and I couldn't quite put my finger on why.


I didn't know whether to blame it on the moonlight, blame it on the good


Eventually, I settled on the boogie.


And show my atheism the door, there must be a


God because my radar has picked up the


wonderful stars of Manchester-by-the-Sea,


Michelle Williams and Casey Affleck.


Casey is without doubt one of the most


And flay my undercarriage and grill my innards if


it isn't the breathtaking star of Girl On A Train,


Some incredible and unbelievable scenes,


particularly for commuters in southern England


And look Andrew Garfield is here.


Andrew, welcome. What a year you have had.


This astonishing true story of a conscientious


objector who saved countless lives in World War Two


without once picking up a weapon has received


rave reviews, with one notable exception.


Rifle Association didn't like it at all.


Well, I'm afraid we've now reached the legal limit


of sycophantic fawning, which is just as well


because it's time to reduce the entire year's filmic


Let's see who the Russians have decided have won, and the first


award. Outstanding British Film,


in honour of legendary And to present it the radiant


and dazzling stars of the wonderful Lion, the true


story of a young boy who gets lost in India,


finds his way to Australia, yet has a constant yearning


for his mother - what Please welcome, the Lion


King and Lion Queen, Hello, I'm so excited to be


here, in the wonderful Royal Albert Hall to present


this the first Bafta of Yup, to kick off things off


we are here to honour this year's Outstanding


British Films. I've created this?


No, mate... If I was going to create a scene,


you'd know about it. I'm sorry, love, but you're


going to have to go. Jesus Christ! Who's first


in this queue? I am. Do you mind if this young


lass signs on first? Now you can go back to your


desk and let her sign on and do the job the


taxpayer pays you for. What's your name?


Destiny. Destiny, I'm Jake.


Nice to meet you. This is my younger sister, Star.


You want my mom? No, but can you do me a favour?


Do one favour. Can you feel this material?


Just feel it. What does that feel like to you?


I don't know about that. You know what kind


of material it is? I'm not a Holocaust historian.


I'm a Hitler historian. Then why don't you keep your mouth


shut about the Holocaust? The truth is, as usual, Mr Irving,


you jump in off the board, spouting whatever rubbish comes


into your head in order to avoid This is not because you


are a rotten historian. It's because you are


a bent one as well. Why should this experience


strike one as being beautiful? I, Daniel Blake.


CHEERING Well, wow. This is extraordinary. A


huge thank you to the academy. And, from all of us, from all who made


the film, starting with Paul, Rebecca, who wrote this script and


produced, to those who made it, the people in Newcastle, and the


distributors, and thank you to the academy for endorsing the truth of


what the film says, which hundreds of thousands of people in this


country know, and that is that the most vulnerable and the poorest


people are treated by this government with a callous brutality


that is disgraceful. APPLAUSE


And its... It's a brutality that extends to keeping out refugee


children that we promised to help, and that's a disgrace.


CHEERING But films can do many things. They


can entertain, they can terrify, they can take us to worlds of the


imagination, they can make us laugh, and they can tell us about the real


world we live in, and, in that real world, it's a bit of a difficult


speech, sorry! In that real world and it's getting darker, we know.


And in the struggle that coming between the rich and the powerful,


wealth and privilege, and the big corporations and the politicians who


speak for them, on the one hand, and the rest of us on the other,


film-makers, and we are all film-makers here, film-makers know


which side they are on and, despite the glitz and glamour of occasions


like this, we are with the people. Thanks for this.


CHEERING The next award is for EE Rising Star


and is given in honour of legendary It has the unique distinction of,


well, its name, and the fact that it is the only award voted


for by the public. Though the way things have been


lately, I'm not entirely sure To present it, a beguilingly


brilliant and powerful actress, so wonderful in the extraordinary


Fences, I am considering having one built around her


to keep her all to myself. It's great to be here to present the


Rising Star Award. Looking out into the


audience, I can see many former nominees


of this wonderful accolade - people whose stars


most definitely have risen and whose glow


we can all now thankfully And that they have all gone


on to such wonderful things is testament to these


special awards, for recognising, encouraging


and nurturing talent, so Something I know each of those


nominated tonight will be incredibly Now are you going to come


along peacefully or not? Why can't you help me out a little


bit for once instead of dragging me to the lawyers and a funeral parlour


and a morgue? We're looking for you.


Why? One second, I've


just got to log off. Hello, hello, my name is Casey Cook.


I'm being held in a basement. I've been abducted


with two other girls. I'm going to break the rules.


I'm going to write the rules. The car is not going on.


The car isn't fucking going on! If another wave catches us down here


we will die. We have to climb


that tree right now. You have a metal arm?


That is awesome, dude. We may lose the small battles


but win the big war. Tom Holland.


CHEERING Wow, wow! It's amazing to be up


here. Two thank yous right off the bat, Bafta for nominating me and the


British public for voting and showing your support. It's tough


voting online. Believe me, I know. I obviously have a large list of


people I need to thank. Don't worry, I won't do that here, but please let


me thank to people sorry, mum and dad, not you. It's not an actor,


director or producer or an agent, because we get thanked all the time.


I want to thank two acting coaches, because this is a profession that


isn't praised enough, because actors don't like to admit that we need


help sometimes suddenly Evans and Ben curfew, nick, you helped me


become the best video that I could be and you coached me to be Lucas in


The Impossible Is. Without those roles, I wouldn't be holding this. "


Nick, thank you very much. Everybody else, check your phones. I will


shoot you a text. To present the award


for Adapted Screenplay a pair of adored actors who met


when they both appeared in The Devil Wears Prada


and became not just friends, but relatives, when she introduced


him to her older sister, Iit really is quite


the exclusive dating Please welcome, the


indescribably incredible in-laws, Stanley Tucci


and Emily Blunt. It's lovely to be here to present


the award for adapted screenplay. I can't believe you slept with my


wife. We shared a bedroom. We were children growing up together.


Anyway, let's hear the nominations. When you love someone,


you work it out. I can't do this with


you any more, Edward. We're orbiting the Earth


at what speed now? 17,544 mph at the time the rocket


delivers the capsule That's one hell


of a speeding ticket. There wasn't a day I


didn't want to tell you. She needs to see how


beautiful you are. I was told I don't have


to carry a weapon. There are a lot of ways you can


interpret what he said? I don't need an interpreter


to know what this means. Russia just executed one


of their own experts "Many become one" could just


be their way of saying Why hand it out in pieces?


Why not just give it all over? What better way to force us


to work together for once. Thanks to the Academy and the


voters. A few quick thanks, I guess I'll start at the beginning with our


producers Ian and Mel and Andrew and Harvey Weinstein who championed this


film all the way through, including the championing of its unusual


structure. Speaking of that structure, to the incredible


five-year-old non-professional actor...


APPLAUSE A five-year-old non-professional


actor who carried this entire film for its first half and is a


discovery for the agents. And to Dev Patel, a professional actor who then


takes the film and makes it his own for the second half. To all of our


other cast and crew, Nicole Kidman, and David and the others, for making


this film grow so much and finally and most importantly of all, this is


for Gus Davis, our beloved director, who, whatever the merits of the


screenplay, it is Gus who took the screenplay and made it into the


Butism film about love and sensitivity that it is and to you,


Gus, thank you for doing that. Thank you very much.


APPLAUSE We must now immediately trigger


Article 50 so we can leave the last award and get on with the next,


which is for Supporting Actress. And who better to present it


than the actor who gets all the parts Vin Diesel


and Dwayne Johnson turn down - WHISTLE #


so kind. My school was so kind and when it


came it drama, theatre, I played almost exclusively female parts. I


should say female roles. It sounds better. I played almost exclusively


female roles and that's why I've always felt a great solidarity with


actresses because basically I was one for quite a long time and it is


a great honour tonight for revealing the nominees in the category of Best


Supporting Actress. Here they are: It's not easy for me to admit


that I've been standing I've been right here


with this, right. I gave 18 years of my life to stand


in the same spot as you! Don't you think I ever


wanted other things? Don't you think I had


dreams and hopes? What about my life?


What about me? Don't you think I ever


wanted other things? It's not...


Let me finish. That bitch over there


ain't no kin of you. If you can't deal with it any more,


I can't tell you any more. I've got to go back inside,


do you understand? I don't want to speak


to you any more. And one day you'll


tell me all about it. You'll tell me everything,


who you are, everything. And to all the other wonderful


nominees Naomie, Nicole, whom am I forgetting, shit, I'm so sorry, and


my shell. August Wilson, you know my father groomed horses at the


racetrack and he had a fifth grade education and he was a janitor


towards the end of his life when he died at cancer, at a MacDonalds. And


the reason why I say that is when he took his last breath one of the most


devastating things that went through my mind is - did his life matter?


And August answers that question so brilliantly because what he did is


he said that our lives mattered as African-Americans. The horse


groomer, the sanitation worker. The people who grew up under the heavy


brute of Jim Crowe. APPLAUSE


The people who did not make it into history books, but they have a story


and those stories deserve to be told. Because they lived. And, so,


thank you August, thank you Denzel Washington. Thank you for honouring


actors and not the sky, because sometimes you know we're sacrificed


for great cinematic vision, which is not bad, but it's nice to be the


centre and the focus as an actor and to Michael Williamson and Steven


McKinley Henderson and Joe and Rustle, and Sydney and all the


wonderful, you know actors and Paramount, Macros Browne, Scott,


Molly, Todd, Black. To my beautiful husband Julius of 13 years and my


daughter General he is Is, who every time I tell her a story at night --


Genesis. She says the most important phrase, "mummy, please put me in the


story." And I do. Thank you. Buzz Lightyear, Kung Fu Panda


and Lightening McQueen couldn't be here tonight, instead,


to make the presentation a couple She was genetically engineered to be


superb in Jurassic World Which call me pedantic included


dinosaurs from many other eras. Please welcome Bryce Dallas


Howard and Riz Ahmed. For me, the true gift


of the Animated Film is that they have absolutely no


boundaries to creativity or vision. Whatever the writer or director can


dream up, the hugely talented animators can deliver -


and this creates an environment where imagination


truly can run wild. And I don't trust cartoons because


nothing's real. Oh, here are the nominations:


How are you going to find your parents?


I'm a bit new to the memory thing so I can't say for sure


but something tells me they were mostly blue


with maybe yellow. That sounds right.


I'm pretty sure I'm going to know them when I see them.


So, no matter what type of animal you are, from the biggest


elephant to our first fox, I implore you, try, try to make


Just tell me of our quest and I'll quickly demonstrate my


You've got my attention. I promise I won't even blink.


I actually don't think I even can blink. Do I have eyelids?


Wow. I'm not going to lie. I did not see this coming. You know this film


was a whole hearted labour of love, over five years in the making and


over the course we tried to get to a a dissolution of childhood. I came


across a quote by a great film-maker who said "Every boy wants either a


train set or to make a martial arts movie." I never had a train set so I


made a movie. Hopefully one that showcases the power of family,


imagination and love and above all else, empathy. I believe Hal David


and Burt Bacharach when they said "What the world needs now is love,


sweet love." But there is another thing there is just too little of


and it is empathy, which is what this film is about. So that's why


this award means a lot to me and our entire crew. Thanks to the academy


for awarding us and to the studio and to my producer, I love you and


to our entire cast and crew. You are the best. This was about family. To


our familiar lanes loved ones, I love you. Mum and dad, I love you.


My world, my partner in crime, my dream team, I love all of you. And


tonight with this exquisite shiny metal cudgle non-hand, I'm pretty


fond of you guys, too. So, cheers, thank you.


On we trot now to Special Visual Effects and to present it,


I have issued an executive order for two outstanding actors who,


having appeared in Star Wars: The Force Awakens and The Hobbit,


respectively, will both have spent plenty of time working


with various peculiar, hairy little creatures.


Please welcome the English Rose that is Daisy Ridley and the Welsh


For me the true magic of Special Visual Effects


is creating something that simply couldn't be conjured


Yeah, funny you should say that Daisy,


'conjuring' right now as I've forgotten the envelope.


Well, luckily enough I can sort that, I've got


Not bad. Upstaged, much. OK, let's have a look at the


nominees. The Jungle Book.


CHEERING Thank you so much to the British


academy and the UK in general for allowing us in the country. We


really appreciate that. Also, I guess I have to thank the UK for


Kipling, a good story we had to work from, and if I can introduce the


people most responsible, besides Disney, these three geniuses behind


me. Thanks. We wanted to say thanks to Bafta for recognising the over


800 artists at MPC film who filmed every blade of grass and tuft of


hair made by our designs, so this is for you guys. Cheers. I want to


thank my team back in New Zealand. Very talented. Lastly, I'd like to


thank all the fathers, mothers, spouses and families of all the


others. Without your love and support, we couldn't do it. Thank


you very much. Now, much like one of our Trident


missiles, I'm going to veer a little off course to celebrate


a very important birthday. I'm certain that due


to the odd nip here, tuck there and of course,


the blatant bottom lift, you'll all be astonished to learn


that Bafta is 70 years This world-leading arts educational


charity produces literally hundreds range of activities


and scholarships, to ensure that talented people,


regardless of their background, are identified and encouraged


from the very beginning of their careers and how wonderful


to see so many beneficiaries And if you at home feel


inspired by tonight's awards come 70th birthday bash,


please pay a visit And no birthday is complete


without a chorus of Happy Birthday, so your Royal Highness,


as our President, if you'll lead us Ah, what a shame, I'm told we don't


have time. Moving on, the next award, given in


honour of the screenwriter and is for Outstanding Debut


by a British Writer, Director or Producer


and making their debuts as presenters of this award


is a brace of brilliance. One is the star of the S classic


Fifty Shades of Grey, while the other was wonderful


in the S classic, Please applaud sado-masochistically


for Jamie Dornan and Rafe Spall. Please spank yourself and your


neighbour violently. It's a total honour to be here this


evening to present the Bafta for Outstanding Debut by a Producer,


Director or Writer. Most of us in this room know how


hard it is to get that initial People don't want to give


good-looking people opportunities in this industry. But his father was a


great live respected actor, so it was hard for him to get through.


Couldn't get in the room. Let's look at the nominations.


With the human race under threat from a mutant fungus that turns


people into zombies, The Girl With All The Gifts


is the story of a special young girl called Melanie who may hold the key


to humanity's survival, in this original take


The Pass follows professional footballer Jason, who begins


to struggle with his sexuality after kissing team-mate Ade.


As Jason's fame grows, so does his torment,


as he's torn apart by a secret he just cannot shake.


In an intimate documentary about the police killing


of Mark Duggan that sparked riots across the UK in 2011,


The Hard Stop features two of Duggan's closest friends


as they come to terms with their loss and try to move


Where they say that they don't discriminate against you if you've


been to prison and that, that's all bollocks. They do.


Set against a backdrop of war-torn Tehran in the 1980s,


Under The Shadow focuses on a mother and daughter haunted by the presence


of something supernatural, in this gripping and original thriller.


Featuring original audio tape recordings where


Professor John Hull, who became blind at the age of 48,


Notes On Blindness captures the fears and emotions of losing one's


sight, in a beautiful and inspiring documentary film.


I thought, that's it. It's a gift.


Under The Shadow. Babak Anvari, Emily Leo, Oliver Roskill.


Wow. Breathing now. This is such an honour. It's magnificent. It's a


great honour to be in such an auspicious category, with all the


great, talented, great debut film-makers. Sorry, I know we don't


have much time, so on behalf of my producers and I, we'd like to


thank... I did write a little speech, just not to myself. We would


like to thank... Brilliant cast members, especially our leads, our


great crew, the royal film commission of John Donne, the Bill


Hoffman dumb institute and everyone who helped us bring this film to


light. -- the Bill Hoffman institute. I'd like to thank my


producers for taking a risk on this strange film and my great


cinematographer and great friend Kate Fraser, who was on board in


this project from day one, who had my back, my family, my brother and


my wonderful, wonderful girlfriend, Rihanna, for her nonstop love and


support. Thank you, thank you. Dishing out the award


for Supporting Actor an astonishing actress who was quite magnificent


as Jyn Erso in what my autocue The performances of the five


nominated Supporting Actors Let's take a look at some


of their incredible work. Do you have any idea


what it is like knowing my real brother and mother spent every day


of their lives How every day my real


brother screams my name? Shut your eyes,


I will recite for you. Bright Star, would I,


most steadfast as thou art. In lone splender run aloft


the night, and watching with eternal In a year's time, it is my teasing


you are going to miss. Something to love about when you


stand on my grave and wish me well. OK, I'm a Gemini, my favourite


colour is pink, I like Well, that just happened. Words,


words... Oh, my God. This is so overwhelming. I sit at home and


watch this with my family, who are here with me tonight, it is such an


overwhelming feeling. My mum and dad, I love you guys so much. This


is a film about family but I love that it transcends borders, race,


colour, anything. You guys are my driving force and I'd like to thank


little Sunny, who led this film with such confidence. He truly is a star.


Garth Davis, our incredible director, who is going to be a


friend of mine for life. Harvey Weinstein, Christine and Cara, and


to my amazing team who had the insane task of trying to get this


Indian dude, this noodle with wonky teeth and a lazy eye and floppy hair


working in this industry. You guys are my heroes. Stephanie coma, Sarah


grace, Christine and Carl... I don't know what to say except that I'm so


grateful. I'm terrible at this. Thank you so much. It means so much.


I want to thank, of course, the independent judges and, if you


didn't win, I am sure you will take it with grace and honour and not


reject the result of an independent judiciary, or try and buy another


judge to give you a different version. You will take it with grace


and decency. Plenty more awards still to come, including leading


actor, actress, director and film, as well as a special fellowship.


Ladies and gentlemen, you won't need me to remind


you what a 12 months of loss we have endured.


We now remember and cherish the many friends and colleagues


whose lives may be over, but whose legacies will live


To play for us we have BBC Young Musician 2016


I think you've made your point, Goldfinger.


I'm an actress. What?


On the stage. Oh, on the stage!


Why, you stuck up, half-witted, scruffy looking nerf-herder!


My life is full because I know that I am loved.


Thank you to the hugely talented Sheku for that wonderful rendition


of the sorely missed Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah.


I can't help feeling that the best of us have gone. The people you


love, Robertp Montgomery said, the people you love become ghosts inside


you and like this, keep them alive. It's now time for the Outstanding


British Contribution to Cinema award, given in honour of the great


British producer, Michael Balcon. To make the presentation a French


actress tres magnifique, who has appeared in over 100 films


including The Lacemaker, La Ceremonie and most recently


who gave a shatteringly brilliant Mesdames et Messieurs, s'il vous


plait, bienvenue, Isabelle Huppert. Can I just say, after receiving


a Bafta for most promising newcomer in 1978, I really had no idea I'd be


back so soon. I'm incredibly delighted


and honoured to be able to present this Outstanding British


Contribution Award to an organisation so very


close to my heart. As a champion of independent cinema,


Curzon hold a unique place not only in our industry,


but in our affections. Not least my own, having been lucky


enough to have appeared in six films under their banner,


I know first hand just how special Constantly devoted between building


bridges between countries. Today, we need that more than ever. We will


always need the United Kingdom, whatever happens.


APPLAUSE Time now to take a look at just some


of the highlights, from that wonderful contribution they have


made to independent cinema. In 1934, the first Curzon Cinema


opened its doors in Mayfair. foreign-language films


to a London audience. Today, there are 13 Curzon


theatres across the UK. In 2006, distribution


label Artificial Eye And now the group has more than 400


films in its collection, furthering the commitment to independent


cinema, collecting an impressive 16 Julianne Moore taking


the 2015 Best Actress You have been seeing


a neurologist, why? It might be early outset


Alzheimer's disease. In 2010, Curzon launched a home


cinema service, bringing their catalogue of world,


independent and arthouse films Offering its 7.5 million customers


the chance to enjoy brand-new films from home, often on the same day


as their theatrical release. Including the critically


acclaimed British You really believe you haven't


been enough for me? No, I think I was enough for you,


but I'm not sure you do. The Curzon Group is admired


and cherished for their unique heritage and pioneering


approach to the distribution And with a firm focus


on the future, this iconic brand continues to blaze


a trail for world cinema. And so to receive the


award, please welcome I'll try to keep this short,


unlike some of the films What an amazing privilege


to be standing here following in the footsteps


of so many giants of the This award is for every


single person who works at From those who sell


the tickets to the wonderful team that buy


the films - all 280 of us We are immensely proud


and grateful to have a It means more to us


than you will ever know. We love what we do but it's


the directors that make us who we are,


and you just saw a few of From Charlie Chaplin


to Michael Haneke and everyone in between, our goal


is to I want to thank all the filmmakers


who have entrusted us with their work, they are the reason


why we're so passionate I will briefly mention


three people without whom Roger Wingate who has been chairman


of Curzon for 50 of its 80-year Louisa Dent who ensures


the quality of And Tony Tabatznik who has been


an incredible supporter of Curzon's We celebrate our common


humanity through the I believe many of our films have


contributed to that. But all of us at Curzon


are concerned about the future. But if, after Brexit,


the essential EU support we receive stops, or is not replaced,


then the risks we take with films


that exist outside of the mainstream will become


much harder and all But whatever the outcome


of Brexit you can rest assured that we will


continue to seek out challenging new films


with bold, diverse and authentic voices; striving


to find news ways of engaging with audiences


and screening unforgettable films


in great new cinemas and on And finally - and I know she's


going to kill me for this - I want to


thank my wife Wendy. You have been my rock and it is only


your love and patience and understanding


that has allowed me, somewhat obsessively,


to indulge my passion for And from all of us at


Curzon thank you Bafta. The Bafta for Original Screenplay


has elbowed its way to the front of the queue now, and waiting


there for it an actress soon to be Like Amex, she's gold and she's


black. Please raise the roof


of the Albert Hall, but then replace it as this is a listed building,


and welcome, Thandie Newton. Thank you. It is a privilege to be


presenting this award tonight. It has been said that a screenplay is


not in itself a work of art, it's an invitation to collaborate on the


creation of a work of heart. Tonight's five nominees issued that


invitation and the results are extraordinary. Let's take a look at


the fruits of their labour. All right, I remember you,


I was a little curt that night. All right, I was an ass-hole, I can


admit that. But requesting I ran from a serious


musician, it is too far. My Lord, did you just


say a serious musician? Because I have an audition next


week, I am playing serious You could do that anyway,


there are plenty of All my friends are here,


I'm on the oche team. I have two girlfriends,


I'm in a band. You are a janitor,


what the hell do you But your heart has not got to be


black like mine, baby. We would be obliged


if you would provide accommodations, we failed to call


ahead. On your last legs in the nursing


home, you will think of me Kenneth Mulligan, Manchester By The


Sea. This is genuinely overwhelming. I


never thought I'd be standing on stage at the Albert Hall. I just


want to thank everyone, really, everyone in the room. Thank you,


Bafta, so much. Thank you studio Canal, thank you Amazon. I'm very


proud to be hit, representing the nominees for original screenplay and


all of the screenwriters we have had who have made wonderful films.


Screenwriters are in a wonderful position because screenwriters alone


understand the thrill of watching an actor become a character that you


only imagined. My cast in Manchester By The Sea is among the finest I've


ever worked with. It's among the finest casts I've ever seen in a


film. Casey, Lucas Hedges, I can't tell you what an honour it is to


have worked with you. I'm a single out Casey for one of the most


brilliant performances I've ever seen. I'd like to thank my


producers, Kimberly Stuart, Chris more. We tried to make a film about


looking grief and sorrow in the face and we found that, when you do that,


you find love and duty coming with it. Wherever in the world you find


loss and sadness, you find love and strength as well. If I may indulge


in a personal anecdote, the morning after the presidential election in


the United States, my daughter woke up in tears, she didn't want to go


to school. My wife insisted that she go. She said, there are children at


school who might be frightened and you could help them. She turned 15


two weeks ago. She's been to five protests and demonstrations in that


time. I'm very proud of her. APPLAUSE


I'm very grateful to my wife, I love her very much. Nelly Lonergan, if


you are watching this in New York, are you, too. Thank you all very


much. -- I love you, too. To present the next award


for Leading Actor over 1.5 million people signed a petition


demanding a State Visit from one of And after very little debate, well,


none, we sent out the invitation. So please welcome,


the gifted Penelope Cruz. Let's take a look at


the nominees for Leading Actor. To her, they were the most


dangerous fairy tales ever invented, designed to elicit


blind obedience, and strike fear Clearly there anything worse


than death would be the knowledge that her rotting flesh will be


trapped for all eternity inside a rotting box,


and buried in the middle of a They pulled Randy out, she's passed


out on the stairs. And then the furnace blew,


they could not get back in again. And I want to know if they knew it


was happening. I hear what you are saying,


but I don't think That is what you're saying,


but that is not what The room looks very different from


here. My heart is beating. It's an exciting moment. These clips that we


see of the actors are always such moments of heightened emotion, and


that so often celebrated. I think it's because they are the hardest to


understand in our lives, and the reason that I act is because, when I


was a young kid, my mother would take me to meetings for children of


alcoholics and there would be lots of kids there and they'd re-enact


the person at their home who they were trying to understand. And it


was acting, and acting as sort of been there for me ever since. It's a


privilege to get to do it for a living. So, if you were wondering,


that's why I act. That said, if I had an ounce of the talent of these


composers or animators or the acrobats and we saw earlier, I would


probably be doing that. But the reason I'm here right now tonight is


because of Kenneth Lonergan and his sublime screenplay. It really


dignifies everyday lives and their rules with great compassion. I will


never be able to express my gratitude to him. And I accept this


as a representative of the entire cast, Michelle and Kyle, because


that's really how it works. We are all together. This is an honour I


will never forget. And cute the academy. Thank you very much. --


thank you to the academy. Thank you so much.


Gliding on now with all the grace of a generously moisturised kipper,


we come to the award for Director in honour of David Lean.


And to enlighten you as to the recipient,


a giant of the acting profession, in fact, a big friendly giant.


Well, actually, he's a big, friendly, prodigiously talented,


Please welcome the utterly untouchable, Sir Mark Rylance.


Good evening. All of our work in film, whether you are an actor,


designer, producer, whatever you do, all of that is channelled and


communicated to the audience through the consciousness of the director.


They have the interesting job of holding the audience in their mind


and heart. They must ask the question, what does an audience need


to know? What do they need to feel? How do they need to know that? How


do they need to feel it? Perhaps most interestingly, when do they


need to know it and feel it is Tremarco I don't know how you feel


these days, but I certainly feel that so many stories in society that


I took for granted are being challenged, stories I learned from


my grandparents and parents, such as the kindness -- be kind to


strangers, love other people more than yourself. Stories I learned


from films like It's A Wonderful Life, that people are more important


than money, that love is the greatest thing you can experience.


In a time when these stories are being challenged, I can think of no


time that a film director is more needed in society. These five


directors have made wonderful films and have been nominated tonight for


a Bafta. Let's look at their work. Sitting there with


your name tag on your chest, Anne, in front of a sick man


offering jobs I can't take anyway. Wasting my time,


your employer's time, my time, all it does is humiliate


me, grind me down. How do you give up


on becoming an artist? Because I'm too cynical


to be an artist. I think that to be really,


really good you have to come from someplace inside that


I'm not sure I have. # It's another day


of sun, sun, sun, sun Congratulations. Thank you. Thank


you so much. Thank you to the academy. This is an incredible


honour. One of the biggest pleasures to actually being here tonight is to


be with and to sit with some of the people I made the movie with, tom


cat Mike Ross, Selina, Mary, David, my producers, Fred, Jordan, Mark.


It's just an honour to make a movie with you and to get to celebrate


this with you. I also want to give a special shout out to my friend,


former roommate, collaborator of, I think, 12 plus years, Justin, for


inspiring me and inspiring all of us with the most beautiful music I


could imagine. I want to thank Lions gate UK for all of your work and


finally I want to thank Olivia, my love, for inspiring me everyday.


Thank you, so, so much. The next award is made


up of two parts. Leading and Actress,


and in temporary charge of it, a sublime actor who recently


smuggled a suitcase of fantastic beasts in to America,


and in so doing, inadvertently as I'm sure many of tonight's


nominees will have done I give you, the stupendous,


Eddie Redmayne. For me, it's impossible to separate


the wonderful performances made by each of the truly exceptional


talents nominated in the Leading I'm utterly thrilled I don't have to


you make the choice. Let us take a look.


Death has been my constant companion for almost 50 years.


I've been living day-to-day with my body, never


knowing whether my mind will desert me.


But I have fought, and I have fought and I have fought.


Believe it or not, I know something that is going to


I cannot explain how I know, I just do.


And when I told your daddy he got really mad.


The same thing happens every time, I get


interrupted because someone wants to get a sandwich.


Or I am crying and they start laughing.


Or there are people sitting in the waiting room,


like me, but prettier and better because maybe I'm not good enough.


You think you will control everything, that you have the world


Even ridiculous, and I let myself believe it.


This parade, who is it really for, Jack?


One more campaign stop along the way to the grave.


When I saw that woman kissing someone else...


Um, oh, well. Thank you so much for this. This is just an unbelievable


honour and thank you to Bafta. At the risk of sounding a little


redundant between us and Damien, one of the greatest parts about tonight


is sitting with all of these incredible people that made this


film. We became such a family. So thank you to them on, to Tom, David,


sap sandy, Mary, and Justin and Mandy Moore and Gillian and Mike and


the list goes on and on, our producers, Fred, Jordan, mark and


Ryan who el vats everything he touches and Damien for this


incredible opportunity. Thank you so much. This was one of the greatest


working experiences of my life and such a joy. And I don't know if you


realise this but right now this and country and the US and the world


seems to be going through a bit of a time, just a bit and in a time


that's so divisive, I think it's really special that we were all able


to come together tonight, thanks to Bafta, to celebrate the positive,


the positive - I'm losing my words, I'm sorry, this happens. The


positive gift of creativity and how it can transcend borders and how it


can help people to feel a little less alone. I'm very grateful to be


in this room. I feel very, very lucky. Thank you so much for this,


this is a huge honour, thank you. APPLAUSE


And so to the award for Best Film, and to tell us where it will be


residing, a delicious Swede and a mouth-watering Brit.


They need no introduction, other than this.


Welcome, if you will, Noomi Rapace and Tom Hiddleston.


Good evening. Good evening. This room is filled with great,


beautiful, brave artists who have collectively created unique, amazing


and breathtaking films. Films that connect us, that will put a stamp on


history. These times, when hate, fear and walls rise, our artform is


more important than ever. And we are honoured to be


here to recognise and celebrate the creative talent making up


the Best Film category. # In somebody's eyes


To light up the skies # To open the world


And send me reeling # I'll be here


And you'll be all right # I don't care if I know


Just where I will go # Cos all I need's that


Sweet, sweet feeling Did you stop even for a second


to think about the consequences Until I get my appeal date,


I'll be here every day doing this. I can't let you freak out


with the door closed. If you're going to freak out every


time you see a frozen chick then I just don't like him


being in the freezer. You have expressed


that very clearly. You've just home,


and hit the highway. Thank you. We want it thank the


academy for this massive honour. -- to thank. It means so much. We have


admiration for the British film community who challenges us and sets


the bar it tell original stories. The joy of tonight is sharing this


with the extraordinary family of artists who poured their hearts out


on this film every day, led by Emily and Emma and Ryan. Thank you guys.


Above all, if you have seen this film, you know this belongs to


Damien Chazelle whose passion and reckless ambition are surpassed only


by his great humility and generosity. We are so lucky to be on


this special journey wi Damien. We love you, thank you all. I want to


congratulate and acknowledge everyone in the room. We have spent


a lot of time with each other over the last couple of weeks, months,


and it has been a pleasure getting to know many of you. There is love


in the community and I think it is our responsibility as creators to


take it and harness it and take work that inspires joy, hope, empathy and


challenges people to dream bigger and bolder. Inspires people to


drink. Inspires people to dream, bigger and


bolder and in technicolour. I think film, when it is at its best and


most inspiring, reveals the fundamental human truth, that there


is more tying us together than tearing us apart. Lastly, ladies and


gentlemen, what we tried to do and what the all the films that you have


honoured to try to do, is demonstrate the great power of art,


the great power of artists, the greater power of cinema, that knows


no boundaries, no borders. Our language is universal. Our music is


transcendent and our passion is the glue that binds all of using


together in our collective humanity and we thank you and wish you a good


night. APPLAUSE.


Thank you. cl Congratulations to La La Land. It


is time now for the highest honour that Bafta can bestow, the


Fellowship. To introduce it, ladies


and gentlemen, His Royal Highness, Our President, big it up for Prince


skal Bill. -- Prince Bill. Thank you.


Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. Bafta has sadly run out of actors,


so therefore I have been roped in. As President of Bafta,


it gives me great pleasure The Fellowship is the highest honour


the Academy can bestow, and is presented to an individual


who has made an outstanding and The recipient of this year's


Fellowship is an extremely talented actor, comedian, filmmaker,


composer and songwriter and, to tell you more


about his remarkable career, Thank you, your Royal Highness.


Ladies and gentlemen, it is a great honour to be here to talk about a


comedy genius. Oh, that's very kind of you, Simon,


but tonight is about Mel Brooks. Legend, icon, innovator,


and here's something you may not have heard -


Jewish. Very, very Jewish. You think you


know someone. Mel has won every award known


to man, with the possible exception of the Latin Grammy,


and I'm sure if he put his mind to it he could salsa his


way to that one too. A comic genius who singlehandedly


raised flatulence to an art form. He's brilliantly spoofed


show business, westerns, horror films, Hitchcock films,


silent films, and even This is the man who gave us singing


and dancing Nazis - hey, He gave us Hitler on ice,


Hitler on dry land, He's definitely got a thing


about Hitler. But that's the thing


with Hitler, they never tell Back to Mel - this man has


influenced generations of comedians and writers with his work


on the television classic Your Show Of Shows and his 2000 Year


Old Man recordings with Carl Reiner. No, that was Sir Alexander


Fleming from Scotland. But could Sir Alexander


Fleming do a spit take? I'm pretty sure, if we gave Mel


a lab coat, test tubes and the right chemicals,


he could come up with something just Jewish pencilin. Chicken soup.


Absolutely. Always worked for me. Because there is also


a serious side to Mel Brooks. He has been the producer


of many wonderful films, such as The Elephant Man,


Frances and The Fly, to name a few. He also went on to conquer Broadway


in 2001 with his musical version of The Producers that won the most


Tony Awards in theatrical history, a record even


Hamilton couldn't beat. Cheer up, folks. It's like you have


been at an awards show all night. The Producers was a life-changing


experience and one of the major high Thank you, Mel, for giving me


the opportunity to play the one and only Max Bialystock


and for being such a great For me, it was a print of Young


Frankenstein that meet me a Mel Brooks fan at age nine. Years later,


that was the film that resonated as the key inspiration, a shining


example of how comedy can be in love with what it is signing up.


And, now that Mel has finally reached the ripe old age of 2000,


and he doesn't look a day over 1500, folks, it's fitting that


Bafta are honouring him with their Fellowship.


Let's remind ourselves of his remarkable and extraordinary career.


For what you are about to see next, we must enter quietly,


I have one question, Doctor Frankenstein.


It's very fascinating, I'm afraid I'm going to have to hurt you.


Springtime for Hitler, a gay romp with Adolf and Eva.


You will never know how much this project excites me.


Master, how can you feel that anyone would betray you?


You who we will follow until our death.


I see your Schwartz is as big as mine.


Igor, would you give me help with the bags?


You take the blonde, I'll take the one with a turban.


And now, let's end this meeting on a high note.


Please welcome to the stage, Mel Brooks.


I think it's... The Bafta... I think Bafta has made on the Ringley good


choices tonight, especially me. -- on the Ringley good choices. But, I


want to tell you, to choose an American, why didn't I say it? I


want to thank Harvey Weinstein for having nothing to do with this award


tonight. Thanks for nothing. I want to apologise to the Duke and Duchess


and Prince Philip for the American Revolution. We were young.


Seriously, let me confide a little truth that occurred less than 40


hours ago. I went to the airport. They asked for my passport. I forgot


it. Really. And, er, it wasn't because of old age. I personally can


tell you, I've seen Stephen Fry makes three appearances before the


show began. I know... And, if I have any rewards for tonight, I would


love to meet the girl in the blue dress that came down from the


ceiling. I'm still alive. But, seriously, folks,... Er, having an


American here is very moving, and getting this a special honour,


having been given to people like Hitchcock and Olivier and


Pressburger and Powell, you know, champions and idols of my life, is a


singular and August honour, and I am very grateful. This is one of the


awards that you will not see an eBay, I promise you. EBay has all


the others, but not this one. Not this one. Anyway, I thank you from


the bottom of my heart. It's... It's been wonderful to be here. Thank


you. Oh, by the way, by the way, just a thought, the reason I forgot


my passport is because I don't think of England, seriously, I don't think


of this place as a foreign country. I think of it is like a vast


Brooklyn that just speaks better. That's all. Anyway, less you, thank


you, that's all. -- bless you. Ladies and gentlemen, we were here


the night that Mel Brooks came to London. No one can ever take that


away from us. In closing, I was trying to think, when looking at


many films that seem to rise to the top this year, and how pleasing


there is such a spread of awards for them, do they have anything in


common, some connection between them, and I could only see how


different they were. Then I remembered a story David Niven used


to tell about a dinner he was at the playwright and screenwriter Charles


MacArthur and Charlie Chaplin. MacArthur said Charlie Chaplin, I've


got a scene and I want a grand and pompous lady to slip on a banana


skin. I get a laugh from such a low-key setup? Do I show the banana


skin and then the lady, do I show them together? How do I do it? Can I


get a laugh? Charlie Chaplin said, is simple. You showed the lady


walking down the street is that you the banana skin. You see the lady


and banana skin in the same shot. Then the lady stepped over the


banana skin and disappears down a manhole. And I think that's the


point about the films that when hold us. They defy expectation and


formula. They step over the banana skin and down the manhole. I can


only quote the line from Mel Brooks, drive me off this picture. That's


it, from EE British Academy Film Awards, thank you and good night.


Thank you so much. J Roy Helland and Florence Foster


Jenkins! Thank you, Meryl. You keep coming up


with interesting characters that are so much fun to put together. La La


Land. Thank you to everybody who made the movie and thanks to the


academy. This is a very cool druggie, by the way. It's beautiful.


-- cool trophy. Jackie. Thank you for all the talented


people who supported and accompanied me in this adventure, and thank you


of course to Natalie Portman who gave life and grace to these


costumes. Thank you. The Bafta is awarded to Arrival.


The story of the sound of Arrival is a bit, like the film, it ended up


being an international collaboration. A love story.


Today is an amazing day. I hope it's like changing. -- life changing.


Home. Being British, our heart is love.


Our soul is compassion. And I think that we need that to be reflected


within our government, so thank you for this. I really appreciate it.


Hacksaw Ridge. Unfortunately John can't be here so we will ensure he


receives this award. Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them.


I'm proud to be collecting this award on behalf of Stuart Greg, who


unfortunately can't be here. This incredible and devotion and hard


work of so many talented people, the seemingly impossible was achieved.


The Bafta goes to 13. That isn't the problem in and of itself. It's a


reflection of a much larger, brutal system of racial and social control


known as mass incarceration. My name is Lisa and I had the honour of


working with the director to produce 13th. She is so heartbroken not be


here, but please know how important this specific award is to her and to


all of us. And the Bafta goes to... Son of salt.


I'd like to thank the lead actor of the film, and it was a great


opportunity to meet the British public. Thank you very much. And


thanks to the academy. Linus Sandgren for La La Land.


This is overwhelming and extremely generous of you.






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