10/02/2013 The British Academy Film Awards


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This programme contains some strong language and scenes of repetitive


This programme contains some strong language and scenes of repetitive


This programme contains some strong language and scenes of repetitive


Tonight, the Royal Opera House plays host do some of the most


celebrated stars in cinema. He is is hugely thrilling for Main.


one of the nights in the business that is the pinnacle. The BAFTAs


are a great events. And the red carpet is where it starts, the fans.


Very passionate! To have people who love music -- movies this match,


the love the event, who want to see the people on screen, standing out


in the sleet and snow, it says a lot to me, it is really inspiring.


We are British, we can handle this! I feel bad for them standing in the


wet and cold. This is not bad weather, it is summer rain!


No-one does glamour like London. The biggest names in film. Who will


be taking home the much coveted BAFTA mask? Django Unchained was


probably my favourite. There are so many international nominees tonight.


I hope the British take it home! They are all good, that is why they


are here. A lot of Bond fans. expect me to say anything but


Django?! Ladies and gentlemen, please take your seats for the 2013


British Academy Film Awards. Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome your


Thank you very much. Thank you very much. Thank you very much indeed.


Thank you, thank you. Good evening, my lords, ladies and gentlemen. Yes,


sorry about this, but I suspect that I'm not the only actor who's


come here tonight with a beard. It gives you great pleasure to welcome


me to the Royal Opera House Covent Garden for the EE British Academy


Film Awards. The EE British Academy Film Awards, I hear you scream! Now,


please, do not become hysterical, I assure you there is no need to


panic, you are in the right place, we have simply prefixed a new


prefix to our name for reasons. Allah loyal supporters have just


had a makeover, we hope the evening will be doubly good. That is the


kind of skill for, kidney rupturing hilarious word play you can expect


this evening, you lucky people! It is our philosophy here at BAFTA,


and I use that word quite wrongly... To focus not on self-congratulation,


but on admiration and celebration, so let's get on and be quite


unabashed about celebrating what has been based simply magnificent


year in film-making. I can honestly say, having presented these awards


on many occasions, I cannot remember a roster of films,


performances, scripts and productions that I have so admired


and more importantly enjoyed. We are bursting at the seams here


tonight with more panache, elan, radiance, joy, esprit, verve and


obsession than you'd find at a perfume counter. This has been the


year of the silent letter with Lincoln, Les Miserables and Django


Unchained all benefiting from wholly unnecessary alphabetic


incursions. Unlike the stars of those films, who are here tonight.


Not a wasted letter amongst their names, just listen to how they


resound, Daniel Day-Lewis, Samuel L Les Miserables, from the French


novel, featuring stand-out American and Australian performances is, of


course a British film! It was a remarkable experience, quite


astonishing, not least seeing Helena Bonham Carter burst in to


spontaneous song before she'd had a drink. I am joking, of course, she


was drunk every day on set! Banging the drum a little more, our very


own 007, James Bond, came up against his most formidable


adversary yet last year, a steely foe who sat at the head of a shady


operation hell-bent on world domination. Of course, as ever, he


emerged victorious when in the final scene he threw Her Majesty


out of the helicopter. Talking of old queens, oh, no, I promised the


BBCi would not do that one! 2012 was the year of the film franchise


With the likes of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, a film I don't


mind telling you I played a small part in, though it remains in the


cutting room, thus making it for me, more of The Hobbit: A Wasted


Journey. In fact, I think my scenes will be shown next year in the


second Hobbit film. Or if they can squeeze, by which I mean of course,


lovingly craft another six films out of the slim volume Tolkien


wrote, expect to see me in The Hobbit 9: Are We Nearly Home Yet,


Gandalf? There was also Men In Black 3, The Twilight Saga:


Breaking Dawn Part 2, The Bourne Legacy and the latest in the Batman


series, The Dark Knight Rises, where the caped crusader works


tirelessly for the good of his beloved city. Interestingly, I


believe they based it on London's very own superhero, Boris Johnson,


though he doesn't keep his alter- ego as a millionaire quite as


hidden. Then there was the first in The Hunger Games trilogy, where


children are forced to fight to the death in a simulated arena, an idea


we were very keen on to determine tonight's winners, but Quentin


Tarantino was just a bit too keen on the idea. Most marvelously,


though, the young shining star of The Hunger Games, the mesmeric


Jennifer Lawrence, is with us tonight hoping to bag a BAFTA for


her simply sublime performance in Silver Linings Playbook. Now,


Jennifer, last year a certain Brad Pitt was here and did us the great


honour of blowing a kiss to our audience at home, a joyous moment


that I replay in my mind often and 18 times a day on YouTube. It is a


tradition we had started, and we would be delighted if you would


continue the contrition down the barrel of camera nine... Gone, blow


a kiss! Wonderfully kind! A nation's hunger has been sated! We


also welcome along one of my all time heroines Sally Field, star of


Lincoln and of course amongst so many other things, Forrest Gump's


mother. Just to be in the same room as her makes my heart beat a tiny


bit faster. Also here is the director of the incredible Life of


Pee, Ang Li. Hang on, went astray there somehow. He knows what I mean,


a brilliant film and director! Star of The Master, the masterful


Joaquin Phoenix is with us, he's hoping to join the BAFTA winners'


club and become a Baftologist, where he could reach Thetan level


and... I'm being told by the voice, I think it is Tom Cruise telling me


to stop! I will leave it there. Yes, a terrifically terrific year all


round, so let's take a trawl, and who better to take a look through


such a wonderful year in film with than the ravishingly brilliant


young British singer-songwriter who has penned hits aplenty, as well as


appearing in St Trinian's and The Imaginarium Of Doctor Parnassus. To


take us through this year in film, who better than the radiant Paloma


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 97 seconds


# And they could never tear us # And they could never ever tear us


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 97 seconds


# And they could never tear us # And they could never ever


# Ever tear us apart Brilliant! Thank you. Ladies and


gentlemen out front, as much as I am a-quiver to see all of you here


in your finery and in some cases your onesies, this is not some


exclusive A-list superstar Party, that is later! Tonight we will come


along our beloved television audience, you are as welcome as


George Clooney at a hen party. And we all hope you have a wonderful


I know people like to bet on who is going to win in various categories,


but let me assure you that the only match that is fixed here is my


dance with Jeremy Irvine at the after party. A final word before we


immerse ourselves, Lord knows, if I was ever to beat awarded one of


these, I would need a restraining order to prevent me from thanking


everyone had anything to do with it, the cats, the magistrate who gave


me one final chance... But you are not me, and I feel certain that


when your name is called out, your production is called out, he will


leave your feet like a startled gazelle, he will not French Kiss Or


hug anyone around you, you will run like a freak in Giselle to the


stage, and you will collect your mask and you will keep your gushing


to the barest minimum. Let me put down the needle of insinuation and


pick up the club of statement, the swift, the damnably swift, and you


Led me prong of the award for into the cast-iron cauldron of this


likely -- lightly bubbling fondu of film. We're kicking off with


outstanding British film presented in honour of Alexander Korda. As


this is the first award of the evening, the award genie granted us


three wishes. So, first I wished for eternal youth, which as you can


see, was indeed granted. And then I wished for two of the biggest, most


talented stars of the moment. And would you believe it? Those wishes


also came true. Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the star


of Silver Linings Playbook, Bradley Cooper, and the director and star


of Argo, Ben Affleck. His home city is currently under three feet of


Good evening. This is our first time at the BAFTAs and it is


thrilling to be here. I have always been in awe of the excellence of


the British film industry. Influential behind and in front of


the camera since its inception. is an honour for me, too. I know I


speak for both of us when I say we are delighted to present the BAFTA


award for outstanding British film. He is keen to get home! I'm not


used to being spoken to like that by a man I met once at a railway


But Lord! And now... Have no dripping. No drip. I five. I don't


know why I did that. I have never They should just drive off into the


desert and pitch a tent and talk. No shoot-outs, no pay-offs, just


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 97 seconds


human beings talking. What, are we Well, big banks to buy -- a big


thanks to BAFTA. This is a first for James Bond. And a big thank you


to the cast and crew of Skyfall. And that NGN, Gary, Jonathan and


Roger. Peter Taylor's team in the UK, who broke the all-time box-


Skyfall was conceived 60 years ago when Ian Fleming wrote the first


James Bond novel. It was born 50 years ago when the first film was


produced. Since then, it has been nurtured by a whole host of


directors, actors, cast and crew. So today, James Bond is loved


throughout the world. It is on behalf of those film-makers that


Barbara and I accept this award. 1292 people worked on this movie


and I stand here on behalf of all of them. We all had very high


expectations for the film and I think it is fair to say that all of


them have been exceeded. This really is the icing on the cake.


Thank you very much, BAFTA. There are two people I want to say a


special thank you to. The person around whom we build this movie and


without whom the movie could not have happened, and that is of


course Daniel Craig. For his bravery and his brilliance and his


friendship and his sheer bloody- mindedness. And last but by no


means least, I want to say thank you to someone who is not here, the


great Ian Fleming. 60 years ago almost to the date, he sat down and


wrote that he was a secret agent and still alive thanks to the


detail of his profession. Here's to Although the Royal Opera House is


nothing like as glamorous as a car- park in Leicester, let's hope we


can unearth some royal bones here in what I hope will be confirmed as


the award for the original screenplay. To present it, the


sumptuous and superlatively scrum to us actor, whose career is now


entering its 6th decade. She just keeps getting better and better. I


compare her to the likes of Meryl Streep and Always Rain as one of


the true immortals of Hollywood. -- Louise Rayner. She is still at the


top of her game. It goes me enormous pleasure to welcome the


Thank you, thank you, thank you. I was supposed to be out here with


the fabulous Eddie Redmayne, but he seems to be puking his guts out


back there. He and I did a rehearsal and we were kind of, you


know, close. Really close. If I turn grey and start not to feel


well, we will know what it is and we are all doomed because this


thing spreads like mad. I am absolutely thrilled to be here and


I am very happy to be here to be presenting the award for best


Original screenplay. As we know, that is where it starts, with the


text. Without great text, you do not have a great performance and


you do not have a great film. So, I am curious what makes you so


curious. What did you say, boy? Calm down. No offence given or


This is it. There is no one coming to rescue. There is nobody hidden


away. There is just us. And we are Is there something frightening


here? Frightening? Yes. What scares you so much about travelling into


the past? Are you afraid that we might discover that our past has


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 97 seconds


And the BAFTA goes to... Oh, Thanks a lot. This is really nice.


Really cool. First I want to thank my actors for doing a banger out a


job with my dialogue. Thanks a lot, guys, I appreciate it. And I want


to thank BAFTA for giving me this. I think you guys are a terrific


organisation. I am famous for not joining organisations but having


said that, I am proud to be one of yours. And one last thing about the


script. I would also like to thank, in particular, Harvey and Amy


because this was a pretty hot potatoes script. For them to do it,


pony up a lot of money, do it in the right way, take that same


script and go out and make a hit, that is pretty impressive. Thanks a


Congratulations. Now, ladies and gentlemen, 5 Great films including


Django Unchained are in contention for the best film accolade. There


are five films, just five, in contention for best film. I could


tell you who has won now and save a lot of time and shiny envelopes.


Although times are hard, that is not how we roll around here. We are


very much going against the fabric of award shows and we would destroy


them for ever and then where we would be is... Don't answer that.


We will take a leisurely look at each of the five contenders for


best film and the first is the edge of your seat powerhouse Argo. It


could be my age, my hectic schedule, or my alcoholism, but when I heard


of this film, I fell foul of a misunderstanding. I was thrilled


when Argo turned out to be unnerved shred of the highest order.


Magnificently made. So now go fill The American embassy is attacked


and all of the people are taking hostages. Six of the hostages have


got out. Tony works doing X for alterations, getting people out of


places safely. -- filtrations. is going to wake up tomorrow


morning and be in the movie business? I need you to make a fake


movie. You are going to be the big shot without doing anything? He yes.


I think we were able to get such great actors and that just reflects


on the story. I want to cement in people's minds that this is real


and it is happening. If I am making a fake movie it has to be a fake it.


This will be a first. We are putting them in harm's way and we


have to get them out. We don't say it is impossible. People have no


idea how hard it is to direct yourself and the other actors. When


I am on set, he does it with ease. What is great about Argo, although


it is steeped in espionage and bureaucracy at the highest level,


it is about the inexperience. you give me a break? I can't


breathe. It only takes one second for them to spot you. It is about


normal people facing fear. If they stay here, they will be taken,


probably not alive. There is heroism and patriotism and it is an


escape story. There is an explosive world event when people's lives are


hanging in the balance and the clock is ticking. We do not have


the go-ahead from the President. tried to make something


entertaining and funny and scary and thrilling. This is what I do. I


get people out. I have never loved A film about a script that is


actually written and is never made, as if! But will Argo make it past


the ferocious BAFTA Revolutionary Guard and take off with the price?


That's it is yet to be written, as are the scripts which tell us he


will win best director, actor and actress, not to mention best film.


The award for best supporting actor has now arrived, so to tell us who


has not written an acceptance speech in vain, a brilliant young


actor on such an upward trajectory, trajectory, she will soon be space


jumping with Felix Baumgartner, which is easier to say than


trajectory! Their performance that had us all salivating in The Hunger


Games, quite peckish over here, in Silver Linings Playbook she is


quite breathtaking, so please calculate wildly for Jennifer


Thank you. For a film to beef truly great, every role has to be filled


by the very best. The five actors nominated tonight almost certainly


that, let's take a closer look at the nominees for supporting actor.


I am at a slight disadvantage, in so far as I do not know what they


look like. But you do. Don't you? You want to set up a fake movie,


like to Hollywood, where everybody lies for a living, then sneak 007


into a country where they drink blood on their breakfast cereal.


What do you do? I too many, many things. I am a writer, a doctor, a


nuclear physicist, a theoretical philosopher. But above all, I am a


man. What violates natural law? I do not give a damn about what


they want. This is for the good of the people without caring much for


There is a first time for everything. What makes you think


And the BAFTA goes to... Christoph Thank you, thank you so much of


this immense honour. It is... Why I get to stand here is not a mystery,


because it says so at the very beginning of our movie, written and


directed by Quentin Tarantino. But of course I want to thank Jamie Fox


and Leonardo DiCaprio and Sam Jackson and Kerry Washington for


their camaraderie and help, and Harvey Weinstein, for the attention


and... I want to thank Adam Schweitzer for his support and


enthusiasm, Lisa Costello for making me shine. But it all starts


and ends with Quentin. And... Really, beyond everything that I


need and want to thank you for, Quentin, the thing that touches me


the most is your unconditional trust that I will put your creation


to its proper use. Use silver pens We now turn to outstanding debut by


a British writer, director or producer given in honour of the


great writer and producer Carl Foreman. He was the writer of the


immortal High Noon, a victim of the McCarthy era, he came to Britain,


and we hear were the winners in gaining Carl Foreman's talents as a


producer-director, and this award is named for him and all victims of


censorship and suppression. To tell us who has again failed to write


that acceptance speech in vain, Scotland's finest folk singer


turned comedian turned A-list film star turned banjo player turned


hairstyle turned hobbit Corp. In fact, Scotland's only one of those,


the star Quartet, The Hobbit and Brave, the force of nature that is


I am overcome with joy. I am awash with bliss. At the very thought of


presenting an unsuspecting stranger with a desk man -- death mask on a


For the most outstanding debut by a British writer, director or


producer, clearly this is an award for someone relatively new to the


industry, which kind of rules me out of it. But I might be in with a


chance if the Watt was outstanding swansong for an old fart. Looking


around the room, I might have some stiff competition. And the BAFTA...


We are The Muppets, and these are our biggest fans! James uses The


Muppets to bring them back to the big screen as Kermit and friends


reunite to save the studios from demolition. Start at the bottom and


work our way back up to the top! Experienced television documentary


producers, their first feature is a dark and stylish mix of interviews


and reconstructions telling the story of a young Frenchman who


successfully posed as a missing American child. The reward was


eventually to be put in a place where they really cared about me. I


mean, I was reborn. Tina Gharavi, I Am Nasrine. Iranian born film-maker


Tina Gharavi left the country when she was seven and studied cinema in


France. The movie explores a modern refugees journey and the challenge


changing world. We just want to be somewhere where we can live, where


we can breathe! Brother and sister David and Jacqui Morris created his


intimate rapport -- Portrait of a revered photographer, gaining


unique access to his story and his archive. I was building his


reputation as a war photographer, suddenly I felt uncomfortable and


dirty, being called a war photographer was like being called


a mesmeric. -- a mercenary. He was that? That is your old man. Dexter


Fletcher is now behind the camera, teaming up with Danny King to


create a tough gangster film with a Bart Layton and Dmitri Doganis for


Wow! Thank you so much. First, Samuel L Jackson, peeing next to


Samuel L Jackson and now this! I do not know... I don't think we ever


imagined that this amazing journey was going to lead us to be in this


room, doing some shaky public speaking in front of so many of our


heroes! There are so many people we should thank for this. Poppy


Dickson, our co-producer, who is somewhere in the room. We sent her


to taxes enough search of a story that did not want to be found, and


without her we probably would not have the film. -- Texas. Wally


Thompson, Katherine Butler at FilmFour. Tabitha Jackson. They


believed that we could mount this documentary and tell it like a


thriller, rather than a traditional documentary, and they believed in


two first-timers. And obviously, Andrew, our editor, and my very


dear friends and cinematographers, Eric and Linda, all of you, thank


you so very much, thank you very Well, now it is time to consider


the next of the five nominees vying for the best film supremacy. And


the simply mind-blowing achievement that is Life Of Pi, we are looking


at now. Once again... Yeah, what a piece of work. My feeble mind let


me down, and first hearing of it, I assumed it to be the latest


with fruit filled pastries. I suppose we will have to wait for


the director's cuts. It is of course a magical tale featuring,


among others, that great Russian And it contains some really special


special effects that are so startling, so well judged that they


give real life to the astounding, An old man at the table next to be


struck up a conversation, an amazing story. Where do we begin?


Life of by is the story of a 16- year-old boy who ends up on a


lifeboat with a tiger. -- Life Of Pi. As I was writing the book,


cinematic as it was in my mind, I thought it was completely on


filmable. You have to take those little symbols on the page and turn


them into a visual reality. Facing the big idea of the unknown, it is


a mental scope. Because of that, I thought I might need another


dimension, the new look of 3D, a I think there were a lot of


unknowns about making this movie to begin with. It is about adventure,


survival, hope, wonder, but there is spirituality and faith, thinking


We are really portraying a journey of a person in relation to nature


That is pretty grand material! can tell you my story. You will


decide for yourself what you The colour, the vividness, the


lushness, the extraordinary enigma, the sheer beauty and majesty of


life of pie. If you have not seen it, please do. Well, would it be


living the life of Riley later tonight, that remains to be seen


and heard and possibly caressed. I cannot wait for the sequel, Life Of


Pi R squared. Now, to special visual effects, and waiting


backstage is a man who was really excited to be here, although I


believe security has now escorted him from the building so I can


introduce our awards presenter, a damn fine actor, and the reason


there was gridlock around the cinemas during rush-hour. He is


also the reason we drove frantically back to the picture


houses, routing our horns and a light cook at his stunning


performance in Silver Linings Playbook. Welcome Chris taco. --


It is great to be here to present the award for special visual


effects. Visual effects have become an integral part of cinema today.


Thank goodness, because without them some of us might be forced to


actually act! I'm only kidding. The union would never allow that! Let's


My mother warned me about getting into cars with strange men. At is


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 97 seconds


And the BAFTA is awarded to Life Of Wow. Thank you, BAFTA, this is


incredible. I am astounded by the other nominees city have this award


is truly spectacular. One of the central themes of Life Of Pi is


asking the audience to question what they think is real. That was


our job in visual effects, to ask the audience if the tiger and the


ocean were real. I guess if we are holding this, we did OK. I thank


you. I want to thank Elizabeth and built for persevering to make this


film for 10 years. And their director, Ang Lee. The work is


astounding and it was a dream job to work with you. Thank you so much.


For those of us that the visual effects, you mark us for our


science at times but we are artists and if you give us the opportunity


then we will make art with you. Now, tonight is amongst other


things a night of firsts. It's the first time Billy Connolly has kept


all of his clothes on in public. And Daniel Day-Lewis is speaking in


a British accent. But most remarkably of all, it is the very


first time this next actor has ever presented an award here at BAFTA.


Yes, after years and years we've finally caved in to his constant


barrage of phone calls begging us to be allowed to present an award


after a slot become available due to a last-minute drop out by David


Hasslehoff. It's the award for supporting actress and I would ask


you to ensure that your loins are well girded as I go all silly and


say, "Oh, my good sweet Lord. It's I would like to thank David


Hasselhoff! I would like to thank you, for making it OK for leading


men to have facial hair. Thank you so much for that. All right! My job


tonight is to present best supporting actress, so let's get


The only way to defend ourselves is to attack. If we don't do that, we


will lose every battle we are engaged in. We will never dominate


our environment the way we should # And there are storms we cannot


How special this has been for May. It is not going to help you. It is


going to make it worse. Mrs Lincoln. How difficult it must be for you to


know that and yet how important to remember it.


Go on. See if I care. What do you expect? An apology? You know the


rules of the game. You have been playing it long enough. We both


have. Maybe too long. Speak for All right. And the BAFTA is awarded


What am I thinking? I'll must walk past George Clooney without tugging


him! -- I almost walked past. I did not hard him. That is stupid. I'm


coming down with laryngitis because of the giddiness. I might sing.


That went better in my head. I share this with the cast and crew


of Les Miserables for the most golden hearted group of laughs his


talent knocked me sideways every day. -- loves. I must give special


thanks to Tom Hooper for the ground as of his dreams and the ability to


make them come true. Hugh Jackman, I run out of superlatives for you,


man, you are the best. Thank you. Oh, gosh, feel better, Eddie. I


would be holding your hair back, but, you know... Third poisoning is


just the worst. -- food poisoning. I have to thank everyone


responsible for making Les Miserables the theatrical


juggernaut that it is. Thank you to Working Title, Universal, and Debra


Hayward. And very special thanks for Victor Hugo, without whom none


of us would be here. Thank you so The third film in contention for


the best film award is the enthralling Zero Dark Thirty. This


was billed as history's greatest manhunt for the world's most


dangerous man, so naturally I assumed it was the National Rifle


Association of America's attempt to track down Piers Morgan. I was


reluctant to see it because I had not seen 29th of the other an Zero


Dark Thirty brand to his films. Behold, the sensational and Zero


The movie takes you behind the scenes on the decade-long hunt that


led to finding the world's most dangerous man. I want to make


something absolutely clear. There is nobody else coming to the rescue,


it is just us. Nobody knows what it is like to disappear in the shadows


as a CIA operative in that part of the world. Why should I help you?


Why do you only call me when I need help? How about a Lamborghini? I


only need a phone number. But there are lots of people across the world


involved in the hunt and we could not capture every aspect. He has


called from two payphones, never using the same telephone number


twice. It was those specific and it led the CIA to him. You cannot run


a global network of interconnected cells from a cave. He is in a city.


They always work in grave danger. don't think that there was any one


person who was the hero. There is a 60% probability that he is there.


think there were many heroes in that story. I know that this freaks


you out but it is 100. It is going to happen? When? Tonight. The Zero


Dark Thirty means 20 minutes past midnight, which means wait until it


is dark enough and then come in. Quite literally history in the


making and the making of history. But will it complete its not-quite-


as-secret mission tonight and carry off the BAFTA? I have no idea, but


I'll stick my neck out and say it has a one in five chance. The award


for best film is one of the many delights still awaiting us. Others


include, but are not limited to, the awards for rising star,


documentary, actor, actress and of course the fellowship. All in good


time though. Or just time. So, in the pre-ordained order of things we


now come to adapted screenplay. To present this award we have found


ourselves a couple of real belters from opposite sides of the Atlantic.


Representing the UK is an English King Midas who has worked his magic


on such as Star Trek and Mission Impossible. And representing the US


is an award-winning actress whose multi-talented talents have been on


display in the likes of Pearl Harbour and Juno. Please go "yee-


ha" and "jolly good show" in equal measure for Simon Pegg and Jennifer


Thank you. I think I speak for both of us when I say how excited we are


to be presenting the award for adapted screenplay. You certainly


do. I thought that rather come up with something original and funny,


we would adapt the words that we used last year. With that in mind,


please give it up for Jennifer. OK, here goes. Let's take a look at


Why did you ordered tea? Because you or did raisin bread. I didn't


want you to mistake it for a date. It can still be a date if you order


raisin bread. That is not a date. Do you want to be dead? No. The E


want to leave me alone? -- do you want to leave me alone? If you be


I never thought it would bring me so much happiness. That a bucket


and a knife could become my greatest treasure. In times like


these, I remember that he has as little experience of the real-world


In that 2000 year-old book of mechanical law, it is a self-


evident truth that things that are equal to the same thing are equal


to each other. If you are going to do this, you


have got to do it. You cannot build cover stories around a movie that


does not exist. You need a script and a producer. You are an


Who do you want to win? The Bath did goes to Silver Linings Playbook.


This is a wonderful year for film and for writers, and it is very


difficult to put all these films together. Our film is about emotion


and people, and this is for every family that faced those emotions,


those struggles, and millions do it every day. I want to think Jennifer


Lawrence, Bradley Cooper, Robert De Niro, Chris Tucker, our entire cast.


I want to thank my son, who inspired the story. And I... I am


probably forgetting lots of people, but I will keep it short. God bless


you, BAFTA, thank you, BAFTA. Matthew Quick, the writer of the


We can now to the outstanding contribution to British cinema,


which is presented in honour of one of Britain's foremost producers,


Daniel Day-Lewis' grandfather, the great Michael Bolton. To make this


presentation, a multi-award-winning director has made an outstanding


contribution to sport, although if you have ever seen him on a pommel


horse, you will know that I do not mean athletically. He was the


creative genius behind the greatest Olympic Opening Ceremony of all


time, and with films like Trainspotting and Slumdog


Millionaire to his credit, he is one of the greats. Please welcome


Thanks very much! Barcelona are arguably the greatest football team


ever, but when asked to was the greatest living footballer, their


midfield general, Iniesta and Messi picked Paul Scholes of Manchester


United. Stick with me! There was surprise, because Paul Scholes is a


modest man who shuns the limelight, even when his car is nicked from


his driveway. I am very proud to be here tonight to thrust another shy


genius into the spotlight on behalf of the British film industry. Their


incredible effort, determination and belief are why power industry


continues to thrive. She is a visionary, someone who was willing


to take a chance, take a risk and back a writer, director or producer


when others have turned them away. As head of film and drama at


FilmFour, she has passionately championed new talent and actively


sought out challenging and controversial projects that were


deemed too risky or unprofitable by the open market. What is more, time


and again, their uncanny instinct has been proven right, and these


projects have become huge worldwide successes. Many of us here tonight,


myself included would not be where we are today without her wise,


indefatigable, modest and, yes, capable of the odd mistimed tackle,


I can pay her no greater compliment than to say she really is the poor


skills of the British film industry. Let's take a look at some of her


work. -- Paul Scholes. Right, Mr Braithwaite, the sun will come out


I am sick of all these stereotypical murderous type movies.


You do not know karate! Crazy! repairs and a racist talk. Is that


Everything all right? Ready? Set? 1, 2, 3, Go! It stops them taking


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 97 seconds


I think it could work, don't you? Ladies and gentlemen, the Michael


Balcon Award for Outstanding Contribution to British cinema goes


Well, thank you, thank you so much. You will have seen those clips and


you will know jolly well that work is by a host of other people, an


army of other people and not me, not least this wonderful man, whom


I have had the most wonderful time working with. I would love to list


aims and do proper thank-yous, but the list is so long that I thought


she would not mind and you would forget me if I just said a huge


thank-you to the extraordinary writers and visionary directors,


the magical technicians and actors, the dogged producers that I have


had the huge privilege of working with. I have learnt something every


day and continue to do so, and in truth those wild, winding, Crazy


Jenny's, looking at Danny, have been the very best bit of the work


for me. -- Crazy journeys. I get to take this wonderful thing home to


put it on my mantelpiece. I have looked jealously at the team's


coming up, because I share this with my team at FilmFour, a group


of people who are truly exceptional and like a second family. They are


incredibly committed, they are clever, they are passionate and


patient, full of ingenuity, and they have huge integrity. They do a


huge amount with very little, and really the reason we can work this


built 30 years ago by some brilliant people, amongst them


David Rose and Jeremy Isaacs. The vision was very simple, and it was


this, to take the values of what was then a very new public service


channel, Channel 4, and those values were of taking risks, of


nurturing talent, of doing things differently, of challenging


preconceptions, and taking those values to the community in this


country, talented people who want to make feature films, and really


that is it. It is as simple as that, and that is the vision we have


today. As the world changes and our business changes at a rate of knots,


it seems those values are what cherishing and working with even


more than ever before. It really works like this, my team and I meet


somebody, somebody we have never met, somebody who has a story to


tell that we could not have imagined. A story that only that


person could have told, and our job is to support that person, to


protect their creativity above all else, to give them time and energy


and money. And there is no greater privilege than supporting people


like that. So thank you very much for this. It is wonderful to be


part of building a legacy that his film for, but in truth the thing


that matters most to me is that it should continue to do bigger and


braver things and that it should be a central part of the cultural life


for very many years. Thank you very For those of you keeping count, and


those of you that can't, we now come to the fourth film sweating it


out in the best film category, the epic, thought-provoking Lincoln. I


actually got an email inviting me to join this film, the call from


Spielberg has come at last, I thought. Sadly, though, on closer


inspection I had in fact been invited to join LinkedIn. A huge


disappointment that we all share, will you stop it, LinkedIn?! But


then I thought, who wants to be in a film about a small cathedral town


in the English countryside. So I bought the rights! Call me Susan in


Lincoln did not turn out to be a master work about a masterful


leader. As my dear old grandmother used to say, cop a load of this,


I have always been interested in telling the story of Abraham


Lincoln, one of the most compelling figures in American history and in


my life. Abolishing slavery by constitutional provision settles


the fate For All coming Time! wanted to show him accomplishing


something monumental. On February 1st I will sign the 13th Amendment!


However, we also wanted to show he was a man, not a monument.


choosing the last four months of the war, you get not only a


beginning, middle and end to an incredibly thrilling question of


whether the 13th Amendment is going to pass Congress... But you also


get Lincoln, you get his interior fighting with himself, you get the


people around him, people he trusts, and you get his political skills.


This gang of talentless six rejected the amendment 10 months


ago, we will lose. I like our chances now. In such a rich way,


through his intellect, his humour, his melancholy, we see someone


whose life is lived at one and the same time in that strange paradox


of public and private. I wanted to make a film that represented the


Times and mood of the nation, the mood of the individuals trying to


find the solutions. I wanted to feel there was a real sense of


authenticity on the set were the only real imposition would be the


camera. Lincoln is relevant to the present because his presidency, I


believe, offers the most vivid model of a leader, and I always


believe that trying to make sense of what actually happened in the


past always helps to shape our present, and that history is always


relevant in the sense that understanding how we got to where


we are well help figure out where we want to go from here. Congress


must never declare equal those who God created unequal! Slavery, sir,


A truly inspired work, but what does the more immediate future hold


for Lincoln? It doesn't have a reputation for doing well in


theatres, that this will change everything. We now come by both


hook and crook to film not in the English language. To present it,


two gobsmackingly talented actors whose subtitles read wow and crikey.


One made the progression from Quantum Of Solace all the way to


tomorrow Drew, while the other, after recovering from working with


me, has been in Reservoir Dogs, pop fiction and Broken. Please spank


palms audibly for Gemma Arteton and It is an absolute pleasure to be


presenting the award for film not in the English language. Five


incredible films in this category, showing just how exciting movie-


making talent there is across the world and how this art form really


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 97 seconds


thrives without borders. Let's take And the BAFTA goes to... Michael


Haneke or for Amour. Michael and Margaret could not be with us this


evening so we will make sure that Now, ladies and gentlemen, they


don't call me Stephen "Move On To The Next Award Swiftly And With The


Absolute Minimum Of Fuss And Waffle" Fry for nothing. So let's


now move on to the next award swiftly and with the absolute


minimum of fuss and waffle. It is the EE rising star award, presented


in honour of the great casting director Mary Selway. To present it


two hugely gifted actors who've followed differing paths to both


end up at new Disney animation Wreck-It Ralph. His path took him


to Gangs Of New York, Chicago and We Need To Talk About Kevin. Hers


involved shock, outrage, daring and brilliant comedy, and by the end of


the night our lawyers may well need to talk about Sarah. Please welcome,


It is such a pleasure to be asked to present the EE Rising Star Award.


I love it because these young nominees are still untouched by


fame and fortune so they are not all jaded and gross like, well, you


know... Yeah, that is why I have always made a conscious decision to


be real and down-to-earth. I'm love that... Of canny move over because


you are in my like? -- can you move over because you are in my light?


Thank you, sweetie. Let's look at I think Juno Temple is fantastic


and a wonderful person and a great actress. You go by yourself because


I have to sue Jove. -- I have to see Joe. Now I know who I am.


attitude is infectious. You have to be quiet. We are going to wake up


mummy. Look at the way that he is showing off. I think Suraj Sharma's


innocence is a talent. It is How long are you staying? I don't


know. It depends on you. What if it doesn't like me. What if they don't


like me? She is going to be a huge Attractive, my dear, is a polite


way of saying that a woman has made the most of what she has got.


has a face that can play a range of ages and emotion. I never forget a


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 97 seconds


Thank you. Wow! Thank you to BAFTA for this huge, huge honour and for


including me on this list of such wonderful, wonderful actors. And


thank you to all of the voters, especially my little brother Felix,


you I think got his entire school to vote for me. I could not do any


of this without Michael or Billy Lazarus, the most amazing agents


that you could ever ask for. I also have to thank Terry, and Tesco, for


somehow keeping me in check. And for my wonderful family and friends.


-- Terry and Jessica or. And to this inspirational room of


wonderful people and to my father who made him want to do this. Thank


We come now to that sad interlude where we take a few, all too short,


moments to remember those from our industry who have sadly passed away


during the last twelve months. As Abraham Lincoln said, "In the end,


it's not the years in your life that count, it's the life in your


years." and the wonderful memories they have given us are testament to


I have travelled so far and all I I am just a fat, little man. A fat,


ugly man. The one not ugly. I am Careful! I put the real one in the


What would you do if I told him? You see, you don't even know. Make


up your mind and then I will tell Yes! Yes! I will have what she is


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 97 seconds


You are my best friend. No, really. Angels just light up in heaven.


Now, my radar has picked up very strong signals that the award for


documentary is close by, so let's get the presenters out here and


hope that it's correct. One of them has taken a leaf out of my book and


is about to be seen wearing his underpants over his trousers,


though in his case it's because he's the new Superman as opposed to


an absent-minded old oaf. And the other has been delighting us all as


Bilbo Baggins. He will continue to for many years, as many years as


Warner Brothers can squeeze, again I mean lovingly craft... Ladies and


gentlemen, Martin Freeman and Henry Good evening. Perhaps more than any


other form of art the documentary has the almost unique ability to


inform, astonish, and enthral and entertain its audience at the same


time. The five powerful words nominated in tonight's category do


The way he played against the National Front guys. We beat them a


I got on the telephone and I told So I told him, you will be more


The main thing I am going to be thinking about is the person who


killed his three kids is still out Sometimes people used to say to me,


do you have nightmares? I would say And the BAFTA is awarded to


What an honour. There is so much stuff I would like to say but I am


not going to do that tonight. I want to say thank you to some


people, firstly BAFTA. This is fantastic. Thank you, BAFTA. I want


to thank Sony Classics, Simon, John, sitting over there, wonderful.


Thank you to Studio Canal as well. We are incredibly gratified to be


able to introduce the wonderful Rodriguez and his music to say many


people through this film. You want to say something? We hope to would


be here but at this very moment he is playing to a sold-out stadium in


Cape Town. It is particularly great that he is finally getting the


recognition and royalties that he Now where would the top five best


film category be without the fifth film? Well, a top four, but you


nominated five, so five you will jolly well have. That final nominee


is the earth-shattering triumph Les Miserables. Now I must say, when I


went to see Les Mis, I found the 3D effects to be quite remarkable,


though somewhat less so when I realised I'd gone to see it on


stage. I assumed it would be in French and I managed to understand


80% of it! Feast your eyes on the spectacle, the wonderful, filmed


with the accent on the second From the very beginning, what


excited me about doing Les Miserables was doing it live. There


is something about what an actor does live on the day, that whether


you pre-record or post record, is never the same. Singing live is


daunting but what it gives you is freedom. When you are doing a love


scene as an actor you wish there was music to help you get there.


But now you can hear the piano and the music. What comes with this way


of working is the fragility of the voice, which matches with the


emotions of what a character is saying. Everybody felt that it was


breaking a lot of very new ground. You have got to find a language and


the language in this film comes right from the actives' hearts. --


actors'. There seems to be something selfish about going for


the British version. Les Miserables has to feel real, immediate. There


is an emotional level to those that cannot be created in the studio.


thought there was an amazing opportunity to do something


So five awards remain, but not any five, just listen, director,


actress, actor, film and fellowship. They meatier bunch of awards you


could not wish for, and not a trace Macca -- a trace of horse in any of


them. The first to concern us is the award for director, named in


honour of David Lean, and to present it a towering, shining,


multi-award-winning, accolade receiving acting legend, ladies and


gentlemen, the Peerless Divinity, Stephen, good evening, ladies and


gentlemen. Of the many people who contribute to the making of a film


and its success, none works harder than the director. None has more


responsibility, in that the director affects the work of


everyone else working on the film, and that is why actors so often


want to share their best acting awards with the director, and why


the same is certainly true of awards for best film. And now the


five contrasting and outstanding directors whom BAFTA has said have


been working at their very best I Denmead the biscuit, but God made


Tigers carnivores, so I must learn to catch fish. If I don't, I'm


afraid his last meal will be a This is the best bad idea we have,


so. By far! The United States government has just sanctioned your


How do you know it is Bin Laden? Bin Laden is there. And you are


And the BAFTA for best director it goes, for his film Argo, Ben


Thank you so much! I will try to be brief, everyone has been so


eloquent and brief. I have to thank Warner Brothers, who supported


Payne, Sue, Veronica, Geoff, I remember their names in part


because they are sitting right there! They did amazing things,


Graham Kane, the greatest producers in the world, they use their cachet


to make great films and they stood by me, George Clooney, really


spectacular. Chris Terrio wrote the script, it is masterful, it will


always be my favourite, I owe you everything. Liam Goldberg, you said


such a nice things, I have nothing equal to say except I love you. My


wife, I also love you... Very much! And our children, Violet, Sarah and


Sam, very much, although I am quite sure they are asleep by now.


Everyone who worked on the Mowgli, everybody this movie is about, all


the international people, the Persians, the Turks, the people in


North America are made this a wonderful international movie. I


want to thank everyone. And I want to say, you know, this is a second


act for me. And you have given me that, these Industry has given me


that, and I want to thank you. And I am so grateful and proud, I just


want to dedicate this to anyone else out there who was trying to


get their second act. Thank you Congratulations. We now travel to


the ward for actors, and two handed over to the lucky recipient, a male


actress of the highest order, his credits are up to die for, with


Mission: Impossible, The Bourne Legacy and The Hurt Locker jumping


out and walloping us in the mouth. His latest project is Hansel And


Gretel, which is why I presume he has left a trail of breadcrumbs to


guide him to the stage. Please welcome the stupendous Jeremy


Thank you! Thank you, ladies and gentlemen. As an American visitor


to this great city, I must say it is amazing to be here. This is all


new to me, by the way! In the shadow of one of Britain's finest


institutions, whose beauty, grandeur, sheer majesty is both


breathtaking and humbling, that is enough about Stephen... Let's take


a look at the nominations for I guess I know all about the Lord


Of the flies, a bunch of boys of Ireland, they have a shell, and


whoever has the shell has the power, and if you do not have it, you do


not have the power. There is a chubby boy, they are really mean,


and then there is a murder. Humanity is just nasty, there is no


Go to work on something that is not an Alfred Hitchcock production and


I met with accusations and criticisms! The work I am doing


gives me pleasure and purpose, and it takes absolutely nothing away


The truth is, you do not understand Pakistan, and you don't know Al-


Qaeda! Give me the team I need to follow this lead, or the other


thing you will have on your resume is the first station chief being


called before a Congressional committee to suburbs the efforts to


capture or kill Bin Laden! -- some And the BAFTA goes to... Emmanuelle


Unfortunately, Emmanuelle is not able to be here, but I will make


Congratulations. Now, of course, if we did not follow the award for


actress with the award for actor, there would be something very


strange, and there is nothing odd about BAFTA, as you have found out,


so to presented an angelic actress who kept Sex And The City going for


12 years. Stick that in your Tantric pipe and smoke it, Mr Sting.


Please welcome the woman so talented they named her thrice,


Thank you, ladies and gentlemen. actors working today that I believe


we are going through something sort of like a golden age. When you


consider the sheer talent, range and ability of the individuals


nominated in his leading actor category, it really is quite


staggering. Let's take a look at What was the last movie you


produce? Who paid for that? What is your middle name? What is your


middle name? He is an American spy! They have gone to try to break you,


get you agitated. You have to know your resume back to front. About a


week before I call the cops, she was plotting to members of money


from the local high school. -- embers of. It was untrue, it was a


delusion. I later found out from the hospital it was because I am...


I cannot accomplish a goddamn thing with any human meaning for worth


until we cure ourselves of slavery I do not know! I told her I would


come back and I never went back, I have got to get back to her! I


# Yucel, your honour, this man bears no more killed than you...


And the BAFTA goes to... Daniel Thank you, ladies and gentlemen,


thank you, BAFTA. Well, just on the chance that I might one day have to


speak on an evening such as this, I have actually stayed in character


I had a varied selection of sets down scaled, dating from the late


1950s, placed in every single room of every house I have ever lived in.


And every time I rise from nature, it spontaneously unleashes a


soundtrack of thunderous applause, with a few boos and some drunken


I am so very grateful to BAFTA for this and for all the encouragement


you have given me over the years, it has meant a great deal to me,


such generous recognition of our film. My fellow nominees, I do not


know if I deserve this, but I know that every single one of you


deserves it at least as much as I do. My colleagues, represented here


by the wonderful producer Kathleen Kennedy, I... I miss you, I Miss We


were still on this expedition together, and it turns out we were


not on a rudderless boat. Steven Spielberg was the rudder, the


helmsman, the boat builder, the boat and the sea we sailed on, and


to the end of my days, thank you, So, we've teased and tantalised the


nominees for best film and now it's time to coax out the winner. To


help us find our presenter we enlisted some of the world's top


casting directors and gave them a seemingly impossible task. We


specified that we wanted a brilliant actor who's appeared in


some of the biggest films ever and Snakes On A Plane. He had to be A


List, cool, legendary and most importantly in London tonight.


Frankly, we didn't think they'd come up with anyone suitable, but


boy were we wrong. Please welcome Can I just said I... Of course I


can say, I am Samuel L Jackson! It has been an absolutely marvellous


evening and I think half of Hollywood is here tonight. It is


not just movie-star us here. Everybody has made the trip. Agents,


lawyers, management, PR people, everyone. I know because they were


all on my flight. I was doing a remake of Snakes on a Plane. But


enough about award-winning films of the past. It has been a truly


magnificent year in film which is why I could not pick a winner out


of the five great works of film in the best Film category. Let's take


It is either amendment or Confederate peace. You cannot have


both. If you can look into the seeds of time and say which grain


will grow and which will not, speak # Do you hear the people saying?


Nobody is supposed to be there. You might have spooked them already.


Procedures only work if we follow Have we got an option? Why do we


need an auction? -- option? And the Well, you know, I have to say, if


this is your second act, I don't know what the hell you are going to


do for a third act. You are remarkable at what you do. You are


smart and you know what you want but more importantly you love what


you are doing and I cannot tell you what an honour it has been to work


with you. Grant, 30 years ago we were in a play together in Los


Angeles. We were both broke. He got an episode of Happy Days. He loaned


me $100 to get head shots. I still use those! We have been partners


ever since. We have failed a tremendous amount of our careers


are over time, which were great lessons. I am so proud to be able


to stand up here and introduce you to a man who I believe to be the


best producer that I have ever worked with and a dear friend.


Thank you. We would like to thank BAFTA for this. This is amazing. Of


course all the folks at Warner Brothers and a whole litany of


people to thank that we will do on our own. I want to turn to Ben


Affleck, the director of this film. I want to say thank you for coming


on board and taking us on this journey. It has been amazing. I


also wanted to say how much I love my beautiful wife Lisa and our


children. Thank you so much, everybody, really. That was what I


was going to whisper in his ear. Every single person that is part of


BAFTA and has welcome doves and been so -- welcomed us and been so


kind, when I was back in the studio they said that we never win, and


everybody has been so nice. I want to thank BAFTA, and just everybody.


A wonderful evening for Argo. Congratulations to everyone


concerned. We now come to the fellowship, the highest honour


bestowed by the British Academy. To make the presentation a double


Oscar winning, BAFTA winning actor. He is a true master of his craft


and to his eternal credit has chosen to live in England rather


than his native America. Amazing how quickly he's picked up the


language. If I said The Usual Suspects, your pulse rate would


increase. If I said LA Confidential, you'd begin to feel an almost


uncontrollable excitement. And if I said American Beauty you would


break out in unrestrained rapturous and riotous applause for the


Good evening. Why is Alan Parker? Why is he? Hello. Congratulations.


It is a great privilege for me to present the BAFTA Fellowship Award


tonight, the highest accolade bestowed upon an individual in


recognition of outstanding an exceptional contribution to the art


of motion pictures. Once in a lifetime, a generation, an


individual, comes along who transforms and transcends their


craft and tonight's recipient, ladies and gentlemen, is no


exception. He is a legendary writer, producer, cartoonist, a chef... Are


you a chef? You are tonight. Story teller, champion of emerging film-


makers, teacher. Famed as much for his clarity of vision and film-


making originality as for his unswerving support of the British


film industry, that he loves so very much. Alan Parker's entry into


directing could not have been less planned. He had successfully worked


in commercials and he asked his boss if his team could be given a


budget to continue the experiment in advertising. One guy held the


camera, one guided the art department, and he decided to be


the guy that said action. His films played two or wide audience but


each is significant and unusual. -- played to a wide audience. His work


with actors is crucial but he also lets his camera subtle on people,


sometimes people new to the art form. He allows his lens to be


patient anti-freeze them up. His work allows us to get close. -- and


he makes them free. He has given us some of the most memorable movie


moments ever. His incomparable contribution to British cinema has


won him the acclaim that he so clearly deserves. His films have


won a breathtaking 19 BAFTAs. He is a man that I am very proud to call


a colleague and above all a friend. Let's take a look at some of Sir


Do you know what today is? It is anything can happen day. You have


been watching too many movies. are not taking that. We have to.


The stairs will kill him. yourself out of here on the


Midnight Express. I say bring him in, strap him down and let him walk


it off. We also got a video. 50 but because you can see my tits. The


version without his 35. -- is 35. Don't you want success? Sure, I


just don't think my tits are up to # Fame! I'm going to live for ever.


Ladies and gentlemen, please be upstanding for a remarkable film-


maker. If you come to the party after, he has promised to make you


Oh, boy. Thank you. Thanks. God, this is incredibly flattering. When


it was first mooted that I might get this award, I thought about


what I might say. 10 years went by... So Russell Crowe has written


me a poem. It will only be cut out. When you are halfway through your


first film, you are certain that it is surely going to be your last.


Then you kind of blink, and 40 years have gone by. And then you


have made 14 films. It is quite a surprise, really. But you always


know you are going to get there. However hard it is on the movie, if


you squeeze your eyes together, you're always going to get to the


wrap party, even if you think not. When I was a little boy I was aged


about 10 and my junior school. We had been to see Jack plans and Jeff


Chandler in Sign of the pagan. I came back and I divided the entire


playground into Roman's and hands. Although I did not actually say


action, I did give the command for them to attack the Romans, who were


defended the outside toilets. The resultant bloodshed, which was


quite considerable, meant that I went before the headmaster. He said,


why, Parker? Why? If I had known then that I was going to get this I


could have really shut him up! I will be very brief. My mentor, the


great Fred Zimmerman, who used to critique each of my films, not


always kindly, said to me that it is a great privilege to be a


director. Don't waste it. Hopefully over the last 40 years, some of the


time I did not waste it. Thank you, Well, I don't know when I have had


more fun, certainly not without the use of a water-soluble lubricant.


Till everybody watching, thank you for supporting film. Keep going to


your local cinemas, keep talking and arguing about film. Some of you


watching will find your way to this stage one day. If you do, contrary


to popular belief, you will not find yourself in the company of a


bunch of bitches, self-obsessed, up themselves Prix Madonnas, well,


maybe one or two. You will be in the company of film-makers whose


overriding passion is to make a film that succeeds well enough to


allow them to make another one. What they will have in common is a


deep desire to tell stories, stories of today, yesterday and


tomorrow. Stories about you and me. This year they have done it as well


as it can be done. I congratulate everyone here and to those of you


out there, keep watching, get writing, start shooting you sure


it's... That sounds of! Enough. -- start shooting your shorts. That


sounds strange! Thank you and good night.


The awards presented earlier: Short film. Swimmer. I always thought the


BAFTA at for short film should go to new talent, not old gits like us.


But thank you. Short animation. Making of Longbird. Thank you, I am


very honoured. Costume design. BAFTA goes to... Anna Karenina.


Thank you to Sarah Greenwood and Seamus for framing the costumes so


beautifully. Thank you to Jo Wright and Keira Knightley for inspiring


me. Make-up and hair. Miserables. Unfortunately, Lisa


cannot be here tonight but we will make sure that she gets this.


Animated film. The BAFTA goes to Brave. Thank you, BAFTA, for this


amazing and beautiful award. Sound. Les Miserables. Les Miserables was


a massive collaborative effort and we are overjoyed that BAFTA has


recognised the film for its sound. Thank you very much. Editing.


It is unbelievable, thank you. Cinematographer Yves. A life of


five. -- cinematographer. Life Of Pi. He can be here tonight but his


speeches about how great it is to work with me! The original music.


Stephen Fry presents the British Academy Film Awards, one of the most prestigious events in the film calendar, direct from London's Royal Opera House. The coveted Bafta masks presented at this star-studded event include Director, Supporting Actor and Actress, Leading Actor and Actress and Best Film.

Nominees include Ben Affleck, Helen Mirren, Daniel Day-Lewis, Anne Hathaway, Hugh Jackman, Jennifer Lawrence, Bradley Cooper, Amy Adams, Javier Bardem and Judi Dench. Films competing for awards include Argo, Les Miserables, Life of Pi, Lincoln, Zero Dark Thirty, Skyfall and Django Unchained.

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