T2 Trainspotting, Sing, Hacksaw Ridge The Film Review

T2 Trainspotting, Sing, Hacksaw Ridge

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match. We will also look at Rafael Nadal in the Australian open. Now


though, it is time for film review. Hello, and welcome to


the Film Review on BBC News. To take us through this week's


cinema releases, as ever, Mark Kermode is with me,


and what will you be telling us It is a very big week. Trainspotting


T2, they beat up after 20 years. Then we have a look at a film by the


people that brought us minions. And Hacksaw Ridge, Mel Gibson at war.


Trainspotting two. I can't wait. T2 Trainspotting. One of those titles


you can't quite get a measure of. 20 years later, the original characters


are reunited. Renton is drawn back into his past for reasons which are


not immediately explained and we find the old crew ravaged not so


much by heroin is by age and by disappointment and buy a degree of


emasculation and the way in which their lives have not worked out as


they will have expected. Bigby has been in prison and Spud, when Renton


first bind him, has basically all but lost the will to live, until his


friend returns and getting new figure. He is a clip. -- and gives


him new vigour. I can't fail again. I need to detox


the system. Spud, detox the system? What does that even mean. It's not


getting it out of your body that's the problem, it's getting it out of


your mind. You are an addict. I am trying. So, be addicted. The


addicted to something else. You have got to channel it, you have got to


control it. People try all sorts. Some people try boxing. Boxing?! It


was just an example. What did you channel it into? Getting away. That


clip is good because it was funny but ends on a melancholic note. As


somebody who saw the original 20 years ago, I remember being really


astonished by how dark it was. But people forget about how shocking it


was. What I liked about this was it felt like a film about middle age,


about the way in which the world changes, about the way in which the


characters bodies have changed, their characteristics have changed,


and as with so many of Danny Boyle's films, it's about friendship, the


way the present loops back to the past and has this elegiac longing


for the past. My only reservation with this, I thought it worked


really well because I didn't want to be let down. I didn't want them to


be revisiting this for cash, Paul Money, because that is an easy thing


to do. It is a film with integrity. The screenwriter has created


something new. They have created something artistic. It is really


well directed. My only question would be, I don't know what it would


look like if you were a young viewers seeing it for the first


time, not having all that history with Trainspotting, because a lot of


what it is doing is playing with the past. But I like that about it. The


interplay between the past and the present. It's like meeting these


characters again and genuinely seeing what time has done to them.


And the screenplay from the original from the Irbin Welsh book was funny


and quite philosophical. A brilliant screenplay. If it as good? I think


he has done a brilliant job. There are an awful lot of laughs in it. It


is definitely more melancholy than the original. It doesn't have that


vampiric bite that the original had, not the venomous feeling. But what


it does have is a sense of ennui, though I feel like I am underselling


it. A sense that life is full of disappointments but somehow finding


vibrancy and giving a life to those -- a voice to those characters who


would otherwise have been written off as deadbeats again, following on


that tradition. I am looking forward to your other choice. Sing is by


is about a group of animals in a is about a group of animals in a


singing competition. It owes a lot more to Mickey Rooney, Judy Garland,


old school, let's put the show on here than a singing competition. It


starts out as a singing competition but moves on to saving a bit. It won


me over very gradually. At the beginning I thought it was sweet


natured barn but as it went on, it started to have that child, that


old-fashioned throwback charm which I loved from all those old musicals.


You can tell it's not just something which is just fluff. Yes, it's


bright and shiny with more pop tunes in it than you could wave a stick at


but it has something important. It has a bit part in it and that is


down to Garth Jennings. Hacksaw Ridge. Mel Gibson reinventing


himself again? This is about someone who volunteered as a medic in World


War II and refused to carry a weapon into the unfolding horror of war.


Let's see a clip. How come you don't fight? You think you are better than


us? No. What if you were attacked? Do you like that? You have to turn


the other cheek customer you see, I don't think this is a question of


religion, fellows. I think this is cowardice, plain and simple. Is that


right? Well, go on. Take a poke. I'll tell you what, I'm going to


give you a free shot. Right there. He to me. Though one. Let him have


it. The peculiar thing about this film is before I saw it, I heard


people comparing it to what I think is Mel Gibson's best work but this


is not it. This is to films fighting for supremacy. The first half of it


is almost cheesy. Its saccharine sweet almost. Then we moved to the


war scenes and they are brutal and bloody and if you have seen the


Passion of the Christ, you know that Mel Gibson absolutely really does


law. What that means is you get to separate movie is going on.


Sometimes the battle scenes are absolutely horrific and up there


with the Stephen Spielberg stuff from saving Private Ryan but


sometimes they teeter over into something which approach is parody,


almost Tropic Thunder, so you get a weird mix. The movie feels like it


is pulling in a number of different ways. I came out of this slightly


baffled because there are things addict that I really cheesy --


things in its that are really cheesy, something that I really


saccharine, other things that are brutal and I think it has moments


that are really striking. The story is really striking. It is a true


story and I have read a bit about him in the past. It is a great


story. The point about that was that he is a brave man and refused to


fight. Just because the story is great, doesn't mean the film is


consistently great. I wonder if the saccharine start at the beginning


was Mel Gibson trying to prepare the American public to find someone who


was a conscientious objector brave. I literally spent the first third of


the film thinking, when is this going to turn into the great movie


that everyone tells me it is? Once we had got into the war sequences as


I said, he can do that stuff really well, but he can also push it too


far. Not Clint Eastwood then? No, but that is an interesting


comparison because his movies are different to an American audience


than to a British audience. What more can we set about Lala land? I


love it. People are concerned that it is not as good as we have been


saying, like it is overhyped, but I haven't stopped singing it since I


saw it. I loved Lala land. Best film and Best Director for the BAFTAs and


the oft is -- and the Oscars? Yes, I think it will absolutely sweep the


board. Finally, under the shadow, which I haven't been yet. You must,


because he will absolutely love it. It is a British production set in


Jordan. It is about a mother and her daughter in an apartment building


being shelled but they are being terrorised by a gin spirit. It owes


a debt to things like the tenant, and's baby. It is smart, it is


influenced by the brother Dick and I promise you you will love it. Right,


that is my homework for the weekend. I shall look for under the shadow.


You will find more film news and reviews across the BBC including all


our previous shows on the website. Thank you for watching. Enjoy the


movies. Hello. January has been dry and we


have been watching for the change to much


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