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Loving, Gold, Toni Erdmann

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in particular Chelsea v Arsenal in the lunchtime kick-off tomorrow.


Now though on BBC News, it's time for The Film Review.


Hello and welcome to The Film Review on BBC News.


To take us through this week's cinema releases is Mark Kermode.


Well, we are in awards season. We have Loving, and Oscar-nominated


drama. We have Gold starring Matthew McConnell may, and Toni Erdmann,


with a two and three quarters hour German comedy. I look forward to


hearing what you say about that. Loving is a true story about a


couple who helped to change America. It is about the pregnant bride of


Richard Loving. The couple get married in Washington, DC because


there is less paperwork. They come back only to be arrested, imprisoned


and forced to leave the state, which does not agree with their marriage.


You are not allowed to be married. They have to move away. They write a


letter to Bobby Kennedy. Despite the fact they are very private people


and the film is a keen to point out how much they wanted to keep


themselves to themselves. They find themselves in the middle of a battle


which is going from court to court and apparently all the way to the


Supreme Court. Here is a clip. You goo to the Virginia


State Court next, right? The lawyers told us


not to expect much. We may lose the small battles


but when the big war. What really love about this film is


it is basically a love story between these two people, ordinary people


finding themselves in extraordinary circumstances. They did not want to


be part of this huge nationwide case. What the director does is he


resists any form of grandstanding. As the story goes on, this is a


really important case. It will have a significant effect. It keeps us


focused on them and their relationship. The opportunities for


grandstanding, in the courtroom, banging tables, there are so many.


He does not do that he keeps his focus on them the central couple. He


keeps it small scale. As the larger machinations happen when you stay


focused on the central couple and their relationship. You believe in


them, care in them -- about them and invest in them. The story tells a


much wider message but does not feel the need to waive the measure. There


is a scene in which they hold hands. He talks about his dream for


building the home and think it was very well played very well made and


admirably understated. That is a rarity nowadays. Let's move on to


Gold. Not understated. It has been compared to Waltz Of Wall Street.


You have basically done the review. Matthew plays a central character


who runs a mining company. They strike gold. The next thing you know


champagne corks are popping. This can only end one way. There are


particularly to referred to Wolf of particularly to referred to Wolf of


Wall Street. It does not seem to Wall Street. It does not seem to


put on a lot of weight and lost a put on a lot of weight and lost a


lot of hair. He looks bedraggled. That is not enough for the film. You


need to be involved in the character and not thinking I have seen this


done before and better elsewhere. I did spend a lot of it thinking, this


is a showcase for that performance. That is not enough to build a film


on. You keep expecting it to kick in and engage your sympathies, it never


does. It has all the potential but, in the end it, it is just a bit...


And I confess, a little bit boring. He was in Dallas Buyers Club.


Originally the script was pitched as Treasure Of The Sierra Madre. In its


dreams. Let's move on to Toni Erdmann and the German comedy.


Convince us. The star is absolutely brilliant. A career woman with a


soul crushing job of working for a consultancy firm, an oil company for


that she is on business in Bucharest. She is very distant from


her father. He turns up on her doorstep to give her a present. She


humours him and sympathises with him about the death of the dog. He does


not leave. He puts on a wig and false teeth and turns up as Toni


Erdmann at business meetings, insisting to her colleagues that he


is a life coach, a businessman, an ambassador. Whatever he is he is an


embarrassment to her. Here is the clip.


You can see from that it is a very painful form of comedy. You think


about a vintage episode of The Office or Abigail ??Nospace 'S


Party. It is a warning about globalisation and a warning about


60s hippy idealism and 21st-century cynicism. It is an entrenched comedy


about an estrangement between father about an estrangement between father


and daughter. Doing so in a way that is inappropriate and really awkward.


At times you laugh, at times you want to cry. At times he wants to


bury your face in your jumper. One scene involves a rendition of the


song, The Greatest Love Of All. It was written and directed by someone


who does the job of getting exactly the right moment. She is superbly


aided by these great performances. You sit there marvelling at the


changes of tone, the way in which it is melancholic and poignant for the


bid is awkward and painful but also funny and cruel and yet tender and


loving. Nothing you would expect from when you hear the description


of it. It is nearly three-hour comedy about a bloke with a wig and


false teeth annoying his daughter. It is a really fine piece of work.


Not for everybody but I just loved it. Sold. Thank you very much. Let's


go to best out and Trainspotting. There was talk about how


Trainspotting had become an institution and they had a lot to


live up to with the sequel. I think they have done it brilliantly put it


catches up with the characters 20 years later. As a middle-aged


malaise to it. It is very well directed. A very good script by John


Hodge. The lovely thing about the film is coming it seems to be


designed for people who grew up with Trainspotting. I don't know what it


would be like had he not seem Trainspotting first time around. Is


it one for the kids? What do I know about teenagers. I am 78. How do you


not seen the first one it would not make any sense. Why would you not


want to have not seen the first one? Test DVD. De Palma. What is


interesting is he is the sole interview. He is accused of being a


misogynist, ripping off Hitchcock. He is a terrific speaker. He is very


irascible. People say I rip of Hitchcock but I am the only drifter


who properly ripped off Hitchcock. It is a really interesting piece of


work, made with great authority. No one knows Brian De Palma's work


better than him. Whatever you think about his films, it is a really


interesting time in his company with someone who, for better or worse, is


very singular and has cut their own path regardless of what anyone else


has said. He is not a household name to many people. I think he is not a


name that is recognisable. People like Stephen Spielberg and Stanley


Kubrick. He has an extraordinary career. He has made massive movies


and they have gone to DVD. A quick reminder before we go that


you'll find more film news and reviews from across the BBC


online at bbc.co.uk/film. And you can catch up


with our previous programmes Evening. Not nice at them at the


moment with the wind and the rain. The combination making things quite


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