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Paul O'Grady joins Matt and Alex. Esther Rantzen discusses becoming a grandparent, Miranda Krestovnikoff looks at weevils and Jamie Crawford on the perfect wedding photograph.

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Hello, welcome to The One Show with Alex Jones... And Matt Baker. We


are joined by a man who fully admits having a dog's life, and he


could not be happier. With him, some of our weekend medal winners.


Please welcome Paul O'Grady and our I haven't won a medal. Can I just


say? I cannot run for the bus! must be pleased to be here. You


prefer the Paralympics? When I watch it, I forget about any


disability, it is about ability, not disability. It proves that


there is no such thing as cannot. It is amazing to watch. First, we


will head over to the Olympic Park, where Baroness Tanni Grey-Thompson


has been watching the medals coming in. We will start with Ellie


Simmonds? She had a brilliant afternoon. She won yet another gold


medal. It's amazing from seeing her this morning, when she got out of


the swimming pool, she said, what time was it? It was quicker. Then


going to winning tonight. There was so much pressure on her. It's easy


to forget she is still a teenager. She was 13 in Beijing. You think


that she has been in the sport forever. But she has not. She has


plenty more years to come. What about Lee Pearson? He had a chance


to match your medal tally? He got a bronze medal today. He's won a team


gold medal, and individual silver medal and a bronze medal. He's a


really good friend of mine and I wanted him to come here and when


Margaret three gold medals. It's tough, when you are beaten. But


he's been amazing, very magnanimous. He's been very kind and said he has


been beaten by better people on the day. I think it shows where


equestrian has got to. A few years ago, they were riding on borrowed


horses. Now every one of them is a thoroughbred. What about the latest


news with Oscar Pistorius and his complaint? He basically apologised


for the timing of his complaint, didn't he? Not what he actually


said? Yes, he was beaten in the 200 metres final, right on the line, by


the Brazilian Alan Oliveira. In the post-race interviews he said it was


not fair, that he has Longo legs, he is four inches taller than he


should be. -- longer legs. He has been petitioning the are you see to


get the rules changed. It's quite difficult. They have a maximum


height that each athlete is allowed to Dave. They were measured and the


IPC came out and said that he was completely within the rules, he has


not done anything wrong. When Oscar Pistorius wanted to run the


Olympics, he had to decide the length he wanted to use. He had to


pick a fairly standard height and went through the testing process.


He says if he wants to change the length of his legs, he has to go


back through the testing process and will not necessarily be allowed


to run mainstream again. Alan Oliveira has gone through the


testing, Oscar has disadvantaged himself in a way by going through


the rules to get into the Olympics. If he ran close to his personal


best, he would have beaten him. He was not on the best of form last


night. I think it is the emotion of the race, coming off the track he


felt very upset and felt it was important to say those things. The


IPC, very carefully, are pushing those issues away. They are going


to discuss it after the Games. But we could see a rule change. Very


quickly, for the rest of the week, who should we be looking out for?


In athletics, Dave Weir. He's in superb form and he's got three more


races. He could win another three gold medals. Thank you for keeping


us up to date. Let's introduced the medallists. Tandem cyclists


Anthoney and Craig, and the rowers, Naomi, Lily, David and James. David,


you were Team GB's last hope for in medal on the water. Did that put


extra pressure on you? Not really. We knew Tom's result. We heard it


coming over the Tannoy. We had a race plan, we trained all winter


for it and we focused on what we needed to do. We executed it and we


did not let anything else affect us. Naomi, James, you are visually


impaired. What was it like when you crossed the line? Is it really


something? It really is a roar. I had to ask to clarify we had won. I


wasn't entirely sure. It's the most incredible feeling. It only came


home to me when I heard somebody on the press pontoon say, Paralympic


champion. I thought, that is us, wow. Was it hard for you to


communicate to them? It was almost like they didn't really need a cox.


The crowd were doing my job for me. They were so loud. It clearly


worked. Legacy is the word of the moment since the Olympics and after


the Paralympics. We have all learned a great deal about his


ability, especially over the last week and a half. Do you think the


change in attitude will go on after the Games? Automatic, we will have


to wait and see. Paralympic sport is a bit different. -- ultimately


we will have to wait and see. I'm pretty confident that these guys


compete, and when they compete their disability is neither here


nor there. It doesn't matter. People that are not disabled will


probably not be able to relate to that. Disabilities are they on the


surface, people see and they relate to what they do see. I think it


will. You know, nobody can ignore what has been going on. Ultimately,


we will have to wait and see. you think it has made a difference


with it being a home games? With it not being abroad, there is more


ownership? There is a culture thing as well. The British are open to


have stuff. Other countries can hide disability, they do not like


disability. Well, nobody particularly likes disability. We


are open to the fact that it happens and it is there. It is


something you have to having your culture. Your faces on our


wonderful medal tally that we have over here. We have the game's


makers, Chris, Anne and Paula. They are a family, living together in


Paula's house. You have the latest face, Ellie Simmonds, to go on the


gold medal? I have Ellie Simmonds, her second gold medal of the


Olympics, for the women's 200 metre medley. And it was a world record.


Brilliant! Round of applause! And a big thank you to all of our


Paralympic champions. Brilliant. We are changing tack completely now.


love that girl, Ellie Simmonds. She is fabulous. You were saying that


you had learned to swim just a few years back? 10 years ago, I taught


myself. Are you teaching your grandchildren? No! I can hardly do


it myself! I get in it and I am like an old crocodile. I slide down


and back. I don't think you can even call it swimming. You had two


grandchildren. What type of grandfather are you? Of a morning,


I am Uncle Silas, pretty mean. Come afternoon, Mary Poppins. They know


in the morning, don't bother him. I don't get out of bed, I slither. I


come down and the pans are on the floor and I go mad. Put that back!


In the afternoon, they can do what they want, I'm not bothered. More


and more grandparents are taking on childcare duties. It's no surprise


that it can lead to disagreements on how best to bring up baby.


Imagine if you were about to give birth and your mother was Esther


Rantzen. You would stay in! I've reached a very important


milestone in my life. I'm joining a fabulous club with 14 million other


members in Britain, with the arrival of my first grandchild. But


how will that change my life? I hope that I will be as mischievous


as my grandmother was. I think that relationship, Grand trialled and


grandmother is so lovely, when it I'm not sure how I feel about my


impending grandmother status. I first got pregnant and I told her,


she was really excited and happy. Quite soon afterwards she said she


did not want to be called Granny. She said, I'm not a granny, I'm at


glamorous. I cannot share with Becca the fact that I am nervous. I


don't want to make her nervous. Things can go wrong it. But if


things go sailing through beautifully and we have this


wonderful new baby, that would be terrific. Like me, Becca works in


television. A long, irregular hours can be really tough for a working


mother. In the 80s, I often took my children into work with me. Who is


that? Emily and my baby Rebecca, nine months old.


She will not be able to do that, she will need to find someone else


to look after her baby when she is at work. It's actually the case


that one in four Working families is forced to rely on grandparents


for an estimated �3.9 billion with of child care. But what happens if


granny does not see eye-to-eye on how to raise the baby? As you might


have guessed, I have strong opinions. You need to practise how


to swaddle. Do you know how to? know how anti-swaddle and I am?


Why?! Baby's hands, they explore the world with them. Not when they


are asleep! I think it's a disgrace. While the idea of being a


mischievous granny appeals to me, I'm not very good at biting my


tongue. It's time for some advice from my closest friends, POW


Mianzhu, who already have nine grandchildren between them. -- POW


Is it like this? Chaos every time of grandchildren around? It starts


slowly. By the time they go, it's like a tornado has hit. Did you


allow your own children to do this? You know the old saying, if you


knew how good grandchildren were, you would have started with them.


They arrive clean and tidy, they are up for it, they are excited,


and when they are tired and revolting, you give them back.


had a disagreement. Swaddling. happens is the baby gets out.


literally for two weeks, if that. But you cannot interfere. You can


give advice. It's very difficult, to be honest, not to say, I would


do this. She's right, especially as my daughter has some interesting


ideas of her around. When you wanted to be fed, you were fed, no


matter what time it was. I was thinking of going by the clock,


every three hours. Bloody hell, you're not serious? I will not give


you any advice, I will stand by... Bloody hell! What do you mean that


you will do that? Right, every three hours. I can always adjust


the clock. You are going to be a nightmare, I've got to take your


keys away. Don't worry, I have several spare sets. I think he will


be the most fun, the most naughty granny that has ever existed. I


don't think you will change nappies or help me with the night feeding.


I don't think you will be very practical. But I think you will


make them very happy. Sounds good to me. I like that deal. I know you


So, did she get stuck in and change nappies? Has she swaddled her baby?


Was it a boy or girl? We can answer that right now. Joining Paul R S


I just offered my services as the new nanny. It's like Billie


How many times did you say in the past five weeks, I would not do it


like that? I have managed to hold us back, haven't I? Sometimes, my


face tells its own story. Company Matra's is telling the story.


don't say to do it this way and that way? You do not say it, but it


is there. I go, that crying means that he needs feeding. That is what


he is trying to do now. She says, no, he needs a cuddle from granny.


I think he needs a couple from his nanny! He is just wonderful. This


is the problem with new babies, everybody wants a cuddle. Benjamin,


it is going to be like this all your life. You are going to be the


most lovable, beautiful boy. Remember that I said that when you


are 16. When he puts your football through the window! Swaddling, she


is so pleased with herself because he absolutely hates it. Some babies


really like it. I don't think it is the dramatic torture that she


claims it is. What about feeding? When he is hungry or every three


hours? When he is hungry. Which averages every three hours. We both


win. Fun and games around them! thing that you were concerned about


is the whole grandfather thing. It's just the title, grandfather.


It's like widow, spinster, it pigeonholes people. Grandfather, I


just thought about this old man in the Alps, with a beard, yodelling.


I think I am more Catherine Tate's What are you going for? I think he


will choose. That's what tends to happen with grandchildren. I keep


referring to her as granny and biting it back. I think he will be


confused. It will be granny, no Esther, no mum. It's lovely to see


you all. Thank you, I consider this your baby. You followed us right


the way there. You were nearly there in the labour ward. Is there


something you want to tell us? I mean a One Show baby! What are


you implying here on live television. Was gone on. You're in


trouble when you get home. This is not the Jeremy Kyle show. Let's


move on. Like many women becka can last minute nesting. She did retile


the kitchen. Miranda Krestovnikoff - I can't speak now - is in


Worcester on the trail of a skilled little beagle.


The Aspen tree is named because of the way its leaves flutter in the


breeze. Despite being admired for their beauty, Aspen trees vai much


more important role to play. They form an intriguing relationship


with a tiny and colourful beetle called the leaf rolling weavil.


It's just four mm long and has an iridescent coppery red and bright


green body. They favour the young Aspen, only a couple of metres tall


and in direct sunlight. Becoming most active for just a few weeks in


early summer, they're responsible for some unusual craftsmanship. I


hope that James hitch cock from the Worcester Wildlife Trust can find


them in action. That looks like a good candidate. That looks like


it's just been done. It does. of these leave rolls is known as a


nidus. Delicately crafted to house between one and four of their


precious eggs. That was made what a day or two ago, it's still attached.


It could have been a day. But they have been out for about ten days


now. That is perfect. Beautifully rolled, so neat as well. Now I know


what I'm looking for. Let's see if we can find another one. The


weavils in the sunshine just glimmer like little jewels. Oh,


there's a weavil right here. That is just amazing. These two working


together as a team. They obviously like it in the mid. Day when it's


sunny. The temperature plays a big part in their activity levels. As


it gets warmer the insects are more and more active. That's why they


choose these suckers because there's good microclimate here,


nice and low down and sheltered and in a good, sunny spots. The weavils


choose young, Supple leaves to roll. By biting through the top of the


leaf, they cut off supplies from the plant, eventually causing the


leaf to dry up and die. Then, using her legs, she pulls the edges in,


laying eggs as she goes, sealing with sticky secretions, she rolls


the leave until it's fully coiled and her eggs are safe and secure.


They're charming. Such beautiful They're charming. Such beautiful


insects. They look charismatic. Then they do this amazing thing as


well. It's well worth a close look. They are a fantastic little beasty.


The males will occasionally assist the fee males in rolling the leaf.


Competition is intense and the male will often defend the female from


others by engaging in fierce battles, involving violent head-to-


head wrestling. A successful roll will fall to the ground where the


eggs hatch to become the next generation. Throughout their short


lifetime the adults will continue to mate with one another and in


turn create up to 30 different rolls. Here it's a real success


story. What's the picture around the country? Worcestershire is a


hot spot. We have four sites now within the county. But nationwide,


there are about 12 sites now. Not doing so good. Over the last ten


years, the beetle has declined. It's now to a point where it's


considered a conservation priority species. These weavils are


indicators of healthy woodlands. Their intripbsic relationship with


Aspen is vital to their survival. By committing their lives to


rolling these delicate packages, they have become the ultimate


masters of their craft. I find it fascinating that such a


tiny beetle will go to such lengths to protect her eggs. I hope that by


managing these special woodlands our native Aspen will establish new


populations of this fascinating Aren't they pretty! Could you love


a weavil, Paul? Probably, yeah. course. Overnight I'd develop a


very close relationship, I could see it. I'm always putting things


out the window you know, spiders. Didn't you get a grasshopper in


your bed rl. I have a cricket. At first I would go in the bedroom and


it would leap out. I'm used to him now. I'm always at the dogs, "Leave


him alone." He's like jimminy cricket. You have a new series that


starts tonight over on ITV. For The Love Of Dogs. You are going behind-


the-scenes at Battersea dogs and cats home. Let's look at one of the


short-term loves of your life that you have while you're there. Roll


up and see the beautiful boxer folks. He slobbers, drools, moults,


he looks like the back end of a bus and a bit of flatulence. He's just


my type. Carmine was brought in because he was too big and


boisterous for his old owners. Here's my Carmine, hey. Why haven't


you been snapped up a glamour pus like you? Paw. Other paw. High five.


Good boy. Do you like other dogs? Do you like company? There would be


murder if I turned up with another dog. I know, I know, I shouldn't


have favourites, but I can't help it. I'm in love. Aren't you,


beautiful boy. Do you think I could sneak him home?


APPLAUSE That's the main problem, wanting to


take the dogs home. You did break yourself imposed ban in the end.


Carmine I would have taken like. That my three, if I bring a big dog


in, olga in particular would probably freak and pack her bone


and leave home. A puppy they'll accept. I thought I was going on


tour, otherwise Carmine, otherwise he would be in the kitchen. That's


Eddie. A little chi wow wau what left tied to the gate. She gave


birth to this litter. I went back at the end of the series and


they've all got homes. He said no, this Rhyl one hasn't. I said oh, go


on. He's fabulous, Eddie. How's he settling in? They all love him.


Because Olga has a mothering instinct. Look at him! He thinks


he's a Rottweiler. He goes up and takes food off the others, bones


off them, balls off them and they back off. And he's fiercely loyal.


He's probably the loyalest dog after Buster I've ever had. He's a


cracking dog. You are busy at the moment. You're doing another series


for BBC and is it your third autobiography. Yes the third. It's


like Lord of the Rings. I can't stop. What's it's called? Still


Standing. After you've read it, you'll think "I'm surprised he is."


Is it true Janice long helped you? I wait until everybody has gone to


bed. I'm like a vampire. Janice kept me company all the way through.


It It's the only time you've got time. This is it. The mind is clear


and the phone's not going. With my two fingers on the laptop. Great,


well Paul's For The Love Of Dogs starts tonight at 8pm on ITV1. And


the book is out on October 11. Everybody loves a wedding. Isn't


that right? No, I hate them. I don't mind a good funeral but I


can't bear weddings. Enforced joviality and kids in bridesmaids'


frocks, posing for photos every ten seconds and buying presents they


don't want. You have to trek miles and stay in a Laosy B&B. All right!


No I don't. Don't invite me to your wedding.


Your funeral you'll turn up. Don't invite Paul. For those of us who do


like a wedding, here's how to capture the moment perfectly.


Weddings, for those involved having great photos of the big day is


vitally important. So, we get professionals in to dot job, but


what is it that makes their photos of your big day look more, well


professional than uncle Bob's snaps. Sean is one of the best wedding


photographers in the business. look for the light and the emotion


and interaction between people and we can do it with a smartphone or


compact camera. Today I'm riding shot gun to watch him at work.


First, Peter, the nervous groom. Sean finds a spot where he can


control the light. How come you've closed the curtains? I want just a


definition between the light on his face here and shadow on this side.


By closing them, I reduce the light ever so slightly.


The narrow shaft of light draws the eye to Peter with the background


receding into relative darkness. Next, a group shot with Peter's


mates. Can you rest like that. That's good. We're trying to break


up the lines. We don't want them in a straight line, hands in pockets


looking normal. We want to keep a diamond formation. The shot is


posed but it appears completely natural. The hall mark of a real


pro. It's all go. We have less than an hour to photograph Laura, the


bride, getting into her dress. bride into the dress is something


that a lot of girls dream of from an early age. It's a key moment to


get. It's the details that are important. Like the lacing of the


corset. We're going to get really nice portraits of Laura. What I can


see now is what Peter will see when he walks down the aisle. I want him


to remember that both in his mind and in photograph. Sean controls


the light by drawing the curtains. To prove this works just as well on


a camera phone... Sean is constantly looking for unusual


angles. And using devices like reflections to get something


different. In the ceremony itself, Sean makes


sure he gets all the important After the service, Sean has the


couple to himself. This walk allows for lovely intimate shots in a


stunning environment. He's constantly directing the couple.


up there, practice your first dance for me. Oh, no. That's perfect.


This is an Aprilure in the gate giving lovely framing for nice


moments of the two of them. When the conditions take a turn for


the worst, he turn it's into an opportunity. It's horrible, it's


pouring down, but getting them running through the rain is just


fantastic. Formal group shots can be


challenging. People tend to line up stiffly and it's hard work getting


them relaxed. The boys think it's a free kick. Put your hands behind


your backs. Turn in as well. We're going to have everybody turn two


thirds in. It's more flattering. It brings everyone together and looks


like a family. If you stand people normally, they stand about this far


apart, even the two that just got married. In the late evening, when


things get more informal, Sean gets the shots that make a wedding a


wedding. If there's one thing I've learned about wedding photography


today it's that you can't afford to hang around on the outside looking


in. You have to be right in the middle of things, in the action,


seeing potential photographs and making them happen. Sean did make


it happen. This is a set of photographs that will be treasured


photographs that will be treasured for a lifetime.


That one's lovely. Great film. So many tips. That tip about


pretending to dance. And the curtains. Yeah. There you are. Next


time you go. It still hasn't moved me though. I just see him as a


Paul O'Grady joins Matt and Alex in The One Show studio tonight. Esther Rantzen discusses becoming a grandparent for the first time with her daughter Rebecca Wilcox, Miranda Krestovnikoff discovers the unique relationship between leaf-rolling weevils and aspen trees in Worcester and Jamie Crawford finds out how to take the perfect wedding photograph.

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