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Welcome to Friday's One Show with Alex Jones and Chris Evans on what


is a huge weekend for Dr Who fans. Behind every Doctor there is a


ravishing intelligent assistant. Look who it is, it is Karen Gillan.


On the eve of her last ever series. You leave in this series, Dr Who


fans will be gutted. I hope so. was your last day on set? That was


seer even actually. Every was feeling it and the last scene, the


three of us walking into the tar disand we were all in the darkness


and we all hugged and it was a really weird moment and then I


cried a lot. How long did you cry for? I mean, probably two weeks


actually. That is a lot. We will talk more about Dr Who later and we


have some clips. Exclusive clips of the first episode of Dr Whom. The


daleks are on tomorrow. Can you at home make your own Dalek in the


next ten minute. You have one here, you can have a look at this one in


case you don't know what it looks like. It doesn't have to be that


good, cardboard will do. Children, if you want to be a Dalek, I am


thinking saucepan on your head, can you make it happen in the next ten


minutes. Send your pictures to the usual address and we will show some


later. Coming up, some Scottish neighbours


of Karen's are interested in seeing her tonight, like this unbelievably


cute little fellow. You will also see more of this, what happened


when we took the most infamous voice of Dr Who for the last 50


years to meet the people of Slough. (Voice of the Daleks)


Children cried in Tesco. Yesterday we spoke to Tanni Grey Thompson


about the situation regarding Victoria Arlem, the controversy of


whether or not she is impaired enough to qualify as a Paralympian.


The whole issue of classification needs some urgent clarification. We


got Cherry Healey on the case. For these young members of an Essex


all ability swimming club, the Paralympic Games is a chance to


cheer on their heroes and perhaps dream of one day going for gold


themselves. What is surprise something that despite their


seemingly different physical impairments, some could compete in


the same race. Ready, set go! How do you ensure a level playing


field for Paralympians going for gold in the water, on the track, or


on the court? It is all down to classification.


There are even more athletes taking part in year than in Beijing in


2008. And all 4km 200 have gone through rigorous assessments to


decide who they can compete against fairly. Classification groups


athletes together in terms of their medical and functional abilities,


and simply they are just put into one group where they know that each


of those athletes, even if they have slightly different


disabilities, they have the same styles of function, so they can


compete on a level playing field. The system varies in each sport but


the principal remains the same. Most sports use a numerical scale.


Sprinter Oscar kiss torius is classified as a T 44. T stands for


track. The first number refers to the category. In Oscar's case it's


4. The second 4 represents the level of that impairment. So he


would never race against, say, a T 11, a visually impaired athlete, or


a T 41, with a more severe impairment. If there is lots of


different types of classification, surely, each sport has to be done


over and over. Yes. You will have wheelchair racers doing 100m final,


leg amp tees doing 100m final and then you will have a group of


athletes doing the 100m final together. There's quite a few 100m


finals, but that duplicates the fun and excitement.


It all sounds sensible, but in some team sports competitors with very


different levels of disability can compete on the same team. I have


come to join the Harlow hurricanes wheelchair basketball team to find


out more. The classification is based on your


ability in a chair. So my care is not as good as most people, due to


my disability. Each player is given a points value, according to their


impairment. From one which signifies the most severe


impairment, up to 4.5. But a team of five players cannot exceed 14


points on court at any one time. You have to work the stuff out


before and make sure if you are playing, you have to be able to


know if you take that player off and put someone else on, it is not


going to go over the points. Four main areas are assessed in


wheelchair basketball classification. Coach Richard is an


expert. What kind of things do you actually do when you are getting


your classification? They check out your physical ability, core


strength and grip, the physios come and watch you play basketball and


on the track it is the same thing. Up to and during the Games,


competitors are continually assessed to ensure they are


classified correctly and controversies do occur when some


athletes are reclassified, even up to the day of competition. How can


you be sure the athletes aren't cheating the system?. Throughout


the years, as Paralympic sport has progressed, the testing that is


involved has become so much more sophisticated now. You have medical


opinions. You have physicalological technical opinions from really


specialised medical experts. We are confident now it is better than


ever and very hard to cheat with the system. To us, the


classification process can seem complicated but to the athletes it


is a long-established process that allows them to concentrate on doing


what they do best. Peter White joins us. We have been watching the


Paralympic five aside today where blind players play partially


sighted players with sighted goalkeepers. You have experience of


playing this game and it looks very dangerous to us. It is very


dangerous. They must be very skilled? You usual your hearing


quite a lot. I used to play and the greatest skill I had, I had a low


centre of gravity, so I could charge into people and survive.


These guys are good and the Team GB team drew with Spain today and that


is a really good result. What do you have to do to get sent off in


the game because it looks violent from the off? All the usual things,


kicking, tripping, but the trouble is it is easier as a blind person


to claim you tricked somebody accidentally. Two days into the


Paralympics, how is it going for you? Quite well. We have 18 medals


at the moment. I think we are third, although it changes every moment.


If you remember, everyone got very worried in the Olympics because GB


seemed to start slowly. There have been one or two results that


haven't gone the way we wanted, but the GB is very strong and we are


predicting, they are hoping for over 100 medals. We are certainly


aiming for second. Lots of people, since the Olympics, have said that


maybe we should combine the Paralympics with the Olympics. What


is your thoughts on this? It's a nice romantic idea. I do wonder,


and I have talked to a lot of Paralympians about this about how


practical it is. You have to remember the Olympics is the


largest international sports events and the Paralympics is the second


largest. They are both huge. They have already got a problem of how


do they fit everything in. My worry would be that there is a danger


that the Paralympians would be swamped. If you have Usain Bolt


competing and you've got a goal ball match going on, who are the


cameras going to focus on. Do we really want a six hour opening


ceremony?! Or longer even. As a blind man, how do you get to enjoy


the Paralympics, is it radio, radio? Not always. I love radio and


I took radio, I went to the Olympics, went to three or four


evenings, but some sports for blind people are enjoyed more on


television. Sounds weird I know. But sometimes people can talk too


much on the radio. What are you trying to say, Peter. Nothing


personal Chris. That is why I have the records, so I don't talk quite


as much. Tennis, I can enjoy it better because I can hear the ball.


On the radio you can't hear that. If you listen to it on television,


once you figured out who is serving, you can follow the game quite well.


You can tell the difference between a lob and a smash. Thank you.


If the one show did Dr Who, I know The morning commute to work is


pretty boring. I am going to have a go at liveening things up a bit.


This is Nick, my secret weapon. Here is your script. What I am


thinking is something like from series 7, episode one, where you go


arghhhh. I have something in mind. A train now approaching platform 1


is the 2164 AD First Great Western service. Attention. Attention. We


are now robotising your brain. case you hadn't realised nick is


the voice of the Daleks. This train is exterminate here. Calling at...


Exterminate them immediately. a Dalek. Exterminate. Take me to


your leader or I will exterminate. What we should do now is roll it


out across the whole of Slough. hub of the Dalek empire. Eye


tension. Human beings, in the back to school section, attention, Dr


Who fan in the grey hooded top. Turn round and come back to the


fruit and veg section. I am a Dalek. Time to end on a high.


# Dr Who, who are you? I always thought the Dalek was put


through some voice sin theseiser Nicholas takes it through to the


read tlus for the episodes as well. He is sitting at a table doing it.


Some of those impressions were dodgy but we hear you are very good.


I have done this once before. have some lines you might like to


say in Dalek tones. I want two portion of chips and mushy peace


now. Exterminate exterminate. like the mushy peace. I would like


two portions of chips and mushy peas please.


Why have we got a blue Dalek? Edon't know. They come in all the


primary colours. You can buy them right now, special price, Friday


night price on the One Show. Shall we have a look at the all new Dr


Who. How much trouble are we in? Out of


ten? 11. You know when you turn up on the


first day of being Dr Who's assistant, 2010 for you, is it the


kind of job when on the first day you have to decide then when your


last day is going to be? No, it was left open actually. Then it was


well into the shooting that we came up with the decision to leave after


these five episodes. Me and Stephen Stephen Moffat. Putting my feelings


and emotions about it, the most important thing to me is the show


and the character. I just wanted her to leave at the right time and


to have maximum impact and not outstay my welcome. Arthur and I


have been the longest running companions now. It feels right.


your marriage was in bits? The new assistant is Jenna Louise Coleman,


how will you feel seeing her on- screen? I think, I have seen


pictures of her working with Matt and I thought it might be strange


because you have a weird sense of ownership over it, but I am looking


forward to seeing him interact with a new person. I get to watch it and


not know what is going to happen. How do you break the news to Matt


and your mum, who is a huge fan? She is still saying I don't want


you to you Karen. She's had two years. Who tells Matt? Actually the


producers told him and then he calls me and and they were all like


it's actually happening, weirdly excited and scared. Shall we have


another clip? Where are we? Not just any


spaceship. The parliament of the Daleks. Make them remember you.


Come on then. You've got me. What are you waiting for? At long last,


Brilliant. But it's not Christmas, that's not the Christmas episode.


Are you on the Christmas episode? No. Do you get killed off?. I can't


tell you that. It's really good. You have done another film in the


meantime and you are going to Hollywood. I am going to Alabama,


will be fun because I have never been to the keep shoot and I am


going to shoot a film about a brother and sister who embark on a


mission to prove that the death of their parents was caused by a


supernatural force. Have you had your leaving do yet? Yes. What was


it like? Yes, Arthur's favourite band played and we ended up in John


Barrowman's flat. Did everyone sign a card? Yes, everyone signed it.


had no idea that Torchwood is an element of Dr Who. Yes. According


to our director, who says he's not a Dr Who geek. Dr Who is on BBC One


tomorrow night at 7.20. This evening we tease you with one of


the cutest creatures we have seen on the one show, not Alex or Karen.


Look away now mere cats, there's a new cuty in town.


I have come to Scotland to meet a lucky one show show couple who said


they had a family of pine martens living in their garden. The chance


to see such a rare animal and its babies, I couldn't resist. Lorna


left her family and friends in Essex to move to this idyllic spot


in Scotland. She has discovered a special recipe that entices these


rare guests into her garden. How did you discover you had pine


martens here?. By accident really, by putting out the mixture for the


red squirrels and then one evening an animal I thought was a ferret


appeared and they just came and they have been coming for two years.


It's not just the pine martens in the garden which are so exciting.


Lorna's husband has reason to believe a family have set up home


in the barn next door. The dog was barking madly, soy thought


something is behind here, I unscrewed the door, pulled out and


two pine martens up the end there and the little mum looking round


the corner at me, saying what's he doing. That is so incredible. We


can't see them, it is so tantalising. I am going to ask the


sound recorder to come in. (Scratching noises). We have heard


them behind the door. What I want to do is get a glimpse of the


babies. We will leave camera tracks to


capture the action and check on them later.


As dusk begins to fall, I join Lorna in her lounge to see if her


special recipe has done the trick. Come on my little pine martens,


What a beautiful animal. Just when I thought things couldn't get any


better. Not just one, but three pine martens. These opportunists


are taking advantage of the free food on offer but in the forest


beyond the house they are feeding on small mammals, insects, nuts and


berries. Forlorn that, these pine martens


hold a much deeper connection. is about how I feel about them and


how they give me pleasure, because I left my grandchildren behind.


They have replaced them. It is very emotional to me to see them.


can't quite believe the views of pine martens I have had this


evening, but there is one question left unanswered. Have our cameras


captured any footage of the babies in Robert's work shop. The moment


You were right, that they were coming in and out of that whole.


Close examination of our footage revealed there was a mum and three


babies living in there. One of them seems to be a little


more inquistive than its siblings. With more individuals feeding in


her garden, it is astonishing the abundance of pine martens here at


Lorna and Robert's farm. Let's not forget that they are one


of Britain's rarest mammals and I have seen no less than seven of


them in the last 24 hours. What a treat to have in your back garden.


How cute are they. They are 70 miles from your house. That's


amazing. I have never seen one before, but I would like to be one.


You almost are. You are the same kind of shape. Yes. Tall and skinny


and cute. When I heard we had a film about birds. They sound like


another bird. These cute things come on and they won me over. You


don't see these very often. This is a Tom Ilkston Dalek. 23-years-old,


cute in his own way! This is an Isabel Dalek. Very good. This is


Tom, he's 5, doing his best impression. It is very basic but he


had a go. Also the key thing about that is that his photograph arrived


before our printer broke down. They are the only three we've got. The


one show printer has broken down. It's all the hot weather. Even as


we speak our Paralympians are going for gold and among them a very


special human being, a soldier who was condemned to a body bag having


been declared dead. He's definitely not dead any more. Cheering him on


tonight will be the heroine behind the hero.


I met Derek at church, we fell in love and we got married. He had


always wanted to be in the military and listed in the year 2000 as an


infantry soldier. He was injured in 2007 in Afghanistan. He went out on


a morning patrol and he was Manning the machine gun on a jeep. They


reversed into a land mine that was concealed. It exploded and with it,


it took his legs right away. One came off immediately and the other


was left dangling. He was thrown 30 metres away from the explosion,


landed on rocks and he broke his spine and he had burns along his


left side. They amputated his leg that was left dangling. It was


devastating. In the hospital he was fighting for his life. I was by his


bedside and he was in a state of confusion. He asked me to take off


his shoes because he felt his foot were itchy. He kept insisting, so I


just had to take a picture of him to let him know what he looked like.


When I gave him the camera to show him what he looked like, he was


quiet for five minutes, and then after a long silence he looked at


the picture and he said, come closer to me and I moved closer to


him and he said let's just thank God I am alive. And let's move on


from here. He was taken to the medical rehabilitation centre. He


was determined to get on his feet. A month later he was walking on his


prosthetic legs. A year later he really wanted to get himself


involved in sport. He was told to just concentrate on the one, which


is discus and that is the event he will be participating in at the


Paralympics. Every moment for me has been proud, from that injury,


from that adversity, what we thought was a setback, it was a set


up for bigger and greater things. I am just thankful. Come on now and


the very best of luck to Derek who is about to compete as we speak.


Well done to all the Paralympians. All the names will be on our medals


and more added over the weekend. If you didn't believe our printer


broke down today for our call in, that is the moment our printer did


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