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Alex Jones is joined by guest presenter Fay Ripley and three of her Cold Feet co-stars - James Nesbitt, Robert Bathurst and Leanne Best.

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I just can't do it, Alex, I can't go on tonight - sorry.


I'm so short sighted I can't read the autocue.


If I could see a friendly face it might put me at ease.


Hello, and welcome to The One Show with Cold Feet's Fay Ripley.


I'm only kidding about tonight's guests - I actually never


It's my great friends Jimmy Nesbitt, Leanne Best and Robert Bathurst!


Good to see it. Thank you for being with us. We are all very excited.


Cold Feet is back on our TV screens tonight and you were at a special


cast screening last night - how was that?


I was basically way too nervous to look at myself.


I didn't see it - was drinking wine with Hermione.


I had some rose and it wasn't too difficult. But you guys watch that?


Actually you're not really in the first one.


LAUGHTER It was all right. Jimmyl and I


cringed at the back. Leanne, what did you think? I thought it was


lovely, I had are tear in my eye. You haven't gotten cynical like us.


And one other thing I think we missed out with Cold Feet over the


years, we couldn't really watch it because we were in it. You couldn't


be objective. But having had such a gap for all those years, then coming


back last year, it feels fresh and nice to see you can see what the


other scenes are about that you're not in. Well, we will talk more


later on. I have a bone to pick


with you, Jimmy Nesbitt - we were in your neck of the woods


a few weeks ago on our Causeway Crawl in Northern Ireland -


where the hell were you? My second home is in Portrush. There


is no point having that if you can't make it on to The One Show! Jimmyl


owns Northern Ireland... You were sorely missed, some extent we will


beat you for every day, because you are the main attraction. A question


for you, do dogs feel guilt? Many owners say yes, including me I


think, but does the science agree? Here Angelika... -- here is


Angelica. When canine friends are guilty of


the owners tell us about it online, but do they really feel guilty about


their bad behaviour? This police officer Steve O'Callaghan regularly


posts pictures online offers mischievous mutts. Do you believe


they shall guilt? Really does show it, head down, looking guiltily at


you. A bit of a giveaway when they have done something naughty. Steve


is not alone. Around three quarters of dog owners believe their dogs can


feel guilt, but can they? I have come to a dog centre in Hull to get


to the bottom of this, to recreate some experiments originally carried


out by scientists in New York. We are testing of that classic look


with a dog might hide, dropped its ears or cower is symbolic of guilt.


The first thing we will do is bring the dogs and their owners in here


and we will ask the owners to place a treat in a ball and tell their


dogs to leave it. The owner will then leave the room. When they are


owed either the dog will eat the treat, like Eddie, we will remove it


from the bowl. When they come back, they will be asked to guess whether


the dog has eat in the treat or not. The challenge, can they owners guess


whether their dog has eaten the treat or not, based on their look


alone? We have rigged the experiment room with hidden cameras, and we


will be watching from the sidelines as the action unfolds. First in the


dock, Eddie. Remember, he did eat the treat after being told not to.


With his turning his head on me, yes. You think he is guilty?


Correct, he was. This is Barney has also eat in the treat after being


told not to. Straightaway. He was in there. Where's the treat? Where has


it gone? I would probably say guilty. They are both guilty of


eating the treat, and the owners think they can tell, but what will


happen when we take the treat away. Will the owners be able to tell


their dogs are innocent? I think Sampson has a very good poker face.


Samson, did you eat the treat? As soon as the owner thought he had


eaten it, his tail went back, and his tail was tucked in. Do you think


he is guilty? Yes. But he isn't. Will Morag's owner work it out?


Morag, what did you do? Oh, no. The dog started barking when the owner


asked the question, have you done something you shouldn't have done,


and the owner's body language changed at that point and the dog


responded. They think she's guilty? Guilty. All four thought their dogs


were guilty but only two actually were. The owners really can't tell


what their dogs have done. Dogs don't have a concept of guilt in the


way we understand it. We need to do another experiment to find out a


little bit more. But this time we are not going to be completely


truthful. Oscar is guilty. He couldn't wait to eat the treat, but


that is not what we are telling his owner. Was really good actually,


I've taken it away. Goodbye! She treat him as if he has been good, so


he act innocent. Because their behaviour changes depending on the


owner we know that their behaviour is about interaction with the owner


not about whether they have eaten or not it in the treat. Bigby, what did


you do? Dogs act guilty in response to their owner's body language


regardless of whether they are guilty or not. If we can demonstrate


to people that dogs don't know whether they have done wrong, that


little bit of understanding helps us teach our dogs what we want them to


do rather than punishing them for the things we don't -- that they


don't know wrong. What do our owners think about the results? Not what I


thought. Guilty looking, thought Id give things away, but it was just


the way I asked. Do you things, boys and girls, it is all down to your


owners, not you! STUDIO: Aw! My dog Barry is not the


brightest button, he is very fashionable, and he just has one...


He just does happy, that's it. When he is naughty, I call him Robert,


but normally he is Bobby. Occasionally I can refer to him as


Roberto sometimes. It sounds wrong but he sleeps in my bed. But he


sleeps with his head on the pillow. It is not wrong! -- that is all


wrong. No, because Bobby and I love it. When I go to work he says, good


luck with that. I will see you later. That was a real insight.


Let's go back to Cold Feet. In a couple of sentences, where did


we leave the characters before? Adam and Tina, it was Will they, won't


they? And it was left that they might. You kissed. I think there was


other kissing on that roof. I actually did more than kissing, in


the toilet. That was my favourite bit! Although you and Pete... Yes. A


lot of romance and hope and possibility, and David as well.


Rumack David left... Didn't you have a fight? -- David left. Yes, fight


with the art manager. Well, this series takes place ten months on


from the last series, and Adam is being interviewed for a new job, and


let's just say he is feeling his age. I was the job interview? Well,


I think you're CV is very impressive. Longer than yours, I


guess. They were all children? Prydie Young, none of them looked


like they had started shaving. We base it on preferences you have


expressed. A personal shopper? -- they were pretty young. Right. Said


Fred. I guess that was before your time.


APPLAUSE It is fair to say all the characters


are having a slight career crisis, especially Robert. Your character,


David? Yes, he was on remand in prison and he got off. At the


beginning of this series he is still in his pinstripe suit but pretty


much selling door-to-door. Very attached to that suit. What about


Jenny and Pete? We are at a bit of a crossroads. There was the Pete


depression storyline. And the shadow of that is on their marriage and


their relationship, it is there. Basically Jen is going hell-bent for


leather. It is unbelievable, but she is nearly 50. No! Basically he wants


to stay on the sofa and she wants to go for gold, and that is problematic


but the whole show is about relationships, and we all have them,


with mothers, children. You said on the roof, you were going for the


kids. What is happening now? Watch tonight, nine o'clock, on TV. You


have either briefed not to give too much away! But there are a lot of


characters like yourself, Leanne. Does that mean that one of you lot


will get bumped off? You did offer to, didn't you? I did and they said


no! But there are loads coming in, so do we need to do a cull? The


guillotine is hanging. They will not kill me off, they have decided not


to. Really? LAUGHTER


If you offered and they said no, you're definitely fine. John did not


jump over the cliff. They pulled him back. They will not kill you. You


are too new. And the already killed one of your ways. So it is between


you two. I will die of old age, I think. No! But if that's the way it


happens, that's the way it happens. It can't be Hermione because the


nation would not allow it. Yes, goodbye, Robert. Sorry! Cull starts


tonight at nine o'clock on ITV and we will have a little trivia quiz


based on Cold Feet later. Girls and boys. Can I ask The One Show a quick


favour? Don't put my kids on TV in 20 years'


time asking them what sort That's not a deal we made with


Coronation Street actor Bill Tarmey. So his children do get to say


what sort of a dad he was to them. Millions of people would recognise


our dad just from the sound of his voice. He was Bill Tarmey, better


known as Jack Duckworth off Coronation Street. Now I come second


to the lodger, do it? No, third. The dog comes before you! He was a bit


of a womaniser, loved his drink and his pigeons. My dad loved a couple


of pints, like Jack. Pigeons, no? Only in pies, son, only in pies. I


am pleased to say he was nothing like Jack. I devoted husband and


father. My dad's birth name was William Paddington. He came from an


Bradford, Manchester. -- Piddington. They got married when they were both


21. My brother came first, Vinnie after. This was the house where me


and Sara spent most of our lives. This -- then me after. He would wake


if he was out doing his gigs. And he could tell us about his night and


ask us about our day at school. He was a very hands-on dad, very


loving, but the tone of his voice and a certain look made us week in


our boots. As a sideline, he did extra work on Coronation Street in


the background. They were that pleased with him, they asked him,


did he want to play a part called Jack Duckworth? He first appeared in


1979 and he continued with that role for 31 years. Jack Duckworth was


married to Vera, and he loved her to pieces. It was in effect his second


wife. In many ways he probably spend more time with Liz than he did with


my own mum, and quite a few of the cast members including Nigel Pivaro


who played Perry, his son. He was always self-conscious of the fact


that he didn't have this acting background, that he didn't have to


worry about that, because I thought he was a very good and powerful


actor. Because he gave a lot of himself to the role in terms of a


lot of truth, a lot of sincerity. Have you got my money? He came from


that background similar to the Jack character. He was a very wise man as


well. He knew characters like Jack Duckworth, but he was not Jack


Duckworth. We moved into this house in 1988 and they lived here until


they both passed away. It was everything to them, a family home.


It was just a great social house. Anyone was welcome at any time. This


was dad 's favourite room in the house.


A lot of the time, because he brought his friends round, he would


actually be stood behind the bar, serving, like Jack used to Dave.


Without charging! Of course! In 2009, I got told I had a brain


tumour and could have 12 months to live. And I think it just crucified


me dad. Well, I know it did. He couldn't physically learn his lines.


He just break down and cry. So he'd come to that decision that he would


leave. And I cried my eyes out like it was my own dad, because I had two


dads. One was Jack Duckworth, and the other one was built Paddington.


It was awful. This was where our dad used to sing every other Wednesday.


He loved this place. It was where he could relax and be himself and think


it's kind of music. He wasn't Jack Duckworth, he was Bill. Bill the


Jazz Singer. I could have been in Las Vegas now, instead of flaming


Coronation Street! He was just a lovely human being, and everybody


adored him, because he was just a genuine person. My dad was my best


friend. We both have the same sense of humour. We could talk about


everything. I miss that more than anything. Thanks so much to Carl and


Saira. He was a lovely bloke. Really, really nice.


Who inspired you most growing up, Jimmy?


Probably always Northern Ireland, George Best, James Ellis, the


Northern Irish actor, Van Morrison, Michael O'Neill, the manager of


Northern Ireland, he inspires all of us in Northern Ireland.


Nevertheless, I would have to say my dad. He was my primary school


headmaster. And my mum. Oh, look! Destined for greatness! I won the


Butlins singing competition. And the prize was, a free week for me, my


mum and that had to take the entire family back! But my mum and dad, my


dad was a great teacher. What about you? On the entertaining side, I've


met Barbara Knox once, which was really is an. She was Rita, wasn't


she is blog I got all overwhelmed, childhood memories! My dad was a


stand-up comics and a singer. Was the? I didn't know that! I remember


him coming down the stairs, he would put his cuff links on and say,


right, I'm going to go and make them laugh. My dad was a musician, many


years sitting and watching my dad play. You said, Robert, that of


course Fay... We love you! He doesn't want to embarrass you!


Meet One Show viewers Thelma and Marie.


They like nothing more than a good night out at the bingo.


Where are you? Hello, there! There they are!


So, when we heard bingo is now being played in nightclubs,


we asked them along to give it a try.


This is the bingo that we know and love. It beamed back in the 60s and


70s, and even now, 800,000 pupils to play internationally at clubs every


week. But tonight, I'm taking two bingo mad ladies to a type of bingo


night that they've never seen before. Are you all set for the


bingo, ladies? Oh, yes, looking forward to it. Well, I'm taking you


to a slightly different kind of bingo night to night. It is called


Bongo's bingo! Do you like prizes? Oh, yes! Well, there's plenty of


them. Do you like dancing? Well, sometimes... Well, give it a try.


Come on, let's go. Johnny Bongo is the creative force behind Bongo's


bingo. It started here in Liverpool is to kill at its heart,


quintessentially it is bingo. -- at its heart. But woven in between is a


bit of a techno rave and a bit of a cheesy pop going on. Bingo in itself


is unbelievable. You know, is a game. We've put our own stamp on it


and put a little bit of energy and creativity into it to sort of maybe


make it appeal to a wider audience. Staying alive is number five...


Apparently you have sold 750 tickets for tonight's show. Why do you think


it is so popular? I think at its core it is just good fun. Times can


be quite tough these days, and people just want to let loose and go


well, that's what Bongo's bingo is all about. Thelma, what do you love


about bingo? I just like going, because there's a lot of people that


we know there and we have a good time. And if we win, it's a bonus.


What is the biggest prize that you have won? ?3500. The top cash prize


is ?500 here. Chicken feed! But there is a variety of other prizes,


including a stuffed unicorn... No! In mobility scooter. That'll do me.


I did take a re-home on the back of it! I'm not sure it's a two seater.


Are we ready to play Bongo's bingo? Are we ready? Let's go! As it


starts, things aren't looking that different from a Saturday night at


Gala bingo, except the age. But as soon as somebody wins a line, bingo


etiquette goes out the window. The next number... For that Henry Hoover


with three interchangeable nozzles... Who would have thought


it?! # I would walk 500 miles...


# And I would walk 500 more... #. That's a big prize! How was it


for you, ladies? Fantastic! Fabulous. Thoroughly enjoyed it. I


could see you, you were focused completely on the numbers. It was


fun, it was completely different to what Mary bingo, but so much more


entertaining. Next time -- to ordinary bingo is. Next time my


daughter goes, I'm going with them! Thelma and Louise... I knew I was


going to do it! Selma and Marie. You must have tried about it? My auntie


said she went there and had a ball. It's the 20th anniversary


of the show this year. So you'd think you would know each


other pretty well by now. Leanne, as you're the new girl,


we'll cut you some slack! How well do you really


know each other? We've split you into two teams -


Boys versus Girls. Do you know this? I think I know


this. I think this is Jimmy Nesbitt... Was this a part-time job


that you had, Jimmy? It wasn't a job! Are used to live with Jerome,


and Jerome used to give me money to reply to his multi-million fan mail!


Brilliant. You can work for John now, he gets much more than any of


us! First point to you guys. Boys... What's fishy about this image taken


from a scene in series five? What's funny about that is in many


ways that really shows the comedy, that's me pouring the Ashes right


into the sea. But, you know, the funny thing is, that's supposed to


be Fay at the end playing Jenny. But actually, at the end of the line-up,


I think it's Janet was field from make up. That is the correct answer!


Because Fay ask for too much money to go all the way for this!


Which action hero character did Robert audition for in 1986?


I don't know this one. 1986... I don't think he was even alive then,


shall be! Was it somebody, maybe Doctor Who? I'm going to go for


James Bond. You are absolutely right!


APPLAUSE Which cast member's


aunt had this 1964 hit? Twinkle! Yes! Cold Feet is three


popular all over the world. In South Africa, Cold Feet is known


as Love, Life and Everything Else. But what was the show


almost called In the UK? Baby adults is just wrong, surely! I


don't know. I'm going to say consenting adults, would you say?


Yes. No, it was young adults. Boys, who we go. -- here we go.


Jimmy, you and Leanne are on-screen partners,


so you're used to looking at each other pretty closely.


Look at this picture - Leanne with her identical


Listen, I haven't got a clue... Is it the blackball the -- the


blackball the green lipstick? Leanne is the black lipstick, I would say


that. That's a trick question, because I can't tell! I think... I


don't know! We're going to have to award you the point!


APPLAUSE The next one is a quickfire round,


fastest finger on the buzzers. She was instrumental


in creating a much-loved character in the series


- which one? Lives, our unique? -- Liz, are you


may? She is indeed! -- are you me. I had a vague memory that her name was


Liz. You can have a chat later! One more, OK. Fingers on buzzers.


He played Matthew. No, you need the buzzer! Sorry! He played Matthew. He


did indeed, well done! That's the end of the quiz. And the scores


are... Three to the girls, but for to the boys!


APPLAUSE -- but four to the boys. So, you win


a The One Show mug. Cold Feet starts tonight on ITV and 9pm.


Thanks to Jimmy, Leanne and Robert, and of course to Fay.


Good luck with the series On Monday, we're celebrating 40 years


Fiona Bruce and experts from the show will be in,


If you've wanted to throw something out for ages,


Alex Jones is joined by guest presenter Fay Ripley and three of her Cold Feet co-stars - James Nesbitt, Robert Bathurst and Leanne Best.

Alex Riley is in Liverpool at a Bongo's Bingo event.