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On day three of the Big Causeway Crawl in Northern Ireland, Matt Baker and Alex Jones are joined by country singer Nathan Carter in the harbour town of Ballycastle.

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It's day three of our Big Causeway Crawl,


and we're hurtling towards the halfway point of


our summer road trip in Northern Ireland.


famous as the place where Marconi sent the world's first commercial


wireless signal to the tiny harbour town of Ballycastle.


And that's where we're heading to now.


Hello on day three of the Big Causeway Crawl. We are still going.


Last night we left the party in full swing in Cushendall and had


the most magnificent journey, just as the sun was setting.


It took us ages because Matt kept getting out of the car to take a


picture. I am a big fan of the landscape, I really enjoy it. Let's


give you an idea of geography. This is the route we have taken. We left


Cushendall and travelled north, and have arrived in Ballycastle. We went


on a lovely boat trip out on the water. I don't know if you can see,


because in the distance, you can see the outline of Scotland. That is the


Mull of Kintyre, 14.5 miles away. This is Chris Loughbridge, Chris


holds the world record for windsurfing this stretch of water.


How long did that take? 81 minutes. Is that all?! I think we can do it


faster. Today is surely perfect windsurfing weather. I looked at the


forecast last night and thought I would give it a go in the morning.


Another world record? Go faster, yeah. Instead you are here with us


on The One Show! Get yourself going as soon as you stop talking to us.


You live on Rathlin Island over there. In the 80s, Richard Branson


attempted the hot balloon flight across the Atlantic, and landed just


short of the island. Tell us what happened on the day. His pilot had


leapt out when the balloon lost gas, touching down, and drifted over.


Tommy and I had been following it on the media. I gave him the nod that


it was coming down. He rushed out in his boat, went round the island to


do a rescue, as you want to do. A tycoon dropping in, marvellous,


UNIX! And he is a lovely bloke. Marvellous. And here is a piece of


the balloon. The original! You get a sense here of living amongst the


elements, and that is what I love about this place. Lovely to see you.


If Monday was about history, and last March was all about food. We


will let the locals introduced tonight's guest.


He is a 27-year-old country singer from Liverpool.


His last album went straight to number one in the UK country music


charts. He knocked Ed Sheeran of the top


spot in the Irish charts. He has a song called Wagon Wheel.


It is Nathan Carter! They have said we have had to meet you because you


are massive over here. Nice to meet you eventually. Thank you. A Scouser


born and bred. You love Northern Ireland so much, this is home to


you. I moved over about eight years ago now. I came to do a charity gig


in Donegal, and ended up being persuaded to stay. I formed a band,


and started gigging all over Ulster, and played a lot of small towns,


little pubs, little clubs, dance halls, and it has kind of grown


momentum. The gigs have gotten bigger. I am pleased to say you are


playing Ballycastle tonight. For the first time! CHEERING


Nathan and the band are in town. I don't know where you stand with


fortune-telling, Nathan, but Alex is a big fan. I have been to the odd


fortune teller in my time. Seven times. Three weren't very accurate.


Four were spot on. The last one, I liked reading so much, I left it


there. Add your fingers in your ears now because Gyles is about to


shatter your crystal ball. Never. I know what you are thinking, that's


right. I can read your mind. You are probably thinking, oh, look, it's


Gyles again, put the kettle on. How do I know you are thinking that?


Psychics or fortune tellers became popular in Victorian times, and are


still big business in the 20th century. A quarter of us have been


to see them. More than half of us believed what we were told.


But do they really have the gift, or is there some clever psychology at


work that anyone can try out? To find out, I am eating up with


psychologist and member of the magic circle, Professor Richard Wiseman.


RB strips you can teach anyone? They are not that difficult to learn.


What is interesting about the techniques is they are based in


psychology, and those techniques are known as cold reading. Time for


psychic lessons. First up, the Sherlock Holmes.


It is all about the ability to look at someone, looking for certain


cues. Give me an example. If someone came in, you can see that on their


belt, they use one particular Place, and have suddenly switched to


another, maybe they have lost weight gain weight. It is all about


observation, seeing you, and taking from wine this man has got this


goatee. Clearly there is a midlife crisis going on. Generally, I take


the point. That could have gone better. Next, Ban statements.


He allegedly said... I get the impression you are a highly


intuitive person, and you have got a lot of unused ability sitting in


there. Certainly true in my case. Everyone thinks that when they hear


these statements. The fish and fork.


You come out with a general statement. And how the person


responds that pushes you one direction or another. I get the


impression you are going on a trip or journey. And if the person not,


maybe it is a big journey, you are going overseas. If there is not much


response, maybe it is a small weekend away, something like that.


Time to test out these tricks on the public. We have set up a psychic


tent on Brighton Pier. But in case my face gives the game away, we have


brought in Emily, an actress, who Richard has schooled. Straightaway,


Emily spots the first customer's rucksack.


I sense something about you to do with travel. You have just been on a


journey, or you are just about to embark on one. Will it work?


We have just got back. That went well. Who is the? Emily is


reading statements on the back of a mirror.


Securities is one of your major goals in life, would that be right?


Yeah. Are you married with children? That


is important, too. Wedding rings spotted, a classic


Sherlock Holmes. Emily is on a roll. Keys. I would say, keep hold of your


keys. You haven't lost it? Know. I almost did. That is why I am


checking right now. It's fine. They are here. The fish and fork method.


We are on Brighton Pier after all, maybe we will get a bite.


What did you think of our psychic? She was amazing. I thought she was


spot on straightaway and only said hello to me. Seriously? Seriously.


What for you was the most amazing thing?


Time to reveal what is going on. She isn't a psychic at all, she is an


actress, and this morning, I introduced her to a man who taught


her the tricks of the trade. She has made me feel good on a sunny day in


Brighton. I am glad! That is so weird! She got you in one! I feel


quite rattled by that. We have bamboozle the good people of


Brighton, proving that armed with the right tricks, anyone can read


the mind of a stranger. Not anyone, Gyles. The actress was


good, but I can give you the name of some very good fortune tellers if


you are interested. I am all right. We have a film about fairies coming


up and you will like that, too. Honest! Have you ever been to see a


fortune teller? I went once, but I wasn't impressed. Nothing has


happened so far that base it would happen. Really, but it is early


days. I bet she predicted you would be massively successful. To be


honest, if this is anything to go by, she was absolutely right.


# Let's go. This is your crowd for sure, but


country music over here is huge. Yeah, I started off playing a lot of


traditional Irish music and Celtic music, which to be honest, is deeply


involved with country music as well. It started off with traditional


music and bluegrass music. Then it moved to the States and it became


country. Over here, Ireland has, you go into a local pub, there is a


traditional session on. The concept of digging all around, the


accordions, the mandolins, it is involved with country.


Ireland, we called it Irish country music, a mix of folk, Celtic and


country altogether. You are extremely popular, but we have your


biggest fan with us tonight. Nathan's nan. Before we start, we


must talk about your handbag. I thought you were carrying an


accordion, but it's not! I can give you a tune or try! Brilliant! You


are not just Nathan's biggest fan, you are part of the whole thing. If


it wasn't for you, maybe none of this would have happened. Nathan


wanted to play music, I love music, so we went along with everything.


Did you know from the word go that Nathan would be a successful


musician? I knew he wanted to be a musician. And he was a good singer,


so that started it off. Off we go from there. We used to hold concerts


in the living room. Apparently, I used to charge the family income


money. We see you there on the piano. The accordion is another one.


You are a songwriter, and you play the accordion, you play the guitar,


where are you happiest around the band? I love sitting at the piano


and playing a ballad. That is where I connect with people, and get them


to sing along. What about the female fans, are they a problem? They are


queueing up. I bet they are. What do you think about Taylor Swift as a


match? I think he likes Taylor Swift, yes. She is top of the list.


Do you like Taylor Swift? Yes. We are all right, then. She could look


after me with her money. The album is called Living The Dream. I


co-wrote the title track. You are at the moment, and we will hear a song


from it later on. Magic stuff. You can't come to Northern Ireland


without touching on the subject Or driving to them,


as Angela Scanlon and her old pal They have gone in the back to the


future DeLorean. Day three of the drive around the


Causeway code, and what a beauty it is. Joe and I are heading from


Cushendall to Ballycastle. It sounds like a toy. Lots of fact


about Cushendall. You are a good man for facts. Not only is this the area


where I took my first steps, I had my first kiss up here. But also


Robert De Niro has a house up here. Robert De Niro? Of course! What


other De Niros do you know? ? He has a house up here. Apparently he came


to stay here with Liam Neeson, who also has a house here. De Niro


bought a house and he is here regularly. OK, where are we going on


our did tour -- Dietl in the DeLorean?


I am going to take you back to a mystical land, the land of fairies.


Have you been drinking? It is not lunchtime yet.


According to local legend, you can find the gateway to the land of


eternal youth. But finding a mystical land is, well, a bit of a


mystery. So we have and listed help of Andrew McAllister, an eighth


generation resident. This is a very traditional areas and many families


have lived here a long time, describing these traditions which


are very important to these areas. There is one related to the ferry


thorn, you should be very careful when you are close to them -- fairy.


There are stories of men who have gone to cut down a tree, they never


had any more children, their cattle died, all sorts of stories about


interfering with the fairy tree. What is the story? It is seen as


sacred to this fairy 's kingdom -- it is seen as


sacred to the ferry. If you come back, what you think is 15 minutes


will end up being 100 years, so you will be a little bit short of mates.


How do we get to this tree? I'm happy to give you directions, and


after that, you are on your own. Nothing good ever comes from the


phrase, you are on your own. That is one? Yes, that is one. Andrew


wouldn't do it, but I'm prepared to take one for the team. It has got to


be you because you are the cynic. I'm fine, I'm protected. And so we


set off on our epic quest to find a land be -- beyond time and space, a


gateway to a new dimension. Here we are. But all we found was a tree. I


had not seen any fairies. Nothing you can do about that. Fairy cake.


That is a good second. You know what this is missing. Stop it. You are


like Mary Poppins. All this fairy hunting lark is not all fun and now


it is time to get on the road. We could be playing someone like Nathan


Carter. # Rock me mamma like a wagon wheel.


Please don't. # Rock the mamma like the wind and


the rain, like a subway train # Rock me mamma...


Fairplay to Angela, that sounded great. We can't have you on here,


without mentioning the late great Dean Campbell, using his songs? --


Dean Campbell. -- Glen Campbell. He is a great


singer and an amazing musician, he played on the records of Elvis and


the Beach boys. In 1968 he outsold the Beatles, great achievement. It


was a legend and he will never be forgotten. His songs will live on.


You can play us one a bit? # Like a rhinestone Cowboy, riding


out on a horse and a star-spangled Rodeo


# Like a rhinestone Cowboy # Getting cards and letters from


people I don't even know # And offers coming over the phone


# Like a rhinestone Cowboy and cowgirl


#. Well done, beautiful. So fitting. His last album was called Adios.


Yes, amazing. We will miss him. All week we've been giving each


of our guests a little memento to remind them of their lovely time


in Northern Ireland. The standard is very high. Have a


look at the screen. Tonight it's the turn of Ballycastle


artist Denise Loughrey to create The first step is to do a rough


sketch of my idea. Next I copy each colour of glass to build up the


picture and then I add extra elements by screen printing onto the


glass. I use crushed glass to add texture and detail to the final


picture. The glass is now ready to go into the Kellen and it will stay


there 24 hours at 700 degrees -- into the kiln. This should shine as


bright as Ballycastle, definitely. And that my friend is all yours, is


that beautiful? Thank you very much. Thanks, Denise. APPLAUSE


That is a lovely gift. We are very generous. The traits keep on coming.


Peter has brought a couple of delicacies that date back to a fair.


The nearest one here is -- and that one is yellow man. Have you ever


tried it? Have a little bit. Otherwise it will grow your mouth


together. It is a bit like honeycomb. It is much harder, like a


rock, initially made from sugar and baking soda. What about this?


Seaweed? Dried seaweed, no additives and it goes down very well with a


pint of stout. The more seaweed you eat, the more stout you drink. It


would be lovely with a bit of spicy sauce. Yes, that links beautifully


to our next film. To a man who has conquered the supermarket shelves.


In order to be successful in life you need to find the right


ingredients. I was born Keith Valentine Graham but you know me as


Levi Roots. In 2007 I went on Dragon 's Den and got two investors from my


-- for my sauce but my journey to this point was anything but


straightforward. I am into wholesale, and this is the first


house I lived in when I first came to the UK -- I am in Tulse Hill. My


parents came to Britain in the 60s and then I joined my family in


Brixton when I was 11. My memories of growing up here are kind of


bittersweet. I came here, not knowing the people who lived here,


my mum and dad. It was a big shock when I eventually came here and


realised I was straight into school and I couldn't spell my first name.


But I quickly caught up with school and at 18 I left to become a


printer, but what I really wanted was to become a musician so I quit


the job to pursue my dream. When I had a smiley moment when I was in my


room pretending to be Bob Marley or Dennis Brown. Reggae inspired an


interest in my roots and I embraced raster file rate which is why I


changed my name to Levi Roots, but my music career had not really taken


off and I became a youth worker. I ran a small community centre on the


second floor in the 80s and this is where my life changed. This was the


focal point of the riots in Brixton in the 80s, this was the war zone.


It was a place for people to come, to encourage youth. Those wrong


things landed me in jail for five long years. But every cloud. I


educated myself while I was there, I knew I could do better. I managed to


find the real Levi Roots in me and I came out and the best is history


because I never went back and I was a completely different person when I


was released from prison. Inspired by my grandmother's Jamaican cooking


I decided to make jerk sauce and sell it here in Brixton market. But


I still had a lot to learn about business, and luckily Nadia from the


local business agencies all my potential. What was my thought when


you saw I had a guitar and a bottle of source? I thought you were


prepared and you had a lot of passion, and you also had done a lot


of work on it. Meeting you and your mental ship became the focal point


for me because if it wasn't you I would not have ended up on Dragon 's


Den -- mentor ship. My transformation to a business was


complete and today I have come to this academy in Brixton to give the


pupils are -- a taste of my recipe for success was top I was running


around Brixton euro and I could not focus at all, I came from a bustling


attitude. No one wrote anything down because that is business, bustling


is keeping money under the mattress and working from the top of your


head but I knew I would have to do the business thing so I thought I


need a mentor, someone that knows more than me. I found her and she


had an office in Brixton just as she was said to me, get out there and


sing your song, you will make it. You just have to be you. If I wasn't


me, Peter Jones and the other dragons, they would have kicked me


out of the Dragon 's Den, straightaway, where are you going


with that sauce, pretending that you are a businessman? It took me until


I was in my 40s to be able to get to the best Levi Roots that I can be.


It will not take you that long, because you are special and you are


the new dragons slayers. APPLAUSE Levi Roots Presents Reggae


Reggae Hits is out now. Thanks to Ballycastle


for making us feel so welcome. We're heading northwest


to the seaside town of Portrush tomorrow night with some very


special guests from the epic Playing us out tonight,


the fantastic Nathan Carter # Going to call my friends now that


the summer's here # Going to hit that road now that


the summer's here # I wish it could last all year


# Lets make the most now that the summer's here


# Goodbye teacher, goodbye school, hello July


# Sandy beaches, swimming pool, clear blue skies


# Hanging out with all our friends, that's the only way to spend those


crazy days # Never end when the summer's here


# There's a girl I think about night and day now that the summer's here


# I swear that girl is looking my way now that the summer's here


# I'm going to walk her home when we're all alone and whisper in her


ear # And when we kiss we just can't


miss now that the summer's here # So goodbye teacher, goodbye


school, hello July # Sandy beaches, swimming pools,


clear blue skies # Hanging out with all my friends,


that's the only way to spend # Those crazy days never end now the


summer's here... # Got a fishing pole with a hook and


a line now that the summer's here # Laid by the river in the warm


sunshine now that the summer's here # Going to stay out late and the


moon and stars will appear # And we'll all go swimming, even


skinny-dipping, now that the summer's here


# Goodbye teacher, goodbye school, hello July


# Sandy beaches, swimming pools, clear blue skies


# Hanging out with all our friends that's the only way to spend


# Those crazy days that never end now the summer's here


# Those crazy days that never end now the summer's here