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Angela Scanlon and Richard Osman are joined by Sara Cox. Elbow perform, and the Red Nose Convoy joins the programme from Uganda.

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Hello and welcome to The One Show with Angela Scanlon.


it's the far from pointless Richard Osman.




Oh, thank you! It is the first time we have presented together.


Hopefully not the last. you don't get much bigger


than the one we've got tonight. a Mercury Music Prize


and a Brit Award. And they're definitely the


best band ever to be named after a complex synovial hinge joint


between the upper arm and forearm. they'll be playing just for us


along with their huge orchestra. And from the top of the charts


to the top of the pots. She's the host of


The Great Pottery Throwdown, or as we like to call it,


Fifty Shades Of Clay. Good evening, I had never heard that


one before! Are you a big fan of Elbow? I just got a case from Guy


Garvey downstairs, he is doing whatever they do before they


perform, some squat jumps and things.


We'll be talking pottery and your radio show


Has anyone ever combined and 1980s music and pottery before? Their


years, line, how would that go down with the judges? -- there he is,


Lionel. On Monday, 611 and he said off from Nairobi in ten ...


Coming here, seeing how well-trained they are, that is amazing. He seems


completely devoted to these people that he looks after in his


community. It is moving. It is a very upbeat atmosphere. So I spent


most of the day with Beatrice, who is the head of the mothers2mothers


Group here. This week has been amazing.


Live from Uganda, we are joined by half of Red Nose Convoy, Katy Brand


comic Hugh Dennis, Russell Kane. What is it like being on the ground


there, seeing the work that Comic Relief does face-to-face? It is


totally different to how I thought it was going to be, I thought I was


going to be crouched down, sobbing, meeting lots of sad people. We have


seen a lot of vibrant, excited, empowered, liberated people. We went


to a slum, a massive township, and there was lots of energy, but what


they do not have is staff. We are delivering the stuff that they need,


it has been an amazing experience so far. Katy, you visited the


mothers2mothers project, meeting Beatrice, tell us about her. Oh,


well, she runs an organisation called CROWD:, she is the kind of


senior member there, and it is an organisation where mothers who are


HIV-positive help educate other women in the area who are being


tested, and often they become very depressed, sometimes their families


reject them, there is a big stigma. And what mothers2mothers does, women


who have experienced being pregnant, other women counsel them, show them


that there is life after the HIV diagnosis, and they show them how to


deliver the baby without transmitting the virus. They have


got that down from a 45% rate of transmission down to just 2% with


some very basic advice. They step in and counsel the other women, just


giving them this positive message, it is real woman to woman


counselling, it is really positive and encouraging. That has been the


biggest surprise. At the start of the week, you admit it to some


nerves, have you got used to David Baddiel's driving and company yet?!


Yeah, well, I know David very well, and I have driven across Ethiopia


with him, and it has been fine, it has been absolutely fine, except two


days ago, when I was diving and he was navigating, he made me drive the


wrong way up a dual carriageway. Not for very long, but for long enough


to get stopped by the police! And a policeman told us that if we did it


again, we would probably die. It was fine! Thank you so much, everybody,


keep up the amazing work! Thank you to those three and the rest of the


Red Nose Convoy. It is all to raise money for Comic Relief projects at


home and in Africa. To donate ?5 text the word CONVOY...


Now, Sara, you have been on a secret message to Africa but you can't tell


us anything about it? The films are being shown on Red Nose Day, so I


flew into Nairobi in Kenya, and it was kind of like the best and the


hardest thing that I have ever done. And it was amazing, just meeting the


people there, I am telling their stories. One thing you can


definitely talk about is the new series of The Great Pottery


Throwdown. Very excited that it has come back, more of the same? Yes, we


have got more potters, more shows, the usual passionate potters just...


We have got Keith, our judge, who sobs quite a lot. It is amazing. He


is wonderful, you say it is more of the same, but it feels more


maverick, the cast are so eclectic, a bit wild. Crazy potters! We were


going to call it Potheads, because they are so into their pottery. We


have got a cage fighter, Nam, who is amazing. We have got an artist who


does kind of anime comics. We have got a male model, who has caused


quite a stir in some of the papers, lots of tweets going, he can throw


me a vase any time. And you have got guest judges? Yes, we have already


had Emma Bridgewater, doing the sponge technique, and we have also


got Johnny Vegas coming on. Classic potter! Yes, when he first started


pottery, used to throw live on a wheel, using beer. Nothing can


possibly go wrong! He surprised me, but there are a million faces back,


like you mentioned, Keith and Kate. For the uninitiated, Keith is quite


an emotional fellow, is he still weeping? The thing is, it is a bit


like, go one, who is going to make him cry this week? Shall we take a


look? He just loses it. Out of the ten of you... This detail is


absolutely... Fantastic! I am really, really proud. Why does


it make you cry? I think because out of the ten of you... You were so


nervous. You have just excelled. This is a good sign, by the way,


when he reacts like this! That was the last series, yeah. Because of


your love of pottery and 1980s music, we thought we would combine


it in a game. We have merged famous artists with crockery, take a look


at this. Who is that? It is Elbow. Is this the game now? That was a


little taster! This is the second one.


Is it Bruno Vase? I am so excited about that. These terrible puns are


fabulous. Platey Perry! This is the hardest one. Here we go. So Tagine


Simmons! Turine? That was quick! Denied you are doing your


Valentine's Day special. We have got Martin AB -- Martin Fry from ABC, it


is on Radio 2 at 10pm tonight, and then at 10:30, you can press the red


button on any BBC Television channel, it will appear for an


amazing hour of 1980s love songs. We have got Sade and ZZ Top! So The


Great Pottery Throwdown is on Thursday nights. People often


misspelt your name with the H on the end. People often put a D on the end


of mine. Mine was a spelling mistake. You might think that


changing one letter wouldn't make much of a difference, but Pyles


Brandreth has discovered the amazing story of how a typo managed to find


one of America's most infamous assassins.


I have a dream... Memphis, April four, 1968, American civil rights


leader Dr Martin Luther King was assassinated. His famous dream of a


quality turned nightmare as rioting erupted and the hunt for his


murderer began. This is the story of how the assassination of Martin


Luther King was caught in London thanks to a spelling mistake.


I met an expert on that era of history. Martin Luther King was an


African American Baptist minister, he was a doctor of theology and a


civil rights activist. He wanted to change the status quo. A slew of


laws that separated the races in public spaces, he was engaged in


non-violent protest, and he is assassinated. The impact of his


murderer? Grief around the world, for losing somebody who believes so


passionately and deeply in non-violent resistance. The FBI were


mobilised for what would be the largest manhunt in history. And


there was an early breakthrough. A rifle found near the scene for the


fingerprints of a career criminal and white supremacist, James Earl


Ray. But he had fled to Canada to change his identity. Using a fraud


straight out of a spy novel, US citizen Ray found the name of a


Canadian citizen in the phone book. But a typo meant it was issued in in


a different name. James Earl Ray kept the misspelling. So now he had


two fake Canadian passports. In the US, the FBI worked out that Ray had


acquired a fake passport, but until they had cross-referenced thousands


of photographs, they have no idea what name he had taken or where he


was. He was here, Earls Court in west London. In the 1960s, it was a


magnet for budget travellers and the perfect place to hide in plain


sight. Ray spent a few weeks in a succession of cheap hotels, on his


possession a smuggled revolver. Desperate to escape the UK, he took


a fateful trip to nearby Paddington. The owners of this July's, now a


cafe, on an uneventful day in the trinket trade, they were rudely


interrupted by the world's most wanted man. To this day, their


daughter Valerie is proud of her parents' spirited response. The door


opened, this man walked in, pulled a gun. My father grabbed his wrist and


pushed it upwards, and my mother came steaming in with her foot. Why


he didn't shoot is absolutely... Because he had nothing to lose. What


did your parents make of this? My father thought it was just another


day in Paddington. Ray went on to rob this bank, getting away with


just ?90, and up to fund a one-way ticket by plane to Brussels. --


enough. The final hurdle was the passports desk at Heathrow, but he


fumbled, pulling out both fake passports at the same time, both


identical bar one single letter. Was he, ask the customs man, Mr Sneyd or


Mr Sney? Then he was searched and his gun was found. Celebrated


Scotland Yard detective Tommy Butler was called in. He had a hunch about


Mr Sneyd, his fingerprints were all over the FBI's most wanted list. Ray


cracked - I feel so trapped, he said, as Butler arrested him. Ray


left Britain in chains. He tried to silence King's message with a


gunshot, he failed. Martin Luther King's sermon of hope still rings as


loud today. Gyles is still with us, just another


day in Paddington? I can tell about the country which


miss-spelt its own name. 2008 Chile offered thousands of 50 coins


describing the country Chile. They spelt it CHiie. If there was a


newspaper headline about that it would be Chile-con-carnage.


. At the Vatican they were celebrating the first anniversary of


Pope Francis and they had to withdraw a special commemorative


medal because they printed the name Jesus, as Lesus.


That is bad going. That is a double whammy. That is not


ideal. There are biblical connections hundreds of years. Back


in 1631. A good year! One of my best. King Charles 1st wanted a new


bible and the royal stationers printed one. There was a typo. When


they got to the Ten Commandments they forgot the word "not." So the


seventh came out as Thou shalt commit adultery!


That is why it was one of your best years! Indeed. Interestingly, the


king was appalled. Even thousand he did not have a good -- though he did


not have a good track record. He fined them the equivalent of


?40,000. There are ten of these bibles to be in existence. It is


known as the Wicked Bible. One was sold not long ago at Bonhams for


some ?25,000. You have all sorts of people looking


through the Ten Commandments. There is a hp pi one I can share with you.


Back in 2001, an American writer in the United States, she put an ad in


her local newspaper. She was looking to get in touch with fellow authors.


She gave her e-mail address, author 45. Well, unfortunately the


newspaper printed it as author 54. People wrote in to author 54,


receiving one of these emails was author 54 was Phil Sidebottom, a


lecturer in England. He thought let me transfer the numbers, wrote to


45, found it was this lady, they corresponded. A year later, she left


America, came to England. Six years later they were married. 16 years


later, they send us their best wishes here at The One Show. . I


hope they are still wearing double denim. The Sideth bottoms. Why do


you not have an H on the end of your name? When I was a supermodel/bar


maid, you have to get these cards made of up you, so I was stood by a


canal in Bolton, pouting. They put all your details on, and they spelt


my name and knocked the H off, and it was a couple of hundred quit. I


got the late night discussion show, and went on the Girly Show I kept


it. And Phil Sidebottom was emailing you. Do they call you Sarah all the


time! Soon we will hear from Elbow, who have manly beards. Here is our


street barber, Michael. Throughout history t popularity of


facial hair has come and gone. And come back again.


# Give me all your loving... These days everyone has got a beard,


even me! And nowhere is there more hair than


here, at the British beard and moustache championships in live


peerle. This place has every -- Liverpool. This place has every type


of human hair - there are some very varied ones competing for the top


accolades. Everybody needs a bit of help before they go out in front of


the judging panel. That is where I come in. First up is a reigning


champion, Mike The Chops Wallage. I can help his overall look by sorting


out his barnet. How did he get started in this beard business? A


number of years ago I was involved in quite a serious accident, I


smashed my legs very, very badly, to the point, at the time, we didn't


know if I was actually going to keep them. I saw a programme on the


television called Whisker Words. Bearding is a sport of grooming and


presented one's facial hair. This is Whisker Wars. That is when I started


to grow the beard. It has been... Life changing. People say growing a


beard is a journey. It literally has been that for me - many journeys.


You cannot do that with split ends. That one is on the verge. I'll let


you have that one. Happy? Lovely job, thank you Michael!


A beard and moustache championship is a Broadchurch, with a category


for just about everyone and I mean everyone. This is Mandy and she is


entering the fake natural beard competition. We have got a beard


over here. Let me go and get that. So, it is fake natural in the sense


that it looks natural. Absolutely, yes. A good colour match as well.


What does Mandy see in facial hair? It's just manly. Manly! OK, I like


it. Oh, my God! It really looks good.


That's what is so strange about it! It sort of suits you. Thanks. What I


am realising today is beards and moustaches are not a mere fashion


accessory, but an integral part of who these people are. Often,


however, the real reason people grow beards is to hide what is beneath. I


would like to encourage not to be ashamed of their bare-faced self-s.


Will anyone in here let me whip off their fuss? What would it take for


me to shave it off? Oh! Absolutely must be joking! No way! Who wants to


go first? He does. I have found one man who is up to the challenge. Are


you sure you want this done? OK. This could be a close shave in more


ways than one. What's he doing? Getting rid of it. Doing what you


lot should have done ages ago. It feels like doing it wrong here - it


is like being at a football match. It's all going to go. There is a new


tip. Take the mirror. Oh! Wow! Wow! How does it feel? Cold


and really, doesn't feel right. I'm not used to it. Loving the hair,


though. Would any of you lot consider it next? I am free for the


next 20 minutes! See you soon! At least there's one bloke in there


with less facial hair than me. I have got some growing to do, I can


tell you! Thank you Michael. You have


something a little... Oh, that is it, an eyelash. We are joined now by


Guy Garvey everybody. Seventh studio album, Little


Fictions, number one. More up beat than some of your stuff. You are


optimistic, for some reason We felt we should write a positive record.


There is plenty not to feel positive about. We thought we should dwell on


the great things going on. I got married in the summer. You have got


a child on the way? Got a baby on the way. You are still touring?


Fingers crossed he will stay there until the end of the tour. How does


the wife feel about you being so close to the due date? It is not


ideal. She's made of stern stuff, is Rach. You have persuaded Benedict


Cumberbatch to be in one of your videos - how did you manage that? He


is a pal. We thought if he's in the video millions rather than thousands


will look at it. We can buy that yacht we've been looking at. You


will sing us out. We will send you on your way. Enjoy it. Elbow's new


album, Little Fictions is out right now. Thanks to my co-host tonight,


Richard Osman. Pleasure. Thank you to Cox cox. The The Great Pottery


Throw Down is on Thursdays. 8pm ppm. BBC Two.


Now to play us out is Elbow. # Where all the biggest


questions meet # With little feet


stood in the sand # The echoes swell


to nothing on the tide # And sets it as


a sapphire in her mind # Throwing both her arms


around the world # Throwing both her arms


around the world Are you ready for the next


ten years? I'm pregnant.