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Presented by Alex Jones and Kevin Duala, and Greg Davies graces the green sofa to talk about his new comedy series Man Down.

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Hello, and welcome to The One Show, with Kevin Duala...


It was fantastic! We had the best welcome and the best fish and chips!


It was like a 9.5, 9.9 out of ten. I thought you were going for a classy


burger? The first thing I have won on The One Show ever, Matt was


furious! First time in the hot


seat for you, Kev. And you're in luck, because tonight


we've got a massive guest. Some might say he's


a magnificent beast. He's towered over everyone he meets,


has entertained the masses over the years, and is currently


preparing to go on tour. Is it Dippy the Dinosaur


from the Natural History Museum? APPLAUSE


Hi, Greg, you all right? Fabulous. Nice to see you. You


couldn't guess it was me when I'd been sitting here all along, Kevin!


Play along! It was drama, Greg, that was acting, of course!


of Dippy's replacement, Hope, the blue whale,


and he'll be meeting the public from tomorrow.


The whale has been given the name Hope as a "symbol


of humanity's power to shape a sustainable future".


Greg, you've chosen a meaningful name for your forthcoming tour -


A meaningful name, might hope. Your tour has an equally meaningful name.


And I have been called Hope before! You have gone for You Magnificent


Beast! Go one... Y?! What the inspiration? The truth is, I was in


London and I got in a taxi. A really drunk student saw me and ran and


jumped through the open window of my taxi and grabbed me by the collars


and went, oh, You Magnificent Beast! And then he just fell away! Male or


female? Mail! I thought, that's it, that's my show title by an! And


there's a good story to go with it, perfect. Why a young man would want


to call me a magnificent beast, I don't know, but I'm delighted! Have


I ever told you the story of the topless picture of me? I wasn't


allowed to put it on Amazon because it broke bendable policy! -- it


broke their Nepal policy. I can say nipple on The One Show?! You've


already said it many times! Do you find that when you are in a taxi you


wind up the windows so that people don't throw themselves at you? It


hasn't happened again, but thank you to that young man!


We'll be talking about your fourth series of Man Down later, too.


And we have a surprise for you as well...


I would advise you, start getting a little bit nervous... Oh, I did


expect that an The One Show! Tonight we're launching our


One Show Phone Plan, According to exclusive statistics


provided to us by Deloitte, 15.5 million of us think


we use our phones too much. And last week, even Prince Harry


said that young people should try to take a break


from checking their mobiles So we've been asking


for your suggestions on how we can all achieve


a better phone-life balance. You haven't let us down, thanks for


sending them on. We've had loads in, including this


sign on the school gates sent in by Gail from Witney -


"Greet your child with Rhyming and everything! It's like


the start of a little rap song, isn't it?! Not a great one! We can


give it a go... # Greet your Child with a smile


# Not a mobile! #. I won't be part of this, Kevin!


And the Smiths showed us about the way they deal


with excessive phone use in their house - confiscate all


Our plan is made up of the best suggestions we've had,


and the Farnworth family are going to be the first to try it


Like many families up and down the country, the Farnworths family from


Bolton Lancashire were worried that no news was getting out of hand.


What are you doing? I'm reading the news. I do don't know where it's


going, and I don't like it. When we asked them to monitor their mobile


use over one weekend, the results truly shocking. You spent 32 hours


on your phones. GASPS


That's over a day! So they've currently agreed to by our guinea


pigs and test out the one shown Phone Plan for a whole week to see


if the suggestions that you have come up with can really help them


get the perfect phone- life balance. Although, until I present it to them


on this giant smartphone, of course, they have really no idea how far


they will be asked to go. Hello! Is managed to negotiate you an update!


As you know, this isn't about stopping using your phones


altogether. It's about reducing the amount of time you spend on your


phone. How are you feeling about plummeting these recommendations?


Not very good! The first suggestion that has made it onto our plan was a


popular one. Turn off notifications. Make sure that all notifications and


are turned off of your mobile, just leaving the ring turned on. Every


time it goes off, you spend log on your mobile. I think turning the


notifications offers a really good idea. Turn of the notifications. I'm


going to turn all of them off. Come on! Stop it, Jake, give it to me!


OK, for the next one, follow me into the hole. Next onto the list, you


suggested that every household should have a central charging


point. And that means you're not going to be looking at your phones


while it is an charge. So you spend a bit less time on your phone. And


it takes you back to the old days when you use have one phone in the


whole house, and it was in the hallway. The third suggestion was


the most. Keep mealtimes phone free. It gives us a chance to catch up on


the day, and to sort out any problems that we might have. And to


really make sure you're not tempted to check your devices... Put them


all in a bowl. The first person to get their phone gets to do the


family chores for the next week! LAUGHTER


I think this will do. Four, in order to get a proper night's sleep, don't


take your phones to bed. Because the blue light, you are bound to wake


up, actually. We've got to give it a go, we have. We have two. If you


worried about your kids sneaking their phones into bed without you


noticing, you can always follow suggestion number five. Turn off the


Wi-Fi. As long as you keep them on a low data bundle. Six, my personal


pet hate. Don't check your phone whilst chatting. If you want to talk


to some the end they pick their phone up, you think, oh... I think


it depends. Sometimes they might be having a conversation about


something that doesn't interest you, it's really boring. Thanks very


much, Jake! Meet up with friends in person instead of sending them


messages... You might realise who your real friends are, perhaps these


are people that he would make friends with. Something tells me


this is all getting a bit too much for super SnapChat user Grace. Is a


vague friendships. These are not real friends. Friends are people you


have a coffee with or go for a walk with. Number eight, stroll without


looking at your screen, Jacob! We're going to send you on a family walk,


when none of you has a mobile phone with you, so that you can enjoy the


sights and the company. I think that's a really good idea.


Suggestion number nine is one for mum and dad. Phone free date night.


Geis! Last, but by no means least, if all else fails, implement the


final selection. Turn off the phones for a whole day. My grandchildren


have much more thundering things together, and it helps their


communication skills as well -- have much more on doing things together


at. That's quite manageable. I think I'd go mad. There's no other way to


describe it. There you have it, The One Show ten point Phone Plan.


There's no excuses, Grace, for missing out on any of these. Will


the family stick to it for a whole week over the summer and will it


reduce their phone use? I can't wait to find out! You might find if


you're not on it all the time that there are other things that you do


which are more enriching to your life.


I'll tell you what, Grace didn't look too happy. I can understand


why, frankly! Tommy is here with us -


or Technical Tommy, He's been elevated. Technical


telephone Tommy, I'm elevating myself! This could change


everybody's lives, this ten point plan. We want everyone to give this


a go. There are loads of apps out there that you can download onto


your phone which will help you monitor how much you use your phone.


If you download these free apps, things like quality time, break


free. A phone app to stop you from using your phone! This is what I


said earlier! It is like the app to end all other apps. It will tell you


that you are only using your phone at night or in the day or WhatsApp


or whatever it is that you were doing. You find out where you are


overly using your phone and then you can reclaim your life. So, which of


these are you going to implement, Alex? How many of these do you think


you can get a go? This is our One Show Phone Plan. You can do all of


those, Alex! No, I'm not turning off notifications or having a central


charge point! You go a lot more Welsh when you get defensive! I


don't even notice myself! OK, I'll do no phone mealtimes because I


think it's rude to have a phone on the table. I won't take the phone to


bed, I've started doing that for the last week. And I sleep a lot better,


actually. I'm not unplugging the Wi-Fi, no. I will go for a walk


without my phone, at a push. Device free date night, that's a good one.


No... I'm joking! We'll try that, yes. Greg, could you do any of


those? Not at the moment, I'm as addicted as anybody else to my


phone. I would put this is my number one thing. I would like to stop


sending myself messages to remind myself of things! I do this


everyday, I sent myself a message, remember to do this. The message


comes through and I go, message! Everyday! Send yourself a message


that says, don't use your phone so much. Then we can reclaim our lives.


It is a good idea because it is getting out of hand. The audience


don't have to do all of these. Do some of them and let us note. We


want everybody to get in touch over the summer. If you go on holiday and


give any of these a goat. Don't ring us! -- if any of these a go. You can


e-mail us. It would be so lovely to hear from the people who are having


a go, actually, we had much more quality time together, it was great.


Thanks, Tommy, we will let you know how the Farnworths got on over the


summer. Something that had millions


of people glued to their screens back in 1980 was the siege


of the Iranian Embassy, You watched it too,


didn't you, Greg? I did watch it, Alex. I was 12. I


was one. Why do? -- you made me feel awful! I didn't mean to!


The story has been brought to life in a new film set


for release later this summer, and Lucy's been to meet


How old were you, Kev?! Why have you taken hostages inside the embassy...


Because we have to get what we want. April 1980, and a six-day siege has


the country gripped to its TV screens. It began when six Arab


Iranian gunmen wanting sovereignty in the southern region of a province


stormed the embassy. They took 25 hostages and they said they will


start killing them if their demands were not met. Look, we are ready...


6 Days of negotiations keep them alive. But on the sixth day, one is


killed. That's when the SAS are ordered to go in. Millions watched


the events unfold live on television. Viewers could only


imagine what was taking place inside the embassy. A new film, 6 Days,


starring Jamie Bell, tells the story of the raid through the eyes of the


SAS troopers. Tell your government, one more day, and we begin shooting


them. We know those images of the news footage, so iconic, these men


coming down. But we've never been inside the building, we've never


been with those people during that time in that moment. And that's what


the film does, it opens doors and gives you access to things that you


wouldn't normally have access to. I felt as a film experience, it kind


of let you go behind the scenes in the way, this is something that is


kind of heralded in British history. The Prime Minister wants the world


and the British people to see how this government deals with


terrorism. Jamie plays Rusty Fuhrman, leader of one of the


assault teams. The film-makers wanted the film to be so authentic


they asked Rusty to give Jamie some SAS training. We had a lot of things


in common to start with. He is from the North of England, I'm from the


north Ringwood. He's 30 now, I was 30 when I did the siege. Rusty says


he had to teach you to be him. What did you learn? Rusty was very


specific about certain things. He wanted the pistol to be a certain


way. The way I had my finger on the trigger, all of that kind of stuff.


He was very specific about it. More than anything, it was about trying


to get rid of my dancing feet. I would do this thing with my feet all


the time, and he wasn't into that. Rusty, what did you make of Jamie's


performance of you? Getting him to become the, getting him to play


Rusty, he learned very quickly, and in the end, what you see on the


screen is just an too hard work and dedication. This is his memory, this


is his legacy, his friends who were with him. So if it is important to


him than it is important to me. Jamie Lovemark and just how to act


the part. He discovered just how much of a formidable force the SAS


actually are -- Jamie Lund more. The tactic is to overwhelm


aggressively and never stop moving. Once they gain momentum they never


stop until it's done. It works. It puts the opponent in a submissive


state. It is very frightening. I would imagine a lot of those


hostages who were in there were terrified, as terrified as the


gunmen who had held hostage for six days. It is a film about good guys


and bad guys and that distinction is not very clear. The SAS is an


aggressive counter-terrorism group. It is difficult to embody them as


good guys in a way because the truth is six men armed with weapons


entered the building and then six days later a lot of other men armed


with weapons entered that building. I did not want to over glorify these


men because they are taking lives. Few had heard of the SAS but at this


precise moment... They would become one of the most recognised military


forces in the world. That looks like a brilliant film.


Look out for 6 Days in cinemas later this summer.


Man Down is about your experience as a teacher. Not all of it is true.


Your character is quite ineffective. A complete loser. He tries. He is


not good at being an adults, which is why it is so fun to play him. For


those who are not familiar with the series, can you sum it up? It is a


stupid... An idiot manchild and two equally strange friends trying to


navigate their way through life. But idiot man has grown up because Dan


has become a father. Yeah. He did the Berman on to become a father.


There are various ways of doing it. He has become a father but through


an encounter with a previous love interest and he found out at the end


of the last series the that resulted in a pregnancy. This series starts


with heart on her way back, she has gone overseas, on her way back


heavily pregnant. We are going to watch a clip. Dan always thinks


everything is against him in life and when the baby is born he thinks


the baby gets him. He thinks every time he looks at the baby turns


away. This is the first day he is allowed to take the baby out on his


own and he is upset because he thinks his son hates him and he


meets someone in the Park who tries to make him feel better. He is


played by Derek Griffiths who, if you are as old as me, which you are


not... We established... You are only looking at Alex. You will


remember Derek Griffiths from Playschool and programmes from the


70s so it was brilliant to have him. Let us see you in action. May I...


There he is. He is looking straight at you. I know. And yet I have no


eyes. Incredible. Don't panic. You'll get there. You take him back.


It's bolted with my kid on its back. Not again! Sheba! I made the mistake


of watching an episode on the train and I had my headphones on and I was


laughing my head off. It is hilarious. That is fairly highbrow.


We hope it makes people laugh. That is what we set out to do. We do not


have a specific date but Man Down is out mid-August. I think it is the


16th. You can catch all series on all four.


And Greg, as the series was inspired by your time


as a real-life drama teacher, you'll no doubt be pleased to hear


we'll be returning to those happy days very shortly.


Despite the downpours this week, apparently July is the month


to ensure thirsty plants such as celery, peas, courgettes,


and tomatoes are regularly watered. Patrick has been to visit a grower


in Teesside who is taking tomato tending to a whole new level.


The UK tomato industry is booming. Under the ruse of high-tech


glasshouses cutting-edge science is allowing lawyers to produce


bountiful crops of super home-grown tomatoes. Last year the industry was


worth ?190 million. Just like all plants, tomatoes absorb carbon


dioxide from their surrounding environment and use it to produce


sugars which helps them to grow. To speed up this growth producers had


to pump in carbon dioxide to the glasshouses. This one particular


uses over 23,000 tonnes every year. It creates an artificial environment


which is perfect for these tomatoes. With carbon dioxide being the


leading cause of climate change, the industry has been trying to minimise


its carbon footprint while keeping their tomatoes sweet. On an


industrial site in Teesside one tomato grower has teamed up with a


leading fertiliser factory to pump their waste CO2 directly into their


glasshouses. Phil Pearson is the man who sported the opportunity. We


wanted to increase the amount of carbon dioxide to give to our crop


in the fertiliser factory were previously emitting it into the


atmosphere so they saw a benefit to giving it to us and we had the


benefit of taking it and putting it in the crop so it was as biotech


opportunity. Instead of the carbon dioxide being released into the


atmosphere that is being fixed into these plans and put to good use.


Exactly right. Something that was previously thrown away. He tomato


that lasts longer, the eating experiences better. The consumer


gets the benefit. Some people might ask why you do not grow these


tomatoes outdoors in a really sunny climate. We are growing very close


to the market so we have a quality food for the UK consumer. You have


other challenges when you are in the sunshine, lack of water, problems


with pest control, other challenges would make it more difficult to


grow. Although this gas is completely invisible to the naked


eye we have brought along a specialist piece of kit to help show


what is going on. This is a state-of-the-art gas visualising


camera. Normally used to detect industrial gas leaks we can show the


carbon dioxide coming off of my breath... And the carbon dioxide


inside the glasshouses. When we use this camera one full's CO2 outlets


we can see that almost immediately the air around his hand changes,


giving off a blue hue. This is the first time Phil is able to visualise


the carbon dioxide feeding his tomatoes. Incredible. I have never


seen that before. That is fascinating. Being able to see it in


real time allows us to pinpoint when we introduce it. Currently the crop


is using about 30-31% of what is coming out of the tube. It is


interesting to me to see if we should be moving the tube further up


to perhaps use more than 30%. Even though it is quite a lot of waste


CO2 it is better than the alternative. Absolutely. We come


from an industry that was zero, and we are up to 30%. Not being able to


see it before we were guessing, now we can target it. Capturing carbon


dioxide from factories and using it to fuel food production is a simple


step with the big impact. Hear it provides us with a super-sweet tasty


tomato. Greg was telling us how he had three


pounds of tomatoes last night. I had a sudden craving for them. Some


would say I am pregnant. Cherry or plum? Plum. Do you grow your own?


No. You have a lovely patio. Thank you. We have a picture of it. You


have a dwarf Peachtree. That is the only edible thing I have got. I do


not really know what it is. Out of all the things you could have


chosen, why that? I don't know. I just thought, you're coming home


with me. Across the country... Across the country many of us


are getting ready for the end of the school year and will be


saying goodbye to many of our terrific teachers and maybe


plying them with wine But tonight, Greg, we are reuniting


you with some of your former pupils in what we're calling


This Is Your Teaching Life. Behind this screen are some


of your former drama students Each will tell a story about you,


Greg, and all you have to do is try I mean... I know, it's a long shot.


You laughed at me when I had to dress as a punk rocker for Gregory


is Carol. You had me singing in all. You wrote the word nerd on my


script. I already sound like the dream teacher. I brought a dog in


for rehearsals and I wrote nerd on her script. Would you like a clue?


What school was it? Sandhurst. You bumped into this person actually


petrol station ten years ago and you pulled a face when she said she was


going to go on to train as a teacher. Really? I don't know why


because it is a very noble profession. Any idea? No. Let's


reveal. Bring their own Bethan. I can hand on heart say that Bethan


was a lovely pupil. That is true. Pupil number two. You called me and


a group of friends trash in a drama studio at break time. I'd tried to


run away but you got me and put me in detention. I remember. Is it


Sandhurst again? Yeah. Timmy Bacon? Fantastic. I started as a reporter


in your production of Bugsy Malone and you helped me perfect my


American accent. We used silly string for the guns. Bugsy Malone. I


directed it twice through sheer laziness. I don't know. We will


bring her in. Tanya Little. Go and say hello to your former pupils. Man


Down starts mid-August on Channel 4. Greg, thanks for joining


us this evening. Comedian Rob Beckett will be


on presenting duties with me tomorrow night in our last show


before our summer break when we'll be talking


to the stars of Cars Three,