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Alex Jones and Rob Beckett are joined on the sofa by Owen Wilson to talk about Cars 3. There's also music from The Vamps.

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Hello and welcome to the One Show with Alex Jones.


And my co-driver for the night, the very funny, self-proclaimed


'mouth of the south' - Rob Beckett!


Happy Friday. Happy Friday, Rob. Good to have you here. Your I


dressed smart debut. For. It Looking lovely. Matt always looks nice,


doesn't he? He does. I couldn't go for the full cream rowers. I would


look like Rupert the Bear. Well, I'm glad you're in the driving


seat with me because tonight We've got a lot to get


through before we reach the finishing line including


music from The Vamps! So buckle up, and enjoy the ride


because joining us now is the star of the latest Disney Pixar


blockbuster, Cars 3. Please welcome Lightning McQueen


himself - it's only Owen Wilson! Hello, nice to see you. Come and


have a seat. Good to have you with us. Thanks for having me. No


problem. We will talk all about Cars 3 later on. The audience is excited,


I'm sure everyone is at home too. We will start with car themed


questions. Fire away. We picked a theme and gone for it. Yes. We heard


you sat your driving theory test with a Country star. Legend. How and


who? Willie Nelson. We took our... We had to get our driver's licence


renewed. We both had Texan driver's licence, we had to have Calfornian


ones. His wife set it up to go together and take a written test. I


don't want to say that we got some help, but we got some help! In


exchange - Is that you will a right For taking pictures. I think so. I


have to disagree. It was a teacher I ran into in school. No, no. You


don't drive over here, you use a bike to get around? Yeah. I would be


nervous driving here you guys drive - That is because you failed your


theory test! If you'd done it properly you would feel confident. I


get around on a bicycle. That's a great way to get around London with


the traffic and everything. You guys have those great, the fold up bikes.


Yes. They are hard work. Aren't they ano-oning They are great. Everyone


looks stressed when I see them on the train with one. I don't bring


them on the train. I just ride them. You make it sound a lot cooler. Yes.


Now, later on in the show we'll be handing you over to be interviewed


by one of the country's biggest Lightning McQueen fans.


He's been a huge fan for over half his life,


There's his Lightning McQueen birthday cake.


There he is talking a nap in his Lightning McQueen duvet cover


And there he with his collection of Lightning McQueen cars.


Yes, it's fair to say, he eat, sleeps and breathes


Abi, how are you? Good, thank you. It will be a huge surprise for Aaron


later on. Where is he now? He's gone up to bed. Just as normal. He's


brushing his teeth with his Lightning McQueen tooth brush and


PJs like he does he every night. How obsessed is he, how many times have


you had to watch? We know he's obsessed. Cleaning his teeth with


one of your projects. Have you had to keep him awake He's been Carrs


mad since before he was two years old. We have won the film 100 times.


His two goldfish are called Lightning and McQueen. We get it.


His reaction will be good. We will speak to you later.


Now Owen, we know you're from Texas, so we've handpicked a couple films


Texas style barbeques coming up later.


There's two things I know about Texas - there's lots of oil


So here's a film about a massive oil rig.


Just off the north-east coast lies some of the biggest structures in


the United Kingdom. Engineering marvels that have supplied us with


oil and gas for the past four decades. This is the Brent Delta


Platform. At its peak in 1982 it pumped 500 million barrels of oil a


day. With production declining, this and hundreds of others will be


decommissioned over the next 40 years. The plan is to bring them


here, to Hartlepool Docks to be broken down and recycled. It's


anything but simple. Bringing these giants of steel and concrete ashore


is an extraordinary feat of engineering. First the we wills were


capped. The enormous top side, weighing 24,000 tonnes and reaching


130 meters into the sky was sliced clean from its giant legs using die


manned cutters. It was then lifted aboard the biggest ship on earth in


the world's heaviest ever marine lift and sailed 400 miles inland


where it was transferred to another sea monster, a giant barge called


the Iron Lady. It's finally here. It's been at sea for 40 years and


the challenge for the team now is to get it ashore. How long will it


take? For the project leader Alistair Hope it's the culmination


of five years hard work. We know from the one other single lifted


platform that was done last year in Norway that this operation can go


badly wrong. In that case, the quay started to collapse. There was


nearly a catastrophe. We spent a lot of time designing and building this


quay. Underneath are 1200 pianist that give the strength to take


24,000 tonnes. Moving this monster will be done by a process called


skidding. With just the click of a button, it begins. Sitting on three


giant stools the rig is lifted on to tracks laid from the barge to the


quayside. 64 push pull units will move the rig into place. You have to


balance the barge as the heavy platform transfers from the


Vesselsel to the dock crossing precariously over a five meter


bridge. If you imagine stepping off a little boat on to a quayside that


you might do on a pond in the park. The tendency will be to push away


from the quayside. We have to balance the barge as the weight


transfers. It's not just the weight that puts it at risk of toppling


over. Does the weather have an impact it's getting blowy? 131


meters in tall in total. It's a giant sail. The wind is affecting


the rate of progress. As the Delta passes this critical phase, a crowd


of engineers gathers to watch. It clears the bridge without a pitch


and now it's fully ashore I can get a closer look. The entire structure


is now off the barge and on to the quayside. That means we can get


around the back and look, these are the hydraulic rams that are doing


the work. They are not very big. It's quite astonishing. With all


this weight comes friction and the rams can't combat that alone. The


skidding tracks have been fitted with low friction pads and are being


constantly greased using a surprising concoction, household


Luke bra cant and low calorie oil olive oil. Finding a way to reuse


and repurpose thing things is what this project is about. The man in


charge is Peter Stephenson. We are trying to take reusable equip am


first, take out wood, mattresses and carpet and we prepare for the steel


found Russ. That is melted down. That might be part of your car. It


comes back as metal in your household goods. How much will get


recycled? 98. 4%. Recycle and reused. After seven long hours, the


Brent Delta has reached its fine al ever resting place. Who know what is


it could turn into next. Just like that oil rig, Lightning McQueen is


getting old. Is he head aring for the scrap heap.


Here to tell us more is the director of Cars 3, Brian Fee.


Excited to have you here. Before we go further. We don't come from Pixar


empty-handed. We like to Carfy our movies. We would like to present


you... Wow. This This in the Cars world. You you have drawn me as a


car. You focused on one feature. Thank you. Alex th is you in the


Cars world. That is really kind of you. Thank you very much. You are


welcome. Some people bring us gifts, they are never this good. Thank you


very much. Would you be offended if it went on eBay? I wouldn't be. It


was drawn by Scott Moore. Brilliant. Thank you very much Brian. Very nice


present to get. Yeah. You directed Cars 3 it was Pixar legend John


Lasseter that directed 1 and 2. Was it pressure taking over? You know,


it's a lot of pressure directing a movie when you have never done it


before. John never Putney pressure on me. I only had - Is it the first


one you ever directed that's a big gig? Do you know how to direct a


movie No idea. I didn't either. You are a hero. I got a lot of support


from the studio. I got all the other directors together as fast as


possible and said - tell me what you wish you knew. I had to learn really


quickly. With we followed Lightning McQueen's journey. In Cars 1 he was


the young thing on the block, new to racing. This new movie he is looking


at the new generation coming through isn't he? I know. I accepted that


now sometimes I play a dad in movie. I don't maybe play the roles I used


to. I thought Lightning McQueen was immune to the ageing process. He


gets the ravages of time hitting him. It makes for sort of a full


circle with the story, the way now Paul Newman was a mentor to


Lightning in the beginninged and now Lightning McQueen has that


opportunity to sort of do the same thing in this one. Let us take a


look at the moment when Lightning McQueen meets the new kid in town,


Jackson Storm, for the very first time. I appreciate it, thank you


very much. Thank you. Hey, Jackson Storm, right? Great race today. Wow,


thank you Mr McQueen. You have no idea what a pleasure it is to


finally beat you. Thanks. Hang on did you say "meet or beat"? I think


you heard me. Oh, what? Can we get Picker Tuesday. Get a tonne of


pictures. Champ has been a role model of mine for years now. I mean


a lot of years! Right, I love this guy. I think I touched a nerve!


APPLAUS Great film. I saw a screening of it


yesterday, I loved it. The new cars look incredible. I do a little bit


of voice over stuff. It's voiced by you. People have the perception that


it take as couple of hours and they do the film is it a much longer


process than people realise? No, it's a little bit what you say. Roll


in, a a could of hours, then, yeah, call it a day. We do it a lot of


times. Yeah. It's not just That is true once. . Do you feel you have


nailed it first time and Brian goes, come on... I think I've nailed. It


you like to have options. We like options. Sometimes you discover a


new way to do it. I like to experiment after we get what is


written onto the page. With Owen, kind of coming from a writer


background you kind of steer us around sometimes. We get things we


didn't expect to get. Do you get writing credit - awkward! Wow. OK. I


can feel the tension, could you! You could. You say Owen you never go


to premiers. Actually you manage to sit through this one? Yeah. It's a


little awkward. I find it awkward seeing yourself or hearing your


voice. I can imagine. You can imagine that's awkward for me? Yeah!


It is. With this one I had my six-year-old and three-year-old they


were both going. So I went with them and it was a fun experience to have


at Disneyland to see how Reeved up they got. Waiting, I knew Lightning


McQueen has a crash in the beginning. I was watching my


three-year-old. He was just like, gets his world blown when he sees


Lightning McQueen crash. He is like, "are you going to be OK?" Oh! When I


did sit through the whole thing, it was great. Great job. It's a great


film we will talk more in a bit. Yes, there's a new kid in town


called Isla who's been nominated, alongside the likes of Frankie Boyle


and Doon Mackichan, for a Scottish comedy award for her online videos


that she makes on an iPhone And the annoying thing is she's


only three years old! Well, with the summer


holiday's coming up, here's Isla and Mark with a video


they've made especially for us. Start getting ready for nursery.


It's the summer holidays. How long do they last? Ten days? Seven weeks.


What do you find to do for seven weeks? Don't worry, today, soft


play. Not soft play. What's wrong with soft play? 'S boring. Tomorrow,


riding a bike, baking cakes. And the rest of the week we can go to a


theme park and a toy shop. I'm not made of money. You can't put a price


on fun, dad. I think we should do some local, cheaper things. Like


what? Go to the museum. Museums for old people, dad. What about the farm


down road, that's like a zoo? It a few cows in an angry goat. What


about the beach? We could paddle, sunbathe. Sunbathe, we live in


Scotland. We had our summer, it was a Tuesday afternoon. How are we


going to fill seven weeks? We could just sit on the couch and eat pizza


and watch a DVD. Yes, great idea! So good. If you want to see more,


they have made a selection of funny films which can be found on BBC


Scotland's Short Stuff website. Watch yourself. She is too good. Did


you enjoy that? She has a lot of charisma. Funny. Did you pick up on


the different accents? Well, the one main one! Yes. Very well spoken.


Earlier in the meeting we watched the trailer to your new film with


Julia Roberts called Wonder. I was on the floor, crying my eyes out.


Severe hay fever in both eyes. Pollen, nightmare. Tell us about it.


It is with Julia Roberts and it is based on a book. We have a child


that is born with... Facial disfigurement. The parents are


worried about him going to school. I know that with Marley and me, it was


a tear-jerker. I am bracing myself for people complaining I made them


cry. It is heart-wrenching. That is your first time acting with Julia


Roberts. Ben Stiller, you have worked with him 13 times. Is it only


13? It feels like 100. How did that happen? How did it happen? He cast


me, the first movie I auditioned and got, in the cable Guy, the only


movie I ever got from an audition. He cast me in that, although later


he told me he did not want to cast me but someone else did, the writer.


Ever since, we have worked on... Such a good pairing. We could talk


to you all days but we need you to get into character as Lightning


McQueen because we have someone special waiting to speak to you. He


does not want to talk to Owen Wilson, but Lightning McQueen. Can


you channel Lightning? Can we speak to Abbey? Hello. Hello. Good news,


we have got Lightning McQueen standing by. Is Aaron ready? Yes, he


is. We can hear you. Hello, Aaron, it's Lightning McQueen! We are here


at radiator Springs, wondering what you are doing. We miss you. He has


gone shy! Aaron, you have got three questions for Lightning McQueen.


What is your first question? Do you like pizza vesture Mark of course.


How could I not love pizza. These are hard-hitting questions. White


macro -- next one? How do you go so fast? It helps having a name like


Lightning. You have to go fast with that name. It was just the way that


they drew me. One more question, Aaron. Are you friends with Jackson?


Not so much. But he's not a bad guy. We did, in doing this, he is very


arrogant. But maybe that is just sour grapes on my part. Making


dreams happen. How was that? Was it OK? We will take that as a yes.


Lightning has to go and race now what we will send you something


special in the post. Enjoy the film tomorrow. Good night. See you later,


Aaron. We're about to zoom outside


for The Vamps but first, we know the Americans are great


when it comes to animation Well, we're about to find out


because Ricky has hosted a BBQ It's summer, and for British food


that means one thing. It's barbecue season, time to break out the tongs,


firelighters and the sun hat. This is the Grill stop festival in


Bristol, a celebration of barbecues, but with a distinctive American


flavour. US- style barbecue joints are popping up all over the country.


What is it that makes the US barbecue so special? American chef


Ray lamp is better known as Doctor barbecue. He should know. Americans


made it about the flavour and the source. The sources are unique in


different parts of the country. We match the Carolina sauce with fatty


pork. In Texas they make a beef gravy barbecue sauce. What do you


think about the British barbecue? When I first came here all that


people talked about was burning sausages in disposable grills. That


is just drunken backyard activity that I am not familiar with. I am


not having that. Time to defend the honour of great British barbecue in.


So welcome to our very own transatlantic barbecue grudge match.


For the stars Stripes, Ray has recruited two US legends of the


competitive barbecue scene. John, and DJ barbecue, Christian. And for


the UK, Somerset's expert master, Simon, and former grand champion,


Steve, also known as Priscilla, Queen of the fire pit. We've got


this in the bag. Look at what Ricardo has brought. Each team has


three hours to make a barbecue feast. First, the burgers and I am


going the whole hog. The pig is the king as far as I'm concerned, so I


am doing a pork burger, with pork belly, smoked bacon and paprika.


What could be better? DJ barbecue is relying on a special ingredient for


his burgers. I have added some bone marrow to supercharge it. Steve is


making a spicy less than your. Yes, on a barbecue. We have some blue


cheese and some of these bad boys. This is a hybrid red have an Aero


Chile. It has a little bit of kick. Doctor barbecue is rustling up


chicken with grips. That is sloppy corn porridge to you and me. And


John is serving up a butterscotch cake. He has a trick. I put the tray


on upside down with nothing in which protects the cake from the heat, so


should not burn and it should be done in 40 minutes. Nice. Simon


serves up our great British apple pie, complete with maple syrup


bacon. Put a lid on it. The burgers are nearly done. About two minutes


left. Everything is getting frantic. We need to dish up and beat the


Americans. Today, we have a panel of expert judges awarding points for


each dish, on taste, texture and quality. In the meantime, I want to


see what the barbecue fans make of the dishes. Stunning. A pork burger


as opposed to a beef burger. Try some cake. Really moist. I like


that. It has caramelised everything. Lets see what the judges think. I


liked the pepper, which got it going. For the UK, the burger was


really nice with loads of flavour and the pork belly was delicious.


Pretty impressive and it is pretty tight. Who is it going to be? It is


USA. Well done, buddy. For today, at least, it seems the American


barbecue is king. We were robbed! The Americans won, of course. You


cannot barbecue lasagne. Definitely not. That is all for the next three


weeks. We'll be back on Monday 7th August


for a spectacular week-long Playing us out with


Middle Of The Night, taken from the new album,


Night And Day, which is out # So when I call you in


the middle of the night # And I'm choking on the words


'cause I miss you # Baby, don't tell me


I'm out of time # I got so much of my


loving to give you # So when I call you in


the middle of the night # And I'm choking on the words


'cause I miss you # Baby, don't tell me


I'm out of time # I got so much of my


loving to give you # So when I call you in


the middle of the night # And I'm choking on the words


'cause I miss you # Baby, don't tell me


I'm out of time # I got so much of my


loving to give you