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Hello and welcome to The One Show with Matt Baker. And Alex Jones.


Our guest tonight is the king of the royal interview.


So far he's managed to sit down with Princess Eugenie.


Prince Andrew. Princess Anne.


Prince Edward. Prince William.


Prince Charles. And last year Prince Phillip for


his 90th birthday. And now it seems he's focusing on the Queen herself.


It's Alan Titchmarsh! Don't hold your breath, she doesn't do


interviews! She has never had one. What are the chances of you doing


it? Non-! It is very wise, it is keeping the mystery of monarchy and


that is half the secret. What you have been doing over the last few


days will not hurt. I have been presenting the Diamond Jubilee


pageant and when South. We finished last night with the Queen and the


Duke watching. 1241 people watching from all over the world, from Chile


to Abba's I -- Azerbaijan. Welcome to a historic occasion.


look so smart! I clean up well. The Mounties were wonderful. We can see


this on the telly. Yes, on the Jubilee weekend, on the other


side... I am sorry about that! looks great. It is so moving. That


is the Queen's carriages from Balmoral and places like that, it


is just a feast. It makes you think, I am so glad to be a part of it.


will be talking about that shortly. According to Alan's book, all we


need to know about the Queen is hiding in plain sight. More later.


But first we've got a film that will rile any nature lover. It's


about the rise in the illegal trapping of wild British songbirds.


Miranda Krestovnikoff has been to meet those trying to stamp out a


crime that should be a thing of the past.


Keeping wild songbirds as pets reached a peak in popularity in the


Victorian era and it hundreds of thousands been caught to supply


demand. This caused the population to collapse and halting their


decline became a priority for conservationists. Finally


culminating in the 1954 wild birds Protection Act, making it illegal


to trap them. Today, all birds sold legally must be renewed to satisfy


that they are captive-bred but this has not stopped the illegal trade


in British songbirds -- ringed. Many songbirds are sold across


Europe, including in mortar. It also feeds a black market. With his


appearance disguised, an RSPCA officer has agreed to tell us what


he has seen first-hand. A lot of birds are sold at roadshows and


that might be inside the halls and very often outside from car-boot


sales, and we can determine who they are and where they are


operated from. How bad is the situation? People can make tens of


thousands every year. One involved a Maltese national who had come


over specifically to buy birds from bird trappers. We caught him with


over 800 wild birds, mainly chaffinches. He was given to sell


them in his British boat shops in Malta or, and that was �40,000


worth in one consignment. In the last ten years, the increase in


demand for British songbirds means the price has doubled and now they


can fetch up to �70 each. For the criminals, it is less about


enthusiasts keen to improve their collections and more about money,


trapping the birds with little regard for the welfare. The


enforcement agencies often rely upon public tip-offs. Most of the


bird trapping is done in rural locations but it could be on your


neighbour's shed, in their gardens and allotments. The problem is,


they all look very different and people may not realise what they


are looking at. Sometimes almost invisible methods, like glue, are


used, which causes severe stress to the bird and often results in


injury. This bird luckily made a full recovery. We have a drop trap


here. It is alive but that has already been caught and it would be


put in there, to attract the others to come down. The birds that were


attracted go into the stick and inside, and that closes the lid


behind them. Two more wild birds trapped. This was evidenced in one


of the inspector's most recent cases, along with this footage.


When the RSPCA and the police raided 67-year-old Malcolm


Spencer's property, they found 61 wild songbirds. Traps were


strategically placed around his allotment. The birds were kept in


terrible conditions and many were behaving erratically, typical


behaviour of trapped wild birds. He was not charged with trading the


birds but just last month, Malcolm Spencer pleaded guilty to 34


charges. Including causing unnecessary suffering. Keeping wild


bird traps... And the possession of 18 different species of wild


British birds. Every year, without exaggeration, thousands, if not


tens of thousands of wild birds are trapped for the illegal what


betrayed. This is cruelty on a big scale. -- wild bird trade. In the


last three years, convictions have doubled. This gold finch was seized


in one of those cases but today, she is able to be released back


into the wild. Birds like this goldfinch almost became extinct in


certain parts of the country during Victorian times because of trapping.


Let's just hope we don't see history repeat itself.


What a wonderful note to finish on with that goldfinch. How can people


help? It is quite shocking. We need people to stop supporting this


illegal trade. If you are thinking of buying a bird, if you are unsure,


walk away, contact the RSPCA. Ask questions of the person who is


selling the bird, ask for a proper recede, information that it has


been bred legitimately in captivity. Look at the behaviour, those birds


were behaving erratically because they are wild. They should all have


a ring around the lake and this is really important, to look at the


shape of the ring. If it is the wrong shape, it may have been


tampered with and if it is too big, it may have been put on later in


life. We have some pictures of sake It is unbelievable that anybody can


buy them. That is quite shocking. If you want to apply for a ring,


you have to fill in a very simple form providing your name and


address and anybody can fake that but the RSPCA wants this


application process to be tightened up. Who is doing this and where?


There are possibly hundreds of people around the country doing


this. Some hot spots: Derbyshire, Scotland and London. A lot of


people involved in this. Have you encountered this? No. I know about


people pinching birds eggs but not this, and by providing food in your


garden you can get loads of them. I have fed daily birds for ten years.


We have lots of blackbirds, goldfinches, even house sparrows.


We call the tree Tower Hamlets because it is full of birds and it


is costing me a fortune because it is worth it! They are gorgeous, so


curious. Much better in the wild. There is a lighter songbird news.


Some birds in Wales... If I could say that place, I would be


confused! The weather has been causing havoc with the wildlife but


some chiffchaffs have been singing the wrong song! At this time, they


should be singing like this, chiffchaff, chiffchaff. Basically,


the birds think it is autumn because of the rain and they are


doing a different call, like a whistle, like a contact call rather


than a mating call and this may affect their breeding but we just


do not know at the moment. Hopefully the weather will calm


down and they will go back. Plants do that as well, they settle after


a while and it evens itself out. I have daffodils still out in the


garden and it is mate! The little ones that come out early. It's his


upside-down. It always has been, really -- it is all upside down.


will be having Christmas before long.


On Wednesday, McDonald's are launching a new "no added sugar"


juice drink for kids, but they are already under fire for the amount


of sugar it naturally contains. It shows how tough it is to make sure


your family is just sweet enough, and our One Show family's no


exception. You may remember our One Show


family, the Hankinsons. In the past we have put them through their


paces, challenging them to live on �50 a week. It has felt like three


years! Reducing their salt intake. You are claiming that up! And now


the family have agreed to adjust their diet again, this time


reducing their sugar intake. Could this be their toughest challenge


yet? Sugar actually has no nutritional content so it is just


empty calories in our die yet. There is a big link between a high


sugar content diet and diabetes, obesity, dental decay and peptic


ulcers, and it can even know your immune system. Have you thought


about sugar before? Yes but because they have a healthy diet, it is


nice to have chocolate and biscuits. I will show you how much sugar you


guys have in your diet. Every week, one, two, two of those. Roughly


twice what you should be having. don't see where it comes from!


the Hankinsons are eating their way through twice the recommended


amount of sugar every week, so the challenge now is to get that down


to the guidelines. While looking at a shopping list, we found should be


in some unlikely places, for example, adding a dollop of catch-


up to your chips is the famous four grams of sugar, and quenching of


first with cordial is six teaspoons of sugar. But help is at hand in


form of this nutritionist, who will help Tracey reduce her family's


sugar intake. They are really confusing. This label says for


every 100 grams. For food to be low in sugar it needs to be under five


grams per hundred grams. If it is over 15, it is bad. This is well


above. The government recommends a maximum of 19% of your calories


come from sugar and this can quickly mount up when there are


two-and-a-half teaspoons in a basic pasta sauce and four teaspoons in a


Lausanne yet ready meal. Another misconception is reduced -- in a


pastor ready meal. They count towards your total sugar


consumption so even if it says "no added sugar", you need to read the


label. I know it does have sugar but it is something I like the


children to have as part of their five a day. 1 small glass is your


five a date and anything over than that, it gets into your extra sugar


category, and in general, when you see all of these added things, I


would be suspicious. Armed with some low sugar recipes and swapping


their chocolate with yoghurt, the family are ready to stop their


challenge. OK, boys. Try the pudding and see what do you think.


It is the worst pudding ever. have not even tried it.


This is George's packed lunch, with his apple, his sandwich, his water


instead of his juice, and his chocolate orange muffin which is


low in sugar. He has eaten it all. Time to find out how cutting their


sugar intake by half has gone. Was it harder than you expected?


thought it would be really tough and I wasn't looking forward to it


with the children but it was just planning and changing what we ate.


It is simple things like, instead of giving them a chocolate biscuit


when they come home from school, make a sandwich. Give them milk


instead of fruit juice. congratulate them on completing


their task, I have one last treat. This is the taste test. Choose one


from each and I wanted to tell me which has got the most should be in


and which is low sugar. # Sugar, honey, honey #.


Which play it was a high sugar? -- which played? This one? You are


wrong! After all of this week, are we expecting a low sugar diet to


continue in the Hankinson house? Even low were! You know what, I


really thought they would struggle with that this week but may be


cutting down the amount of sugar is one of those things we think will


be harder than it really gives. Well done to them. Thank you to


Simon. How is your sugar intake? Does honey Count? Yes. I have honey


on my porridge. Half has been as sugar in my morning coffee. And


then the chocolate after-dinner and night. What about some Jubilee


treats? Only if you force me! Not very often. You can take some home.


There's an enormous amount of Jubilee staff at the moment,


including your book, Elizabeth: Her Life, our Times. It takes an


interesting slant on punctuating it with her words even though you've


never interviewed her. A to a core of her messages. They are available


on her website. Price sat down and read all of the Queen's the


speeches over the 60 years of her reign. We often think at Christmas


Day the Queen is going on. If you sit down and read them, they are


very interesting, they speak of the times. From 1953 to the present day.


They are of the Times, they smack of the period, but she has


remarkable foresight, spotting the way things are going. How much of


the change on a personal level? has changed in the way we have


changed. It is like a scrapbook of her reign, but our life as well. It


shows how we have changed and the monarchy has changed. We have all


got a little bit more relaxed, even the Queen. I've talked to her


children and grandchildren, her attitude to them is different to


what it was when they were growing up. I'm sure the public expectation


of how the royals should behave has changed. Charles did the weather


report on Thursday. How do you think that would have gone down in


the 1950s? Some people picked at him for doing it now. Come on!


Damned if he does and damned if he doesn't, he is a good egg. It is


like the Duke of Edinburgh and his so-called gaffes. He has most of us


in stitches. We said you interviewed him, what was he like?


Tough because he hates talking about himself. I got to the end of


this hour and 15 minutes of speaking to him, thinking it was


hard. He put me through my paces. I worked out why. I realised in the


end, having talked to members of his family, he genuinely hates


talking about himself. Talk to him about his interests, conservation,


planting trees, and he will rabbit on like the rest of us. He will not


talk about himself because he has always seen his role as being as


support to the Queen. As she said in one of her speeches, he has been


her strength. You're a big royalist. Unashamedly a sympathetic?


Sympathetic and celebratory. I am not uncritical, but I do rate what


they've done. I have got to know the Prince of Wales quite well and


he works like a Trojan. He is so committed to this country. He has


been judged in the past on an unfortunate marriage and nothing


else. If people looked at what he has achieved, he is a good man. He


has got this country's interests at heart. Do you feel you want to


those critics in the book? I hope so. There will always be people who


say it is friendly, but I hope it is an insight. You catch more Fitch


by tickling trout than wading in with a club. -- fish. The Queen


said to be month -- the Queen said to me once, and she could not


understand it, when people talked about her top a way it can trainers,


she said we are not Hollywood. -- the Tupperware containers. The book,


Elizabeth: Her Life, our Times, is out now. Each week on the One Show


we've been following the Falklands war as it happened 30 years ago.


This week sees Britain moving towards a full-scale military


The peace talks are under way again at the UN. Mrs Thatcher says it may


be the last chance we've got -- we have gone as far as we can. There


is no deadline for these talks, but The ships throughout orange flames


and covering fire. Salvo after salvo of high explosives, each


heading into the darkness. 20 at a time, one shell every two seconds.


A tempo designed to terrify us much Argentine television film was that


everything was normal in Port Stanley. The authorities say


repeated bombardment from the Royal Navy task force have not disrupted


everyday life, nor caused much damage. Military officials are


bracing themselves for full-scale attack by Britain when


reinforcements arrive off the islands. For it is widely accepted


in Whitehall that be at peace or war over the Falklands, the


ultimate result will be the same, eventual Arvind time -- Argentine


sovereignty. But the prime minister seems to have different ideas.


Eventually they were working towards handing it over. I beg your


pardon? Did you really say that eventually Britain would leave


these people to be under the heel of a junta if they did not wish it?


Those were words I never thought to hear. For the British are seeking


to show they've gone the extra mile and to blame Argentina -- Argentina


and dialler -- entirely. The ambassador here is suddenly


Westminster by a member of the Cabinet, Cecil Parkinson. You've


just come from the Cabinet, has there been any late news? None the


time going to discuss. The most curious report confirmed by the men


-- MoD is the crash-landing over seeking helicopter in the Magellan


Strait between Argentina and Chile. The curious thing about it is the


aircrew should have decided to destroy their helicopter before


they left it and that they didn't then give themselves up to the


Chileans, who are neutral. Our correspondents as the crew may have


thought they had landed in Argentina. It is very mysterious,


particularly as Argentina is 80 miles away. The government is going


to attempt to repossess the Falklands by force. Although Mrs


Thatcher didn't say it in the Commons, there can be no doubt the


order has gone to the admiral. Pick your time, pick your weather, and


go for the Argentine garrison at such speed and determination that


you either scare them into surrender or force the Argentine


When we started a look back at the Falklands, we asked you to send in


your Falklands photos and we have got a few of them we have received.


Extraordinary images. This is the first one. Mark Stevens's ship, HMS


Antrim, was hit by 1,000 Bekoji bomb but failed to explode. It


shows me looking through the whole of the bomb. You can't believe it.


This next one is from Michelle Kerr. A picture of my dad, who was with 3


Para, returning home after the war had ended. That is my sister and I


cry in our eyes out. We were so pleased to have him home. Lovely


picture. The third one is from sub Lieutenant Peter Armstrong. He says,


I was Saxons stations flight deck officer on board a gym is that the


DUP. The most important part of the equipment is the enamel mug to make


sure you have hot drinks. haven't got any time for more


unfortunately, but keep them coming. Over the past few months, Phil


Tufnell has been searching for Britain's most unusual artists.


Tonight he meets a man called moose on his mission to clean up the


Graffiti is a contentious issue. Some say the people doing it are


artists, while some say they are criminals in need of an ASBO. But


Paul Curtis, also known as Moose, has hit upon an ingenious method of


creating environmentally-friendly graffiti without leaving a mark. In


fact, he removes marks, he uses high-powered water jets -- water


jets to clean areas. He calls it grime lighting. I've come to see


his latest creation on the front of an old police station in Bristol.


What is the process? What we are doing is removing marks from the


walls. It is actually the opposite of graffiti. Graffiti is based


around adding something and my belief is there is already so much


stuff here that we can work with what is there. By doing that, you


take away the criminal element and you replace it with something


positive. It is a bit like graffiti, Just to be clear, we are not doing


anything illegal. No, this has been sanctioned by Bristol City Council.


Very kind of them. I'm not doing any harm. I'm restoring something


selectively. Have you ever got in trouble? I've been stopped a few


times by the police. They tell me I'm committing criminal damage. I


say are many committing criminal damage to the dirt. They say I'm


leaving marks, I say I'm removing marks. I say if they want to get on


to the people that made the marks, they caused the pollution. News has


permission from the owners of these walls to make his murals. So please


don't try this yourself on someone else's walls without their say-so.


You're happy you have got him out there cleaning the streets? Really


happy he's in Bristol. You get positive reactions from all sorts


of people. They find it very interesting. He started plying his


trade in Leeds, but the local council disapproved. But his work


has taken him all round the world, from New Orleans to Slovakia. He


has even won commissions from the Met Police to contributed 2007's


Trident anti-gun campaign. Some people would say it is vandalism,


what do you say? I feel like I have brought alive areas where people


have never spent a second's thought. There's never any care in these


places. By spending a little bit of time, you can create something that


is really unexpected and beautiful in a place where in the past there


has just been nothing. I never look at myself as a vandal, I'm a


selective restoration person. you trying to outdo Banksy? No, but


it might try to... Time to let him get on with it and finish their


That's it. Finished. I hope the locals like it. It is such a dirty


building, it is a shame it hasn't been cleaned up and properly looked


after for a long time. It is really nice to see they have made


something beautiful out of it. is fantastic. It adds to it. The


building is not exactly Buckingham Palace. If you're going to have a


dirty well, you might as well have a pattern on it, I like it. We did


wonder how he was going to get around the hosepipe ban so we rang


him, but he has moved to China. will be a very busy man next week.


Chelsea Flower Show. They have a borehole. They have got their own


water. Have you poke your nose in? Not yet. I go very, very early on


the Sunday morning and stay for the week. We are on the BBC every night


next week. I like to be surprised. I used to read the guides before,


but now I don't. I take in the garden and then read it. Have you


heard from Dermot? The pyramid thing. The Damien Hirst of the


gardening world. They are installations. Artist's impression.


It has not as mad as last year. doesn't move in the air on a crane.


He wants to get about 150 Chelsea Pensioners up there! We will be


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