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Matt and Alex are joined by the UK's best-selling classical artist, Russell Watson. Mike Dilger reveals all about great crested newts.

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Hello and welcome to The One Show with Alex Jones. And Matt Baker.


Now, prepare to be roused, because joining us tonight is a man who's


looking to inspire the nation with his new album Anthems. Having


performed everywhere from working men's clubs to palaces, he's the


UK's best-selling classical artist. Please welcome Russell Watson!


not want to talk about Sunday, I am devastated. Actually I did not get


to see the game. This is true, I was walking down the hallway of


Television Centre, and I was told, United have done it, City have lost.


And just as I got into my dressing room, they had scored two goals.


was the most unbelievable few minutes. It was extraordinary at


the end. Do you want to talk about me now?! 1999, that was a much


better year for us. We won the treble, and I went to sing at the


end of the season, I was invited to go and sing in Barcelona. It was


absolutely amazing. We beat Bayern Munich 2-1. Is it hard singing in a


football stadium? No, it is fantastic. There is usually that


much noise going on in the stadium, you cannot hear people bowing.


will be hearing about Russell's new album very shortly, and we will be


talking about an experiment to find out exactly how rising -- how


rousing the album is. Back in April, we met a couple whose radio show


had just been nominated for a prestigious award, the biggest


award the radio industry can devout. But our relationship with Beryl And


Betty did not end, because they invited our cameras along to join


them for their big night out. David. Hello, David. Plucked from


obscurity by David Reeves, they have become a smash hit with


listeners all across the north-east of England. Do you like a bit of


Michael Buble? At 86 and 90, they are the oldest of nominees for the


award in its 30 year history. How does it feel to be on the red


carpet? Exciting, I think I am dreaming. Do you think it will be


hard to win? Do you think we can win it? Well, we could do it.


course we could. With tension mounting, the girls got their first


chance to meet their celebrity admirers. There's a lot of single


men on the prowl, I just want you to know. Having read you two, I am


thinking, I have got another 40 years. We will be out partying


tonight, will you hit the dancefloor? You must be joking!


there was one familiar face to put them at ease. Huge guests of honour


this evening, two ladies, Beryl And Betty - shall we go and say hello


to them? Come on! Hello, girls. How are you? How are you doing?


Chris, and thank you very much. What do you think your chances are


of winning this evening? Oh I would not like to say, we can keep our


fingers crossed. We can now officially begin, because Beryl And


Betty are here, ladies and gentlemen. Then, the announcements


began. Ladies and gentlemen, this features you know who, for the Best


Entertrainment Programme category. And the winners, Beryl And Betty!


Thank you to everybody, and good luck to you all tonight. Yes, thank


you very much for this award. We are both absolutely overwhelmed.


May I just say, thank you very much to David, who nominated as for this


award. Thank you all very much. never thought six years ago when we


started with David on the programme that we would be going up those


steps to get this. Absolutely on top of the world. We are.


Brilliant. How about that? As Beryl And Betty would say, that must be


better than chicken dinner. Do you remember your first musical ward,


Russell? I do, it was Picadilly Radio search for a start in 1990. I


won a gold disc. Really? Not a real one. I sell Neil diamond's Love on


the Rocks. You like Neil diamond. do, that's another story. Anyway,


you're here to talk about your new album, Anthems - Music To Inspire A


Nation. What inspired you? I did not write it, I know I did not


write Land of hope and Glory and God Save The Queen! I know I look


old, but not that old. I have been singing this repertoire up and down


the country for the past seven or eight years. I have not got round


to recording it until now. Probably more predominantly so because the


eyes of the world around the United Kingdom this year, the fact that we


have got the Queen's Diamond Jubilee, and of course we are the


host nation for the Olympics. I just want to instil a bit of pride


in us before it all gets started. It is brilliant, there is nothing


like performing that kind of repertoire, with an orchestra.


Let's have a look at you in full # He knows he can turn the key once


more... I did not realise that that piece


of music has words. Yes, it does. I do not take the credit for that. It


is relatively new, but I just heard the song and it is so incredibly


inspiring. I made a real connection with the music, that was one of the


songs which got me going. It is a perfect soundtrack for the Olympics


and for the Jubilee. Are you hoping it will be used during some of the


coverage? I was fortunate enough to do the Opening Ceremony of the


Commonwealth Games at the City of Manchester Stadium, and there was a


worldwide audience of 1 billion people, that was absolutely amazing.


So, of course, any involvement with the Olympics would be fantastic.


am doing the lunchtime bits, so I will see you. Anyway, we decided to


put the songs to the test to find out which one is the most inspiring.


We wanted to see how much people's him -- performance would improve


when they were listening to these songs. Earlier today, these guys


ran flat out for 60 seconds without musical stimulation. But now,


engages in gentlemen, it is time for the main event - which stirring


anthem will inspire the best performance from our fitness


fanatics? Straight out of the box, and off to a flyer, Land of hope


and Glory. Coming through on the second track, Swing Low. On the


third track, We are the Champions. Jerusalem comes next. Next, Danny


Boy, which first burst onto the scene back in 1939. And finally,


Flower Of Scotland never fails to rouse the spirits. With only a few


seconds left to run, it is tough to call. It is going to be a photo


finish. They are going for the line! Now, I have the results. Who


do you think has won? I don't know, but I love the pictures on the


front, particularly as I am like that. Most of the pictures ever


taken of me, I am like that! In order to get recognised walking


down the street, I have to do this. You might be feeling the same when


you find out the results. Third, Jerusalem. Then, tied for the


silver medal, Swing Low and Danny Boy, but the winner, on 36%, it was


Flower of Scotland. There you go! # Flower of Scotland!


# When will we see your like again? # We were hoping you would give us


a bit of that. Now, you have had an extraordinary recovery from two


brain tumours. Truly remarkable. consider myself to be very, very


lucky. It is this incredible story about how it has changed your voice,


is that right? It has changed everything, my outlook on life, on


the people around me, everything. A lot of it is not very pleasant to


talk about at this time of the evening, but the tumour had got so


big that it had grown into my nasal package so it was causing a


blockage. When they removed it from that particular area, it opened up


a whole new vocal world for me. But I feel so good at the moment, I am


loving life, I am happy. It is a great feeling, it is the key to


life, happiness. You look very well. That album is out on 28th May. Now,


they are only 15cm in length, and they give architects nightmares.


Yes, Mike Dilger entered the world of the great-crested newt. Numbers


of the great-crested newt have dropped dramatically in recent


years. Consequently, they are among the most protected animals in the


country. Not even builders and their bulldozers are allowed to


move them without a licence. But here at the University of Kent,


they are not considered a nuisance, in fact, they are positively


encouraged. So I have come along with my special licence to find out


exactly what is going on. Great- crested newts have naturally


colonised the artificial ponds which the professor has created


here. This species has been declining right across Europe...


monitoring the whereabouts of every individual, and working out how


they move, a picture has been built up of what makes their perfect home.


I am here to help Richard and his students lay traps. Dusk is the


perfect time to set the traps. Great-crested newts are active at


night during the breeding season, and they will often get trapped in


a pot until the morning. How are that? Being the impatient


naturalist that I am, I cannot wait until tomorrow morning. It is now


10 o'clock, and Richard has brought me to a special spot to try and get


a glimpse. They do not spend much of their lives actually in water.


In fact, they spend most of their lives on land. When you're doing


conservation, it is crucial to think not just about the pond, but


There is one right there. He has a distinctive very big crest. And if


the mouth. Yes, his crest is to impress the female. He can probably


see her and smell her. It is lovely. He is very interested in the female


and he has started to weave his They do this amazing display, it is


thought to waft the newt equivalent of Chanel perfume to get her going!


It is delightful news there are so many newts tonight and that bodes


well. Fingers crossed we will catch the bottle tops tomorrow and then


we will see them up close and personal. Good morning, Richard.


Everyone is out bright and early. We are starting to find a few newts.


This is a smooth newt, very abundant in the area. Let's fish


him out. What a beautiful, beautiful animal! It is a fully-


grown male. The Crest tends to flock down when they are out of the


water, and this lovely white flash on the tail. If we turn him over,


we can see the very striking black and orange belly, which through


World Wildlife basically says, I do not taste very nice. This is like a


newt fingerprint which enables Bichard to identify specific


individuals in an unusual identity parade. I think this one might be


Adam. That dot is very distinctive. Once caught it is a good


opportunity to do a general health check and take a look at their life


history. The scissor ridiculous!


Some individuals live for up to 15 years, while others take gap years


in their breeding season and it has also been found that they


continually move between bonds. This is valuable data which


provides the bigger picture for newt Conservation everywhere. Today,


they have recorded a brand new newt, and they have them reap kindly name


to after me. Say hello to Michael - - they have very kindly named him


after me. Hopefully thanks to this project, the future of that newts


will be a lot brighter. It is a marvellous thing to have a newt


named after you. It is the highlight of my career! Michael


newt. You know that they are barely is as unique as a human fingerprint.


Look, we found that there was a number one. For the One Show. We do


not want Russell been left out of the newt chat. The Wildlife Trust


has very kindly arranged... thought that was real for a minute!


I have an association with newts. Usually after a bottle of champagne.


Congratulations, you have adopted a great crested Newt. One of the


highest accolades you will probably ever received! It is the highest!


Very emotional! Wire are the great crested newts been predicted?


are being polluted. They spent a lot of time out of bonds as well.


Don't forget, this is protected on the 1981 Wildlife and Countryside


Act and ditties afforded the maximum protection under the eyes


of the law -- and it is afforded. In October, 2010, 1500 homes were


in danger of being flooded but the Environment Agency had to stop


their emergency flood repaired to make sure the newts were protected


in the breeding season. We have got a map showing where the great


crested Newts are. They are very The black bits are where they are.


They are beautiful, beautiful animals. Where were we? They are


around. Yes! Are they more in the South? They are not the only newts


protected. We have three species in the UK. You cannot touch the great


crested Newt. The other two are distributed all over the UK. The


ones on the right have webbed feet and they are found in the West and


the north of the country and you can go and handle those if you are


very careful, catch them and showed children and very carefully put


them back in the water with wet hands. Then? Road.


Getting a decent photo of your child can be a challenge. Jamie


Crawford met a photographer with a Today's children are the most


photographed ever but quantity does not always mean quality. Our


memories are too precious to be captured as blurred pictures. I am


out of step with kids because I am more used to photograph and animals


and landscape so I have come to Devon to pick the brains of a


professional. Helen has been photographing children for over ten


years and I'm really love her work. What are your basic rules for


photographing kids out and about? To be ready for them and move with


them. When that moment comes, you need to grab it. If you have missed


it, you miss it. Yes! It is best to photograph kids doing what they


enjoy. Woody wants to be Superman, which is great, but all of this


crouching is hurting my knees. But download is the right place to be.


It is not so interesting if you asked a duck. You feel right you


are with them in the shocked -- if you are stood up. You meet a fast


shutter speed when you have children running around. Can you


give me your best Superman face? Exactly! Next for some more


composed portraits of older children. There is less running


about but with all of this parkland, I am surprised to find Helen


shooting against a barn door. makes a really funky, different


background. Older children want something they can show their


friends, something that represents them. They look good, professional.


How do you decide where to put them? Some think the photographers


have to do is use the roads, divide the frame in two-thirds and just


off-centre. That can make a huge difference, it makes what you are


looking at that bit more interesting. I often look for


naturally occurring frames. The tree is either side of her so it


leads your eye into her faith. is a great idea. I am really


pleased with these shots. Most amateurs will stick with a zoom


that the camera comes with but there is a cheap way to improve


your portraits. Invest in a 50 mm lens. It is really worth doing, I


cannot recommend it enough. Three months ago, Helen to these stunning


shots of two newborn twins. -- took these. She is shooting a new set


today so I can see where it is done. We are going to their home, where


the photographic environment can be controlled. You can use everyday


items, like a sheet, to replicate We want to make sure there is no


clutter in the background of the shot. You can easily pick up a


blanket and a sheet. You want to focus on the baby, nothing to


distract the eye. With babies and with children, a flash can be very


intrusive and it can make the photos look unflattering. Just pop


the babies in front of the window and you will get this lovely soft


light in front of their faces. Particularly with babies, it is


nice to concentrate on some of the details, like their tiny feet and


their tiny hands, and to capture those moments because they grow too


fast. The portrait of -- portrait Moat can throw the background out


of focus. So just make sure you get the focus spot on. If there is one


thing I have learned today is that you should know when to stop. When


the babies have had enough, but the camera down and come back again


because they will be smiling again and you will get a lot more


cracking shots. You have a great tip... But no time


unfortunately! We will have to save it for another day. Time Out Of a


heart-rending story of one woman's experience of domestic violence.


Victoria Derbyshire met a lady, who we will call Sarah, battling to


This woman suffered years of abuse from her husband, who was also


charged with raping her, so how did he end up walking free world she


ended up in jail? I should have rung the police the first time it


happened. I was petrified that it would not stop and it would get


worse. It took me until after the third occasion to think, this is


not going to stop, so I ran into the bedroom and phoned the police.


Sarah told the police that her then husband had raped her six times. He


was charged and released on bail but under pressure from him and his


family, she returned to the police station and told police of the says


that the story was a pack of lives. We have changed their names and


agreed to keep her identity hidden. His sister to me to the police


station to make a formal statement to say I had made a false rape


allegation against raid and the police up with the third, I think


he has got to you, but they never did anything to pursue that -- and


the police officer said, I think he has got to you. Theroux was then


jailed, not because the allegation was false, because the police


believed she was raped, but jailed because her retraction was fourth.


What was prison-like? -- her retraction was not true.


What hit me more than anything was not having the children around. It


felt a bit like I was living in How can an alleged victim of rape,


whose account the police believed, end up being convicted of


perverting the course of justice? Barrister at Susan Edwards believe


this case shows how many women are still failed by the justice system.


Perverting the course of justice was never intended to be used


against women who were genuine victims of domestic violence, on


the contrary, it was intended to be used against the men who intimidate


the women to prevent them from giving evidence. Only 6% of


reported rapes lead to prosecution, with nearly 12% of all unsuccessful


rape cases failing because the victim retracted, did not attend


court or their evidence did not support the case. In the majority


of cases, women who phone the police want the violence at that


point to stop. Then when it comes to the matter of considering a


prosecution, they are afraid of reprisals. For perverting the


course of justice, cerebral sentenced to eight months in prison.


-- Sarah was sentenced. Do you appreciate that perverting the


course of justice is a serious offence? Yes, but you have to read


between the lines and the good if circumstances. I was weak and


vulnerable. If he had not have been granted bail, I would not be


standing here now. The police told us they deal with reports of sexual


assault with sympathy and in accordance with national guidelines.


On appeal, Sarah was released from jail after 18 days and the judge


said the judiciary had a duty of compassion for a woman who had


already been victimised. The CPS have now admitted they were wrong


to charge Sarah and as a result, have set up new guidance which


means other people in this situation would no longer be


prosecuted without the approval of the Director of Public Prosecutions.


The policy we now have in place makes absolutely clear that if a


woman with drawers and retracts out of fear or threats, we would not


prosecute -- would draws. That is our policy for the last year. In


this case, one of the things that was clear in the Court of Appeal,


is that if the current guidelines had been applied, she would not


have been prosecuted. Last month, Sarah went back to court to try to


clear her name. The Court of Appeal accepted she was suffering from


post-traumatic stress disorder at the time she retracted the


allegations but said the conviction would still stand. As for her ex-


husband, all charges have been dropped against him and he has


never been convicted. It scares me every day the fact he could do it


is somebody else and they will have to go through what I did and that


is something I will have to live with for the rest of my life.


Sarah's legal Keane -- team of still waiting to hear if the


Matt and Alex are joined by the UK's best-selling classical artist, Russell Watson. Mike Dilger reveals all about great crested newts, and golden oldie radio stars Betty and Beryl pick up a Sony Award.

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