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Hello and welcome to The One Show with Matt Baker. And Alex Jones.


Tonight we're joined by some great performers, starting with members


of our medal-winning male gymnastics squad.


CHEERING AND APPLAUSE Kristian, Dan and Sam. They are all


here with us. Lads, what a crazy time you've had. Sum up the last


week for us. As you said, I think crazy is the best word really.


We've got ushered from event to event, from interview to interview,


chaperoned from one thing to the next. It's literally been non-stop.


Yesterday I had a chance to see my family, my friends and girlfriend.


It is nice to get back to normality, and today I did more media, and


then down to London to do One Show. But I'm enjoying it. And it is a


strange bubble you've been living in. Very strange. We've been away


for a long time - five weeks now. Being part of the whole Olympic


experience, you almost forget the real world. Once you go back into


it, it's strange, like Kristian said, it's great to see your family,


your friends, and try and chill out a little bit. You are going to stay


with us this evening. We've got quite a cool guy will you be


sitting next to. Joining the boys on the sofa is the man who took


this song to the number one spot. # And they call it puppy love


# Oh I guess they'll never know # They'll never know


# How a young heart really feels # And that's why I love her so #


It can only be Donny Osmond! CHEERING AND APPLAUSE


That was really cool, guys. How are you? Nice to see you. Hey! Guys!


How are you, man. How you doing? Congratulations, guys. That is so


cool. The first time the gymnasts have won a medal since 1908? I


imagine watching that on television in 1908. It was amazing.


Congratulations guys. What did you think of our choir? Where were you


when I recorded it? They weren't even born! That was beautiful.


Thank you. Urban Voices Collective sang at the closing ceremony. You


must feel their pain, Donny, because you did the opening


ceremony. In 2002 in Salt Lake City. It is nerve-racking. You are


thinking I'm just about to sing and 3 billion people are watching me,


so yeah, you get a little nervous. Did you see any of our Games?


in love with Gaby Douglas. I thought Rowan Atkinson started it


perfectly, and Her Majesty jumping out of a helicopter. It was


actually her doing that, right? was! It is nice to have you with us.


Earlier this week the torch carried by Bradley Wiggins sold at auction


for �13,000. But if you want an Olympic memento without breaking


the bank, Lucy Seigle might have I've come to this unassuming


warehouse in the Docklands of Essex to try to get first dibs on my own


souvenir. I want to remember the Games for as long as possible.


Fortunately this warehouse has been filling up over the last six days


with all sorts of practical bits and pieces from the Olympic Village.


What's in here? Well, you don't get more practical than this. An


Olympic loo brush! Almost every fitting and piece of furniture from


the athletes' village will arrive here to be resold. Clipboards.


Luggage tags. Bolt cutters. Hello, I know you are very busy. I'm on a


limit budget, is there anything you can recommend for me. A couple of


cones over there if you fancy them. I'm going to have a look. A white


folding chair from the stadium, �7. Usain Bolt could have sat in that.


I defy anybody to walk through these warehouses without being


tempted to have a good rummage. Clock. Don't be late for that final.


Traffic wand, �3.95. So Paul, you are in charge here, what exactly is


going on? Before the Games, all the goods came in, and after the Games,


it is all coming back. From the crack of dawn the lorries start


coming in. Everything here is far sale. It's all going to the public


on our website and then we've got a lot of products suitable for the


trade. How jigant sick this project? We've sold -- how jigantic


is this project? We've sold 6,500 beanbags. Is there anything that's


come in and you thought, that is not going to sell? When I saw


filing cabinets and chairs going to the United States and people


screaming on help lines because they want more, I'm not as


concerned as I was. Ceremonial flags and signed shirts are all


very well, but I'm very happy with my �4.95 Olympic loo brush. Every


time I see this I'm going to be reminded of those two fabulous


weeks in the summer of 2012. That is sick and wrong. That toilet


brush? Who would want to buy a toilet brush? It depends on whose


title... I have bought you something from the sale. Alex?


is amazing. It is from the American apartment. I'm scared. It is a bed-


side lamp. Plaus laws -- APPLAUSE Is it guaranteed? Yes. How am I


going to plug that in in the US? And you guarantee this is from the


Olympics? Will I be a Beth athlete? Ask these lads. Do you recognise


any of the things in the film? but I don't think anybody would


want to buy things from our apartment. Were you all together?


What was the set-up? Me and Dan shared a room, and lieu hiss a room


to himself. Fairly cosy but we made it our home for the two weeks.


there a curfew? Did you have to have lights out at a special time?


It was alright, especially after the competition. But before the


competition it was quite strict. Where the beds comfortable? You can


buy the beds and everything. said there are long ones for the


basketball players. Yes, elongated. I could do with a dining table.


There's a desk on there. Is the stadium for sale? It is a home for


all the Osmonds. Lads, going into that team final, lots of people


wouldn't have predicted that you would be in with a shout of a


bronze. How did you feel? Did you go in thinking, we are going to


have a great time and see what comes of it or plan for a medal?


The main aim for us was to go in there. We made the team final and


that was a big success in itself. Of course. Our aim was to go in


there and have fun, tried not to push too much pressure on ourselves.


Just seeing you there Dan. You got round to fourth piece. This was the


last piece. It was you against the lads on rings as well. Incredible


how you managed to hold your composure. Watching it on TV as


well, when I got barks it was so exciting to see. I can't imagine


people watching it live. APPLAUSE We can just hear some of your fans.


Would you like to see me doing due that right now? We would love to.


don't think so! It would be the last thing I ever do. Today is A-


level results day. We hope you all had what you want. Boys, how did


you balance being a gymnast with school life, because gymnasts start


young traditionally. My school were good with me, allowed me to have


time off when I needed it if I had to go abroad for competitions. I


used to train in the morning before school, so would turn up a bit late


new and then. But they were fine with it. They allowed me to catch


up on the work I did miss. I think if you want to get good, be good at


sport. You do know anyone with results today? A couple of mates.


Did they do well? If not, they'll be at the bar. Fingers crossed. You


can relive part of the closing ceremony at the end of the show.


Earlier today the High Court rejected a plea by Tony Nicklinson,


who suffers from locked-in syndrome. Tony is trapped inside his


paralysed body and he wanted a doctor to be able to end his life


without fear of prosecution. There is no chance of Tony getting better,


but some with locked-in syndrome can recover. Dr Sarah Jarvis meets


a man at the start of a very long journey.


Eyes can say a lot. A lock, an expression, eye contact. They are


all vital to the way we express ourselves. But what if your eyes


were the only way you could communicate? On the 9th August 2010,


Mark Ellis became a father. When his wife Amy gave birth to their


daughter, lola. He was 22, newly married, happy, and healthy. But


just two weeks later he had become even more helpless than his newborn


child. Mark suffered a massive stroke. He was alive and his brain


as alert as ever, but he was completely paralysed. Mark had


locked-in syndrome. Trapped in his own body, he was able only to move


his eyes. Locked-in syndrome is a sin droll normally caused bay


stroke, where an area at the base of the brain is damaged. The rest


of the brain, the thinking part of the brain, remains intact. So the


patient is in the terrible situation that they are unable to


move, unable to communicate, but able to think normally and


understand what people are saying to them. I could see in his eyes


that Mark was still there. Amy was right. Mark was fully aware, but


the future looked bleak. Most locked-in syndrome patients will


die. But two years on Mark is out of hospital and at home. He and Amy


realised they had a secret weapon - their daughter, lola. As she


developed, Mark could follow her lead. Lola the baby became Lola the


teacher. A speech therapist suggested that because Lola started


to speak Mark followed the noises to bring on his speech. Did that


help? Did it feel odd making the same noises as Lola? Strange to


hear your own voice. Mark's head, he is still speaking the same.


about their walking? Lola was just toddling. Mark was walking with his


frame, taking small steps. We had a joke, who was going to be first to


walk? Do you see how far you have come? You still look at your life


as before. Neither of us would have done it


without lolla. She's so funny. She is.


Mark and Amy have taken inspiration from the remarkable story of mother


of three Kate Allatt. A stroke left her locked in three years ago. She


was told she would never walk or talk again. It made me come out


fighting. I thought, damn the lot of you, you have written me off.


They established I could understand, one blink for no and two for yes. I


was ecstatic. I mean, I can't describe it. It was like, thank God


you know I'm in here. Kate has gone on to make an astonishing recovery.


Now an author, she deadcates herself to inspiring and helping


others in similar situations, and campaigning for better


rehabilitation care for strokes patients. This very notion that


patients plateau or don't make any more progress is in my opinion not


true, because plateau means the money runs out to help you get


before. Doctors should absolutely spell out, this is the worst-case


scenario, however, I'm an example. I know around the world hundreds of


examples of people who've survived. It is changing people's attitudes,


because we are still the same inside.


Back in Derbyshire Mark and Amy's secret weapon, Lola, continues to


inspire her dad. But the family realities they still have a long,


difficult road ahead. Every day is a struggle. Every day is a battle.


You've just got to take every day as it comes, as hard as it is.


Never give up. Never think, "I can't do it." Because you can do it,


What a story. That lady is such an inspiration to be able to overcome


such adversity, what inspiration. Thank you for a player that.


Sometimes we take things for granted, quite a bit we take things


for granted. Just the fact we can sit here and talk. People cannot do


that with locked in syndrome, they blink. So speaking of health, you


are looking good. Raring to go for your new tour? Before we talk about


that, I have been looking forward to doing the show. I tweeted about


this a couple of hours ago. Did you see it? This is what I said.


Looking forward to being on the show with Miss Alex Jones and Matt


Baker. We go live at 7pm at the BBC One show. This is what I got back


from Maggie Benabbad. Matt does not have a Twitter account any more.


Maybe you can persuade him to open a new one. He is an ADF will start


a while, there we go. I put the idiot part in their. -- he is an


idiot.. It is 2012. Let's talk about the tour. We are opening up


at the O2 Arena. It will be the first time I have performed in


London for a long time. We are bringing our Las Vegas show and a


whole lot more to the UK. I can hardly wait. There is definitely a


bars. Is it a scaled-down version of Las Vegas? You have won best


performer, you beat Celine Dion. Yes, it was awarded the best show


in Las Vegas for 2012. What we Abba winning here is not a scaled-down


version, it is an upscale version, we are bringing the lot. You did


the show in Las Vegas for four years. Six shows a week. Where does


the stamina come from? I have no idea. I wonder how I get through it


every night because I'd rip with sweat, all the dancing. We do not


just get up there and sing songs in front of a microphone. We leave it


all on the stage. You have been doing this since a young age. Has


your inspiration and energy changed throughout your life? Mike outlook


on the business has changed. At first I was a five-year-old kid


having a good time and I had no idea how many people were watching


on television. Then I did Puppy Love and I loved the screaming.


Then reinventing myself and coming back later on. Now it is all about


picking and choosing the fun things because I am celebrating 50 years


in the business. It is not like I want to keep climbing that ladder


because I have to climb the ladder, I want to do things that are fun.


We are going to do this because it is going to be so much fun. I work


hard, but I love it. It is great view and Marie are back together,


but is there a chance the whole family will come back? No. Why do


you say that? A lot of them cannot perform any more so the 2008-we did


hear was the last one. That was the last one. You have just become a


grandfather for the 4th time. We saw that on Twitter as well. Yes.


Matt doesn't know this stuff. He is not connected. Get with it, Matt.


Follow me on Twitter, gets an account. I have been there and done


that. What kind of grandfather are you. I guess I am a fan grandfather.


I act like one of the kids. My wife and I have had five children, but


she has raised six because I act like a kid around the house. It is


hard for me to see that I'm a grandfather. I act like I am in my


twenties on stage. Interestingly, you did not push your children in


the way that your dad pushed you. Well, I will not say my dad pushed


me. When I was 12, 13, I made a conscious effort, this is what I


want to do. Up until then it was dance in front of the Mirror, make


it better. But I did say I wanted to do that for the rest of my life.


It is incredible you decided to do that at that age. When you have got


lots of girls screaming, it is an easy decision. My family from Wales


have come to see you, we have got people outside who have come to see


you. I have got some of the most loyal fans. Straight after lunch


today they were out there. But the demographics have changed so much.


Younger kids are starting to realise who I am. On Strictly Come


Dancing this little kid came to Las Vegas to see us perform. He was in


the queue waiting to meet me and his excitement was growing. He


wanted to shake the champion's hand. I grabbed his hand and he looked at


me and he said, I did not know you could sing as well! You can see


Doney and very on tour in the UK from January. Another group who


defined the 70s, the Rolling Stones are up there with the Olympics of


having one of the most recognisable logos around. How did one of the


world's biggest bans become one of the world's biggest brands? Carrie


Grant has the story. Music is big business. Today's


artists need talent, but almost as important a need a whole team of


accountants and merchandising experts. If they get to the very


top, that is when they transform into something truly gigantic. When


bans have become brands, there is only one that can claim to have


become the first and the biggest. This logo has been with us for more


than 40 years. Since 1971, it has appeared on every single album


artwork and it is so simple and distinctive and it has become one


of the most recognisable brand images in the world. I thought the


logo was based on that mouth and those lips, but there is more to


the story than that. John is the man who designed it. He was still


at art college when he was given the opportunity to work with the


Rolling Stones. They phoned the college and asked them to send a


student around to talk to Mick Jagger about their European tour


poster. I went into a meeting room and there was Mick Jagger. Were you


nervous? Very. Mick Jagger loved the poster design and he was so


impressed he asked him to look at another smaller project. I was


invited back about the logo which was going to be small, it may be


used for a letter heads. It was not a huge deal at the time. Mick


Jagger showed me a picture of an Indian goddess and said, I like


this. She is the goddess of time and change and you only have to


look at her for a few seconds to see where he got his inspiration


from. I thought this was Mick Jagger. That is part of it, but the


main reason I chose this is because it was the symbol for protest and


anti- authority. I thought it would work for the Rolling Stones.


logo became part of popular culture almost immediately. Was it a fluke,


or is it really that brilliant a design? John had just graduated


from the Royal College of Art when he designed the logo and the tutors


here are still the experts. What is it about this that makes it work?


It is a sharp piece of graphic design which means you can use it


anywhere. But it also says something about the kind of


lifestyle and the image. Were the Rolling Stones the first band to


brand themselves? Even the Beatles had a distinctive way of


typesetting their name, but what the Rolling Stones did his they


understood a long time ago that merchandise, the stuff you sell in


the stadiums, make as much money, if not more money, than the records.


Merchandising has sent the low go global. It is not just the Rolling


Stones to have flaunted the tongue and the lips, it is just as well.


But the original letter John got confirming that they were hiring


him, gave no hint of how huge it would become. We have asked you to


create a logo or symbol which may be used on notepaper or on an arm


uncover or a cover for the Press book. What was your feet? It was 50


Guineas. But John has recently managed to earn a tidy sum or by


selling the original artwork to the Victoria and Albert Museum. He is


also able to make five or original pieces baked on the label. This is


just as fresh today as it was in 1971 and it captures everything


people of about the Rolling Stones. If you want an example of the


perfect logo, look no further than this. That story was not accurate.


Why? The way they came up with the logo with the tongue as if it was


going up, they were listening to a Marie Osmond album! Behave yourself.


It was either that are a Donny Osmond album. Look at all this.


This is original merchandise from the 70s. I never knew some of this


existed. This is great. It is a little karaoke machine. You say you


did not realise a lot of this existed, but did any of it go


through you as a family were you said, I do not like this, do not do


this. No, somebody made a lot of money out of the brand. It was not


until eBay came out that I realised how much was out there. What do you


feel about it? Do you have any of this at home? It is OK now, but


there was a time in my life when I thought it was damaging a brand.


grand daughter would love that. do not think so. Talking of


damaging the brand, in the late 80s, even Michael Jackson said that your


name was poison. That is right, I asked him. I asked him how I got


back onto the tracks. He had gone into superstardom. I said, how do


you do it? He said, changing your name. He was quite right. When I


came out with a song under a different label, nobody knew it was


me. Some stations did not want to admit they were playing Donny


Osmond music because it was seen as goody goody. So I had to reinvent


myself with the Soldier of Love. And you have gone back to that nice


image now. I am who I am. I enjoy my career, I love my life, I love


what I do. I have been doing it for 50 years. That tour that is coming


up, I can hardly wait to launch this tour because it is going to be


so much fan. I cannot wait until January. We want to remind you that


at 8 o'clock this evening on BBC One you can see our award handed


out at the first ever BBC 999 Awards. Hours celebrates members of


the public's quick-thinking in emergency situations and it is part


of a larger celebration of the servicemen and women who risk their


lives every day. Dad used so much. And Matt is going to get a Twitter


account and follow me. We promised you a bit more of the closing


ceremony. Here are the urban voice is collected with the song they


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