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The One Show. Hello, welcome to The One Show. Coming up tonight, your


chance to relive a bit of magic from the Olympic Closing Ceremony,


live here in the studio. Yes, we gatecrash double gold medal-winner


Laura Trott's homecoming street party. We are joined by the man who


can jump the equivalent of two lanes of traffic, which you need to


be able to do in London, the width of a tennis court or five Alex


Jones laid lengthways. COMMENTATOR: There he goes. I can't believe it.


Please welcome a man with a spring in his step, gold medal long jumper,


Greg Rutherford. Good evening, Greg. How are you? He is very happy.


is a handsome brute. They told me, he looks a bit like Chris. You


don't. You can look a bit more like Chris, they go. I can't see. I was


blind for a minute. We have some breaking news, do we? Breaking news


regarding break leading athletics. Go. It has been blown out of


proportion. All I am going to do was run a couple of hundred metres.


I am not quitting athletics or the long jump. I am going to run. I


like the idea of breaking into the relay team. The whole story is that


you are going to attempt to be part of the 2016100 metres relay team?


Yes. Possibly doing a European, a Commonwealth Games, but I like the


idea of both. I started as a sprinter. I thought, do a bit more.


Do you know the rules of the lake? -- relay. There is a lot of


pressure on the guise' shoulders. Relay was built up. We were quick?


It was cutting. I shared an apartment with all four of the guys.


We share a room. They were really confident, feeling good. It just


did not go well. I was gutted for them. They need you. I don't know.


The one of them will not be saying that! We don't need him! Let's move


on to roundabouts. Is it true that Milton Keynes are going to name


around about after you? This is what I am hearing. I don't know yet


but rumour has it. We have some pictures of roundabouts in Milton


Keynes. We thought we would ask you to spot the roundabout and tell us


which part of Milton Keynes it is in. Geri it's a fire has been used


a lot over the last fortnight's. -- Chariots of Fire. Where is this


first Milton Keynes round about, please come a break? That looks


close to the Open University, but I might be wrong. It might be Kents


Hill. That is right! Let's move on to round about number two. Where is


this one? Milton Keynes again, of course. It looks like the opening


ceremony. That is close to the centre of Milton Keynes. It is


heading towards Campbell Park? North's accent. North Saxon Street.


I know it has an area. I don't study roundabouts! If you get the


third, you were on the podium. at the third one, it is quite


difficult. It looks like the other one. It does. It is sunnier. Named


after a famous cartoon family. this the Simpsons? The Simpson


roundabout! Derry good. We should do that all night! Which one would


you prefer? Which would I prefer? You don't have to answer. I don't


have a favourite. We will have more searching questions. A week on, the


whole country continues to be impressed by the dedication and


determination shown by it all of the team G medallists at the


Olympics. Alex Riley has been dying to put together his special tribute.


Yesterday, we offered him the chance and he came up with this.


The great golden postbox marathon and it is brilliant.


It is just before seven am and I am about to played tribute to the


heroics of Team GB with a road trip of Olympic proportions. I am


sending each of my favourite gold medal winners my personal grudge


relations, not from my local post Broxtowe. -- congratulations. But


from that golden postbox in the medallists' home towns. This is


going to be epic! Where better to begin than Chawleigh, in Lancashire.


Home to the most famous pair of sideburns in Britain, Bradley


Wiggins. What an inspiration. Just days after becoming the first Brit


to win the Tour de France, you go and show as epic endurance. You are


a hero! COMMENTATOR: Bradley Wiggins is the Olympic champion.


Thanks for making sideburns socially acceptable once again.


Next stop, Edinburgh. Home Sir Chris Hoy. Sir Chris Hoy, the way


you smashed the opposition to win your 6th gold medal, it was


inspirational. And the sight of you crying on the podium made me sob


like a baby at home. Best wishes, Alex Riley. Next stop, Teesside,


home of Katherine Copeland, one of the winners of the women's


lightweight double sculls., Tade they are the Olympic champions.


is not just me who has an Olympic finger. The whole country does not


want to let go of that fantastic feeling. It is a monument. To have


somebody. We are part of it now, aren't we? It is our bit and we


have the photographs to prove it. Katherine Copeland. You are going


to be on a stamp tomorrow. Yes, you one out on a stamp! Next stop,


Sheffield, home to Jessica Ennis. COMMENTATOR: Here goes Jessica.


Dearest Jessica, what can I say? You made me very, very proud.


now it -- nice to know that somebody from Sheffield can do that.


Look at that picture. That is what it means to Sheffield. Perfect.


Everyone wants their picture taken next to this postbox. It will be a


landmark for years to come. Jessica! Congratulations and best


wishes from Alex Riley. Kiss, kiss, kiss, kiss. I am tired and a little


bit emotional, but I am about to reach my final destination. It has


been a very long day, one BoKlok in the morning. I am exhausted. Here


is the final postbox on my journey, for Mo Farah in west London. It is


a double gold medallist and a double postbox. COMMENTATOR: Mo


Farah, it is cold! Dear Mo Farah, you produced two of the most golden


moment. Thank you for such special memories. All the best, Alex Riley.


I think it is safe to say I have missed the last post.


A good effort. A good effort. hours, north to south, well done.


You have not won, but two postboxes painted gold in your honour. I am


not sure how it happened. There were two next to each other and


they thought they would do two. would be a bit tight to leave one


red. They might become joint, Siamese postboxes. Aren't they


joined up? I think there is a gap in the middle. I drove past them


the other day, quickly. quickly? Not speeding. Just to see


where they were because I was not sure. Shall we talk about his kit?


We were talking about it in the film, asking how many T-shirts you


have. This is the official RGB kit in the Games. How many T-shirts?


Around about ten or 12 or so. Team GB, so you knew who was there and


part of the team, you had either a blue date or a white day, so you


had to alternate between those two. You have told us you can't way


yours again? No, due to sponsorship reasons. Mind gets put in a back


and into storage. Guess who has put in a bid? We had a bit of


negotiation. Early stages. He is thinking about it. The other kit,


your sponsor's kit, you will see it soon because you are competing


soon? I am in Birmingham next weekend at the diamond lead. We


have two Diamond Leagues left. We have Crystal Palace, just before


the Olympics, which people watched. I could not jump them. But I will


jump in Birmingham. Haven't you celebrated yet? You haven't had a


party? Not really. One night I met up with a few people and we went


out for a little while, but I nipped out for half an hour --


half-an-hour here and there. are in the middle of Peking. Yes,


the way the Olympics fell, it was right in the middle of the season.


Normally it is the end of August or September. This time it was the end


of July and the start of August. You are in Birmingham next weekend,


it is sold out. Mo Farah is there. The good weather forecast. A 17,000


seater stadium and I hear it is sold out. There will be plenty of


British athletes there from the Olympics. Let's hope it goes as


well as Super Saturday. It could be Super Sunday. You have never seen


this clip slowed down to Chariots of Fire. Here we go. Here we go,


Look at this. There he goes, the That is quite useful, for technique,


it is quite useful. We can make a copy of it for you. I would like it.


How is it humanly possible to jump that far? To be honest, I have no


idea! I just found out one day I could jump and went with it.


Excellent. Shall we give you, I know they are rushing us, but we


have a treat for you. Here is some of the cakes that he baked,


honestly. Say you go. What are these? The cake and the cup cakes


are the same. It is different coloured mixtures put together,


turned into party cakes. Your bait those cakes? Yes. We have got you,


it is handy, we have to ginger men. This is great. Shall we have great


running and jumping? Can we play the Chariots of Fire music? It is a


bit rigid. Go on. It is a good job I did not land like that. I could


have heard myself up. When the neighbours of Laura Trott wanted to


hold a street party to welcome her back home, to Cheshunt, in hot


picture, they did not expect they would have to enact a law dating


from 1847 to make it happen. Yes, Lucy is there. It has been a


struggle to get this party off the ground?


Yes, it has, because you have to apply for a licence and that means


you have to wait weeks at heart Thatcher originally said no, then


the local council managed to find the Victorian law and anyway, here


we are. It has been invoked. The neighbours are so keen to give


Laura are really good celebratory night tonight. He we are, it is


very exciting. Come over and let's speak to Laura and find out how she


is feeling. I am enjoying themselves? Hello, everybody. It is


so exciting. Maura, this is for you. How do you feel? It is amazing, I


am so glad people came out. look embarrassed. It is all your


friends and family and neighbours. I can't believe it, I actually card.


Double gold medallist, will you get used to that phrase? Probably not.


It is thanks to all these people here that I have these two now.


Exactly, you are sharing with them. Lovely. I can't help but notice


that Jason Kenny is next to you. Really, this is a four gold medal


scenario. This is a world first, surely. Amazing. How are you


feeling tonight? Also looking faintly embarrassed because you are


dating but it is a bit cringe worthy of me to bring that up. Four


gold medals, amazing. A quick word with your dad, one of the proudest


fathers in the UK. How you feeling? Pretty good. I am glad it is going


off now. He where a master of understatement. Fantastic. We have


a surprise for you, Laura Trott. We have John and George, your teachers


from school. One more thing, Julian, Julian from the Post Office,


quickly hand them over. We have got your official stamps. Quickly,


let's see them. Oh, look at that! Let's get this party started.


Congratulations to you. Congratulations, Laura, what an


honour. What tonight they are going to have. You have that to come in -


- when you finish in Birmingham. hope so. You have another


competition after then? I have another three. Ade is here now. It


is 12 days to go until the Paralympics and with over two


million tickets sold, they will be great. Take us through a preview.


They will be awesome. Everybody was uplifted by the Olympics but they


are going to be totally blown away by the Paralympics. In Beijing, the


Team GB won 102 medals and 42 gold medals. 4,200 of the greatest


athletes are coming to Stratford. They are hoping to be second on the


table, are they? To beat Team GB? Do you think that is possible? Who


are the best hopes? It is definitely possible to get second


again. I am going to look out for the basketball team. They are close


to my heart. Of course you are. have got to the finals and semi-


finals, but we are yet to win gold and I watched Greg winning his gold


and I saw the crowd getting behind him. If our crowd can get behind


the basketball team in London, I am sure they will do us proud. What


about some of the more obscure events that will take place? There


is a sport you may not have heard of called boccia. Boccia is for


athletes with cerebral palsy and locomotive impairments. Impairments


to the movements of their arms and legs. It is similar to Bulls. They


have to throw it. They had six balls each and they try to get it


as close to the jack as possible. Boris Johnson is a massive fan. But


there is also hand cycling. It is one of the fastest growing sports


in Paralympics. You see the Paralympic champion, Rachel Morris,


there. You cycle with your hands, you get up to 27 years. You can get


40 miles an hour in those things. A great story about hand cycling,


Alex Ramadi, the former F1 driver lost his legs in a car accident in


Germany and now he is going to be competing in the Paralympics for


Italy in hand cycling -- Alex Will there be more tickets are


released? Hopefully as time goes on, but get on the 2012 website. I


would say go on late at night when there are less people on the


website. 400,000 tickets are not available yet, they will be drip-


fed out. That's right. For the athletics, swimming, basketball.


And get to the park, because it is beautiful. Hopefully Greg and the


Olympians have left it in one piece. I think the TVs were still there,


when I left! I was just saying keep it tidy, you have taken the TVs!


Have a fantastic Paralympics. Yesterday the world was told that


one of the most famous ships in history, the SS Terra Nova, had


been discovered off the coast of green land. The ship that set sail


from Cardiff to Antarctica at carrying Captain Scott had been


lost since 1943. Arthur Smith has been back to Cardiff to join in a


celebration making the start of Captain Scott's famous expedition.


Captain Robert Falcon Scott, a true pitch -- British hero whose face --


perseverance in the face of adversity was given a special place


in our history. It is now over 100 years since his final tragic


expedition to Antarctica. In Cardiff they have a particular


reason to remember his spirit of adventure. Scott set sail from the


city in 1910, hoping to be the first to reach the South Pole.


Cardiff was chosen as the departure point because its businessmen had


contributed much to the expedition. It is also where a special product


called Crown patent fuel was made. It was a great feel for ships


because it could be easily stacked, it did not take up as much space as


loose cold. It was great for burning in cold climates because it


did not take in water. And it was the fuel of choice for the


Antarctic expeditions. The ship picked up 300 tonnes of the fuel in


the port, a massive amount. Now the expedition was ready to go. Before


they set off on their epic voyage, Scott and his officers were treated


to a farewell dinner in this hotel. It was a grand banquet, laid on by


the local businessman who supported it. Every year, the banquet is


restaged by the Captain Scott Society. I am going to join them as


they celebrate the expedition's links to Cardiff and the courage of


their hero. Chef Spiro Borg has the task of preparing this feast. This


is a formidable menu, there are 11 dishes. It is slightly condensed


nowadays and we mix a couple of the courses together. It wouldn't score


any points if you were on a diet or if you're a vegetarian. Know. In


its entirety you are probably getting 6,000 calories. About three


times your daily allowance with any one meal. Full of butter, cream,


eggs. News of ham in aspic. It is a traditional dish were for want of a


better word, it would be like a pate, made out of a clear stock.


Aspic is the jelly that holds the dish together. Spiro Borg makes by


mixing the ham, vegetables, gelatine and stock. Wanstead


together, it is left to set. Also on the menu is beef fillet turnover,


named after the ship, and a huge dessert called south pole ice


pudding. The finishing touches are added to the dining room, the


guests arrive and the quartet play some of the music that Scott would


have heard in 1910. Here is Spiro Borg's news of ham in aspic. It has


said very well. It is very good. Meaty. Walls the food on the


expedition was not as extravagant as this, for much of the time the


men ate well. The problems arose once they left base camp to get to


the south pole. Society member Julian Salisbury explains more.


main problem was that the diet he planned was totally deficient in


all respects. They were eating something like 4,500 calories a day.


With that hard work at altitude, in the cold, dragging sledges, they


needed maybe 8,000 calories a day. The meal draws to a close with the


south pole eyes pudding. Very Two days after the meal, the


expedition set sail from this dock here. It would take Scott 19


gruelling months to get to the south pole. But he was beaten to it


by a Norwegian team who got there a month earlier. Disappointed and


dejected, Scott and the team returned to base, fighting off


frostbite, exhaustion and hunger. Some died on the way, but Scott and


the survivors carried on into the huge storm -- until a huge storm


stopped their progress. They died malnourished, just 11 miles from a


store food that might have saved their lives.


There is more information about Scott's ship, the SS Terra Nova,


one our website. They say that a heatwave is on the


cards for this weekend and next weekend, for Greg and his athletics


in Birmingham. We haven't seen his medal. Can you get it out? There


you go. A little rippled for the medal. Back to the heat, this hot


weather is particularly good news he if you are an aphid scientist.


Surely you knew that. We don't associate Britain with


plagues, but in living memory, we have been under attack from massive


swarms of marauding insects. 1979, the opening of a oil rig and the


emergency services had to step in. But this wasn't a one-off. In 2011,


even Wimbledon was besieged. And what is this monster? It is one of


these. The common garden green fire, or a food. Seemingly they are not


that frightening a prospect, but each one is a prodigious breeder,


giving young to -- birth to Young's already pregnant with another


generation inside them. -- to young who are already pregnant. Over the


course of one year this could result in enough ravenous box to


cover the Earth 150 kilometres deep. -- ravenous bugs. Now you have


cause for concern. Traditionally the people you think of as most


fearing the aphid would be Rose gardeners. Just imagine being


responsible for 14,000 plants. Andy Godley is the head Gardener at the


Royal Rose Society. Imagine you are not a great fan of aphids, are you?


One day you can have one, the next day you have two or three, within a


week you can have a biblical population. What do they do to the


rose bush? They suck all the sap, they caused the buds to be deformed,


they can be bad news for roses. not just roses. In a normal year,


most gardeners would be troubled by aphids, but in a plague year,


everyone has serious cause for concern. It is not just the fact


that a fits suck sap that harms crop, is it? The -- that aphids


sucks up. Worse than that they are extremely efficient at pumping


viruses into plants that can be devastating. Potentially how much


could you lose through a food borne viruses? The worst-case scenario


you could lose 60%. Dr Richard Harrington has calculated that a


bad aphid year could cost agriculture up to one-hundredth


million pounds. Luckily, Richard and his team are on constant watch


for a fit invasion and employ an early warning system of 12-metre of


vacuum tracks that are whirring away across the country, to protect


crops against this airborne threat. From Inverness to Exeter, this is


Britain's last line of defence from airborne invasion. It is basically


an upside-down vacuum? That is exactly what it is. All of the


insects are sucked down that tube and end up in this? They do. There


is all sorts of stuff in there, midges, flies, Beatles, spiders,


and of course, aphids. Somebody has the job of finding out exactly what


is in there. Rather you than me. The of the 600 native aphid species


in Britain, only around 30 have the potential to carry potential


dangerous cross viruses. It is these that Richard and his team are


counting and recording every day. What is the practical value of


this? By giving farmers warnings as to where and when they are likely


to be a problem, they are only needing to spray if there is likely


to be a problem in their particular area. Richard and his team's


research also 0.2 when we might next expect an aphid plague. Like


in 1979 and 2011. Both those years were preceded by a cold winter. And


followed by a dry summer. There we have it. The aphid is a prodigious


breeder reviled by gardeners and likely to invade whenever next we


have a long, hot summer. Unlike this year's exceptionally wet one.


And thankfully, continually monitored by a team of scientists


and their early warning system, keeping the nation safe from


invasion. Good work! On behalf of gardeners


and farmers, thank you to the Rothamsted scientists. Thank you to


Greg, our Olympic hero. What are your plans for the next four or


five years? World championships next year in Russia, the


Commonwealth Games in Glasgow. China and another World


Championships. Another Olympics, might as well. Them back into


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