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Hello and welcome to The One Show with Alex Jones. And Matt Baker. We


have got our stetsons on to welcome the ultimate bad boy oil baron who


gripped the road in the '80s. It is JR Ewing himself, Larry Hagman.


Larry, so good to see you. Before we came on air, Larry shaped our


hats for us so that we were looking right. They were a mess. And you


have even got cowboy boots on. Don't joke, they are not fun. They


are made for riding on horses, not walking around London. But you do


feel at home around here. I lived in St John's Wood for five years.


1961 till 1966. It was wonderful. Very different back then. Well, I


don't know. The smell of London is here. It has just got more people.


We also read that you are partial to hat. You are wearing a lovely


Stenson, but you have a collection of them? I collect hats. My friends


send me hands from everywhere in the world, so I have a few thousand.


We do you keep them? I don't know, my wife hides them. I am not


kidding. I must have a thousand hats. I have not the faintest idea


where most of them are. But some are really expensive, aren't they?


This one was $5,000. That is a hell of a hat. What material is that?


is beaver. The other one is some kind of flannel. Made in Australia?


Then I had better say nice things. That is a good hat. But is it


really a working man's hat? I will lay it down that way. Because if


you don't, your luck runs out. know lots of people at home have


cowboy hats and they never have the excuse to put them on, so tonight


is the night for all of you out there with a cowboy hat. If you


have one, get it on and come back to the telly and take a picture of


yourself, and we will show some later. People who have been on hen


nights will have loads. I have a fight. Now, Larry, Dallas was


constantly in the headlines back in the day. Later, we will meet a mum


and daughter who made the papers in Texas for their special connection


with your show back in the 1980s. Eighties, '90s? Long time ago. Now,


everyone remembers that JR Ewing was shot, but can you remember who


did it? Our very own cowgirl Lucy Siegle launches her own debts and-


style investigation. A JR Ewing epitomised the money,


oil and glamour that made Dallas and '80s soap smash hit. It -- in


scenes where alpha males regularly locked horns... Somehow, the


ruthless businessman always won. am going to nail you. You have to


be a man. The show spawned probably the most famous whodunnit in


television history, gripping an estimated 350 million viewers


across the globe, with one infamous storyline. Stealing into the office


of the mean old Texan oil baron, an unknown assailant fires two 38


calibre slugs into JR Ewing, leaving him for dead. A nail-biting


end to its third season. The sound that followed was of millions of


viewers in the UK falling off their seats. One question was on their


lips - who shot JR? It seemed everyone wanted to know whodunnit,


from the Queen Mother to US President Jimmy Carter. I came to


Dallas to find out confidentially who shot JR. Possibly the most bet


upon showing TV history, the series even spark some odd tributes.


Speculation over the shooter's identity was rife, but now we all


know who did it, don't we? Who shot JR? Oh, um... That was a long time


ago. Your man Cliff? I thought it was so Welland. It was a dream.


can't say. I will not say. I don't remember who shot JR. Gerard was a


man with a long list of enemies, from bamboozled oil barons to his


wife Sue Allen, Cliff Barnes and what about Miceli? Actually, she


was his mum. When the heavily guarded first episode of Dallas


series four arrived in the UK, it even made the 9 o'clock News.


secret of whodunit is contained in videotape brought into Heathrow


Airport by an American security guard. And a long eight months


after the shots were fired, the nation held its collective breath,


waiting for the cliffhanger to be resolved. Even after 30 years, you


want to know who did it. Ready? Dramatically, the camera tilts up


to reveal of JR's sister-in-law and mistress Kristin Shepard had pulled


the trigger. I thought it was so well and! De twas Kristin all along.


And she had a very famous dad. and Crosby was her father, and my


mother worked for him -- with him for two and a half years on his


radio show in the '40s. Did you meet him as a younger lad? I never


did, but I went to school with his sons. Small world. Actor who shot


JR. Did you know the outcome, or is it true that only Sue Allen, from


the cast, or Linda Gray, knew who it was? I didn't know and I don't


think anybody else did. But she says, it was you, Christin, who


shot JR. She had to do that in a voice-over, and that was how she


found out. Barras is back, 21 years on, it will be on in September on


Channel 5 -- Dallas. We know the background. It was about two


families. I was a big fan. Before we see the new version, let's


remind ourselves of summed up as just relationships between yourself


and Solent. There were some great scenes. They wanted to see if you


could make it through the ceremony without passing out. I admit, I


fell off the wagon. I had a few drinks, but that is over now. I


will stop drinking. So Llewellyn, don't bother with that story on my


account, honey. We both know if you are a lush. Was it hard keeping a


straight face during that scene? didn't, I was laughing inside.


did have great chemistry with Linda Gray and Patrick Duffy, so much so


that you were great friends. still are. We have lunch or dinner


a few times a month. What was it about you three? Were just struck a


chord and worked with each other for 13 years, happily. How often do


people do that? Are you friends? course. But when the phone call


came and they said, we are thinking of bringing Barras back, was it an


easy decision for the three of you that that would be a great thing?


Will heard about it for two years, and finally, someone sent us a


script. And they read it, and I waited to see what they thought


before I bothered. Usually, it is dreadful. But it was quite good, or


doable. So I said, you want to do it? And they said yeah, let's do it.


Linda Gray said, you will do it. what do we need to know about J are


in the last 21 years? What has happened to him? I don't really


know. You haven't seen any of this? For not the new series. I don't


know how much I can tell you, because there is a secret. If you


have a cousin in America, they will tell you. We will show people a


clip now what you with your son, John Ross junior. Bobby was always


a fool. Stubborn as a mule. And particularly hare-brained about


Christopher. He was not even a Ewing. On what grounds are you


contesting my mother's will? Mental incompetence. That is the great


thing about the new Dallas, there is a new generation of Ewings


coming in, including Jesse Metcalfe from Desperate Housewives playing


Bobby's son. It must have been overwhelming for them to do the


first read-through of the first day on set. Did they seem nervous?


They say they work, but I don't think so. I never give advice. You


can't give a kid advice. These are seasoned actors, they are not just


coming in off the street. They have done this for a living for a long


time. They have proved themselves. Did you snap straight back into


that character? Of course. It was like coming home. Is there any part


of you that thinks it was such a big success, maybe it was a mistake


to bring it back? At my age, darling, it is worth the gamble.


What have I got to lose? You can see Dallas on Channel 5 from early


September. The now, time for some real-life drama as Mike Dilger


investigates a dangerous beast that is popping up in parts of the


country and causing havoc. Not as toxic as JR, but pretty troublesome


nonetheless. In 2006, here in the leafy suburbs


of west London, a mysterious alien outbreak had government agencies on


high alert. 30 people from one estate near Kew began to suffer


from a mysterious, itchy rash on exposed parts of their body,


bloodshot eyes and some even had difficulty breathing. Richmond


environmental health was immediately called in to


investigate. At first, it was suspected to be biting mosquitoes,


attractive to a nearby water plant. But this theory was quickly


eliminated. Whilst looking for further clues in the surrounding


environment, they discovered a strange coincidence. Damaged oak


trees in the area were found to bear similarities to these photos


taken in southern Europe, along with strange, nest-like are


structures on the bark of the affected trees which were made by


an unidentified organism. Local experts were stumped. The answer


finally came when photos were sent to leading entomologist Martin


Townsend, who identified the creatures as the non-native and


highly toxic caterpillars of the Coke recessionary moth. The moth


themselves are harmless, it is only the caterpillars that cause


problems. It has a black band along the back. There are minute hairs a


long but backbend which are like little barbs. They become detached


and float in the air, causing a nasty rash, which can be persistent.


Very rarely, it can cause a life- threatening condition. The moths


were introduced to Britain absently with imported foreign oak trees,


and since their discovery in west London, more nests have been found


in Pangbourne, Sheffield and Leeds. One expert tried to stop the spread,


Dr Mark Townshend. Can it be contained? I at the moment, with


the level of resources being devoted to it, it will be hard to


contain her. They are covering an area of 100 square kilometres now.


It can be done, but it will be hard work. To remove the species from


Britain entirely may prove impossible, but just as they do in


Europe, UK councils are now eradicating nested trees as soon as


they are spotted near populated areas. I am going to see how they


do that here in healing. I can see the oak tree, but not the


caterpillars. The fuel to the second branch across, follow it


down. Underneath, you see the little ball? I can see it.


Presumably, the caterpillars are abundant inside? To which the nest,


we need a cherry picker, but first, I need to get dressed for the job.


These suits are standard practice on the Continent, because exposures


to the caterpillar's toxic hares can result in life-threatening


anaphylactic shock, and the camera crew are not taking any chances


either. In 2007, several soldiers were rushed to hospital after


refusing to wear such protection. Thus clearing nests in southern


Europe. This is the secret weapon, an industrial vacuum cleaner, used


to remove asbestos fibres from old buildings. This will suck up not


only the caterpillars and the nest, but any extra hairs flying around


in the air. This must be the most unusual place I have ever used a


vacuum cleaner. But vacuuming them up is not the end of the story. The


only way to completely destroy the caterpillar's harmful toxins is to


incinerate the contents of these vacuum cleaners, along with the


suits we are wearing at over 600 degrees centigrade. Thankfully,


there are now much stricter regulations on imported oak trees.


Hopefully, no more caterpillars will be brought into Britain.


Personally, I never like to see a species eradicated at the hands of


man, but it is a health and safety You looked a bit like Ghost Busters.


I was suited and booted. Those tiny hairs are serious business. As of


recently, a new infestation has been found in Bromley and the nests


are so numerous that they are trying to contain them. It is an


ongoing problem. We about scaring the living daylights out of the


people, they can approach caterpillars but these once you


have got to watch out for them. the moment the youngsters are in


the gregarious nests so if you see a lot of gregarious caterpillars in


oak trees, let the environmental health know. Do they sting you?


they have little tiny hairs that can fly off and get into your


throat. Really? They are not the only thing giving the Forestry


Commission a headache at the minute. The Asian longhorn beetle as of


20th March 12 they recently found in Tunbridge Wells. It doesn't


cause harm to humans. They were found coming from China in packing


crates. They live in here for several years. It takes them a long


time to turn into adults. This is the thing that causes the damage to


the trees. Where is the mouth? chomps through the wood amount they


caused so much damage that whole trees had to be chopped down within


100 metres radius. They ended up with 65 trees which were found and


they could end up, colonising Britain. Potentially they are still


here. We don't want you to feel left out so we did get you a


stetson as well. Larry might want to shape it. I met him before we


came on and he put his hand out for a fist pomp and I shook it. I am so


pathetic. The only one today! of people at home have got their


stetsons out. This is Chris, and she went to the


trouble of taking a photo of you and went upstairs wearing this top,


rodeo queen 1978, unbelievable. This is Emily from Horsham. You are


at an icon, Larry. Time now to celebrate the work of an inventor


from Derby who went to extraordinary lengths to save lives.


Over to Marty Jopson. Edgar Pask was called the bravest man in the


RAF never to have flown an aeroplane. During World War Two he


put his life on the line many times but his research led to the


development of the modern life jacket and that has saved countless


lives around the world. In the 1940s, Edgar Pask was investigating


ways of improving the survival chances of aircrew who had baled


out of their aeroplanes. This included coming into the sea to


watch people being rescued. He was presented with a disturbing sight -


men wearing life jackets, but face down in the water, dead. The fear


was that they died not from injuries sustained in battle but


because the life jackets they were wearing didn't keep their heads


above water if they blacked out. Circumstances surrounding these


deaths have to be handled carefully. He began his research, but there


was a problem. Nobody had found an accurate way of testing how to do


this in the 1940s. The reason being that imitating an unconscious


person in water is impossible because the body will always


automatically protect itself, giving on realistic results. He


realised there was only one way to test how an unconscious body reacts


when it is wearing a lifejacket, and that was to test it on an


unconscious human being, and who better than himself? That was his


Eureka moment. He became the guinea-pig for his own experiment,


which these remarkable photographs show. He got dressed up in the full


battle out for it and put whatever flotation device they were testing,


then laid down at the side of the pool and was anaesthetised. Once


out cold, he was set adrift in the pool. The only thing keeping him


alive was the tune that fed him air and more anaesthetic to keep him


knocked out. Sometimes he sank, sometimes flipped over, sometimes


floated nicely. A very dangerous experiment to do. After every Test,


Edgar Pask had to be hospitalised but this didn't put him off pushing


things further. He in studios were already making propaganda films but


he got them to contribute in a different way, by commandeering


their wave tank. The model ships normally filmed being tossed around


for high seas were replaced by a knocked out Edgar Pask. This is


very rare footage of him in conditions you would find in the


Channel. All of these experiments gave vital information about how


life jacket of the altered so they always looked unconscious people on


to their back. He had to play around with the buoyancy quite a


lot, but one thing he found was the optimum place to put it allowed the


body to rotate and float at about 45 degrees, allowing your airways


to stay clear. By placing a crutch strap to keep the lifejacket in


place actually allowed the lifejacket to rotate successfully.


His pioneering work started the ball rolling for the life jackets


we see all over the world today, including these ones worn by the


RNLI. What better place to test it out than their centre in Poole.


They can recreate a storm. Even in these high seas, I feel completely


safe. This buoyancy device here keeps me off my back. If I turnover,


it just pops me over again. It is all thanks to Edgar Pask. There is


no doubt these experiments took their toll on his health, but by


putting his life on the line for others, it allowed lifejackets


today to save hundreds if not thousands of lives.


That film was extraordinary. Next time you are on the aeroplane and


watching them give the demonstration, think of Edgar Pask.


We have mentioned how big Dallas was in 1980, so big that thousands


of people entered a competition run by the BBC show Nationwide to send


a family out to Southfork to meet the whole cast of Dallas. This is


the story of how Nationwide followed her mother and daughter


from Crewe and travelled them out to Texas. Leonora and Katie were


stars from the moment they landed. Dallas, at last! Leonora was not


just a secretary from an English town, she was a celebrity - they


were fascinated by her. By the end of the first day, they could have


been few of the citizens here who didn't know of the gun and trees


from Crewe -- gallantries. Hello, it is charming to meet you. This is


my daughter, Katie. Can I give you a little something, which is a very


small token. It is a shilling, and English chilling. I hope you will


keep that and sometimes remember me. I certainly will. It is something


you don't dream will happen to you. We really are here, it is


incredible. 32 years on, Leonora and daughter Katie are here! Nice


to see you. There you are, old friends now. How good to see you.


I'm bumping like that because I am strange. Or cool! That kind, did


that go where the hats went? I hope not! For how did you feel seeing


that because it was a long time ago? You yes, 32 years. Was a


strange watching it back? Embarrassing. We will come back to


that in a minute because the idea was to come up with a plot of what


happened when JR got shot, so what was your idea? That nobody else did


it, but in fact he was not really shot but he was wearing a bullet-


proof vest and a corrupt policeman shot him, but of course he just


fell down. He wasn't shot, he got better. That is pretty good. I was


the only one... Everybody else said... For can they use that in


the new series? You should be in the new series, you look great in


that hat. Use four the competition, and then


Katie you were dragged in to go with your mum. We still look a bit


embarrassed by the whole thing. Was it traumatic? It was very


overwhelming. People didn't get on aeroplanes and fly halfway across


the world to meet stars and it was just a total shock. Were we


everything you expected us to be? Be Go and better. Did you get


sucked in with your whole life, Dallas, Leonora? It is a big place,


Big Country, big people. Everything was so big for a midget like me.


The must be over the moon it is coming back? Yes, we did know it


was coming back. It is nice to have you both here. We have been asking


people all night to send in pictures and we have had a lot. The


most successful call out we have most successful call out we have


ever done apparently. This is William from Norfolk.


This is Samantha. This is Ali the sheriff from Twickenham. Owen from


Liverpool, or is it Usain Bolt? For these were taken whilst watching


the television. There is Robert in Glasgow. Nick from Crouch End in


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