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# Sometimes you want to go where everybody knows your name


# And they're always glad you came # You want to go where everybody


knows your name. # It worked. It did work. Hello,


welcome to The One Show and yes, tonight we are joined by the star


of one of the funniest and longest running sitcoms in television


history. He is the former Boston barman, now keeping us on the edge


of our seats in CSI, it's the most watched drama in the world. Yeah.


Please raise your glasses and say cheers to Ted Danson. APPLAUSE AND


CHEERING. Lovely to see you, Ted. Welcome to


outside. Anything can happen outside. Anything can happen. They


preare -- they are predicting rain. I think we are all right. We are


good. It's five degrees warmer than in California. I heard that. That's


not right. All the Englishmen that went to Santa Monica to live are


furious probably. It's temporary, it's usually colder. We will catch


up. You will love what we have in store for you tonight. There we go.


Sorry that was a dodgy pass. But he got it no problems. As the


selection for the paralympic basketball squad has been announced


we have four of the girls and guys who are representing the UK.


played basketball, Ted. Nearly! did, in high school and fancied


myself quite good and went to college and discovered I was not


good. I think acting became, well, all right it's not as good as


basketball but I will give this a try kind of thing. We are going to


be chatting to them later. The glorious weather this weekend


meant that beaches around the country were packed. But, hol Kay--


- holiday-makers could soon find themselves banned from swimming at


one of our most famous resorts. It's because of what's lurking in


the water. We gave Simon Boazman and wetsuit and licence to


investigate. All right, all right, I am not


James Bond and this isn't the Caribbean, this is Blackpool. The


reason I am here is because what should be one of this resort's


greatest assets, could become its biggest embarrassment because in


the future holiday-makers coming here could be told not to go in the


sea. The Marine Conservation Society has


found the quality of sea water here is amongst the dirtiest in Britain.


In fact, by 2015 under new European rules the water quality doesn't


improve, no swimming zones could be on the famous beaches. This is the


problem. It may look clean, but when they tested it last year it


failed to meet even the minimum standard for water quality. On one


occasion, they found three and a half times the acceptable level of


bacteria in it. Mike is from the Marine


Conservation Society. It's a question of public health. When


people come to beaches they expect seas to be clean. If I was to go in


the sea and start swimming what would happen? What could I catch?


If you are unlucky enough to pick something up, ear infections, nose,


eyes, throat, stomach upsets. Infections like these can be caused


by things such as raw sewage in the sea. This is part of the pumping


station. During heavy rainfall everything washes off the streets


and beaches, including dog waste, farm waste, even donkey droppings.


If the sewers fill up, some pumping stations like this one act as a


safety valve to prevent flooding, sending diluted sewage out to sea


through an underground pipe. Lots of rain, so the system doesn't back


up, they spill that sewage out into the sea. We don't know how often


they're spilling. None of this, of course, will help attract visitors.


In the last few years they spent over �300 million here, revamping


everything from the iconic tower, investing in their mile-long


promenade, and updating their famous trams.


But if visitors are advised not to go in the sea, what impact could


that have on tourism? Local hotel owner Vicky believes no


swimming signs on the beach wouldn't just ruin her morning


routine... That's pleasant. Let me buy you a cup of tea. What do you


think the impact will be on business, if at some point there


are signs on the beach saying don't go in the sea? Tragic for Blackpool.


I don't think the majority of people who come here come to swim


in the sea but it's part of the experience of being here. We have a


fantastic promenade and beaches. A lot of money spent in the area. It


would be tragic if you can't swim in the sea. Is the fact someone is


telling you that could make you sick, is that going to put you off


going in there? Well, it should do, shouldn't it? Probably not,


actually. I think I will probably be all right. Vicky may be amongst


those willing to brave waters but what do visitors think? Would signs


put people off coming here? I don't think. You have lots of other


attractions. If that was here it would probably put me off for a a


start. If you have young kids you want them to go paddling. The water


off 754 of Britain's beaches were tested. 516 were rated excellent.


But Blackpool was one of 25 where the quality is so bad swimming


could be banned. The town leaders have spent money on beach cleaners


and bins for litter and for dog waste. Plus, millions regenerating


the seafront. But is it all in vain if tourism suffers? How bad a pr


exercise is it going to be if, as is threatened, there are signs


saying please do not use the water? It's not the situation we want to


be in and we are working hard to make sure that doesn't happen.


you didn't deal with the situation, would it have an impact on tourism?


People worry it would do. You can ask the question again and again


and I am not going to answer in that way. Do you think it would? Do


you fear would if signs went up? job is to make sure signs don't go


up N the event that they did, yes it would have a negative impact and


that's one of the reasons we are working hard to make sure they


don't. United utilities told us they're spending �250 million


updating the sewage system. And they work closely with local


councils and the Environment Agency to improve the network.


Now, Blackpool have to 2015 to meet the tough new EU regulations on


water quality. If they don't, signs like this could become a common


sight on the beach. Very interesting to see what


happens there. Ted, it's very well publicised in America, I am sure


lots of people don't know, that how much of a seasoned campaigner you


are for ocean consrerisation -- conservation. It was one of those


signs that got me started about 25 years ago and I started a small


organisation that then merged and grew to the world's largest oceaned


a sroe Casey group and it's pretty much what I do when I am not acting.


And books and all sorts off the back of that. The major threat the


oceans face is overfishing. We are doing is in a wasteful des


instructtive manner. The good news is you can turn that around if you


start doing it a smart way. You are a busy man. As well as that work


you have also joined the cast of CSI. It's the most popular TV drama


in the world. Why do you think it's so popular? Wow, you know, I ask


myself that. I think it's taking something dark and scary and then


looking at it from a scientific perspective that we all don't think


of usually. It's a forensics mystery. So you get to look at the


dark scary side of murder and mayhem from a scientific point of


view and I think it probably captures people's imaginations.


play the new supervisor. Let's look at the first time we see new the


series. I thought you said two dead. I did.


What's going on? Should I be worried about something here?


Welcome back. You must be Stokes. Yeah. You must be contaminating the


crime scene? No, I already cleared the area. Give me a hand. Thank you


very much. DB Russell. New guy. APPLAUSE. We did notice that DB


Russell is not your sort of conventional character. He is quite


a home person, and not quite as as tough as hard as these guys usually


and he likes to do things like we saw in that clip, lying down where


the victim is and get a sense of what they experienced. I think the


difference of this character of some of the others that he was a -


he is a family man, he has kids and wife and he wants to keep that


separate. Work, the dark side, and life and his family. He is kind of


a mentor now to this group that got out of hand and everything. It's


interesting that quote you said, each crime is a story and the


victim's the story-teller. Right, he was a literature major and then


he wanted to write mysteries and he was terrible at it. He would hang


around police bars talking to people and then that's how he got


into the science part. Obviously you have an incredible background


in comedy. This is new for stphaou now for --. Now for something


completely different. Did you do a lot of research. I ended up in a


quadruple autopsy and it was shocking. It changed my life a


little bit really. It was massively life-changing. You see these people


being worked on. Did you go back in for more or was once enough. That


will be my one-off. Your dad was an archaeologist, I suppose that


helped pave the the way somewhat. grew up around bones and skeletons


and all of that. Got into trouble once, because I found a skull that


had a bullet hole in it and instead of - I was playing with my friends


and instead of calling the police and getting my father and doing the


archeologically correct thing, I stuck it on the end of a pole and


played Romans and Galls for the rest of the day. I got into a lot


of trouble. We understand as well that you are into period dramas and


you would like to have a crack at Downton Abbey. Yes, only if thee


hire myself -- they hire myself and my wife at the same time. We are


hooked on that. If you did get the call this is potentially how you


might look. Here you are. We mocked it up in front of the Castle they


film in. Looking good there. that upstairs? Would you be


upstairs or downstairs? Downstairs. Much more fun. Well, this is a


family show, both of us, absolutely. Good lad, Ted. CSI is on Tuesday on


Channel 5 at 9.00pm. Now, when Larry Lamb researched his family


history we had a bit of a shock. Turns out that one of his ancestors


earned a living by taming wild animals. He was keen to discover


more so we sent the lamb into the lions' den.


Throughout my entire life I have never spared a second thought for


lions, or man's relationship with them. Then I discovered that my


great-great uncle Tom was a famous lion tamer who worked under the


name of Martini Bartlet. This revelation came while I was taking


part in the history series Who Do You Think You Are. He was known as


the lion King. I am overwhelmed.


It gave me a fascinating glimpse into a world I knew nothing about.


Now I want to explore more and find out how lions have been


entertaining British people for hundreds of years.


The first evidence of lions being brought to these shores was in the


13th century when they were kept at the tower of London as part of the


Royal menagerie. They were mainly for showing off, a status symbol


that the royalty and rich could afford and this was the lions lot


until the late 18th century. With exploration widening our horizons


and a new thirst for knowledge our relationship with these big cats


changed. They moved out of palaces and into zoos whose purpose was


scientific and educational. But this wasn't the end of the story.


With the expansion of the empire there were a lot of exotic animals


brought to the country. It happened to coincide with the time when the


roads in Britain were finally good enough to transport by cart for the


first time. Showman of the day put these two things together and the


travelling menagerie was born. Lions could make people serious


cash by going on the road and performing with tamers.


These are men who were there as performers. They are playing a role.


This is a wonderful picture of Martini Bartlet, wearing a


military-style uniform and braiding. He would be on the front of the


show, strutting up and down with Once in the lians it was about man


dominating nature. They would often wear medals, this


one has a chest full of hardware. They are not military medals, but


they were awarded for bravery by the menagerie owner himself.


Was it an act? Or were people like my great-great uncle at risk?


are lots of reports of people dying quite horribley.


That is the frisson of going to the menagerie.


The thrill of tamers brushing with death kept audiences entertained


well into the TV era, where it became a staple of family viewing,


but as performing animals in circuses, fell out of favour, in


the 1980s and the 90s, this marked our changing relationship with


lions, now most people want to see them in safari parks, like here in


Woburn. Not only have our attitudes to keeping lions have changed, but


also towards our safety. I'm not getting in the cage with them. The


next best thing. Woburn have 12 lions who spend each night in an


enclosure in the building and are let out into the main reserve in


the morning. Today I'm giving Casanga some breakfast.


There you are, beautiful boy. Just to think that my great, great


uncles would put their heads in the mouth of a lion like that?! Many


tame pressures killed by their lions, but my great, great uncle


lived until 63 after making and then losing a fortune with the


animals. He always said, that you must never forget they are wild


animals can't can always return to that state. Getting so close to


these animals has entranced me and gave me a great deal of respect for


my ancestors who goat in the cages and worked with them every day.


Perhaps the medals were not just for show after all. Cheers, Larry.


You can't beat sitting outside with an ice-cream, watching lions with


Ted Danson?! I tell you what, we are nearly halfway through and the


rain has stayed away. These are lollies, not popsicles,


is that right? Yes, and now we are going to ask you a lot of questions


with your mouth full! Sorry, do you have sensitive teeth?


Because they are not mine! Next question.


I had a flash back of the vicar... Well, so is it right you have


ancestors up in Scotland on your mum's side? Yes, my mother was a


McMaster. My father was James Eric McMaster, but he was born in London,


but we were ferociously Scottish, he was never really able to live


there. So we were Anglophiles from the day I was born.


My grandfather on the other side came from, not Manchester, where?


Shoot... Liverpool! Liverpool! We know more than you do, Ted!


more. We have a great photo- you of you


as a young lad, sat there at the end of the table there. You are! We


think that is you, you can confirm it? I'm going to deny it! Yeah,


that's me. Yeah, that is definitely you.


There is my sister on the left. It's a great photo.


Let's get on to Cheers it is the 30th anniversary it did influence


lots of other comedies in America, but was it a hit from the start? Or


did they think it was to be a short-lived project? No. There were


70 shows on the air that year. We were last. We were 70, we were


almost cancelled. I think we would have been if they had anything that


they thought was better to put if there, but luckily the media and


the critics loved the show. That's what kept us on the air.


You are brilliant bar skills as well. Let's remind ourselves. I


love this. Sammy, this guy here doesn't


believe me about your bar slide. Can you serve him one up?


pleasure. Let's get this rubbish out of the


way. Clear the runway! OK, Sammy, any time you are ready... There you


go, sir. APPLAUSE Hit the brakes, pal!


missed a trick, we should have set up a bar.


Oh, that's not a trick. That's a skill! People are still watching


Cheers 30 years later, still laughing at the jokes, why is it


relevant today? I think it was great writing. They were funny, the


writers. It finished in 1983, it was one of


the most watched second to Mash? Yes.


84 million watched it. More than Friends. Matt Le Blanc was here.


I hope you told him that?! We did. It makes you think, why don't you


make anymore? Is there a thought of you getting back together again?


would make asses of oifs. It would be terrible. A bunch of old people


pretending they were hip in a bar. Now, both of us are really big fans


of Three Men and a Baby and Three Men and a Little Lady, now, is


there going to be Three Men and a Bride? There has been talk, but I


think we are bog to hop over it and do Three Very Old Men and a woman


going through Menopause! Well, as long as you dress up and put a


plastic face on, brilliant. Well, we will be back to Cheers, it


is being repeated at 6.00pm every weekday on CBS Drama.


30 years ago this week, the Falklands War was taking a dramatic


and decisive turn. Here is what happened in the next seven days.


N-the last hour we have heard on the ground in East Falklands, the


British have achieved their first major victory in the drive to


repossess the island. The goose Green Airfield have


fallen to British Forces. We get the impression, they are on the way


to Port Stanley and an end to the war. They did not give in easily.


They fought until they realised that they were beaten. Then they


showed the white flags and then they showed the faulgt fought a


little further. -- we very much regret to announce that Lieutenant


Colonel H Jones was killed in the action to take Goose Green.


Kievkiev in Liverpool, 60 merchant seamen joined the ferry to take


1,500 troops to the South Atlantic. The men gathered to await coachs to


take them to Devenport, where the 9-,000 -- 9,000-tonne ferry is


being prepared. Some had been out- of-work for months and saw it as a


chance to earn money in a job. It is a matter of earning money.


I'm proud to go. I want to do something that I believe in. That's


why I want to go. I don't want him to go. I want him


to stay at home. Well, you heard what your mother


said, do you feel the same about signing on? Yeah, I still want to


The Pope travelled to the Midlands and Mersey, and made a plea for


world peace. Today, the scale and the horror of


modern warfare makes it totaly unacceptable as a means of settling


differences between nations. Now to a less serious aspect of the


grim business of the battle for the Falklands. The challenge of keeping


the troops relaxed and entertained in off-duty hours that they are


able to snatch. The artists taking part in the Task


Force Special, paraded this morning, all are giving their services free


in making an hour-long video cassette, the copies to be rushed


out to reach the fleet in about a week.


Anybody who was asked who was able to do it, was free to do it and did


it with pleasure. It is a very exciting, visual act.


The British Forces are pressing on to their main objective, Port


Stanley. Full preparations were under way to


use anyway Pam, a burning jelly that sticks to the skin of British


Forces. The British commanders fear that there may be more stocks at


Port Stanley and Argentine forces may be turning to it in a desperate


tactic. And they were well aware that one


battle remained, the one for Port Stanley, but the reaction was short


that Argentina may surround. I don't understand that word. That


world is not in mire dictionary. they say they are going to withdraw,


withdraw within the next ten to 14 days, there would be no need for


battle. # I don't want to spend the rest of


my life # Looking down the barrel of a


northern knife # Now, more on that next week.


Now, we have the basketball team for the Paralympics training.


There they are. Now, Murray Treseder is the coach of the men's


team. How influential were you in deciding who the squad would be?


have been together over a four-year cycle, players had the final


selection last week, but... The men got silver that the last


competition? Yes, we are on track. We won the European championships


in Israel last year, the first time in 16 years. The progress has been


pleasing. The women's squad are young. They are the youngest group


at the Paralympics, they have shown remarkable improvement.


It is not just about performance, fiscal abilities matter, there is a


point system? You do. People watch the Paralympics and they have to


understand that people have a class fiction if you are severely


impaired, that the sense of balance is not great, you are a one-pointer,


but one of the things that your coach has to be good at is adding


up to 14 quickly, as once you get the 14 points, that disadvantages


your team. Well, let's have a wander over


there. Come on, Ted. From the women's team


we have Sarah Grady, Helen Turner, also Matt Sealy and Ian Sagar from


the men's team. Come on in, first of all, a huge


congratulation! Give us an idea, how did they tell you? What was the


process? We had an individual meeting after the World Cup this


weekend. You walked in, you were told whether you were in or out,


but thankfully we auld made it. It was difficult, as some of the


people that you were training with for a long time, you had to console


those people? We did not know on the day until after, but after


there was a lot of e-mailing and phoning.


Is Murray a hard task master? He looks to be a tough coach? Firm by


fair. And what about training. Of course,


we are edging closer to the Paralympics, are you going to amp


it up now? It is managing the training we have been doing,


working towards the goals that we have to achieve. So some may have


to up their goals a little bit. Do you have a spare balls? Ted, you


know you were say before you were really good as basketball? I have a


wand on my back! Well if you feel like having a pop... That's a long


way! Oh! Absolutely brilliant stuff. Lovely stuff. Well, that is all


that we have time for, unless, Ted, you want another pop. Go on. Get as


close as you want. Yes, go! Oh! So close! This is why


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