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Facebook, "Please focus on who won, not who didn't." We will bring you a


special Oscars programme shortly. Do stay with us.


Hello and welcome to our Oscars results programme.


It's a ceremony that will only ever be remembered for


one massive mistake - now known as envelope-gate


as the wrong film is named winner of Best Picture.


This is not a joke. Moonlight has won best picture.


Total confusion on stage and off as the cast and crew of both films


But it was Moonlight, about a boy growing up in Miami


to a crack-addicted mother, which in the end took


Its director Barry Jenkins gave his reaction.


The last 20 minutes of my life have been insane.


I don't think my life could be changed any more dramatically.


The early favourite to win best picture, La La Land,


But in the end the team behind it won six Oscars including


Let's go live to Hollywood and our entertainment correspondent


Colin Patterson is on the red carpet at the after-show Vanity Fair party.


Colin, Colin, Colin what a night. I was listening to you on the radio


when it all unfolded. How did it go wrong? There was I having to do


radio commentary on the moment and boy, did it go wrong? It couldn't be


more wrong! Faye Dunaway reading out La La Land but it all turned into


Moonlight. So what did go wrong, Colin? It will tell as in a minute.


PricewaterhouseCoopers have just given as a statement which I can


read to you. We can seriously apologise to Moonlight, La La Land,


Faye Dunaway and Warren Beatty and Oscar viewers for the mistake in the


announcement. The announcers were given the wrong envelope. We are


investigating how this could have happened. We appreciate the grace


with which the nominees, the academy, ABC and Jimmy Kimmel


handled the situation. I am on the green and white carpet at the Vanity


Fair party and it is all anyone here has been talking about. That is an


impressive cigar, Sir. You are live on the BBC. Thank you. This is a 24


carat gold cigar and I thought it only appropriate to bring it out on


a night like tonight. Guess what, this building is only a building but


this moment is everything. Why? Moonlight winning? Moonlight


winning. Here is the thing. I love Emma Stone, I love her. But when


Moonlight won, and they corrected, it was this type of moment. It was a


24 carat gold cigar moment. I thought that transcended John


Rhodes, cultures, races, -- genres. And we really get to see what it


means to understand the power of view. That is what I am about. Love


and peace. I thought Moonlight represented that and I thought it


deserved it. I was glad to see that moment. Barry Jenkins is a good


friend of mine. I am so proud of what he is doing. Ali is a good


friend. Introduce yourself and then we have got to go. My name is Kobe


Randolph. I am Gatsby. I will see you in Cannes. We made history


tonight. There we go. The Vanity Fair after show party. That is quite


a cigar! This is envelope-gate. This is the moment it all went wrong.


Moonlight, you guys won best picture.


Guys, this is very unfortunate what happened.


Personally, I blame Steve Harvey for this!


I opened the envelope and it said Emma Stone, La La Land.


That's why I took such a long look at Faye and at you,


I have to say, and it is true, it's not fake, we've been


on the road with these guys for so long and it was so gracious,


so generous of them, my love to La La Land,


Warren Beatty opened the envelope and then he handed it to Faye


Dunaway because he didn't know what to do. We will talk about all the


winners in just a moment. was at the Oscars ceremony -


inside the Dolby Theatre - because her husband


Chris Shaw was nominated for an Oscar for documentary


Watani: My Homeland. everyone inside the auditorium


reacted to the mistake. Everyone looked at each other


and wondered was this some kind of prank because it had been quite


a fun Oscars programme, And then he just said


to the audience, this is not a joke. And everybody around us


gasped with astonishment because they'd never seen anything


like that whatsoever. And then after that it was chaos


because there was the cast of La La Land on stage and then


the people from Moonlight Nobody really knew


what had happened. Then Warren Beatty stepped forward


and tried to explain. He said that when he had opened


the envelope he had started talking rather slowly and he said this


wasn't a joke, it was because he had seen what was written there,


which was Emma Stone, Clearly the winner of


the previous category. He didn't know quite what to do


so he handed the envelope very slowly over to Faye Dunaway


and she read out La La Land. If you look back on it,


not total conviction in her voice when she said it and then


they clearly knew something had gone That was one hell of a hospital pass


when Warren Beatty handed When everyone was filing out


of the Dolby Theatre, obviously that's the only topic


of conversation and I gather Ryan Gosling was in the same


limo queue as you. I know how strange that sentence


is, but he really was. He was waiting for the limo


at the same time as we were and I saw him on his phone


and I have to say his face, completely understandably,


looked like thunder. film, everybody thinking


you are going to win, you are up on stage,


your moment of glory and then to have it absolutely


snatched away from you. I feel sorry for the Moonlight


people, as well, because their moment was to a certain extent


spoiled as the Oscar was being snatched from one hand


to another and then at the side of that chaotic gathering


there was poor Faye Dunaway holding hands with one of the other women


on the stage obviously horrified at what she had


been a part of, as well. Everybody filing out was saying


I have never been to an Oscars Confirmation, if confirmation were


needed, Moonlight won the academy award for best picture after that La


La Land mix-up. Casey Affleck won best actor.


That's for his portrayal of Lee Chandler, the grief stricken Janitor


Victory for La La Land, this time for Emma Stone as best actress,


who played a young woman desperately looking to make her


Mahershala Ali won best supporting actor for his role as a drug dealer


in Miami in the best picture Moonlight.


He's the first Muslim to win the award.


Best supporting actress went to Viola Davis


for her role in Fences, playing Rose, the wife


of Denzel Washington's character Troy Maxson.


Damien Chazelle became the youngest ever to win the best director prize


for his work on La La Land and finally


OJ: Made in America - the film depicting the rise and fall


of OJ Simpson from sporting superstar to being at the centre


of the most publicised murder trial in history - that won


Film critics Jason Solomons and Gaylene Gould are here to talk


Good morning first of all. Has a mistake like that ever happened


before? Not like that, not at the climax, not for best picture. There


was a rumour that many years ago that the best supporting actress for


My Cousin Vinny was the wrong price but it has never been proven and it


only came out some time later. But that was never proven. What I don't


understand last night, what all those envelopes were doing up there.


Red envelopes. It is like a Chinese wedding in there! He has one in the


background and Warren Beatty is holding another one and the producer


has one and then Oscars galore and I think Warren Beatty has still got


one! I don't know what he is doing with it. I don't know how that chaos


was allowed to happen. Amazing. What is brilliant, the producer for La La


Land, Jordan Horrowitz, not just in, that is a composer, it was very


important that it came from him. -- not just in. That transition of


power. He was the guy who said it isn't a joke and he handed up the


envelope. Did the best film when the best picture? Yes, in my opinion.


Give us a brief summary of what it is a bad for those who haven't seen


it. It is a tiny film and a complete passion project. Barry Jenkins


created this project very much based on their very difficult backgrounds


in Miami on a housing project, with crack addicted mothers. They created


this piece which was supposed to give a sense of grace to their


beginnings and it is one man's journey told through three stages of


his life as he comes to terms with his own sexuality and sensuality in


this very tough environment. It is beautiful and it is tiny and it is


perfectly formed. What did you think, Jason? Did the right film


when that award? I think it is a ground-breaking baited to win this


award and the lowest budget picture ever to win best picture. $4


million, I think, and the numbers change considering the exchange rate


and things like that. It is not like Hollywood. It is more like Asian


cinema. I was looking at the previous best picture, and I went


back to 1969 and Midnight Cowboy to find one that played with cinema so


well. On the first all-black cast to win an Oscar. La La Land I loved as


well, I have got to say, and they could feel hard done by, but to see


them both up that means that Hollywood has a new ways and that


wave broke on the stage last night. There is a fresh look in Hollywood


and it belongs to the younger generation. La La Land was the


favourite to win best picture. It is worth reminding them that 7000


academy award members ranked the nine pictures in the category in


order of preference. Why didn't La La Land win? This is a perfect


ending to the Oscars for me. This Oscars was always about La La Land


versus Moonlight. La La Land is a film about Hollywood and the romance


of cinema. That is what normally drives the Hollywood machine. But


there was a backlash because of the hype around it, I think? Because of


that but also it is a very classic piece of cinema. It is very


ambitious but also very classic. The followers of Moonlight came from a


very different kind of sensibility. There was always a battle between


the two audiences and think it is perfect that they both ended up in


stage, in a way. There was this handover between them. For me it was


like the old school handing over to a voice. I thought that was really


significant, symbolic and beautiful. Both these film-makers are very good


friends and they totally shared the journey. But it was this new voice


in terms of the audience that came into the room last night and I loved


that. La La Land was the early favourite and continued to be the


favourite. What happened? I saw it in August at its world premiere at


the Venice film festival and I fell in love with it. My jaw dropped.


Somebody is doing a musical, how exciting. Playing with the old


tropes, a freshness with indie actors, and I loved it. Along the


way a backlash started to happen and it is very easy to criticise La La


Land for being about why people wandering about in LA drinking


coffee and having dreams and having first world problems, to use a


hashtag. But with no light, it is very difficult to take against it.


It is so political and poetic and steering and about a brutal and


tough situation. It was important for gay culture, black culture,


voices that haven't been heard before and the timing was just right


for it. I wake up yesterday morning thinking that Moonlight could do it


and I had already filmed in my own ballot and put La La Land and I


crossed it out in the last moment and put Moonlight. I thought I was


wrong but in the end I won as well so I was excited.


What was second on your ballot? La La Land. Let's talk about best


Supporting actor, it is Mahershala Ali as the drug dealer. The sort of


drug dealer you never saw, showing such tenderliness and fatherliness.


How well deserved is his award? This has become a break-out role for an


actor who has a long history of doing stellar pieces of work and


we'll talk about the Oscars so white thing. None of these awards have


come quickly or easily for a lot of this talent. For lots of audiences


it might be the first time they have seen Mahershala Ali. They may have


seen him in The Hunger Games or House Of Cards. This is an actor who


is at the top of his game being recognised. He was in another Best


Picture nominee Hidden Figures. That's right. He is someone who the


whole industry is becoming more aware of and audiences and he is an


incredibly graceful actor. He is a black Muslim and he lends a really


important voice at a time like now which is someone, people listen to


Mahershala Ali because he is articulate. He's wise and I think we


need that voice in the world. In his acceptance speech, he was pretty


low-key. He did say wow and then he went on to thank his teachers


through acting school who had talked to him about, it's not about you,


it's always about the characters. That's right. That's right. There


weren't that many speeches about Donald Trump in the end. People kept


it more personal. Let's talk about Viola Davis then. Best Supporting


Actress. The third time of asking, but now she is the first black


actress to have a tomby and emmy and an Oscar? Now she is the supporting


actor for Fences. It is a great performance one opposite of Denzel


Washington. Different for the camera. People have found the acting


in Fences to be a little big compared to the dial down intimacy


of Moonlight. I love listening to August Wilson's words. I loved her


performance in it as this very strong woman who comes out of the


shadow of this very domineering man. No one else cries like her and gets


the snot running down her nose! They don't teach that at RADA. What she


has done is seized this opportunity because, I mean, in many senses she


is the kind of legal role in this film. Well, she sort of ends up


overshadowing him. Yes. She would have had a good chance of winning in


the main category as well. There is something interesting when you look


at the kind of racial categorizations that people get


into. The supporting actors you often find are quite diverse, but


often the lead actors, it is like a slightly gated community. I kind of


feel the same. I think Hidden Figures should have been on the best


Lead Actress Role, but I'm interested in the supporting and the


lead actors. There were three actresses of colour in that with


Naomi Harris as well and in the main competition, it was Natalie Portman.


I think Viola Davis is one of the great actresses now, I think, you


know, she is almost like a Meryl Streep figure from now on, if she's


in a film, you know, she is nailed on for a nomination. She is so good


and her speech was so passionate as well, both of those, Mahershala Ali


and Viola Davis' acceptance speeches were personal. They seethed with


frustration and achievement and by the delivery of their performances


you could sense the anger. There was more anger in the dignity. People


will ask if those two awards for example are a reaction, a response


to last year's Oscars So White controversy, but actually both these


films were in production before that, weren't they? That's the whole


myth with that whole thing. Suddenly everything has got woke and now they


are ticking the right box. We know Viola Davis has been working for


years. There is a long history to make a piece of work like that for


the screenment however, I think political pressure clearly has a


point in raising the questions. And changes in the academy members as


well That's right. That's right. I think those academy members. They


are exceptional pieces of work. They wouldn't be up there, if they


weren't, but I think there is a another seriousness within which


that work gets seen and spoken about because there is this conversation


that's happening amongst the audience. I think a few years ago a


film like Moonlight might have won an indy spirit award, but to go all


the way and steal the biggest moment of all that there is that's a sea


change in attitude in the voting body to recognise and see that


through and that's exciting. Moonlight is a film we have never


seen before in many ways. You needed people to say, "I'm going to vote


for this." It needed to be pushed through. I think Moonlight would


have done it on its own. This is a film, we were saying earlier, it is


a very, it is a film like America, mainstream America, hasn't really


seen before. I think it is because it has this increditble weight and


power. I think it would have risen up. I think you're right we might


not have spoken about it as much. Voters would have thought twice


about the politically mat. It may have changed when Donald Trump came


in. That may have changed the vote towards it. People are thinking,


"I'm going to make a statement in my vote." Let's talk about Casey


Affleck winning Best Actor for Manchester By The Sea, he is a grief


stricken January for. He goes back to his hometown which he tried to


leave behind for various reasons which are explained in the film to


look after his nephew after his brother dies. Is he the right winner


in this category? Denzel Washington again. It was a strong performance


from Casey Affleck. I found the film mannered in its treatment of


realism. He got a screenplay award for the writer as well. I didn't


fall in love with this film. I found it very frozen. What about his


performance? I found it difficult to warm to that performance. He smiles


a bit at the end. It didn't really do it for me. Yeah. I feel the same.


I love Kenneth Lonagan's work, but I feel the same. I have seen Casey


Affleck do this before. I feel like the film doesn't go far enough its


exploration of grief. I think it is very good, the actor is brilliant


and I don't think this is his Best Film. Right. Let's talk about Emma


Stone winning Best Actress and Damien Chazelle winning Best


Director. He is 32 for goodness sake! Emma Stone first of all.


Correct winner? I think, Hollywood likes to anoint new stars


particularly in the female category. They don't go for the tried and the


tested. It's a good thing and it's a bad thing. It means that you're used


up a bit quickly by the Hollywood machine. Emma Stone worked her


career really well. She worked with Woody Allen for a couple of films


and that increased her performance. It is a Woody Allen performance.


What's amazing about her, she was crippled with shyness and anxiety as


a young girl and a way to get over that was to join an acting class and


now look at her. Astonishing, what did you think of the way she


performed as Mia in La La Land? I'm on the side of the people who went


to see the film and went, "What? Really?" So I'm not, I'm not a great


lover of the film. I love the ambition of the film. I love the


landscape, I'm a huge fan of musicals. I really like Emma Stone.


I think this is a light role. I don't think she was given enough to


do actually. The role is quite hard. It is difficult. Particularly with


Ryan Gosling's, he lost to Casey Affleck who is doing grief. I think


light comedy is hard to play and it is hard to win awards with. I think


she is adorable and I hope we will see more of her and in a lot of


tougher roles and let's see what she is made of. Best Foreign Language


film The Salesman Salesman was the winner. The winner was protesting at


Donald Trump's travel ban. A statement was read on his behalf


saying, "I'm sorry I'm not with you. My absence is out of respect for my


country, Iran and those of other nations what are disrespected by the


law that bans immigrants to the US." That was one of the most political


statements of the evening. What's the film like? Oh, the film is very


good. It was a death of a salesman. He's very good at capturing a sort


of area of Iranian society that we have never really seen before.


Foreigners don't know about at all. It is a sophisticated middle-class


Iran. He does Tehran and its middle classes. It I think he is an


excellent film-maker. Thank you both very much.


Social media was buzzing with news of that Best Picture mistake. Some


of the tweets, Billy Crystal tweeted, "He wished election day


ended this way." Lots of people drew comparisons with what happened in


2015 at the Miss Universe competition. Steve Harvey announced


the wrong winner. Miss Universe tweeted maybe they could help.


Seth MacFarlane brought it back to politics.


An incredible night maybe for the wrong reasons even though it was


hilarious to see such incompetence. Thank you for watching this Oscars


special. Good morning.


Well, we have got quite a mixture of weather today. Our Weather Watchers


pictures show that nicely. This one taken in Roybridge. Quite a bit of


cloud in Norfolk and windy too. As we head into Greater London,


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