Series 1

Series 1

Andy Torbet attempts to match the skills of some of nature's superheroes in a series of daring challenges. In every episode he goes up against a new animal.

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Episodes List


1. Beyond Bionic: Series 1, Shark

Andy Torbet is on a quest to match the mighty mako shark. Will he find a way to beat it?


2. Beyond Bionic: Series 1, Ostrich

Andy Torbet tries to match the top speed of the ostrich, the fastest bird on two legs.


3. Beyond Bionic: Series 1, Gecko

Andy Torbet goes Beyond Bionic to match one of the best climbers in the animal kingdom.


4. Beyond Bionic: Series 1, Seal

Andy Torbet goes Beyond Bionic as he attempts to match the swimming skills of the seal.

Pompeii Worm

5. Beyond Bionic: Series 1, Pompeii Worm

Adventurer Andy Torbet takes on the planet's most heat-resistant animal, the Pompeii worm.