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Bourn Hall in Blue Peter today, behind-the-scenes access to the


UK's newest celebrity couple. Your chance to get your photographs


published on the official Blue Peter calendar. And top DJ and


lovely person Sara Cox gives you a behind-the-scenes tour. The biggest


bands in the world are all played in-ear, pretty cool. A cheers here


too are the present the show, exciting! -- she is here to help me


Mark Owen 2 Blue Peter live in your living room wall wherever you have


got John television. Let's start with Helen Skelton. Yes, she made


it all the way to the South Pole. We could not be more proud of her.


We are going to be catching up with their late in the show. Because she


is away, we have a very special guest presenter, direct from Radio


1, D Jay Sara Cox. -- D Jay. Hello. Welcome to the show. Thank you for


having me, I am so excited, I grew up with a show, and I have got a


badger! Everybody is excited about the match. Let's talk about your


show, it has over 1.5 million people listening to that. How is


that? Television is really nice, because it feels like I'm just


chilling out with a person. It feels like I am sitting on the


toaster with them, I am in the car, so it is nice, really nice. We like


to give you the inside story here on Blue Peter, so we sent our


cameras along to Radio 1 last Sunday to see Sara in action.


He is 9 o'clock, I am off to do my show, here we are at Radio 1, but I


have got a few minutes, do want a quick tour? Isn't it glamorous


looking and exciting? Not really, but it kind of this. This is where


we keep the DJs. Who could work at a desk like this? We have got some


fashion freebies, getting sent lovely clothes, very fashionable


jacket, lots of girly make-up. Who could it be? It is Fearne Cotton,


look. A fan has sent her that beautiful portrait! Whose desk is


this? Let's have a look, a cuddly toy. We have got a popcorn Maker,


lots of awards, of course. What is this? Leeds United. It is Chris


Moyles! Hello, Radio 1? No-one there. Whose desk is this? It is


obviously somebody who is incredibly serious. There is a


gecko telephone, a massive rubber duck, cuddly toy. It could only


This is actually pretty cool, this is the world famous live lounge.


Everybody from Pixie Lott and Coldplay have played in this very


room, come on. Let's see what's going on. Edith is are now. Good


morning, gorgeous! She is looking very lovely. It doesn't look very


rock and roll in here with the sofa, the print and again, but let me


tell you, the biggest bands in the world are all played in this room.


Right then, my studio, the best bit. Working very hard, as always, is my


producer, Andy, and this is where all the action happens. A little


bit of Emily Sandy, I think. I will start my radio show and speak to


the nation live on BBC Radio 1. I will just get my microphone, like


this. Morning! Right then, nearly time to go on air, I had better get


down to business. Right now, Sara Cox. Hello! A joy, a pleasure and


indeed an honour to be here this Sara Cox, everybody! It looks like


such good fun, is there much of a difference between that and


television? I love my job, you can just rock up with your hair like


that, but on television I have got my hair curled, lipstick, as you


know. I have had mine done as well. Let's get on with the show, then!


Just before Christmas, you may remember the UK had two very


exciting arrivals, Chinese giant pandas Sweetie and Sunshine. They


travelled over 5,000 miles from China to Edinburgh Zoo. When they


offered us the chance to look after them for a day, we could not resist.


Naomi Wilkinson went to meet them. This is Edinburgh, and this is


Edinburgh Zoo, a much like any other. But less than two months ago,


it was home to the hottest story on the planet. On 4th December, the


world's media watched with awe as Chinese giant pandas Tian Tian and


Yang Guang arrived, to the delight of the locals. From then on, they


would be known by their English names, Sweetie for the female and


Sunshine for the Mail. But these two caught his creatures have not


come to Scotland for a holiday. -- gorgeous. They are an important


assignment to be the first pandas here in the UK to have a baby, so I


am here to find out how their mission is coming along. Pandas, by


their nature, are solitary animals, which means they like to spend time


by themselves. That is why Sweetie and Sunshine have separate


enclosures. Alison, you are the key that here, why is it that we have


not had pandas born here in the UK before? We have not had them here


for 17 years, so the last pandas were here at London Zoo, and


unfortunately they did not breed. But now we have got a pair, so


hopefully hours will breed. mating season only lasts for one


day per year, and Alison knows what to do to get them ready for the big


day. We allow them to see one another. There is a mess for


partition, they can look at one another, smell one another. They


know that they are there, that is very important. When she eventually


comes into season, he is no longer a stranger. So what are the


chances? Are they getting along? There has been a bit of friendly


calling, but they will let us know very quickly when they want to be


together, and that is when we will open the door and let them get


together. Let nature take its course. Indeed. But the male sleety


needs to be as calm and relaxed as possible, so we get to work on a


bit of pampering. -- E Mailer Sweetie. Our first job of the day


is to collect their favourite food, which is of course bamboo. They


have to have an enormous amount delivered each week. They even grow


some of their own on site to keep up with demand. That is because


these greedy pandas can spend up to 16 hours per day eating 30


kilograms of bamboo. That is about the same weight as your entire


What we really want to do is but a little bit of bamboo in all the


different places so that she has to go and search and look for it, just


as she would do naturally. Sweetie has to go inside while we put out


the bamboo. Pandas may look cuddly, but they are extremely strong with


huge floors and sharp teeth, and they can be as dangerous as any


other there. -- clause. Every inch of the enclosure has been designed


to make sure they feel at home, so both Sweetie and Sunshine have a


cave, a climbing structure and a water feature. In the wild, pandas


live in the forest and mountain ranges of south central China, but


sadly it is believed there are only 1,600 wild pandas left. That is why


conservation projects are so important for the survival of this


highly endangered species. That is why Alison and the other zoo


keepers want to give them a few luxuries. What special treat our


making for them? We are going to make and a cake. What is in it?


is a beat of a secret, the recipe Her aside from the secret Chinese


ingredients, there is a mixture of corn, rice, soya beans, eggs, oil


and water. It is like sawdust! what it for them. How many cakes


will this make? This will make two large cakes. So they get one each


per day? Just about a full one per day, yes. If you make it wrong,


will they turn their nose up at it? If they do not like it, they will


not eat it. It is looking good. Once they look like fakes, they get


steamed for four hours, which gives us time to get on with another job.


And it is one of the worst. The mucking out! And because the pandas


eat so much bamboo every day, they produce a lot of very weird-looking


mess. Why is it yellow? If you look through it, it is just like bamboos


them. That indicates to me that last night, out of all the stuff we


put in, she has been eating a lot of them. The brown and green


indicates she has bt -- been eating a lot of leave as well, so that is


really good, exactly what we want. Sweetie has been waiting patiently


for was to clear up, and now the cake is deemed to perfection, it is


time for her to taste. She wants you to put it through for her.


Sweeten Lee certainly seems relaxed, but whether future mate Sunshine is


in no mood for Love is anyone's I have had such a great time today,


let's hope my efforts have the desired effect and this cuddly


couple have a baby panda very soon. Look at its cute little hairy face!


I know, the panda! I want one. You can see a special documentary about


the pandas on BBC One Scotland at 8 o'clock on the 1st February. Still


to come on the show, don't go anywhere, because you can find out


how you can take amazing for the grass using just a simple drinks


can. We also speak to Helen about conquering the Antarctic. Over the


last couple of weeks, we have been following the British hopefuls at


the winter Youth Olympic Games. have seen halfpipe Skene, speed


skating, but today it is the bobsleigh with two incredible girls


whose friendship could make or break their chances of winning a


Meat jasmine and measure. At just 17 and 18 years old, they are two


of the UK's most promising young athletes. They are representing


Great Britain in bobsleigh, one of the fastest and most adrenalin


pumping sports at the Games. It can be literally one hundredth of a


second between a God medal and 4th place. You would think it would be


loads of pressure, but it is so exciting. We are really good


friends, we are really determined. These two fearless teenagers will


be competing in the women's bobsleigh event, where they will


hurtle down a narrow twisting track in a gravity power Sleigh, taking


And in a sport where milliseconds count, teamwork will be absolutely


crucial. All their training will be for nothing unless they can work


well together at the Games. We have got to get on, we have got to the A


team, and we get on really well. You do prat together, you warm up.


There are good dynamics between us, it will do well for us at the Games.


Both girls will have a different and important role to play. The


driver has to steer the sled down the track. Before you have even got


to the starting block, you have gone through the tracks so many


times in your head, so when you get to the start, all you are focusing


on is the push, but once you jump in, you can't down and just drive


the track. -- calm down. Jasmine helps to get them the fastest


possible start and pulls the break at the end of the race. The only


thing I can do to make it go faster is the start. It can make a


difference to the time it by getting awkwardly. I have got to


get in smoothly, sits down, and They both have to get off to a


quick start. They are keen to work hard on this in preparation for the


Games, but with no bobsleigh track in the UK the girls have to settle


for a Tarmac track in A bath. a point where the driver has to


push it at the same time. For the driver it is more relaxing. You


only have to think about the drive down of the Push has already taken


care of. Jasmine and Misha are the team to be reckoned with, but have


they got what it takes to win at the Winter youths Olympic Games?


think we have a good chance of getting a medal. I'd love to think


it would be a gold medal. Anything can happen to any of us but I'd


love to say that we can, because we have the potential and I think we


can go on and do it. Three weeks later, the girls arrive in


Innsbruck for the biggest sporting event of their lives. They get


straight down to training on the 1300 metre ice track will be rated


-- racing on in just a few days' time. If we were to go straight


into the race without having had any training runs, it would be an


issue of getting used to the track again. With their rivals also


training on the same track, it's important that girls stayed focused


and don't get psyched out by the competition. The error two Dutch


teams, they are our main competition. Not look at what


everyone else is doing and make sure you know what you're doing


when it comes to the race. Misha went Jasmine have now put in all


the training hours they can to prepare for their first ever


Olympic performance. We are ready, 24 hours later and the moment the


girls have been training for arrives. For this event, each


bobsleigh duo have two runs down the track. The team of the fastest


combined time wins. For the girls to do well today they need to keep


off all the walls and push really fast. It is finally time before the


girls to step up to the starting line and put all of their hard work


After their first run they are down in fourth place, behind both Dutch


teams and the Italians. Everything is now riding on their second run.


The are not in a grid position after the first run. But Jasmine


and Misha are very good at coping This time it is a much better


result for Misha and jasmine. Now all they can do is wait to see if


they have done enough for a medal. Yes! And they have a. The girls


move into third place, securing at least a bronze medal. I know we've


secured a medal - it feels amazing! The up the competition isn't over


until all of the teams have finished both of their runs. Right


now we're just waiting for that We've just found out we've secured


a silver medal. For I don't even know what is going on! For Misha


and Jasmine, there Olympic dream has finally become a reality.


is the goal we've been working towards long-term. It feels so good


that we've finally made that. came here hoping for a metal and


now that we have it feels incredible. Silver medals at 17 and


18 years old. Amazing. As you probably know come on Sunday


morning Helen completed her 500 mile journey to the South Pole for


Sport Relief. She has just boarded a plane to start a journey back.


Before she did, we managed to speak to her and ask her how it went.


the end it went really well. We had a few tough and tricky days but we


got there in one piece, we were all smiling and everyone is well. That


is the biggest achievement. Because you are distracted by the mileage


you forget what a brutal place this can be. Our cameraman has got to


film and pressed tiny little buttons wearing huge mittens. The


fact that we are all fine is good. I'm really proud of everybody.


are all proud of you as well. No one was surprised when we found out


you had done it. It's been covered in newspapers, everyone is talking


about it and there are lots of questions quite serious to ask you.


Because you can't leave anything behind the South Pole, where you go


to the toilet? You put it into a big container and take it with you.


It's all right now because we've finished, so there is a gang of us


so we can put it into a collective container. But when you're on your


own... It's quite tricky. It's not that pleasant. This is such a


pristine place, but reality is if you go to the lure on the horizon


it would stay there for a year. That is not very nice for anyone


who might travel behind you. You get rid of it. Oh, the glamour!


What are you most looking forward to doing as soon as you get home?


I'm looking forward to having a shower. Everybody around me is


looking forward to me having a shower. Honestly, we all stink.


Because we left Cape Town on 22nd December, there is no running water


out here... We've not really been able to have a wash. I've not


taking my hat off for a while, I've not taking my thermals off for


weeks because it's too cold. I've been dreaming about a shower.


can't imagine how bad that smells! Everyone has been so supportive,


we've had messages of support. Sapphire says, while, you are


amazing. Go, Helen! This one says, Helen, congratulations. I love how


much you do for charity and how extreme the things you do are.


one says, I think what you've done is amazing and all for Sport Relief,


too. It must be amazing to go to the South Pole. You should be proud


of yourself. Scarlett wants to be just like you when she is older.


That is so sweet. Helen, thank you for joining us, we can't wait to


have you back. Take it easy on the flight home. Thank you for the nice


messages. I hope you are all well and I will see you soon. If you


want to do the Sport Relief mile, go to the Blue Peter website to


find out how you can. You will find a special series for Helen's


adventure as well. That is on Monday at 4:30pm on BBC One.


Photography is one of my biggest passions, so I'm putting together a


2012 photo Callender you can print out from the Blue Peter website.


There will be a new photo for every month, each using a different


photographic technique. For January is photo I found -- I shall do my


favourite type of camera. I went to the home of photography for a new


photo for February and the new As I'm sure you already know, I


absolutely love gadgets. In fact, I think it's fair to say that I can't


get enough of the newest techno gadgets, especially when it comes


to photography. In you come up. Cheese! Did you know that you can


take amazing pictures like these... Without spending loads of money? In


fact, the camera and using today is so basic it doesn't even have a


lens. Would you believe that this camera is made from five simple


object. A can, some card, black Tade, a rubber band and a pen. It's


called a pinhole camera. You might be sat there thinking it's just an


empty can of pop and I can't take a picture with it. I can, and here is


how it works. Light bounces off an object and through a cold --


through a hole in in the can. This creates an upside-down image on the


special light reactive paper inside. Where the light falls onto the


paper it becomes dark, the rest of the paper remains light, creating a


negative image. You wouldn't think that such a simple object could


produce such amazing pictures. I'm here to meet the creator of these


amazing images to see how he does it. You've brought me here, can you


tell us why? This is Lacock Abbey in Wiltshire. In the 1830s, but


Dobbie was invented. -- photography was invented. It was Fox Talbot who


captured the world's first photograph using this technique


back in 1835. That picture still survives today. In fact, it was of


this very window. Where did it start for you? I got really hooked


with being able to create the magic, being able to create a picture


using a tiny hole and an empty aluminium can. The cameras that you


make effectively cost very little money, considering the amount of


money you can spend on a camera. The images you get are incredible.


The one that springs to mind is the one of the Angel of the North and


the trail of the Sun. It's a simple aluminium can positioned on a lamp-


post. The sunlight creates this line of the Sun. You can compress


this huge amount of time into one picture. We don't have three months


but we do have a glorious day out there. I feel a Blue Peter


challenge, not. I reckon we both take our pinhole cameras, take an


image, bring it back, get it developed and the best one gets to


go in the calendar. Before we head out we need to load up our cameras


with light-sensitive paper. This has to be done in the door from


because as soon as any light hits the paper it start to the Act. We


don't want this to happen until we take our pictures. Three pinhole


cameras, that means three chances to get the best shot. I challenge


you to a cure. The first thing I need to do to take a winning photo


with my camera is to choose a location and subject where there is


plenty of light. The building has a lovely orange glow over it. Then I


need to line up my camera and make sure the pin hole is facing the


right way. Let's see what happens. Finally, I peel away the tape


covering the pinhole and let the light through. 1, two, three, four.


It's important to hold the camera perfectly still. Remember, the more


it is open, the more light exposed. That is a beautiful scene. The only


problem is you can't tell whether or not it is on there. I wonder how


Justin is getting on. I'm doing a photograph of myself but I'm going


to be turning, holding the camera steady in relation to myself.


that could be the winner! With all six images in the can, it's time to


see what we've got. It's back to the dark room to develop our photos.


Because if we let any more light on to the paper at this stage it will


ruin our masterpieces. This is where the magic happens.


darkroom. All in a red light so it doesn't fog the paper. We have


chemicals, developer in the first trade, the Bath which stabilised


the image and that fixer, it fixes the image and keeps it permanent.


There is only one thing for it. Let's develop. This is so exciting.


As I hold my breath, our image has come to light. There we go. We have


created a bit of magic here. Six old cans of fizzy drink turned into


cameras. We've come back with these images. But they are still negative.


Yes, we've yet to make them into positives. There is some lovely


stuff here. And these are our final pictures. But Justin and I decided


that my picture of the sundial is our picture for February. And here


is that very picture. Do you like it? You should be proud of yourself.


Lookout pleased you are with yourself! Don't forget you can


decorate your bedroom at home with the calendar. You've just got to go


to the Blue Peter website and print it out. I as I've already got two


pictures on the calendar, we thought you would like to have the


chance to one of your own photographs in the month of March.


We want you to send us your snapshots. The winning picture will


be added to the calendar for everyone to see. You don't need a


special camera, all that matters is the picture is taken by you. We are


going to give you a theme. We want your photographs of animals. You


can photograph your own pet, somebody else's pet or any random


animals you see a round. Head over to the website and find out how you


can take part in the competition. It's time to go, it's the end of


the show. I've loved having you here. An exciting show next week.


You do not want to miss next week's show, we meet the biggest star of


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