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It's the last show of the series. And my last one ever. And the last


time you will ever see Blue Peter here at Television Centre because


we are moving home. We have got a great show, Diversity in the house


and, would you believe it, we are going to attempt to break a world


record. So many reasons to celebrate. So many reasons to keep


Hello. What is happening? Today's show is crammed with great people


and phenomenal guests, including these guys, Hoop La La. What is


going on? They'll have hundreds of people in a Spain later on. Saying


no more. Your tunes will be on your chests when you see these guys,


it's Diversity. Thanks for coming in, guys. Those guys are cool.


still look like my dad when you do that! It's amazing what they do.


are going to start the show with a Big Bang. We have some people to


help us. Taupt to meet them? Here they are. Hello! Do you want to


Raucous. Good job we have a cracking show for you. We have to


show them a challenge. You have seen me become a world record


breaker, I quite like that. But this last challenge we thought we'd


do and it included me taking on my biggest rival, Helen Skelton, the


most competitive woman in the world. True. For this, you would need


ingenuity, skill, and most of all, some speed.


Came from a land far, far away. From a different time. How we got


here... Nobody knows. Well actually, he came from France. Yesterday. On


a plane. Barney! Do you not see what we are trying to do here,


Barney, we are trying to build him up. He's still the coolest guy in a


roller suit. Rollerman was born in 1985. He's travelled all around the


world searching for the best downhill roads in his need for


Look at this man. This is ridiculous. You are like a


transformer. Hello. Bonjour. Wow. Where on earth did you come up with


the idea for this suit? I made industrial suit. How fast can you


go? On the open road, 70mph. That's as quick as the national speed in


this country. You are going extremely fast low to the road. Do


you ever get scared? It's scary but it's good because it helps you to


take no risks because you take behaviour to avoid the accident.


you need to concentrate. We are here to see if man can beat machine


in a speed challenge. Sounds interesting.


One of us will be in a car, racing Rollerman on a track normally


reserved for supercars, but before we could take him on, he wanted us


to be Rollerman. Why not try on the suit and get the sensation of being


Rollerman? I would love to try it but my knee's still bad but you two


condition. Can't wait to see who this. To see who will race


Rollerman, Helen and Andy g go head-to-head against the clock on


this obstacle course. Before that, they have to transform and learn


the way of the Rollerman. Now you are set. Looking good. The


contact with the world now is with wheels. You have new abilities.


Nice. Very nice! That's good. was so much fun. I really like this.


That wasn't that great, was it? Go ahead. You have so much armour


on, you can't worry about hurting yourself because you have so much


on. Famous last words, you can't Look at him go. Legendary. Argh,


get in! Yahoo. Nice, good. Good student, I


like it. With training over, it's time for the Rollerman obstacle


course. This is where the race starts, they'll need a good run and


launch to give themselvess the best speed possible. This is a race


against the clock. They drop into the low zone, through the cones,


hard left, hard right, cruising over the finish line. This race is


going to be quite good. I think Skelton's got something under her


hat. Can't wait to see it. This is possibly the last time I'll work


with Andy, but it's the first time I don't mind if I don't win.


think Helen's realised that Andy is a natural at this, so that whole, I


don't want to win any more, I think she does and always will do, I


think she might have spotted that she has potential here to be beaten


at something which is very unusual for Helen Skelton.


Time starts in three, two, one... They're off to a flying start


gliding into the first bend, Helen. Roller boy Andy launches himself


into the course and he's cruising. Helen's down the ramp, up and over.


Beautiful. Here comes Andy. Getting some air! Now he's just showing off.


It's going to be close. Helen's grind to a halt. She's up, up,


she's down. That's got to hurt! Here comes Andy to the finish line


and stop the clock. It was close, but who is going to race Rollerman?


Girl or boy? How did they do? did will, she was a bit stuck. She


started again, good fighter. I think he was quite smooth, really


fast there. I have the official times. Helen, 35 seconds. En That's


not bad. Andy, 30... No, no, 19 seconds. There we go, you're the


man! Well done, Andy. Give me some of


that, see that! Andy will take on Rollerman in the Blue Peter car.


Later in the show, you will see what happens when man takes on


I Even got that scary eye stare going on. The question on


everyone's lips is, who is going to win, Andy or Rollerman? What do you


think, Mia? Andy. We like the confidence. Keep watching to see


who wins. We are moving house. We are leaving London and heading


north to Salford near Manchester. We are moving into a brand-new


studio which gives us a whole new set of toys to play with, so it's


exciting but it means that we have to say goodbye to some very, very


dear friends. The crew here at Blue Peter are some of the nicest and


best in the business and they have made some really magical moments


here at Television Centre. Let's cast our minds back and enjoy them.


BBC Television Centre, our home for over 50 years. We've enjoyed making


an entrance. We've landed choppers, flown on


broomsticks, steamed in, beamed in, dropped in, liked it so much we


only did it again. Occasionally, we've put our feet up, but we like


jumping around too much. We have burst through banners, shopped


around. Almost avoided mowing anything down. Our monster trucks


have been mighty, buses heighty and even borrowed the batmobile. That's


just to get into the studio! don't always come to work on the


toilet. Although I think it could catch on.


There have been scary moments. Barking mad moments. Argh... Whoops


And some amazing stunts along the way. Being a competitive lot, we've


held a few races, but we haven't taken ourselves too seriously.


Getting some funny looks running around here. Unless we have been


smashing world records, that is. We've snaked our way through


Television Centre, no area has been out of bounds. They're at this very


moment right above me here on the top of the roof of our studio.


We've had a go at directing, you've seen all around the studio, and


you've been with us every step of the way. It's been an amazing,


unforgettable journey at BBC Television Centre. This place we've


called home. I bet if you watched that with your


parents or someone, they'd probably say, I remember when they did that.


We want to create another iconic moment here today.


This is why we are in the heart of the BBC Television Centre. This


area is called the Donut. Why? Because it's ring-shaped. We have


had an idea for the next feat. It's a big idea and the last one we'll


have here at Television Centre. Oh, my goodness. That's how you do


it! Hoop La La, everybody. Impressive. I'll try that leg thing


later on. You have trained in a circus school, been on Britain's


Got Talent. You are here to help us break a world record. Tell us about


it? For the most people dancing with a hula-hoop. Let's welcome our


friends from Guinness World Records. What does the record currently


stand at? 342. So we need hundreds of people. Fantastic. That should


just about do it. Let's talk about the rules, please. We need two


minutes on the clock at least with music, everyone must begin together


at the same time and everyone must spin simultaneously. If someone


drops their hoop, they must immediately pick it up and continue


to rotate and spin. If not, they will be disqualified. So you have


people dotted around, we'll watch tofrb see they don't break the


rules, if they do, the record doesn't happen. Yes. We have 436


people here to make the record. Did you hear, that -- hear that, you


are being watched. Zac, since you have been practising, have you


dropped the hoop yet? Sometimes I do, but most of the time I'm not.


Feeling confident? Yes. All right. David, do you think you can do this,


do you think this is feasible? well hopefully I won't drop it and


I'll try my best to break the record. What is the hardest bit, do


you reckon? When you have to levitate with the hoop over your


head then spin it around. Then you bring it back up.


Very difficult. Over to you, Helen. Television presenters past and


present will be part of this record attempt. Ed, Ian, hello. You are in


my team, you are going to be good at this, aren't you? I'm all right,


dad said I'm pretty terrible and this is like awful coordination.


He's good with the round the waist thing. With what?! Maybe not.


two practise. Ladies, Diane and Anthea. Previous Blue Peter


presenters. All right there? We are so loving this. When we found out


this was the last day at TV Centre and you were hoo la hooping, we had


to be here. I'm going to take a risk here and do this. Sorry, that


wasn't meant to happen. How are your skills? Not so good. All right


with my hands, rubbish on my waist but Diane's been training me.


taught her everything she knew on this show which is about this much.


Get practising, team, we've got a record to break. Hoop La La are


ready to lead us. Judges, are you ready to adjudicate us? We are


indeed. You lot ready? ALL: Yeah! Two minutes on the clock. Three,


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 122 seconds


two, one... KLAXON SOUNDS


APPLAUSE I love this show! Now that is how


you attempt to break a world record. We know we started with 436 people.


The question is, how many of those people actually stuck to the rules


and led us towards a world record? When you stare at me like that, I


get scared. The current record to beat was 342. We disqualified


people. That included ten people. Including Andy. OK. It was


disgraceful. That means that the new tally and the total achieved


today is 426, it's a new record! That is what we do so well! A new


world record for Blue Peter, the last one we are setting here at


Television Centre. You are record holders! Well done.


Left you hanging. Now time from one challenge to go to another. Let's


see how I got on when I took on Rollerman, this time it's man


versus machine. Earlier in the programme, you saw


Helen and Andy transform into roller girl and roller boy. Andy


won possibly the strangest race Blue Peter's ever seen.


I'm the one that's going to get to race Rollerman. I'm going to be


driving the Blue Peter car in a man versus machine challenge.


So, we are here at a speed hill climb track for a race with a


difference. This is one of the oldest forms of


motor sports. It's fast, furious and highly dangerous. It's speed


hill climbing, simple. Climbing a hill in a car at high speed. The


track is designed to be driven uphill, but Rollerman reckons he


can go down this 700 metre course faster than I can go up it in a car.


It's my race but Helen and Barney couldn't resist a test-drive with


That's tight. It's never going to get up there. Whoa. He doesn't


mention it, but he's had a racing lesson. He's told me all about it.


He's raced at Brands Hatch, but he likes to keep it under his hat.


That's what I'm talking about. Bring it on, Rollerman, bring it on.


Dude, start her up. Best of luck. Come on, Andy. Ready?! A wheel spin


off the line. Come on! Come on, push it through. Come on. Come on.


Come on. Here we go. Second. No, that's not good enough. Argh...


Don't know if I've done it. Really don't know if I've done it there.


After an incredible race,, the question is, did man beat machine.


I can reveal that you completed the course in 47 seconds, Rollerman.


Wow. That's man. What about machine? You did it in 41 seconds.


Get in! Challenge complete. Massive. I beat Rollerman. We never had any


doubt in our minds. What a final challenge, well done. Thank you


very much. Now to something else, we give a gold badge to someone


who's achieved something eextremely extraordinary, it's our highest


accolade, you can't just get one, you know what I mean. We heard


about this young man, George, and he achieved something that was


absolutely phenomenal. And naturally, we had to go and pay him


a little visit. The seventh summit, the highest mountains of each of


the world's seven continents. Climbing them all is the ultimate


mountaineering goal, which few have achieved. George Atkinson's become


the youngest person in the world to Against all odds, George did them


by the time he was 16, now, he thinks I'm here to have a little


chat with him. I'm really here to give him one of these, a gold Blue


Peter badge, I think he deserves it. George, you are the man, how are


you? I'm good. You did Everest. Fantastic. How long did it take


you? The whole expedition took us about two whole months and it was


the longest one for me, you have to wait around a lot for a good


weather window and the lack of oxygen. It's difficult since you


carry a lot as well. Were there any moments when you thought you wanted


to turn back? When I came to the hardest part of the climb, the


second step, I decided that this was going to get really serious


from now on since this part was incredibly tough to go. Rock


climbing essentially in the dark. That was pretty hard. I want to


race you to the top of that, right, and if you beat me, which you


probably will, there's a little prize in store for you. Are you up


for this? Sounds fair. Let's do He's won. I'm kind of there... Can


I get down now, please? Fair enough, fair enough. You did beat me, I


kind of knew that anyway. You know I said I'd give you a prize, I came


here to award you a gold Blue Peter badge. We don't give these to many


people, but No, I know. What you've done is pretty extraordinary so we


thought we'd give you one. Thank you very much. If you put your mind


to something, you can do it. You are a living example. Well done,


chief. Couldn't have said it better myself. Strength, determination,


courage, but most of all the will to succeed and overcome their


biggest challenge, which is why we think somebody else deserves a gold


Blue Peter badge. Andy. You are kidding me. There's your badge and


you have more than earned it. man, this is ace. Absolutely gutted


to be saying goodbye to you. Thank you very much. I don't know what to


say, like, it's been a phenomenal five years. And, I mean, it's been


full of some great experiences. I look back at the 50th celebration


when we met the Queen and I introduced the Queen to every


single Blue Peter presenter past and present. You know, it was just


a great occasion. Then something I think Blue Peter does so well, are


the Blue Peter appeals, you know. We go into these communities and we


try and do something to help them and it's all down to the viewers as


well because it's whatever they contribute that helps these


families, it was brilliant. Absolutely loved it. Then obviously,


you mean some phenomenal people. Very inspirational people, from


Lewis Hamilton to the world's fastest man, Usain Bolt! Went to


Jamaica to meet Usain Bolt. I mean, how on earth would you get to do


that on any other programme just because you want to and because you


really like someone. Finally, the challenges we do. I mean, like


every Blue Peter has to earn their stripes doing their challenges.


Racing, skydiving, then the one I'm most proud of is my swimming. Swam


one of the deepest parts of the ocean. To think I couldn't swim


properly before that was, it was really big for me, man, really big


and I'm very much glad I did it. I want to thank every single person


that's helped me on this, all the friends from Level Up, to the back


room stuff and I'd never presented before, this was my first gig.


are so proud of not only what you have achieved, but the person that


you are. We speak for both when we say we are honoured to call you our


friend. Thank you for making this a journey for us, a great one. We'll


miss you. The nicest guy I've ever met in television. You are not only


an inspiration to us as friends, but the nation, you are a legend.


Some other people to say goodbye to you as well, dude. See you later,


Andy, all the best, mate. Love you, Andy, love you. Which one's Andy?


Goodbye, what are we going to do without you? Five glorious years,


loads and loads of challenges and fun, you have been brilliant. Good


luck for the future, we really will miss you. Andy, you have


interviewed me twice on Blue Peter now, both times it was brilliant


and enjoyable. What can I say, good luck in the future, your brain is


bigger than mine! Andy, it's the Hoff, congratulations on your five


years, sorry you're leaving. It's not goodbye just yet dude


because we've put together two of your favourite things to say


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