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Badge Baton Finale!

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Don't mention the details! Let us know your so awkward moments. You


could have yours read out on the telly next week. Now it is live Blue


Peter. Today we'll be revealing just how


much post you've sent us during this summer's


Badge Baton Relay! Right, I think


that's the last of them. On today's show we are


celebrating the end Oh go on let's see


it one last time... And we're doing it in style


with some special guests. In fact, they're so special


they're superheroes. It's Kira and Jack


from The Thundermans. Izzy Bizu will be


here to perform one of the catchiest


songs of the summer. Plus Barney and I take on a high


speed challenge with And of course we'll also take a look


at some of your post. We've received so much during our


Badge Baton Relay that one And this is just the


tip of the postbag. You're probably wondering how many


letters we received in total. Or we could ask some


Olympic champions to. Give it up for track cyclists


Joanna Rowsell Shand First things first, can we see your


medals? They are genuine. I got those at Christmas but they were


chocolate. What does it mean to be an Olympic champion? It was


incredible, we went to Brazil a year and have go on holiday, it's a sport


I love and something we have been working on for long time. And a


longer journey, you achieved three world records, what is it like


crossing the finishing line knowing you have done that? It's hard to put


it into words, you have spent years working towards this one moment and


it's over, you are trying to take everything in, the crowd, you can


see the time, you lap it up, enjoyed a victory lap before they get rid of


you and enjoy it. How can you explain what it's like to be in that


environment and then coming back here? It's quite surreal, in the


village everyone is a successful athlete and have a few medals, it's


a weird atmosphere, it was only when I got off the plane and hundreds of


people were waiting for us at Heathrow, it was incredible. We have


been doing our own challenge, we want to know how much post we got


over the summer and I believe you guys can reveal it. Over to you. The


number of items received as part of the Badge Baton Relay is...


CHEERING That's unbelievable, well done to


all of you, and you inspired us in Rio but we are so inspired from all


of you at home for all the post you have been spending. -- sending them.


This is covered in all your brilliant post.


Rugby fan Benjamin from Banbury inspired his new classmate


Archie has now joined Benjamin's club


and the two have become best friends.


Here's another Benjamin and his brother Elliot who


challenged each other to a race on their bicycles.


To inspire people at home, what words of wisdom do you have? I would


say try out all the disciplines, we have track cycling but there is also


Mountain biking, road and BMX, you might find what you're good at is


different to what you first thought. Thank you for coming and, I am


inspired and if you are as well you have until the 30th of September to


apply for your sport badge. I knew you too would be messing around


today. My name is Joey Jones, double Olympic champion in tae kwon do. --


Joey Jones. I am one of the youngest athletes to compete. I won gold in


the three metres synchronised and silver in the individual. If you


have been inspired why not have a go yourself and earn yourself a Blue


Peter sport badge. If you have been inspired by me try to get your Blue


Peter sport badge. Why don't you go out and get your special Blue Peter


sport badge? But now, please welcome Kira Kosarin


and Jack Griffo, AKA Thank you so much for joining us.


You are welcome any time to come on get your badges. So exciting.


For anyone who hasn't seen the show, what can you tell us


It's about a family called the Thundermans who all have


superpowers but try to blend into ordinary life.


They are trying to balance being teenagers and superheroes. I play


Phoebe and I am an aspiring superhero. And he is my twin who is


a aspiring Super villain. Are you like your characters? Are you eight


super villain? A little bit, I am more of a rebellious type. I like to


as mischievous. But not evil? He has never blown up a planet. Then you


can keep your Blue Peter badge. On Friday you will meet Henry Danger? I


would love to see a clip of that, would you? Yeah. Well we are going


to play a game. You have to earn it. We've put together a little quiz


called "SUPERHERO or SUPERZERO". For every answer you get right I


will give you five seconds worth of the clip. I'm feeling nice so I will


give you ten seconds for free and you had to tell me if you I am


talking about is a superhero or if we have made it up. Are you ready?


Let's do this. First one, Captain Underpants? Superhero, absolutely. I


read his books when I was little. Correct. Headteacher Mr Krupp is


hypnotised to believe he is Captain Underpants. Super Shelley? I have


never heard of it. Super zero. Correct, that is art pet tortoise.


Badge Boy? Superhero. You are wrong, it is super zero. You misled me!


Squirrel Girl? Please let that be real, I wanted to be real.


Superhero! Correct, she has a bushy tail and all the attributes of a


squirrel. In the end you got 25 seconds. So you can go into the


clip. Run VTX the clip! I have had enough of this girl! How did you


break free? By doing this. That is impossible. Not her captain man. I


like the look of that. You get to the coolest outfits, I need them to


present Blue Peter from now on. If you want to borrow them you are


welcome. Would you like to stick around? Of course you can, you are


always welcome. In that case,


we want to hear from you. If you were a superhero, what would


be your name and power? Get creative and we will read your


comments out at the end of the show. Barney? Barney? . If I was a


superhero I would be the wing walking boy. Look at it in all its


glory. This is my favourite thing in all the world, look at them flying


through the sky, you can see me ready to go upside down.


3D models by Will and Jack from Bristol.


And I love this one from Evelyn from Wiltshire.


Using fishing wire she's made it look like the planes are


Only one way to settle this - a high speed challenge!


Two presenters who have faced countless challenges. Ready to go


head to head once again. And this time it's serious! Queer better to


take our latest challenge than at Europe's fastest racing circuit in


Northamptonshire. We are meeting 18-year-old Jamie Chadwick, the


first-ever female racer in British GT championship and its youngest


winner. Lovely to meet you. How are you? Very well thank you. Interview


time. I have to stop you, if you are going to interview me you have to do


it in my car on my terms. And why are we excited? Because this is one


of the coolest cars in the world. Yes, this is the Aston Martin GT


four. It has an top speed of almost 200 mph. And you can buy one if you


have over ?100,000. Banksy in the front! There is only one seat. Only


one of you can join me. How do we decide that? What about a race, we


will both complete one lap around this track and whoever is fastest


gets to do the interview. Bring it on. And what about if the loser gets


a pile of iron? Perfect. You guys will be driving this. The car is so


powerful that only top racing drivers can get behind the wheel. So


we are using a standard road car. Jamie knows this track like the back


of her hand. Before we race she has top tips for us. My brain is telling


me to slow down. Keep going. It's so different to driving on the road and


as I approach the tricky section I forget to hit the brakes in time.


Break, break. It will be all right. After that early wobble I start to


get the hang of it. Perfect, really nice. I am now going so fast... My


face comes off the car. And again I forget to break! Bit late but that's


good, really good, we like that, we like commitment. Really nice, much


better than the last lap. Now it's my turn. It's so reared, when I want


to slow down Jamie wants me to go faster. Should I change down here?


No, go up. Getting the corners right is really tricky. Bit late. But soon


I am enjoying it. And even Jamie seems impressed. Really, really


good. Mega. It is challenged time. One lap each and the fastest time


when is the chance to quiz Jamie at top speed. I am up first.


Some wheel spin. We are. Brakes, brakes, brakes, down dear, down


dear. I have made a mistake at the first tricky corner, lost a bit of


time. Now it's time to nail this. Almost went off, that's what it felt


like. I need to do really well in the next section. That's more like


it! Foot flat to the floor. Celebrate.


That looked quick, this is going to be tough. Here goes. No! No! Of all


the things to do, I stalled on the line. Not a good start. Not a good


start at all. It's only the beginning of the lap and I'm already


behind. Have to make sure I put my foot down and really do something


special. No! That was ridiculous, Barney, what are you playing at?


Lost a lot of time there. It will all come down to the final twist the


session. Hope this is enough. I crossed the line... OK, guys, you


tried your absolute best. But there has to be a winner. With a time of


two minutes 20... The winner is... Don't worry, part two of that


high-speed challenge Before that, our


badge-travaganza continues. With quickfire back-to-back


badge walls. Baylee from Devon recycled two


old milk bottles and some fabric Check out this ingenious make


by Evie from Sale. First, the aeroplanes are flying


side by side and then. I'm upside down and handing


the baton to Radzi. The effort that has gone into that


is amazing. Some detail. Because we're launching a brand new


Blue Peter competition. London, the UK's capital city,


crammed full of famous sites making it perfect for a big day out for the


millions who come to visit and those who call it home. For that many


people to travel around a city this large, you need an incredible


transport network. We have roads to drive on, water to Ceylon and


pavements to walk on. But it's what's beneath the ground that's


really amazing. London is home to the oldest underground railway


network in the world. Opened in 1863 and is known as the Chubut, its


tunnels sprawl for miles beneath the city. More than 4 million people use


the tube everyday to go school, work and see the amazing sights of


London. The tube isn't just for going places. Throughout history it


has featured world-renowned design and truly inspirational vision. The


logo, known as the roundel, the trains and the London Underground


map all come together to create a truly iconic design. And that's


where you come in. We are launching a brand-new Blue Peter competition.


We want you to design a poster that will be seen by thousands of people


every day in busy stations just like this here in London. Your post will


advertise travelling by Chubut or bus to popular London sites like


Nelson's column, the London eye or Tower Bridge. It needs an


eye-catching design, include three London landmarks, and shall either


the Chew or a London bus. You also need the famous logo and the Blue


Peter ship in your design. The London Underground is famous for its


design. By entering this competition you can be part of it too. That's my


train... It's all right, Al get the next one. The prize for the


competition is threefold. You're playing for an orange competition


badge. Also the chance of thousands of people seeing your design on the


Underground. And also getting the chance to win and access all areas


tour, exclusive, once-in-a-lifetime tour of the London Underground. Head


to the website and download the application form to get involved.


You must include in your design somewhere the London Underground


logo and the Blue Peter ship logo. It closes on the 21st of September


at 12 noon. Now it's back to an entirely


different competition. We are at Rockingham race track to


meet 18-year-old Jamie Chadwick. She set us a challenge, whoever can do


the fastest lap of the track gets to interview her in her car. While the


loser has their own challenge to complete, a pile of Lindsay's


ironing. With a time of two minutes 20 the winner is... Barney. Yes!


Sorry, Radzi, but I can't wait to get in the car. I will be asking


your questions to Jamie while he drives around the track. I've


rehearsed it myself... Enjoy the ironing, no creases in the genes.


You might want to move. I'm so excited about this and have the


feeling Jamie will be a lot faster around the track than I was. First


question... He's probably not even enjoying


himself! Racing questions out of the way,


time to get serious... Jamie completed a lap in 90 seconds,


almost a minute faster than me. Thank you so much, the most fun I've


had doing interview in a long time. Pleasure, the questions were


amazing. They were really good. Where's Radzi? Done! At long last.


There's my T-shirt! Jamie Chadwick is the future of


driving, what a young lady she is. On to our final badge


wall - and it's purple! Everyone here has used the Purple


badge form to get in touch As you can see, he's


adapted the badge baton to include the Orange badge,


which he won for being a runner-up in the Team GB Sport badge


competition earlier this year. Now, on his Purple badge form,


Daniel mentioned that he's a massive music lover,


playing the electric drums, and would like to see more music


performances on Blue Peter. Well - you're in luck,


Daniel. It's out tomorrow. Is that a real


pinch yourself moment, a proper singer with an album out? It has


come around very fast and it's very exciting. No arguing your talent.


You will be performing shortly. What will you be performing?


If you want to be a singer-songwriter like Izzy,


head to the Blue Peter website to check out her top tips


Now, we asked if you could be a superhero, what would be


Diamond skipping snail says they would be called Thunder glare,


controlling thunderstorms and the ability to turn people to stone with


their glare. Lavender scaly uniform... Love that name... I would


make a superhero called Fish finger Fiona, using her fish fingers to


create huge bubbles of energy. A food theme. Food heroes are my


favourite kind. Salmon 's stormy chicken would be potato boy. I could


do anything with potatoes, even make them appear out of thin air.


Finally, a proper superhero. We've also been playing the game presenter


bingo today. I will get the name by my magic finger. Purple piano to,


Lindsay said badge vest earlier. You've won a house in America! You


need to stop making up prizes! Get online after this because fine club


is happening with these two. I might ask you some questions.


Plus, in a few weeks time we'll be letting you, the Fan Club,


So get involved and let us know what you'd like to see on the show.


And while you're there, why not test if your brain is ready


to go back to school by taking on our fun quiz.


Don't think my brain was ever ready for school.


We're back same time next week, when we'll be attempting to break


With the help of thousands of paper aeroplanes, drinking straws,


the Blue Peter badge - and a llama!


Now to play us out, with her latest single White Tiger, it's Izzy Bizu!


# If I am still got on these safety bars


# And all adrenalin rushes to my head


# And I'm not in my comfort zone


# When I wake up but not alone right now


# Whoa, my head is in the clouds


# If I am still got on these safety bars


# Drunken ways take control, oh, oh oh


# When I wake up but not alone right now


# Whoa, my head is in the clouds


# If I am still got on these safety bars


# Who up in my head this clear bed will take me there


# If I am still got on these safety bars


# If I am still got on these safety bars


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