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both the Olympics and Paralympics? Britain.


On today's live for Blue Peter... We have some Olympic gold medal winning


rowers, a silver medal winning para triathlete, a double gold winning


Paralympic sprinter, a silver medal winning taekwondo star and the


greatest sporting achievement of the maul, the Blue Peter Sport badge! --


of them are all. Hello! That's like Superman's


watching, how you doing? Today's show is all about the distinctive,


unique, distinctive and my favourite of all the Blue Peter badges, the


Sport badge 2016. Look at that. The finish line is just around the


corner, you only have until September the 30th, which by the


way, is just around the corner. You haven't got long to get applying for


your Blue Peter Sport badge. It doesn't sound like it very far away,


let's ask Helen Glover how long that is? You only have eight days. Thank


you. If only we had double Olympic champion Jade Jones to tell us how


long is. Only eight days away. I'm still not quite getting it. If only


we had a winning team pursuit cyclist here... That would be really


good. Not the 28th 29th or... But the 30th. That's a really cool


thing. I think it's a very exciting thing. We are going to try and


explain to you in the next half an hour how you can get your Blue Peter


Sport badge before the closing date, the 30th. That's right. We are going


to be saying that a lot. We are also joined by the stars of The Lodge!


Singing, dancing and all the works. They have a new band member, Shelley


in her sporty kit. If you can spot her later in the show, we are


playing Spot Sporty Shelley. You have to see her later. Now, we can't


do all of this ourselves so we've enlisted some help from some


incredible human beings. Straight from Rio and the incredible success


they enjoyed, the men's Olympic rowing team. The double Olympic


sprint champion, Libby Clegg and silver medallist in the triathlon,


Lauren Steadman. Silver winning taekwondo, look at that guy, isn't


he a machine! Welcome to the studio. Massive round of applause again


please ladies and gentlemen. APPLAUSE


Thank you. Those shiny things they have worked incredibly hard for,


their medals. You guys at home, we want you to ask them questions but


think outside the box! It has to be an original question, you get asked


this same questions every time so we want an original question may


haven't been asked before. Have you ever played gherkin like a flute?


No, I haven't. You can tell he wants to! Head to the Blue Peter website


and we'll try to read out at the end of the show. I love pickles, so I


like that. Let's see how some of you have been getting your Blue Peter


sports badges. Hello, my name is Gabriella. I earned my Blue Peter


Sport badge by inspiring my friend Jasmine to take up yoga. I love yoga


because it keeps you fit and you can do partner poses with a friend. You


should inspire a friend to try out a new sport, because you never know


how good they are and they might want to do it in the future. And


that's how I earned my Blue Peter Sport badge.


My name is Emma. I earned my Blue Peter Sport badge by inspiring my


cousin Matthew to get into BMX racing. My sporting hero is


Phillips. A good start by Liam Phillips! I have 40 won quite a lot


of trophies but in the future I would hope to go to the Olympics and


win gold and that's how I earned my Blue Peter sports badge. My name is


Danil and I won the Blue Peter Sport badge by inspiring my friend to play


squash. I felt excited when I got my Blue Peter Sport badge because it is


the first Blue Peter badge I have ever received. And that's how I


earned my Blue Peter Sport badge. My name is Tom and on my Blue Peter


Sport badge I inspired my sister to get involved in triathlon.


I love triathlon because I love swimming, writing and running and it


gives me confidence to go and do other things. -- riding. My sporting


heroes are the Brownlee brothers. Every time they race, they make me


more inspired. Jonny Brownlee finishes a handful of seconds behind


to take the silver. To win your Sport badge. Make sure you apply. By


the 30th of September. This is a great thing about the BP Sport


badge, inspiring a friend to get involved in the sport you love. Tom


inspired his sister to get involved in triathlon said his sporting


heroes are the Brownlee brothers. Tom, we have a little surprise for


you and I know you are watching, watch this. Hi, I am Alistair


stopper and I am Johnny. Congratulations on winning your Blue


Peter Sport badge, a fantastic achievement, especially inspiring


other people to do sport, like your sister. Keep up with the good work


and you might make it to the Olympics in the future but most


importantly, keep enjoying the sport. How amazing was that? Thank


you for inspiring your sister and thank you to everybody and well done


for getting your BP Sport badges. If you want to get in touch and on your


BP Sport badge you get your chance to on the judging panel of the 2016


young personality sport personality of the year. We know these boys next


to me are incredible athletes. We know they are dynamite on the water


and we know they have got gold medals, but can make hold their


nerve when it comes to one of the most exciting quizzes on TV? Time to


find out, lights down, please. CHEERING


These questions are all about the BP Sport badge.


Let's see what the light does. What is the last date in the month of


September? Let's see where the light land. It is an Mo. 30th of


September. Well done, that's the right answer. Congratulations.


Next question. What date falls immediately before the 1st of


October? It has stopped on Alex. 30th of September. Well done, on the


pressure and you performed. Final question, most important, here we


go. When is the last day to get your Sport badge application in? Lights


are flashing and they land on... Constant whine. 30th of September.


It is, three out of three. -- Constantine. The BP Badge Wall is


looking more super than ever! Have a look at it. Can we do say, we have


awarded over 7000 Blue Peter Sport badges so far in 2016, which is


pretty awesome! Amazing. I have to talk about brothers Ben and Jamie.


Inspired to take up tennis. They loved it, look at that pose.


Apparently they were told to keep it down, they were mating a bit of a


racket! Have you clocked one? For me, Esme has inspired Ella to take


up running. That is a great photo, brilliant. Lauren? Lauren is by


different to take up triathlon because she loves swimming. You can


see Jodanna on the left, inspired her friend Emily to take part in


wheelchair basketball. Jodanna says it is great to have Emily there with


her because it makes her feel confident in the sport. Amazing to


hear, inspirational, well done girls. There are so many brilliant


stories here, you can feel most every sport that exists on this


board. Exactly, as a youngster I loved all my sports. You get to be


with friends, try new sport and everyone has a smile on their face.


Everyone is happy. And they could possibly be inspired by guys like


yourself. Libby, how does it make you feel? Schumacher is great to


inspire young children. As long as they are having fun and enjoying


themselves, that's all that matters. Everyone wants a BP Sport badge,


don't just take our word for it, it is Callum Skinner. I have a gold


medal and a silver and might Blue Peter Sport badge. Go and earn


yourself one of these. Keeping it to the sporty theme... Thank you.


Challenge time, I was very nervous for this! He saw me training for a


huge sailing challenge last week and this is what happened when it came


to race day. Stop it! The biggest annual sailing event in


the world, Cowes week. Competing here are some of the faster sailing


boats on the planet, just like Invictus, a yacht manned by highly


trained professional crew. And for one race at Cowes, they will have a


new crew member. Over here, just over here. That person, in case you


were wondering, is me! I am not nervous at all... I am really


nervous! And that's because whilst I've learned the basics of sailing,


I've never set foot on a yacht at this size with a crew before. So


it's a good job the boat's owner Sir Keith Mills has loads of


experience when it comes to taking on big challenges. Keith, it is an


honour to be racing with your team, I am really excited and what about


this is. What can I expect from the race? It's an awesome machine and


there is a breeze today so we will get going but not too much. I cannot


wait, thank you so much for having me. I hope I don't let you down. To


get a feel for the boat I am joining the team for their final training


session. With a crew of t welve each person has their very own important


role and they have to work together. Keith is in charge of steering but


instructing everyone on what is for the boat's skipper. Teamwork is key,


just to raise the sales takes two of us. This is as terrifying as it


looks. To turn a boat of this size and power at top speed, steering


isn't enough. The crew need to move their weight from one side of the


boat to the other. This is hiking and if you don't do it, Invictus


could tip over under the huge force of the wind. I'm hanging off the end


of a boat being told to basically lean over so much my chin is in the


water! This isn't normal. Just when I thought the session was going


well, there's a problem. One of the sail ropes has got tangled at the


front. If that happens tomorrow, that could affect the entire race


for these guys. It's a reminder for me that one mistake could be the


difference between success and failure for everyone on board.


That's why these training days happen!


Now, during the race there is the maximum people who are allowed on


board. That means I have to leave the camera crew behind. But don't


worry, I have this little camera here, which means I will be taking


you on my epic journey. Let's go, say goodbye, crew. We are up against


12 other boats, taking on a course that takes up to four hours to


complete. A getting -- on getting a sense of nerves, for sure. They are


all very focused, can't believe this is it. The start is vital, in


sailing the boats are always moving, so the crew judge when to hit the


line and we hit it just as the race begins. Three, two, one. Go!


Despite giving everything, we find ourselves second to last, with


plenty of work to do. For me, the action on board is almost


overwhelming. This is something quite amazing to


watch. The teamwork is ridiculous. Communication, everyone has their


job they are doing. But I need to get used to everything


that's going on, and fast, because the team need me to pull my weight.


So I start hiking. I'm determined to help us come back from this.


And now we lean. Little by little, with everyone pulling together, we


begin to move up the field. By the halfway point we find ourselves


eightth out of 13. But we're not done yet. We cruised past two more


boats. It feels like it's all clicked. The adrenaline is pumping


and I'm loving this! I did not expect the boats to be this close


together. The one in front is just there. And the ones just behind are


over here. This is so close now. As we approach the last corner, we have


to take it perfectly. We've got another corner coming, and these


bits are intense. If we get this right, we could move into the top


three. That was close! We take it as tight


as it can, we're putting everything we've got into this. It is all to


play for, neck and neck. It's now a straight head-to-head race for the


line. There are three boats between us and the finish. The wind is in


our favour, our sales are up and the crew is doing everything they can to


squeeze every last drop of speed from our yachts. We catch third. We


catch second... Just one more left. We could win this! In the end we run


out of time and crossed the line in second. How do you think I got on? I


think you did a fantastic job, Lindsey. Second time in a boat, good


training yesterday and we threw you in at the deep end. You did a great


job. To move almost last second place was incredible and I'm so


proud to have played just a small part in a phenomenal team effort.


You know, it's true. I'm really proud of that. That is a pearl Blue


Peter film. Back to the studio, and we have the cost of The Lodge. He's


welcome Sophie, Thomas, Luke, Jade, Jayden, Josh and Bethan. Welcome to


the show. Tell us about the new show. It sounds amazing. The Lodge


tells us about the story of Sky, who has a journey of discovery. She


moves to the countryside and goes on lots of adventures. I think I'm


sold. Can I have a look? We can make this work. Not that simple. We have


to try. We'll give it a makeover. New start. All right. We'll put off


signing until after summer but we got turn it around. Do you think a


teenager has any idea what's in her best interests? She does, and I


believe in her. I love it. You can see there, but you guys are super


active in the show, singing, dancing and you had to learn, was its


mountain biking? Mountain rock climbing, kayaking. You've


definitely got a Blue Peter Sport badge. Some people at home might


recognise you. I'm also on the 4 O'Clock Club, so it's awesome to be


in this as well. You are all oversee BBC. You will be doing a new song


later called Believe That and I've seen the rehearsals. We just played


a gig which everybody can see on the website. It's like we planned it.


I'm a huge fan, especially of you and your dad. You are amazing in the


show. I have a message from a celebrity you haven't met called


Honey Badger. Have you heard of him? No? He's an amazing sports


personality. I'm surprised you haven't. Darts, a game requiring


nerves of steel, pinpoint accuracy and top maths skills, not my strong


points. I'm about to meet ABP fan and superstar who's going to change


that. This is a 12 year rolled Bo, a future superstar. Who better to tell


-- show me the ropes. I need top three tips on how to play. Get your


stance. How you stand is all-important. I stand side on so I


can get a good aim. That means you're throwing hand is closer to


the board so you can be more accurate, fingers crossed. Lim in.


First shot of the day, the side stance works. -- Lim in. Next, the


grip. The way you hold your dart, the way you feel comfortable.


Everyone's grip is different. The most important thing is to feel


comfortable when you release your.. Stance, grip, third tip. Where you


aim is the name of the game. Play that with a nice throw. Like that.


Is that 180? Yeah. Show off! That is the highest score achievable with


three darts, and there are plenty of other numbers involved. Both players


start with 501 points and the winner is the first to get to zero. You


must finish on the outer ring of the board, which is called a double.


Maths is very important in darts. I need 30 to win, a double 15. You


have to finish on a double. Great shot. Double 15, that 30. I'm sure


there's something about that date that's important... Let's play


darts! I think I've improved today. Do you think I am good enough for a


game against you? Not really. Great, let's do it. Every darts player


needs a nickname. Meet Bo and Arrow, and all-round actor. And Honey


Badger. They've got great care. -- hair. So a game of 501. Want to go


first? I'll let you first. May be best person win. All right, that's


29. 85. From the first throw, I'm behind. Come on, Honey Badger. And


the scoring isn't going much better. 406? This is when I think I should


have paid more attention in maths. But then... Triple 20! The top score


with one.. Is there hope? Not triple 20. Bo keeps scoring big and in the


blink of an eye she is finishing on a double two. I know what happens


next. There we go. What a shot! I've really enjoyed today. Thank you. I


think I've got a bit better. A bit. You'd better have a rest and I'd


better practice. Did you see the position that she has in that?


Incredible. For more of that, go to BBC Two this afternoon -- Saturday


afternoon for the Champions League of Darts. Now we have a dart board.


Let's go with a dart board for a second. We have split it into


quarters and where Lutalo 's darts land will determine the question. So


your first. Please, my friend. No pressure to hit the board. -- your


first dart. Who is your sporting idol? Muhammad Ali, somebody I


looked up to from a little boy. What he did in his life was incredible.


High-5. Next dart, please. He likes it. Yes! Oh! What is your


motivation? My dad is the one who taught me how to do tae kwon do and


he keeps motivating me to this day. And your last dart, no pressure at


all. Where is it going to go? He's going to do it! E-mailed it! Your


proudest moment. -- E mailed it. Stabbing on the podium at London


2012. My first Olympics in my hometown. -- standing. Have you


applied for your Blue Peter Sport badge yet? There are only eight days


yet Basia Bulat to download the form. Maybe you want to introduce a


family member or a friend to the spot. Complete your applications by


September 30. Get on your bike and get inspiring. You have been sending


in your original questions for the athletes. This person would like to


ask, would you ever considered dying your hair like a rainbow? Of course,


any day. Just give me the diet. A rainbow! He is losing his hair,


though. Get on with it. Tell name seven -- Honey Badger, have you ever


driven a supercar? No, but if there is one out there that somebody wants


me to drive, I am happy to. How tall are you? Six foot eight. Beige


friendly baker, this is for you, I think, would you rather see flying


spiders that should rainbows or snakes which should orange juice? I


think snakes which should orange juice. I love orange juice. Healthy.


Dogs or cats? Definitely dogs. And you have a guide dog. The questions


are stopping for now but they will carry on after the show. We have


been playing Spot "Sporty" Shelley because she had a headband on, and


there she is. Well, earlier she was. The person who got it was cyan neon


hippo. Well done. That's it for this week, but make sure you print out


one of these, the Sport badge form, which you need to burn your badge as


soon as possible. To earn your Team GB Blue Peter Sport badge, get


involved, get active and inspire a friend to try a sport you love.


Wright I love Ellie Simmonds. If she says you've got to do it, you've got


to do it. Thank you for coming in. A huge round of applause, please!


APPLAUSE If you are a fan of The Vamps, you will love The Tide next


week. They are their support band. For now, please welcome The Lodge!


# Cos I know I'm right where I'm meant to be, oh yeah


# Can't stop, won't stop, gotta kick it up and go hard


# Just walk this walk, Gonna give it all that I got


# I got my dreams to keep me shining through the rain


# I got a fire to look the future in the face


# I'm full of faith to keep me pushing all the way


# One day the world will see what I knew all along


# Can't stop, won't stop, gotta kick it up and go hard


# Just walk this walk, Gonna give it all that I got, ooh!


# I got my dreams to keep me shining through the rain


# I got a fire to look the future in the face


# I'm full of faith to keep me pushing all the way


# Come on! One, two, three!


# Can't stop, won't stop, gotta kick it up and go hard


# Just walk this walk Gonna give it all that I got, ooh!


# I said can't stop, won't stop, gotta kick it up and go hard


# Wooh! Come on now!


# I got my dreams to keep me shining through the rain


# I got a fire to look the future in the face


# I'm full of faith to keep me pushing all the way


# Wooh! Believe that


# Believe that, believe that, believe that! #


That was amazing. See you next week and, remember, get your badges.


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