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Doodles, Deer and Dropping Beats

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massive threat in my trousers, the whole class was laughing. Get your


pens at the ready, live doodle along with Blue Peter. Keep it CBBC.


OK. We should leave this to the experts, I think.


Hello. That was a fabulous shot. An extended round of applause to


Bellatrix, our incredible beatboxer. Amazing. For you and us, she will


teach us how to beatbox like a pro later on. Brace yourself - I am


taking part in the annual dear calling event.


-- deer calling event. We want you to get involved in our live


doodle-a-long. What is it? I could tell you or let the most beautiful


person to tell you, Liz Pichon, to come out. Welcome to the show. The


Silver badge, everybody. Let's talk about Tom Gates. What is he up to?


This is the 11th book. He's in a band called Dog Zombies Rule. This


time he's trying really desperately not just to play the leafy Green


oaks people's home. In the book I do a lot of doodling. I don't just


doodle in my books, on my earrings, on my shoes. I would really like a


pair. Let's look in the book, because as you mentioned there were


doodles everywhere, on letters and around the borders. Do you come one


the story first and add the doodles? How does it work? I do both at the


same time. I am an illustrator. I think visually. I use the doodles to


help me tell the story. Do you ever eat noodles when you do doodles.


Have you ever done doodles on a poodle? That is my next book. What


is a doodle-a-long? It is where we want everyone involved. Get a


permanent marker and get something to draw on. Importantly, you have to


ask permission. Don't just draw on anything. Don't get me into trouble.


That is what we want them to do. So you need pen, paper, permission. We


will do it really soon. If you don't have a pen and paper, fear not, just


grab anything. Maybe you have a white cat, grab that. Or a Ukulele.


Like me you have a Ukulele which Liz doodled on before. Let's mix history


with pushing the boat out. Take a look at this. That was actually


quite funny! So, team Blue Peter have told me


today I will help unlock the mysteries of the deep blue sea. That


is because I am in Portsmouth to see a ship that dates back to Henry the


eighth. That is the 16th century. So, I have come prepared.


It is the wrong era! I'm here to set eyes on what is simply one of the


most famous ships in history. That ship behind me is the Mary


Rose. It was King Henry VIII's favourite warship, launched in 1511.


It makes it over 500 years old. The Mary Rose is so famous because


34 years after launching, she sank in battle. She then spent over 400


years at the bottom of the sea, before being rediscovered in the


1970s. It took another 11 years for her to be lifted from the sea bed.


That is where we came in. Blue Peter covered the efforts to raise the


wreck from start to finish and we played a big part in getting her out


of the water. Since then, scientists have restored the Mary Rose. It has


been painstaking work. The ship was sprayed with water and then waxed


before it was slowly dried. It means the wreck has never been seen in its


entirety until now. After 34 years of conservation, the


ship has been fully revealed. And just look at it. And it is only here


in this purpose-built museum in Portsmouth's historic boat yard that


you can have a close look. I almost feel as if I could step on the ship.


Actually now I will take a closer look.


I have been given exclusive access to get to see parts of the restored


ship most people won't. It is fascinating.


This is Dr Hildred. She was part of the original diving team that raised


the wreck. At one time this was buried under the seabed. How did the


ambition start to raise it out and bring it here? Once we exposed it,


we realised the wealth of objects inside it. 19,000 objects that tell


us about life in the 16th century. We realised we had to preserve it


for the nation. We had to bring it to shore and create a museum, which


is what we have done. Is there anything I can see close up? I will


show you how we maintain objects. The ship is restored, but many of


the objects found are not. It is in this room that the scientists are


slowly working to uncover what was found on board. Each one an


incredible piece of history. Whatever it is we see here or you


find, that could have been on the boat, used by people who actually


lived and worked on the ship. Absolutely. Touched by somebody 500


years ago now. Even though these historical treasures are around 500


years old, I am being allowed to help out.


We are going to allow you to excavate it. You have one chance


only. Don't mess it up. Wow! Talk about pressure! So this could be a


new find. It could be a Blue Peter exclusive, or it could be, well,


let's find out. If you knock around here, you might be able to get this


knock off. OK, I'm going to knock your block off! Here comes the


science bit. Concentrate. I am chipping away at a layer of calcium


carbonate, which has built up having been under water for so long. Look


at that. Look at that! OK, I will be honest,


I have no idea what it is. You have exposed enough for us to say it is a


hook. That and the bronze part was helped to use the anchor. It was


found near an chor and the only one we've got. You have not only


discovered history, but have discovered one object we've never


had before on the Mary Rose. This hook would have been used to hold


the Mary Rose's giant anchor. It is amazing to think it would last have


seen the light of day way back in the time of Henry the eighth. That


is a Blue Peter exclusive. Thank you very much. David, thank you so much.


If we were to do the entire thing, how long would it take? Christmas


2017 to finish. I will probably look around the... I think I will leave


them to it. Radzi is funny. Are you ready for your doodle-a-long? I am


joined by the doodle Queen. Let's talk doodles. How will we do it? We


all need something to draw on. I will draw on a pair of shoes today,


which is fantastic. I have permanent marker. You will draw on a T-shirt.


You have a fabric pen because that will work better on that. A top tip


here is if you want to draw your design first, draw it on a piece of


paper and slip the piece of paper under the T-shirt. That is very


clever. It means you can trace what you are doing. This is why we need


top tips. Have a team. We are the dream team. We are getting ready to


doodle. Football, bag and T-shirt? Yes. Team Radzi introduce


themselves. Katelyn. I am drawing on a pencil case. I'm rilely. I am


drawing on a lamp shade. I'm drawing on a shoe.


Over to CBBC HQ. It is great to see you. I will have a go at doodling on


a note pad and hacker will do it on his dog bowl. I have no fingers,


have I? This should be my tea break! It is Blue Peter, keep it chilled!


Let's say hello to our video callers, we have Chloe-Leila and


Maisie. Chloe-Leila, you might see there in the white top s wearing a


Blue Peter Silver badge. That is because she sent us something


brilliant. These are masks... Wow! On lollipop sticks and they are...


Did she know we would do this? No. It is a surprise. Look at this. How


good are these! You can custom miez the beards as well. You are a


genius. You know what you are doing. Where


do we start? Is everyone ready? So, the first thing I will do is find a


good place to start. I will write my name. You could, you can write your


name, you can do a star. I will do it in kind of bubble writing like


this. It is a popular font. I used to do it when I was a kid. 3-D is


all the range. Liz has done a cool tutorial online for you. That is a


clever way to do it because it is almost coming out of the page. You


should be an author and illustrator! I am trying my best! Don't worry


about making a mistake as well. So I will draw my name and then I will


draw a star. I will show you how to draw a star. Do a tringle at the


top. One at the side, one there and one at the bottom. You do extra


element elements of drawings and you draw it all together. Let's look t a


our guys over here. These guys are doing really well. You have a star


on the football. Jayden has done her name. I started with the green


badge, I love Blue Peter and I don't know how to draw this ship. It is


really hard! I will do a bit of copying.


You are flying through things here. Katelyn, can we look at yours? You


have your name there. Rilely, you have a cool star. What is that you


have got there? It is just a pattern. You have recreated what Liz


has done perfectly. What about you, Aisja? I have my name and a star.


Let's see how Karim and Hacker are getting on. Hacker is shaking his


head. I can only imagine what he's looking at. I am not the best


artist. I am giving it a go. It is not too bad. Liz, help me! Put some


detail around it. Now to our video feed and see the


girls. How are you getting on, girls? Oh, look at that. Oh a cat on


a welly. And a shooting star. A bit more time


yet. Shall I show you how... We have 30 seconds left to get this first


bit done. Shall I show you how to do the lines. You are tracing mine. I


am cheating! If you want to link all the drawings together, the way you


do it is curved lines like that. It is effective and you can fill up a


lot of different spaces with it. We will carry on with this whilst we


get involved with this project. You have another art project cow can get


involved with. Take a look. Children In Need is almost here. We want you


to do... Did someone say goo? It is do your thing.


You could make a cake. With a special ingredient! Goo. You could


put on a fancy dress costume. Or you could do a sponsored


silence... So whatever you are doing for Children In Need, we want to


know about it. All you have to do is go on the Blue Peter website, print


out your template and send us your... Goo. Send it with your


pledge slip and tell us what you are doing for Children In Need. When you


have done that, send it to: We want to cover the entire Blue


Peter studio in your goo for the special. Send it to us by 16th


November. Go on and goo your thing for Children In Need. Goo on!


We would like to cover the entire Blue Peter studio in your goo. That


is a lovely picture, Liz. As you can see, Liz has done her own


goo. Check it out for inspiration. What I love about today's show, it


is so arty. We have doodling on behind us. Hello guys. We have the


big badge wall, which is covered in all your fantastic posts. Look at


this. This is sent in by Amy and Sarah. They have done an echo


booklet on how to be more eco. My favourite part is here you can see


my face hiding in the bushes. I am next to that strawberry I grew in


the garden. You forget to send us your names and address. Send us in


your address so we can send you a green badge. Here is one for you and


one for your. Mine says "supper" on it.


Gavin, from Cumbria, has done this - all the Blue Peter badges which have


been turned into characters. My favourite is green. She looks lovely


and leafy! Keep your post coming in to the


usual address. Who knows, it might make


it onto next week's Big Badge Wall and you


could Sorry everyone, I'm going to have


to put my pen down for a second, because it's time to meet


our next guest. Give it up for beatbox


champion Bellatrix! Yes, that is what I'm talking about.


Bellatrix, welcome to Blue Peter. That's beatboxing, which is a form


of vocal percussion. So, in the UK, you were the first


professional female beatboxer ever? Yeah, as far as I'm aware. How did


it start? I first heard beatboxing


from a family friend, Duke Box, I was fascinated and begged him


to teach me and went on from I used to really annoy


my friends at school, I've taken part in loads


of competitions in the UK and Now I'm focusing on


writing my own music, which incorporates


beatboxing and singing. Can we hear a bit more of what you


do best, please? For sure. Take it away. I'm a little bit lost, and


I'm a little bit lost, and you're a little bit lost.


APPLAUSE It is genuinely incredible how you


do what you do. We have got our presenters kitted


out with caps and Mike. What do we need to know?


To break it down, you can use phonetics.


If we start with you on the bass drum. It sounds like... It sounds


like the letter B. Try this at home. You will probably do better than we


will. First thing, when you use the letter B in language, you don't go,


I had beans for breakfast. Maybe you do! Your lips up out what. -- your


lips move outward. How do you say Barney? A simple one for you. The


easiest sound is the high hat, and it is similar to the T. If you want


to make it more interesting and complicated, you can add the K. It's


like a little train. It's nice. I'm ready. I got the hardest one to you.


It's a bit like like the letter K. Put your tongue in the roof of your


mouth, and breathing so you feel the air rushing over your tongue and


it's cold there. Now you need to say the K with your mouth in that


position. Smashed it. Now, in words, but gently. Gently! Let's add some


bass drum. THEY BEATBOX APPLAUSE Can you do this


I'm on the lookout for the largest land mammal in the UK - the red


deer. It's around here somewhere. I'm in


the Peak District. I'm told there is a competition, and I love a


competition. Hi, you must be Danny. Shall I show you where to find the


deer? Absolutely. Always follow the expert. Danny looks after these


moors and knows all about red deer. What are we doing today, why are we


here? We are here looking to spot red deer. I can hear them, they are


so noisy, aren't they? They are. At this time of year, they come


together, and the strongest stags lock antlers, which is spectacular,


battling for supremacy to be able to mate with the Heinz that that art


there. So it is a bit of a competition? Yes. They can show how


deep their voice is and how formidable they might be. The way


the red deer call-out is most common at this time of year. It is so


common that people round here have a competition to celebrate. For the


past bee years, people have gathered right here on the eastern moors for


the annual red deer championships to see if they can draw like deer. I'm


being serious, this is a real competition. I'm going to be getting


involved, and if I'm going to do this, I'm doing it properly. Wright,


where is the competition? Lindsey, I think you've got the wrong end of


the stick. Really? That's awkward. So, after a quick change, the


competitors head over the moors towards the deer. Keep climbing. If


I'm going to stand any chance at all, I'm going to need some advice.


Luckily, last year's champion, Flora, is on hand to help. What are


your top tips for me? To be really loud, and to be really confident.


And don't be embarrassed. Yes, because I do feel silly, but have


you got to just go for a? Yes. Let's go for this, let's bring that medal


home. Competitors are marred by a team of judges and get points for


style and how real they sound. What really impresses the judges, though,


is being able to get a deer to answer back. So, let's get ready


to... Just start. CALLS LIKE A DEER wow, I did not see


that coming. Competition is fierce, and some people are really going for


it. Did you sign up? I did. It's my own fault, really, isn't it? And


before long, it's my turn. Time to step up. CALLS LIKE A DEER not bad,


but then... DEER CALLS BACK and then time for


Flora to show me how it's really done. DEER CALLS as the competition


goes into the night, the judges have a lot to think about. Flora's


sister, Poppy, had ago, too. And she's good. It's time for us to head


back to get those all-important results. OK, this is it. The judges


are just coming out. They've got the results. The nerves are kicking in.


Over to head Judge Roger. The overall winner, unanimously decided


by all three back of us, was number 74, Andy.


APPLAUSE It turns out the judges didn't think


I was very good. Can't win everything, I guess. But Poppy was


so good that she has taken the medal from her sister this year, keeping


it in the family. This has genuinely been one of the weirdest and most


wonderful blue Peter filming days ever. I have never laughed this


much. So, guys, one last time, ready? DEER CALLS not bad!


Have a go. It scares me. It was a lot of fun.


Today's Blue Peter has been all about the live


I have to draw your attention to this lampshade. Hold it up and maybe


put it on your head. This is just wonderful. Look at the design on


that. It's fantastic. Down here, you've done a fantastic T-shirt.


Fold it up so that everyone at home can see it. You've done that in


about 15 minutes, I don't know how. You're a pro. The colours are really


good. Let's go to the video. Look at that. That is amazing. Yours is very


nice. Have you enjoyed yourself, girls? Yes. You have been legends.


We'll see you again. Goodbye. Let's see how Karim is doing. It's


therapeutic. Hacker hasn't got very far. I can't pick up this stupid


pen! Guys, thank you so much for taking part. And Liz, thank you for


coming in. Everyone has done really well. I'm really impressed. Give


yourselves a round of applause. Take a photo of your doodle


and upload it on the Blue Peter Liz is sticking around


to take a look at them during Fan Club hour,


straight after the And of course Fan Club hour will be


filled with brilliant games and exclusive clips,


like this one, where last week's guests, the Kaiser Chiefs,


play One Word Each. You need a CBBC login to do that.


Apologies if you had trouble last week.


You've been listening out for the phrase "Doodle Queen"


Blue violet mini baker, you have won that. You have won a house in


Barbados! No, you haven't! Next week we've got some serious


footy action. Remember, you can still


send in your challenges for the F2 Freestylers




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