Andy's Greatest Hits: Blue Peter Special Blue Peter

Andy's Greatest Hits: Blue Peter Special

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On today's show. I look back at my favourite memorys from the past


five years on Blue Peter. I have met some amazing people. What is


the best way to dive out? I have had to conquer my fears. Don't drop


it. I have had some nightmares. Oh no! Did that just happen? I've


staired danger in the face. But I've loved every minute. Now the


last five years on the show have given me some of the most


phenomenon alexperiences of my life so it is time to take a look at


some of the high lights, starting way back at the beginning. Bluem


number 32 is Andy. -- Blue Peter. My first show was on 26th June 2006.


Only a few weeks after my audition. Blue Peter was my first presenting


job. What is the best way to hold these things? I was rally nervous


at my audition. Nice finish. stueply told the producers I was


terrified of heights. Guess what my first film was? OK. You feet want


to stay high. Head low. That's it. Hole it there. Keep going. Keep it


up. I was so scared. I couldn't speak or even look. Andy, you did


it. Scaling heights became a bit of a reoccurring theme! I tried


# I said your love # Keeps on


# Higher and higher Woo! Come on! Yes! You beauty.


Woo! But my most extreme height challenge was a bungee jump from a


moving helicopter. We're ready. Here we go. Stand up. 4, 3, 2, 1.


Woo! He did it! I am crying it is so good. Fantastic. Absolutely


fantastic. Yes! How to be a lady j. I like looking good. Well, most of


the time. Dressing up in ridiculous costumes on a regular basis is part


of the show business side of being a Blue Peter presenter. I loved the


chances I had to perform but my favourite routine was by my musical


hero Michael Jackson. Thriller. # Thrill er


# Killer, inside tonight # Awesome. Later on I will be taking


part in a battle, of a different sort against a beat box champion.


Did I just beat box there? Make sure you watch. The life of a Blue


Peter presenter is nothing, if not action packed. But the time when I


went in at the deep end, at a Nigerian fishing festival. Look at


the sight of that fish! Since then, the action has never let up. Stop!


I've gone head-to-head in unusual winter sports like curling and


broom ball. Thrown myself round an urban playground. And jumped into


an ice hole. I didn't really like that at all! But I really didn't


enjoy the RNIL -- RNLI training exercise I took part in. I find it


really hard to breathe. Help! Andy. Nothing compares to the full


on action of... Turkish oil wrestling! Where is his hand going?


Joel and I began by getting training from the experts. This is


so tiring. Then it was time for us to get oiled up and fight it out in


the local stadium. I had my hands down. We were the first to do


battle there. I got you. But there could only be one winner. Thank you.


Than youb you. Well done you deserved it. Music a massive part


of my life and I love a bit of a beat box. During my time I have


picked up some skills for beat box legended which would come in handy


for this brand-new challenge. So my time on Blue Peter is almost at an


end but there is one more challenge I wouldn't mind taking on. This one,


I have to take on a world champion. No pressure then. In a few hours


the best beat boxers from round the country will gather here at the UK


beat box championships to do battle. It uses nothing but the mouth to


create rhythms. Two take turns to show off their skills and the pest


one wins. This is the female champion. She has been beat boxing


for seven years but one challenge she has never faced is me. Tonight


we will go head-to-head. I have taught myself to beat box but I


have never battled anyone. Am here to meet Hobbit. This is an honour.


You have judged beat boxing and you are a performer, what would you


like to see before we give in a go? I have heard you have a few skills


and tricks, I would like to hear Nice. There is a little something.


Teach you how to do a kick drum to make it sound fat. First you have


to say the word Bu. Push out the air, push that air. Yes. It sounds


nice and fat. I like that. You can do a thing called a lip oscillation.


It's a glorified raspberry. Let your lips do this. Then you do it


with a kick drum, so you get a... see. So that brings it up a bit.


That lifts it. Yeah. Mate, that is really good. Like that. One of the


other things we could learn, I mean, is singing and beat boxing. I call


him the Godfather of beat boxing, and the very first time I heard


that was about 10, 15 years ago, he sang and beat boxed at the same


time. There is three simple ways to learn how to do it. One of them,


which I say is the easiest way, is to do the beat and the words


separately. So it goes... Beat... Box... Beat... Box... Beat, beat...


So the second way is harder but you have to be clever, is to do the


beat, or the sounds and a word at the same time beat box. Now try.


Beat box... Yeah. This is wicked. Brilliant. OK. Then, for the one


you said you loved which is a routine, which goes if your mother


only knew. So you have to go, you are going if, then you have your


mother only knew. If your mother only knew... HE BEAT BOXES BADLY


see trees are green -- of green, red roses too. I think to myself...


What a wonderful world. That is too good. I mean things happened within


me, that is music right there. For someone with a little name you have


given me big TIP tips so I really appreciate it. I am using the


training to come up with a routine for a battle, contestants take


turns to outdo each other and the one with the most skills wins. I am


going up against a World Champion so the nerves are starting to kick


in. There she is. My first time on stage. In front of a hip-hop crowd.


Hip-hop crowds are a little unforgiving if they hear something


they don't like. It is round one of the battle. 5, 4,, 2, 1... BEAT


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 49 seconds


Make some noise! Andy Peters is a not a full-time beat boxer so show


some love to him. The winner is Bellatrix. I am down. It was hard


being up there in front of the crowd. Watching me and all that


kind of stuff. I was never going to beat her but doing that was cool.


Maybe I will come back next year and give her a run for her money.


Morning boys. I have had unforgettable opportunities to meet


vulnerable children from round the world. Have you met these guys


before ever? I lived with them. was great to meet them and try to


make a difference in their lives. Have Have you had a good kai day at


I spent the day helping out to give her a break and to find out what


life is like for her. You're a fantastic team together. But you


are a superstar. She loved Egyptian history so why have the perfect


surprise. We are flying to Egypt! To see the permanence. Oh my God!


And a lot more of Egypt! We're going to eejit tomorrow. And just


on my way to see this young boy. Then I met this young boy in South


Africa. He lives on his own because he lost his parents and he


struggles to make ends meet, especially when it comes to getting


a decent meal. Hour appeal helped him to improve his diet. And I went


back to South Africa again to mentor a group of young people from


the UK who were taking part in the street World Cup. The team had


success in early rounds but we eventually could not hide our


emotions. I tried my best. It's not about me, it is about what they


have done on the pitch. But the disappointment of losing the match


was put into perspective when we saw the harsh conditions for


children in a South African township. The team do not know


quite how to react. They are absorbing everything that is around


them. And it is dawning on them that we are in South Africa. Sport


is something very close to my heart. I have had the chance to improve my


skills in sports I already play. Like football. And sprinting. It's


a personal best! And I tried a range of new ones like pole-


vaulting. It looks like and throwing the javelin. American


football... And trampolining. I also got to meet some of my


sporting heroes. There is a raw energy. I challenge you to beat my


time. It is on! When I started on Blue Peter I could not even drive.


One of my first challenges was to learn to drive and you followed me


all the way. What's the verdict? You have passed! Oh my goodness!


From then on, I had the driving bug. It was not long before I took it up


a gear to get my truck licence. And then I faced the ultimate driving


challenge. Truck racing. Go, Andy! Eat my dust! In my first-ever race


I got off to a flying start but half-way around I lost my focus and


made a massive mistake. Despite the crash I was determined to cross the


Some of my favourite moment on the show have been when things have not


exactly gone to plan. Oh, no! Oh! Here we go... No! I think this pay


This water... At its going all over me like a jet. Any more pressure?


But perhaps this was my biggest mistake... I was told I would have


to put this on top of that... I felt like a superstar. Every year


since 1947, Norway has presented the UK with an enormous Christmas


tree for Trafalgar Square. What is a Christmas tree without its star?


Getting the preparations right is of international importance. So,


asking me to get involved might not Oh my goodness! I have just dropped


the start! Oh, no! Did that just happen? I am so happy that has not


smashed. Over the last few years I have been very lucky to meet some


seriously cool people. I have been told that they have left me some


goodbye messages. Let's have a look... I can't believe you are


leaving, just five years. You told me he would stay until Arsenal won


something. But then you can't wait that long! We will miss you. It's


the Saturdays. You want to wish you the best of luck with everything.


We will really miss you. It will not be the same without you.


were there with you at the very beginning and went through a lot


together. Thank you so much for looking after us up until now.


Thank you! We cannot believe you are leaving Blue Peter. It hardly


seems like five years. Good luck from everyone on BBC Breakfast.


This is the messy, Total Wipeout champion, because I beat you in the


final. You would have done well anyway but good luck for the future.


You have been an absolute legend ever since I watched you at the


very start. When I first worked with you and becoming a friend. I


love you, body. I am really sorry to hear you will be leaving Blue


Peter. But, hey, it's all about the future so good luck. And hopefully


I will see you soon. Goodbye and all the best. I'll second that. You


have been great and amazing. Good luck. You are leaving? And will


miss you. We had a lot of fun on the show and I hope that you do


whatever you do and it will be amazing. I want to say good luck


with everything. You have been amazing on Blue Peter and it was


lovely meeting. I have got so many fond memories of working with you.


You have been a complete star. I have no doubt that star will


continue to grow now that you are jumping ship. Congratulations on


everything you have achieved. Well done. Along the sea. Call me...


Keep in touch. I just wanted to say goodbye and good luck. It's been


great having a Blue Peter and I wish you all the best. Andy? Are


you ready for the big leagues? To face the big boys? The likes of me?


We are no longer friends... We're now mortal enemies locked in combat


and it might seem like the end. But it's only the beginning... Could


buy, fair and D. For now... captain of the UK team here, just a


message from the squad and other team members, good luck in life.


Whatever you do, you'll be very successful so keep it up and you


will go far. I would not cry. I can't... That's amazing. Look at


all this. It's bizarre to think the amount of stuff I have done and all


the great people I have met. Next week, after my last ever Blue Peter


on Tuesday, I will have a web chat so log-on for a final chance to say


goodbye. You can also get involved in the ongoing message boards about


my time on the show. Thank you all for joining the on my adventures on


the picture. And sharing some of my highs and lows. There is time for


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