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Anthony Horowitz and Helen's Treasure from Trash

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On today's live Blue Peter, my challenge to fly a plane is tone to


a new level as I attempt to loop the loop in front of 10,000 people.


I am going to be talking about this when I am 80.


I visit a sculpture park to show how art can be made from rubbish.


Plus, the award-winning author Anthony Horowitz is here live to


Hello. Welcome to Blue Peter. Today we have loads in store for you,


including a fiction writer like no other. He's written over 35 books


and today sees the release of his latest. Anthony Horowitz is one of


the UK's most successful authors. His books include the Alex Rider


series, the best-selling teen spy stories which were adapted into a


film in 2006 with actor Alex Pettyfer. The series is estimated


to have sold over 13 million copies. He has also written the Power of 5


novels and today sees the release of the final instalment Oblivion.


We have made this studio look like Antarctic. You can hear the wind.


Sorry about that! It's because I went there. Part of the latest book


is set in Antarctic. That was serious research. That's right. I


had to create this fortress called Oblivion, it finishes with a huge


battle in Antarctic. The only way I could describe devils and demons


and monsters and battles that were taking place on the ice was to go


there, so I did. We have a clip of new Antarctic in your dry suit,


ready for action, prepared for the elements. I have been working on


this series for ten years and I have had to come to Antarctic to


finish my most ambitious and final book. I have to describe the battle


that takes place here in this extraordinary landscape. It's a


very extreme environment. Did you want to go there anyway or did you


feel you had to go for the book? It's the last great wilderness in


the world. The book was always going to finish there. I planned


this book a long time and I knew it would finish with a huge battle


somewhere. If you think about it, where can you go in the world and


find emptiness and ice and perpetual light and have a great


battle? It seemed the obvious choice. You have been working on


this series ten years. This is the final instalment, how do you feel


about putting something that's gone on so long to bed? I am relieved,


lots of young people enjoy it and I am glad it's over with, I have been


living with these five characters from all over the world and now


finally it's ended. I am relieved. You mentioned all over the world,


you have been all over the world literally. We have it here, various


places you have been, we talked about Antarctic.


You must need a lot of imagination for that, there's nothing there.


You look at the glaciers and with your imagination you can turn them


into a fortress and into Castles and houses and whatever you want to


see. One of the great pleasures of travelling is not just seeing what


you see, but turning it into what you want it to be. You went also to


Egypt and to Dubai. That's right. We have Cairo here, where part of


the book is set, that was sand storms and pyramids and heat and


civil war going on there, from there the heros go to Dubai, an


extraordinary city which has no real reason to be there. All the


sky-scrapers in the desert, it's a fantastic place. I was in south


America, Peru for the second book in the series. You don't need to


have read the early books to enjoy Oblivion, by the way. I went there


for the mythology. Over to Hong Kong for the Chinese, Forbidden


City. It's one of the great perks of my job. And yours, too. We get


to go all over the place. If you were talking to a friend and saying


I went to Oblivion last week, it's a place you invented but it doesn't


sound like a holiday destination. It's the most epic book I have


written and it's got a dark edge to it. But that's said, anybody who


knows my work will know it's going to be mainly adventures and chases


and escapes and explosions and all the rest. It's not that different


from everything else I have done, just perhaps bigger and more epic.


You are not here just to talk about books, you are here to answer


questions. I will happily do that. Get on your thinking caps and send


your questions to Anthony. Anything about any - I have to many


questions, I want to talk about Peru! We shall get to that.


Everybody knows if you reuse and recycle things you are helping out


the environment but you are also helping the art world. I found out


when I went to a sculpture park to turn trash into treasure.


These are the stunning sculptures of Spanish artist Juan.


Collectively they're worth tens of millions of pounds.


For the really surprising thing about all this valuable artwork is


that it began life as rubbish. To find out how to turn rubbish


into beautiful works of art I am meeting Dan Jones, a local


sculpture who specialises in recycled art. There is a saying one


man's trash is another man's treasure. This is, well, that in


real life, isn't it? Absolutely. It could be a pile of trash on the


floor but it's been you assembled into an interesting way it becomes


artwork. You can stand and Ponder it, but why is it worth millions?


Probably because he was a famous artist and when he made it it was


an important time in our history which will never happen again T


will never be re-created. Can you use anything and and where can we


find something to make such an interesting piece? Well, like he


did we can find objects from around us and if we find them interesting


we can put them together in an interesting way and make some


fantastic artwork. All we need is crow ativity -- creativity.


imagination. I can do that. Now that I have the low down on the


work it's time for Dan and I to create some of our own Blue Peter


artwork. It can hopefully go on display at the sculpture park. The


artistic director will decide if our sculpture gets an official


place. If our sculpture is going to make the grade we are going to need


help. This is our sculpting team. Perfect! We have six hours to make


a sculpture for the park. Luckily, Dan has a plan of action. It was a


starting point. I have pre-made a few bits. If you think we can


change some of these, let me know. Bring some of these big pieces


across and bolt the section together. Dan's brought along


reclaimed timber to get started. We are basically building the spine,


the skeleton and add bits to it. Who says I never get my hands


dirty?! There we go, well done. Now this is the kind of art I like!


With the frame built it's time to get creative. If we can have a team


making the water and a team building the sides that will be


great to do that before lunch. will work on water. Who is with me?


You three. We have three and three volunteers for the boat. Fantastic.


The waves come across, they look like that, doesn't it? Yes. We want


to make our boats look like it's cutting through water and in a boat


sails along the waves and the wash fall away in front of it. So we are


hoping that by using this shredded old swimming pool and some plastic


bags we will be able to create that effect.


These cable ties should keep our waves in place.


It's definitely taking shape and it's looking like a real boat.


It definitely looks more like a boat with that blue and the


suggestion of the sea. Absolutely. It looks like it's in the sea


especially with the foam splashing up on the side of the boat and the


water alongside it. It looks great. Well, we have the bones of our


structure but now we need to flesh it out. Come on guys, George, lead


us to the trash. There you go guys. As well as milk


cartons and bicycle wheels the team have brought their own rubbish from


home to add a personal touch. There? Or on the bow of the ship?


would say middle. Well done, Emily.


If this went up and this was underneath... OK, right. Even if we


could put it on something like this? Yeah, cool. That does look


good. That's good!


Our ship is definitely starting to take shape. But we definitely need


some sails to make those masts look not so bare. It's time to get


painting. We have finished the ship. Guys,


it's time to do the honours. Ah! I think the sails are brilliant.


Together we have created something that, fingers crossed, the deputy


creator of the park is going to I am really impressed. You have


done an absolutely fantastic job. I love the way you have the three


colours, red, yellow and blue. It shows you don't need lots of money


to make art, you need imagination and time and working together and


that you can come up with absolutely anything. It's great as


well that you have made the Blue Peter ship, of course! Can it stay?


That really was a load of rubbish, wasn't it? No, not funny? No one


noticed. Carry on. We are live, there we are! Moving on. That is on


display until 4th November, so if you are near the Yorkshire


sculpture park go and see it. you do, take a picture of yourself


by it, you can go as a pirate, send us a picture and attacking boats


and stuff. You never know, we might be able to send you a badge. If you


are planning on watching the show next week, save some of these. Next


week we have a Hallowe'en make for you involving plastic bottles. Do


hang on to these. We love your makes. Every week we do something


that inspires you and you send us things. It's a joy to open the post.


Emily has sent us these models that were inspired by Nick Jolly on the


show. I love Barney the dog's face on that. We also have had this sent


in by Jenna, she already has her normal Blue Peter badge. You never


know, she might earn a silver badge with this effort. Thank you very


much. We like a bit of sparkly art. I love this photograph, it's Billy


in a plane, he is 12 years old, it was his birthday recently. His


parents bought him a flying lesson, he wants to be a commercial airline


pilot and these are the pictures from that day. It's amazing.


Obviously you have to do 45 hours to be a pilot. In a few years he


may be flying across our skies. can't wait to board a plane and


hear "hi, this is your Captain, Billy.". Before you know it he will


be on Strictly Come Dancing, and that's back. Tomorrow night sees


the start of Strictly Come Dancing. I can't help it! Obviously we will


be finding out which ones you want to follow through the journey and


who is going to be best. If we were to be on the show our dance moves


aren't that great. Speak for yourself! They came in to show us


how to do the Strictly thing. came in to show us some moves.


Barney's response was to show Pasha the running man. If he does that


this year it's all mine. It's not just a new celebrity line-up. I


would love it if you did that! This year there is a new celebrity judge.


The fabulous Darcey Bussell. You might recognise Darcey Bussell from


the closing ceremony of the Olympics and if you are a ballerina


you will know all about her. Here I am Darcey Bussell and I am a new


judge John Strictly Come Dancing. In this series, I think you need to


look out for the newest -- Louis Smith because of his strength and


suppleness. And his competitive spirit. My thoughts on Dani Harmer


or... I think she is going to be incredible in left's and compact


moves. She is perfectly petite, and I think she is going to be great in


all the details. Nicky Byrne, I think he will burn up the floor. I


think he is just very cold. He has already strutted his stuff and when


he walks across the dancefloor or, I think it will be interesting if


he gains more or confidence. Kimberley Walsh, I think she is


going to be a bombshell. She looks incredible. And she knows how to


perform. She is going to have a lot of entertainment value. Keep


watching, because you will always be entertained. And if you can


already feel yourself being gripped by Strictly fever, head over to our


website and there is a little treat there. Darcey Bussell has recorded


that -- recorded a video to show you how to look your best on the


dancefloor. You have already watched it five times. We have


another treat in the studio, Anthony Horowitz, talking about his


new book, Oblivion, released today. Loads of you have been in touch


with questions. Straight to the video phone. Edward and Toby. Hello.


What is your question for Anthony Kim mack who is your favourite


character to write about? Hours is Smithers from the Alex Rider series.


I love writing about Alex himself and a still miss writing about him.


He is probably my favourite character to write about. Is that


because you see yourself as a bit of a spiky and mack know, these are


the thing I'm not and that is why he is so much fun. He is a great


hero. Thank you, boys, enjoy the last book. Goodbye.


No luck would like to know about the monsters and villains in your


book. Which of your characters would you least like to meet?


of Oblivion, and all the Power of Five books, it would be the


chairman of the nitrites Corporation. He is very old, and he


has no name. He is very nasty indeed and tease out for world


domination. Based on a real person, but I cannot say who, for legal


reasons. My only asks, what it would you give someone when they


are trying to write a fight scene? -- Naomi. It is a question of


finding the language. It is very difficult to write fight scenes


because the language is limited. Do not put in too much violence,


because teachers and public cares - - teachers and publishers do not


like it. Leave a lot to the imagination. What are you doing, on


the phone, have you no chairs? That is just me. What is your question


for Anthony? What books did you love to read when you were 13?


loved reading when I was 13 and I read the chronicles of Narnia book,


and they are an inspiration for me. I love Tintin and the Lord Of the


Rings, Tintin was the reason I did so much trouble because he was a


travel -- traveller. I love the Willard Price stories, which are


still in print. I read a lot and books were really my life. Thank


you for your question. Anthony, thank you so much for coming in. It


is lovely that you're wearing a gold Blue Peter badge. A I'm very


excited by it. Almost as exciting as what is happening in two weeks


time on Blue Peter. But rather than tell you, I'll watch this. Coming


soon, the Blue Peter appeal. You have decorated T-shirts, you have


made cards. And last year, debate a -- you made a difference. How can


you get involved this year? All will be revealed soon. I cannot


wait. Recently, Barney had a lifetime ambition realised when he


took to the skies to fly a plane, but the challenge did not end there.


With this being Blue Peter, you cannot just fly a plane, that is


boring. What you want to see his me doing a loop the loop in front of


10,000 people at the Bournemouth Air Festival. Yes? Here we go. Last


week, I had a rough start to the day with my first training flight.


After watching the guys do their thing and some top tips from my


mentor, I took flight once more and it got pretty emotional. In a good


way. I passed my training and now it is time for the big day. Today


is the moment of truth. The last time I was out, I achieved a


lifelong dream to fly a plane and perform a stunt. But that was just


training. Today is a whole lot of experience. I am expected to


perform that stand in front of an audience. Talk about pressure! --


that stunt. You may remember the last time I got a little bit


emotional. That is because when I was a little boy my grandad worked


for British Aerospace and I would sit with him with a toy plane and


make airplane noises, of flying it around the rim and hoping that one


day I would get to fly the plane for real. So today and not just


doing it for an audience, I'm doing it for my grandad. -- I am not just


doing it for an audience, I am doing it for my grandad. Power you


doing? Barney, great to see you. am very excited. Or you up for this


scheme that more than you know. It is perfect weather. Time is moving


on. Can you give me a hand pulling this out? That is it. Can you get a


flying suit on? I am excited! The Bournemouth Air Festival attracts


thousands each year and they expect the Blades to deliver. The


spectators are arriving on the beach but we just need to run


through a few safety checks and make sure I pay full attention to


the brief. Are you nervous? Yes. Different from last time, your arm


goes through that one and that one. If we end up in the water, to


inflate, NEC this year will Toggle? Pull that, that inflates. -- can


you see this yellow toggle. Life jacket, check, parachute, check.


Let's get in. It is hard to describe how I feel.


The only way I can describe it is just before you get on a roller-


coaster, it is that kind of scared and also exhilarated. All we have


to do is get up and the skies and show you what we have to do. I hope


you enjoy it. Bournemouth beach, I'm going to be talking about this


when I am 80. But later going to perform a routine formation loop


before my tent. -- the blades are going to perform. Hello,


Bournemouth. Wow! That is just insane. You do it really well,


Andy! Thank you! And now it is my turn for loop the loop. Look at


them go. Follow me through. This is going to be a moment. I have


control. And go into Europe now. -- Duart loop. It is brilliant, Barney,


keep it going. Relax a little bit. That is it. Keep it coming. Awesome


loop. The it is such a rush of adrenalin. Now that I have


impressed Andy, I feel confident to have another go. Everyone is


watching you. Let's go into the loop. That is it, that is brilliant.


Keep it coming, beautiful, lovely. Keep it coming. Don't pull too hard.


Oh! Oh! Amazing! Awesome! As you can tell, I am very happy. Do you


know what, Andy, for so many years I was one of those people looking


up. And now they're looking at you. I know exactly how they feel. I


used to watch Blue Peter and see what the presenters could do and I


wanted to be able to do that. Look at me now. The only thing I can say


is don't let anybody ever tell you you cannot achieve your dreams


because it is not true. You can and I just did. It is amazing. Thank


you so much, Andy. It is a great pleasure and I'm glad you enjoyed


it. Most of the day is done but we have to go round the front and


signed some autographs. Can we fly there? We would need to parachute


in. I have had two lessons, I will I like your top. It is very fiery.


Hello, how are you? Be good to yourself. It has been such an


incredible day, it is hard to explain how amazing the experience


has been. Only one thing to do now, and that is to sign autographs for


these people. Still amazing. A's -- APPLAUSE And very rarely


lost for words but is -- it is one of those things when you cannot


explain how awesome it was. All of those words do not do


justice. I would like to thank everyone who was involved. Natasha,


Miles, Mark, and Andy, who was the pilot in the plane with me. I will


never forget it. A head is to bumps watching you. Well done. -- I had


goose bumps. That was me achieving my dreams. If you would like to


achieve your dreams, let's say it was to produce Blue Peter, the show


that is on telly, we could make that country for you. Next month,


there is a day that sees children takeover places normally controlled


by adults. In the past, we have seen children run local government


offices, schools, museums, and even Radio 1. So you have guessed it, we


want you to take over Blue Peter. It is an amazing competition, your


chance to be a producer on the show and on the website. But the best.


You will work behind the scenes to decide what goes into the programme


and what gets shown on TV. From what happens in the studio...


are going to use these four cameras. Two what happens when we go out on


the road. You will get to work with the rest of the team and find out


what it is light to make the show. These look so brilliant, they


actually look really complicated. It is a chance to run the show and


become one of the producers. If you see your teachers out of school,


you know it is a little weird, it is where for us seeing our bosses


on telly. In no more than 250 words, tell us what you would like to see


on Blue Peter. We want to know what do you think we should be doing in


the studio and out on the road. There are two age categories, 6-9


and 10 to 12. We would like everything in by 10am on the 22nd


of a torpor. You could be a producer. The best of luck. All the


details are on the website. We will look forward to seeing your entries.


It is going to be great fun. That is it for today. I got my own shop


for that. Let's go to this one. Let's tell you what's happening


next week for. I get in charge of a baton and I will be conducting an


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