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Hi. Hello. You are watching the Blue Peter Christmas Special. We've gt a


Christmas cracker for -- we've got a Christmas cracker for you today,


with a lot of things for you to get excited about - haven't we? An


age-old Christmas tradition. We have four choirs, three Blue Peter


presenters, two brass bands and a partridge in a pear tree. We have


one special show. Look at how festive we are today!


We have a massive Christmas tree. There is snow everywhere. Check out


the Christmas outfits. Everyone is in their favourites today. Mine's


funny. You may have spotted the snow-covered Tardis. We gave you the


chance to design a new sonic device for three characters in the show. In


15 minutes we will meet the winners. They have some brilliant designs.


We'll show you how to make a special biscuit. Look - you can see threw


it! We have a the Dickens Abridged here. This nativity scene has been


with Blue Peter for nearly 50 years. We have Jesus, Joseph - the three


wise men. We have the accept pardons. They are there for one --


have the shepherds. They are there to see the baby. As a Christian


myself, Christmas is a very special time for me. It is where we


celebrate the birth of Jesus with traditions. Do you have any


traditions? We all put a mince pie and a carrot by the chimney so that


Santa knows where to come. We have done it since we were so long. My


favourite, chocolate for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I watch Santa


Claus the movie - it is one of my favourite things to dof at Christmas


time. We have asked what are your favourite traditions. Get on line to

:03:33.:03:38. Join in the discussion.


The badge wall is covered in all of your Christmas post. Look at the


stocking there - Alina has hand-stitched the stocking. A


brilliant present. Perfect for all the gadgets you want in it. We have


Barney, Lindsey and that's the star I put on top of the Trafalgar Square


Christmas tree. And you didn't drop it! This has Rudolph the red nosed


reindeer and a gingerbread man. Thank you - we have loved your post.


Rudolph of has to have that nose because he needs to follow the slay.


My grandma has -- sleigh. My grandma has a red nose at Christmas. Let's


talk about what we'll make today, not just Christmas tree biscuits. We


have star-shaped ones as well. As you can see in the middle it has a


stain glass window, which is traditional at Christmas as well. We


have all washed our hands. Here are the ingredients you need:


We have put together the dough for you, so it is quick. You mix the


flour, butter and sugar together and it will give you one of these. All


the details are on the website, go and check it out. What do you like


about Christmas. Let's have a Christmas chat. Spending time with


my family. Nice answer. Are your family watching? I think so. Food.


Anything else? Presents. Just everything generally. How about


baking and making some cool biscuits for your friends and family. See


what I am trying to do there! It is important to put flour on to your


table if you are going to roll it out. You can put some on the top or


on the rolling pin. It is up to you. Have you watched Junior Bake Off?


What a show that is! It was very emotional - yes. We wept at the


cakes. The cakes were in tiers! I say, that was a good one. Nobody is


laughing! Favourite bakes from there? Marble cake. Always a winner.


Chocolate cake. Always a winner. Did you know that in Poland we have a


tradition on 24th, here it is Christmas Eve, to make gingerbread


biscuits, heart shaped. That is nice. We can make them here right


now. They are not ginger but tasty. It is a shortbread we are making.


You can use cookie cutters. You have fired right into the lead there. If


it was a race, you would video won! We'll -- you would have won! We'll


put the cookie cutter on the outside. Try and put them to the


side to try and use up as much of the dough as possible. That is a


beautifully rolled piece of dough. The boys are getting on really well


here. You can tell you have baked before. Yes. We love baking. You can


see is wicker has cut out the -- wicker has cut -- Wiktor has cut out


the middle of his cookie here. You can use a palate knife to scrape


them off the table and put them on to a baking tray. You have gone for


stars too? If you try and do it like this and try not to break your


biscuit. Try and keep the shape. Once you have it off the table, try


and generally lift it and place it on to the tray like that. Then you


need to make the sweet filling. These are boiled sweets. They will


melt in the oven. One sweet per biscuit. The best way to break them


down - it is great - it is the fun part. Put them into these freezer


bags, seal it and then what we'll do is put them into the corner and


whack them with a rolling pin. Just like that! Obviously mind your


fingers. I am a trained professional. Once you have done


that for about four days, it should look a bit like this. It is like a


crystal sweet. All you do is take the crystals and place them in the


middle of your biscuit like that. It looks tasty. It smells like


raspberries over here. It is beautiful! We have a tray here which


we can use. If you want to help me put some fillings into those ones.


Go for it, girls. That's it - beautiful! Do you want


to have a go Wiktor. Which one are you? Wiktor or Wiktor. Very


delicately done as well, boys. 180 degrees. Make sure you use a towel


if it is going to be hot. 15 minutes later, as if by magic, they will


look like this. Be careful when you are in the oven. They will be hot.


Leave them to cool for a while. In the mean time, we can eat the ones


made earlier. All the details are on the BBC website. Tuck in. Thank you


for your help. You were starred. Of course, over to Radzi. Why do I do


comedy? It never works! Now it is time for another festive treat. We


are joined by the cast of Dickens Abridged. You may now Oliver Twist,


Great Expectations. There are so many good ones. The cast bring so


many characters to life in a really funny way. Hooer is a snip et of


their West End show of a Christmas carol. My name is skouj. I used to


think Christmas was stupid. Bar hum bum. Then I met three -- humbug.


Then I met three ghosts. They taught me the meaning of life. What really


Opened my heart was seeing my poor clerk, be Bob, caring for his sickly


son, Tiny Tim. You stand here by the fire while I sing a song about how


much I love you. Hsh hshl his bones are weak and --


# His bones are weak and brittle. His eyes are pale and dim


# He has a twisted foot # And whithered limbs


# I will be there when he needs me # To hold his little hand in mine


# He is my darling boy # My heart belongs to him


He's tiny Tim. # Oh, Tiny Tim.


# On Christmas Eve, I watch him sit besides the fire


# He is so frail, I am afraid he will expire


# So I do all I can to help my little son


# Because I love to hear his voice cry out


# God, bless us, everyone # Go Tiny, go Tiny


# Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah So good. The a Christmas carol is


about a family who think about other people who are worse off than


themselves. Christmas is a great time for being generous and helping


others. For many people in the UK Christmas can be a difficult time.


That is right. This week I went to meet others who help people all year


around, showing a special Christmas spirit.


People celebrate Christmas by giving and receiving presents, eating


turkey and lots of Christmas pudding. Imagine Christmas without


any of these things - with little food on such a special day. For many


that will be the reality this December. Over 13 million people in


the UK live in poverty. 3.5 million children sometimes go hungry. Help


is at hand from food banks, where people can come for help and


support. There are over 500 food banks in the country, like this one


- the Hope Centre in Coventry, which is one of the busy busiest food


banks in the UK. I have come to meet the manager. What is a food bank? It


is a place where you can get emergency food provision for three


days. Things like beans, tomatoes, soup, meat, tea. All sorts of


things. All the essentials, isn't it? A lot of people struggle to make


ends meet. Do you get a lot of people coming in and out? 1, 600 per


month. That is a loot of families. A lot of young families. How does all


this food get here? Today, I am going to find out.


Some schools help out by holding food bank collegeses. I have come to


see -- bank collections. I have come to see what this school has got. I


have brought sweet corn and baked beans. Why is it important to get


involved? Because we can give food to people who don't have much. It is


a nice thing to do at Christmas. Because Christmas is all about...


Sharing. Grapefruit salad. Tomatoes. Peaches. Pasta. Carrots. Noodles.


Tuna. Hot dogs. Red kidney beans. Chickle noodle soup. Thank you for


all donations. The food is brought into a warehouse


where they are sorted out. Helping out are These children. How does it


feel to help out? It is good to get involved. It is really good because


it shows that people are actually thinking of other people and so,


yeah, it is good to know that the school is helping the people. Why do


you think it is important that people get involved and fill up


these boxes? Because there are so many people out here who don't have


the opportunity to go out to a regular shop and buy the basic food


supplies, especially at this time of the year. It is your first time


volunteering - would you do it again? I would again. It is great to


see the food donated goes to a useful cause. It is staggering how


much is here? It is the festive season, so it is good to give back.


Once the food is sorted, it is delivered to places like the Hope


Centre, where families come to get help and talk to the volunteers. I


met Jay, one of the people who uses the food bank. How has the centre


helped you? It has helped tremendously. In times of need I


know I can come to the Hope Centre and get some food. It is a great


help. It is needed. There are a lot of people who are hungry in the


country that you don't realise. The people who donate - they are


marvellous. If I am ever in a better position I would always donate to


the food bank. It is a marvellous project.


Thanks to other people's generosity people here at the centre are taking


home a much-needed and very welcome food bag. At a time when many of us


enjoy a special meal, food banks help people all over the UK have a


happier, hunger-free Christmas. Now, this is the mart of the show that


many of you -- part of the show that many of you will have looked forward


to, when we announce our three winners of the epic doctor who


competition. A A few weeks ago we gave you the


chance to enter a competition, design three sonic device for three


characters on the show. They are Strax, Flint and Madam Vastra. They


will appear on the brand new series of Doctor Who, alongside Peter


Capaldi. So a panel of judges studied these images. Among them was


the boss of Doctor Who and the lead writer, Stephen Moffat.


Everyone is good enough to be in Doctor Who. There is a huge - there


were so many stories - that is what impressed me. It was not just the


idea or the drawing or something simple - it was the back story to


what this does, who the limitations are. How it gives you something. It


is more than just design, it is actual narrative. A huge exercise of


the imagination. Over 12 days we had 3, 600 entries, which is amazing.


Thank you so much to everyone who got involved. Of course, there can


only be three winners. Can we get a who-mongous round of


applause for our winners for 2013, Amber, Connor and Arthur?


APPLAUSE Welcome to the show. Congratulations


are in order, because you are wearing your orange competition


badges. Not many people have those badges. Let's talk about your


designs. Arthur, we start with you. You designed a device for Strax.


Talk us through your device. I thought up this and each of the


lenses has a different power, so the first one is an x-ray, that is for


Strax to find all - to find people's broken bones if they have any. A


diagnostic lens to see if people have any illnesses and a thermal


lens to see if anything pop up, so he's ready for action.


It really is a brilliant idea. It is designed specifically for Strax.


Stephen Moffat who looked at your idea said he thought it was a


beautiful image. He says it makes you want to pick it up and use it.


We know what Strax is like, so the idea of him holding it was a great


idea. Congratulations! A brilliant image. Well done.


Yours is for Flint. How do you come up with the idea. I thought Jenny


Flint is a Victorian pickpocket. I thaupth if I used a steam punk and


technological design it would fit her character. I cannot believe all


the research as well. It looks Victorian, technological and you can


see it going on to Jenny Flint's arms in the morning. How did you


feel when we told you that you had won? I was speechless and then I


went crazy. Amber, you have made an a gadget for


Madam Vastra. What does it do? It control controls the carriage. Does


it really? Yes. Actually Stephen Moffat said himself he loves the


fact that you can summon a carriage by taking it out of her hat. What


gave you the idea? Well, first I wanted to do a son Iqbal, then I


wanted a sonic feather and then I went on to the internet and I


thought of a Sonic Hatpin. It is a fantastic idea. How did you feel


when you got the phone call to say you had won? I felt really amazed.


You should do. And that is a special feather. Where is it from? It is


called a dinosaur feather. It is! You have mixed old and news there.


That is... It expands into a sword. It is amazing. Your designs are here


and you have won your Blue Peter badges for them, not only that but


the chance to have your designs made into real sonic devices. There are


some characters who here would like to say some things to you. Have a


look. Welcome to everyone who took part In


the Blue Peter Doctor Who competition. We are looking forward


to using the winning devices in the new series of Doctor Who.


Such a brilliant competition. You can see the guys have an individual


autograph from the characters. Congratulations! They are amazing.


You can see the three winning designs and the runners up on our


online gallery - There are


comments as well. The standards of entries was so high. Thank you to


everyone who got involved. Now, if you cannot wait until the New Year


to see another episode of Doctor Who, fear not, my friends - there is


a Christmas special. And this is Blue Peter - obviously we'll give


you a sneak speak. It has aliens, monsters and even a big explosion!


Check it out! And now it is time for one last bow,


like all your other self-s. The clock is striking. The siege is


now begun. The time Lord has entered the trap. Help him change the


future. Do it! How exciting is that? That is


Christmas Day, BBC One, 7. 30pm. Make sure you are watching. We have


been asking what your Christmas traditions are. They have come in by


the truck-load. They have. On Christmas Eve we leave a mince pie


on the doorstep for Santa, sometimes carrots. That is similar to our


family. Me and my cousins all bring our


instruments to our grandma and granddads and play a mini-Christmas


concert. That is a brilliant idea. We put candles in our garden so


Santa knows where to go. Makes sense.


Me and my brother get up really early and open presents. We


sometimes jump on our mum and dads bed while they are asleep. Get a


wooden spoon, bang them together! Don't give them ideas! We all sit


around the table and pull the crackers and read out the jokes.


Next week... That is right, we'll open our presents together. It will


be special. We will remember some of our favourite moments of 2013,


including Barney aes Barney's Big Bike Challenge, the pyre jump and


the race when Lindsey and I went head-to-head. In keeping with Blue


Peter tradition, we'll hear a special performance of Hark the


Herald Angles. We are joined by Chester Cathedral Boys Choir,


Birkenhead High School Academy Girls Choir and Oldham Boys Choir. Also


Liverpool Signing Choir. Members of the Salvation Army brass band and


the Norfolk youth band, who I played with earlier in the year.


# Hark the herald angles sing # Glory to the newborn King


# Peace on earth # And mercy mild


# God and sinners reconsigh # Joyful all ye nations rise


# Join the triumph of the skies # With the angelic host proclaim


# Christ is born in Bethly hem -- Bethlehem


# Hark the herald angles sing # Glory to the


Before we go, time to wish you a very happy Christmas. Thank you to


you too, not just for the things you send us, but for being involved in


the show. We could not do it without you - thank you. We would like to


say a huge thank you to the bands and the choirs for performing. From


us all here, have a very merry Christmas.


# Please with us in flesh to dwell # Jesus, our Emmanuel


# Hark the herald angles sing # -- angels Sing


# Glory to the newborn king # Hail, the heaven-born Prince of


peace # Hail the son of righteousness


# Light and life to all he brings # Risen with healing in his wings


# Mild he lays his glory by # Born that man no more may die


# Born to raise the sons of earth # Born to give them second birth


# Hark the herald angels sing # Glory to the newborn King


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