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Christmas Special

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We've got a show as stuffed as a Christmas turkey. We skpwroin a big


switch-on street with more than 100,000 street lights. And I'll


take you behind the scenes on my first night at panto. And we'll


reveal the amazing secrets behind the Christmas decorations you'll


Jingle bell jingle bell jingle bell rock jingle bell swing and jingle


bells ring snowin' and blowin' up bushels of fun


Now the jingle hop has begun Jingle bell jingle bell jingle bell


rock Jingle bells chime in jingle bell


time What a bright time


It's the right time To rock the night away


Jingle bell time is a swell time To go glidin' in a one horse sleigh


That's the jingle bell rock I feel festive. Welcome to the Blue Peter


Christmas show. Thank you to members of the BBC


North Choir. And children from the primary school in Cheshire.


Back from panto and I'm here to show you what it's like behind the


scenes. Nervous but fun too. have been getting Christmas cards,


including this hand made one. Thank you very much. And Jake made this


himself, stuck on the snowman and flakes. We life that. Joshua thank


you for your Christmas card. this is the inside out card that we


made on the show a few weeks ago. We don't know who you are. If you


would like to give us a shout we'll mention you. And thank you to


Graham and Jay, saying to Barney, and the dogs and cat. There are


presents under the tree not for us or you, for our pets. It's too


early for presents. You're in the early stages of festivities. I you


have probably put up the tree and Christmas lights. We have


discovered loads of you have been being -- going crackers with the


lights. They have lights on the trees, and reindeers. Only a multi-


coloured snowman. Check out this. Christmas tree on the walls. On a


par, the same as the other one, but it has lights. The most lights


belong to a road on Somerset. 100,000 bulbs on that street. We


went to visit Hareve. Me and my family are crazy about Christmas.


This is what it's liking withing with -- being me. My family live in


a cul-de-sac. We are one of six in our street. In our street we like


to go mad. We cover our house with more than 30,000 bulbs. All use low


snerg LED. We do this every year to raise money for charity. We have


previously raised thousands of pounds. That's my dad. Hello.


These are my mum's famous mince pies. And shortbread. The


shortbread is lovely. I can never stop eating it. It takes a lot of


planning to make our winter wonder land. Here's questions from the


message board. Do you use different decorations every year? Most are


the same but sometimes we change them. We might put different


coloured lielgts in a tree. designs the plans? Me and my mum


and dad sit down and talk about it. We might put stars on the wall one


year, and snow flaibgsz the next. How long does it take? A week


usually to put them up. How do you put them up? My dad goes up a


ladder and clips them to the house. That's all the questions. So, thank


you. Time to get ready for the big


switch-on. A lot of last-minute preparations. We want this year to


be our best display ever. Tonight has been amazing. The lights have


been stunning. The lights look really pretty and they are getting


me ready for Christmas. It's been a great success. I've


never seen so many people down our street. Looks like the evening has


been a great success. I've really enjoyed myself and I think


everybody has done a great job making it happen. I hope you have


enjoyed seeing what it's like to be me. We have got Christmas


decorations and done singing. That means it must be time for a few


presents. This year I'm going to be away for Christmas. I'll take part


in a special trip for Blue Peter. All will be revealed tomorrow. That


means I've got to give Barney the doggie present now. Have you


wrapped this? I would like to say "yes". Please tell me it's not


squeaky! What about cats? This is for Socks. A necklace. A tunnel.


Christmas cracker tunnel. Barney is in there! This is like getting in


the box. I don't Noah how to get it off. You're wearing it well!


Cookie? Look at that. Cookie he likes things that jingle and


japbgle. Cookie! It is about the critics mass spirit. We have got


the tree, and the presents, and the lights. We'll find if the most


magical thing that can happen will happen -- is it going to be a White


Christmas. We can only ask Carol Kirkwood. We're excited about


Christmas. We would like to know is it going to be a white one?


early to say at the moment. We tend to give a good forecast five days


ahead for the following five days. Tune in next week. How much snow


does there need to be to qualify for a White Christmas. Not very


much. One snowflake falling in a specific place during the 24 hours


that are Christmas. It could be Old Trafford, or the Met Office. The


observers will say they have seen one, and they will verify, and say


yes it happened. It's not random. There are people looking out for a


superior snowflake. It's not an official location. It doesn't


count!. How often do we get a White Christmas? When you look at it as a


Christmas? When you look at it as a single snowflake. Not that often.


The last White Christmas 2010 which is great when all you have to do is


play in it. If you have to travel in it, it creates problems. A


single snowflake, we have had that 38 times. Most of us think of it as


lying snow. That's infrequent, in the last 51 years only had it four


the last 51 years only had it four times. I like a thick amount of


snow. Have a lovely Christmas. Thank you very much for joining us.


Happy Christmas to you and your viewers. He will have hours of fun


in there. Barney has not been with us, because he has been in panto,


playing Muddles? Oh no I haven't. Yes you have. Three million see


panto every year. Because I've been away I haven't been able to tell


you what it's like. We have filmed a little behind the scenes. You get


a sneak peak when it was like on the opening night. Christmas is


approaching. Panto is gearing up in the festive season. I'm starring in


snow white and the seven dwafrbzdwafrbz. We have to learn


over 1,000 lines, and dance moves, to entertain people who have parted


with hard-earned cash. For many families panto is the Christmas


highlight. We have to get the performances spot on. Tonight is


opening night. Will we be ready? I don't know, stay tuned.


tradition of pantomime has been around for 2000 years. Our journey


started two weeks ago. It's lucky I have a brilliant cast. Sarah Locke


is snow white. And pats si Kensit is the wicked Queen. I'm playing


Muddles, the court jester, and Snow White's best mate. In a couple of


weeks, we don't have these, we have to learn our times. I should be all


right at this! We're during the read through. Everyone has been


perfect. Muddles what are you doing I don't know, what am I doing?


Something while you're talking? the greatest start. At least I've


got 1 days left. After a week of rehearsing only seven days until


opening night. With deadline looming the whole cast crank up --


for the opening night. Today is an important day. It's a halfway point,


we try and run everything 6 -- we've learned so far. All the


dances and numbers. Today is the first day we put it together. And


the boss is coming to see how we're doing. We open in a week's time.


The pressure is mounting. The next thing is costumes, and we'll get


them working on the set. With the producer watching from the


sidelines. It's not just the cast's performance under scrutiny. Our


director is feeling the pressure. We're on the first run-through.


It's goodish. Quietly optimistic. Ask me in a few days! And And while


by day we rehearse as hard as possible, by night the cast hit the


streets to do their bit to promote the sno show by turning on the


Christmas lights. There are around 300 professional pant miepls in the


UK this Christmas. Tonight we need to attract the crowds to make sure


our show is the biggest and the best. -- pantomimes. After the buzz


of the fuss activities back to reality for the final dress


rehearsal. There's not a lot of time to rehearse. There's a paying


audience in tomorrow night. We're not quite ready. That's what this


is about. Fine-tuning. A few minutes in, and there's a massive


technical problem. You can probably hear, one of the audio tracks has


failed. It should be a backing track with brass and fanfare, but


the computer keeps crashing. At the moment we have three guys playing


music to cover us. All being well by tomorrow we'll fix the computer.


The show must go on. We have a show. A bit rough around the edges as far


as some of the technical sides. Scene changes are rough in act two


but I've seen an awful lot worse. This is it. Opening night. Everyone


has worked so hard over the last two weeks. Will it come together


when it matters the most? Behind the scenes final preparations are


under way. The nerves are starting to show. As the audience files in,


the anticipation is building. There's nothing more to do but go


out and deliver the best show you - Any worries we had, melted away


with our audit ens' laughter. love it. Everyone is smiling and


full of energy. All the long hours and hard work have paid off and I


reckon we have pa fantastic show. What do the critics think of


tonight's performance? Makes me feel jolly. Well done Barney!


done Barney you're great. Thank you very much, we had a great time. We


had fun, the audience had fun. Everyone is smiling. We did it.


Barney was brilliant. Here's to the next 25 million. We really do that


many shows. You look like you have so many laughs. Do you kiss snow


white? No the Prince does that. It's so much fun. We are in the


foyer of media city, it's the only room big enough for the tree. We'll


be inviting a lot of singers to join us in a special performance of


O' come all ye faithful. Look at this. The fa activity scene. Joseph


and Mary, and the Three Kings. And lots of animals. -- nativity scene.


Many believe over 2000 years ago we were given the best Christmas


present in the form of Jesus. have lots of things associated with


Christmas. The nativity scene. And Christmas lights and tinsel and


Holly, why? While you have been away we sent designer Michelle from


I Want My Own Room to a Stately Home to investigate further. I love


Christmas. As well as spending time with family and friends eating


delicious foods and sharing gifts, it's a chance for me to decorate


the house and turn everything sparkly. You might know me from


CBBC's Deadly Art and I Want My Own Room. There's no better time than


Christmas to get inspired. I've come to one of the biggest stately


homes in the UK. It takes 50 people five days to get it ready for


Christmas. If anyone knows how to do Christmas in style, these guys


do. Every decoration has a story behind it. I met up with the head


guide to find out more. A lot of us have Christmas trees, where does


the idea come from. The 17th century, St Boniface used to use


the trees as a symbol, the shape, to represent the holy trinity, the


father, and the son, and the Holy Spirit. Only in the 1840's Queen


Victoria was shown in a family they wanted a tree. How did the


decorations fit in, the fairy lights? A lot of the decorations


came with the tree from Germany, a lot German inventions, the fairy


lights used to be stuck on to the trees, candles with wax. It wasn't


until 1882 the first electric lights. This is a totally different


kind of tree. Tell me about it? This is our wishing tree at


Chatsworth. All our visitors can write their wish on the tag and


attach it to the tree. I'll make my own message. Absolutely! This is up


a beautiful room. So cosy, I feel like we should be sat down telling


Christmas stories. The red and the green you notice at Christmas time.


What is the manying? Holly and Ivy have developed over the years. It


started out pagans who worshipped the earth. They found Holly and Ivy


was beautiful in the winter, when other plants had died. They thought


2 must have a special meaning. The Christians took it on but it found


a new meaning, the red berries shared the blood of Jesus on the


cross, and the thorns, the Crown of thorns. Stphr and the wreath 1234


Came from Ancient Rome originally. The idea was it was a sign of


victory. And the pagans brought in wreath shapes. The Christians saw


it in a different light. They saw the circle meaning ever-lasting


life. I've seen so many wonderful decorations. I would like to get


stuck in myself. Is there anything I can help you with? We could do


with another wreath in the house. I wonder if you would like to join


Mick our gardener and make a new wreath? Definitely! I'm off to make


my own wreath. You're going to show me how to make a traditional


Chatsworth House wreath. Heavy. Chatsworth House wreath. Heavy.


has been soaked for about a minute before we started. The Flora works


better if you only put a thin puncture wound in it. How many do


you do for the estate? About 700. I try and use the bits I am doing to


blend the edges in. When I was a kid we used to make our own, out of


stuff to forage from our neighbours garden or our own garden. What is


next. I'm going to make a traditional with pine cones, and


I'll finish it with variegated Holly and Holly berry. The leaves


are beautiful. Is it looking all right? Really good. Putting me to


shame. That's a traditional Chatsworth wreath. I think with


mine I'll add a couple more things. I've been making Christmas


decorations. Stars Can I put them decorations. Stars Can I put them


in? Yeah, go ahead. A bit of a Michelle twist. I like it. I better


find somewhere to hang it. I'm told there's an empty door inside the


house! Perfect! I had no idea that wreaths came from Ancient Rome.


can come to my house and decorate. You learn something every year.


It's time for our Christmas sing-a- long. This is my favourite Blue


Peter tradition. I used to watch the show as a kid it gives me a


great pleasure to introduce the Salford Salvation Army, and schools


to sing O'Come All Ye Faithful. come all ye faithful


# Joyful and triumphant # O' come ye O' come ye MUSIC: To


Bethlehem MUSIC: Come and behold him MUSIC: Born the King of angels


MUSIC: O' come let us adore him # O' come let us adore hymn


Christ the Lord God of God, light of light


Lo he abhors not the voirg begin's womb


Very God begotten not created Oh in let us adore him


O' come, let us adore him O' come let us adore him clies the


local authority It's a beautiful sound. Now might


be a good time to look back on 2011. It has been a huge year. You joined


then. You have been in balance lay, and came up the quays on a jet sky.


You have walked on a small rope. Lots of you have been in touch


asking about my next challenge. I'll be away for the whole of


Christmas. It will be my toughest challenge yet. I'll need your


support. We can't say thank you enough for watching Blue Peter and


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