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Dick & Dom and Chinese New Year

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Coming up on Blue Peter: Marriage Act are here with a sparkling


experiment to show you. It is absolutely genius.


2013 will be the year of these guys are.


And you'll get pitch side access to the first of my Magnificent 7


challenges for Red Nose Day. Find Hello! How are you doing? You are


watching Blue Peter. We have two CBBC legends on the


I do not find that very funny! The world is a better place when


Dick and Dom on the telly. They have a brand new show, Absolute


Genius. It takes a revolutionary look at some onions. Last night it


was Isaac Newton. Let's have a look They are with us now in the studio!


How are you? We are fine. It is good to be on one of the best shows


on CBBC! If we will pay you later! Last night we were talking about


Isaac Newton and how he defined the law of gravity. You tested this in


a centrifuge. It was pretty remarkable! Talk us through what is


going through your head. Mr Floppy face! It is like when you go on a


roller coaster. That feeling you experience for two seconds carried


on for 10 minute and it was horrific. It was really, really


horrible. G force is strange, like being squashed by an invisible


force. It was horrible but it proved a lot. Much like Blue Peter


where we take on challenges, you are never one to stand on the


sidelines, so you took part in the wall of death. Let's have girl


look! A motorbike that goes vertically a round a wall. They did


not tell me that it went straight up onto the wall without me knowing.


It was horrible! You don't go up the wall, you went on the skirting


board. Did you tell him to get you back down? Yes! Anything that goes


round and round, makes you dizzy. I am with you on that. Obviously the


brains in this show do not belong to you. You have got the looks. In


fact, no! We have Fran! You get a very own Blue Peter bad because it


is your first time on Blue Peter. Next week, the show is about


Michael Faraday. He pie in the it electromagnetism. This involves you


doing some unique experiments -- he was a pioneer of electromagnetism.


We thought he better to put in at the Michael Faraday cage and Dick?


So we fired three-quarters of a million volts at his head.


Basically, you had electricity fired at your head? It was in the


contract! We have to! It was a good way of understanding all of the


theories and principle for us through it demonstrations led by


Fran. Exactly. -- peers and principles through demonstrations.


It was quite dangerous. Don't try it at home. Definitely. We can test


electromagnetism here. In a nutshell? There is a relationship


between magnetism and electricity. You can run electricity through a


wire and that becomes a magnet. But Michael Faraday realised it was


more than that. What he realised was if you turn a wire around a


magnet, you get electricity in that wire. You generate electricity.


great thing about Fran is she translates all of the signs that


would normally confuse you and makes it easy to learn. Today is no


different. Fran, take your position between the two bikes because we


Can we please get a minute on the clock. We have attached to the back


wheel of each of these a generator. They will pedal fast and we will


try to light up the light bulbs. We will start with the first run and


try to generate enough power to light all six lightbulbs. 60 watts,


that is 360 watts in total. Quite difficult. Who will win? Dick and


That's is not enough to power your Unbelievable! The that was


incredible. In that experience, Dom, you felt miserable. I have little


legs! There is quite a lot of electricity there but it is fair to


say it takes a lot of energy to produce not a lot of energy. Yes.


We had 360 watts. A person cannot generate enough electricity to boil


a kettle. That is a shame because we could do with a cup of tea. Stay


with us. We are live. If there is anything


you want to ask Dick and Dom, you You can ask them anything you like.


Red Nose Day is on the horizon. This year for comic relief, I am


going to be doing seven challenges to inspire you to raise money for a


fantastic cause. I did my first one on Saturday at Twickenham in front


of a packed crowd of England and Scotland fans. It was going to be


loud! In five days' time, I will attempt


to kick a conversion at Twickenham in front of tens of thousands of


fanatical rugby fans. I don't know anything about rugby but I have got


a trip up my sleeve. I am engaged to this guy and luckily for me, he


plays rugby league, with these guys. I have come to Warrington Wolves,


to be introduced to the world of rugby. I am about to see what I


That was a bad one. I don't think she has got a good chance to be


honest of getting a conversion. or laughing at me already! She is


doing her best. Hopefully she can keep it going. It has been a mixed


start but I clearly have a lot of work to do. If you go further back,


you get giddy and start jumping up and down. Because I am nervous!


Take it slowly. If I slowed down, if I focus... Exactly. You think I


can do it? Yes. He has to say that. He is my fiancee. In three days I


have to attempt to kick that ball in Twickenham. I think Ritchie made


a fair point, I do need to concentrate. That is why I am here


today for some extra help and I don't think there is any messing


with this guy. Saracens fly-half, Charlie Hodgson. Premiership


leading goalscorer. He is no stranger to Twickenham. Let's see


if he can get my boots into shape. That is what I need to be able to


do! Hello. Excited? I feel a bit sick if I am honest. I really want


to be able to do it but I have to do it in three days. Hopefully you


will be fine by the weekend. Where do we start?


A little run two warm-up and stretches and then I am ready for


my kicking lessons. The first tip is not to place the ball on the tee.


People have different tactics. I have mine up right. Which will make


it goes further? At the front. will have a go at that. I feel it


is sitting higher so I can kick it. Line up the themes when you are


kicking it, in the direction you want it to go. -- this seems. Point


your foot. There. Which bit of the ball and I hitting? The bottom, so


you can get the elevation. This inside part of the ball. And now


your approach to the ball. 45 degrees. I think I should do that


to maintain my concentration. Looking forward, the sideways three


steps to get my 45 degrees, and then run at it. Nearly! So close.


Try again. But not close enough, so Yes! It is a bit hit and miss. I


get a bit distracted. Focus. You do one enemy forget about what you are


trying to do. I am nervous. -- you do one and then you forget. These


guides a rugby-mad and knows something's about kicking.


Hopefully they can help me and get some tips from a top rugby star.


Get some power on the ball. I have kicked a lot today but I am fairly


pleased, but no where near prepared. Be if I was at home I would be


terrified, but I think she can do it. Mental strength is a huge part


of this game that so how did Charlie cope in front of thousands


of people? It is difficult. You have to try to block it out and


concentrate on what you are doing. At the Six Nations, everybody is


excited. In your experience of the fans, what will they be like at


half-time? You will be all right. It depends if you get it over! You


might get a bit of stick! I am sure you will get enough support.


thank you so much for your help today. I will Endeavour to not let


you down on Saturday. As long as she focuses on the tips I have


given her and she concentrates on those each time she approaches the


ball, she should be far line. all starts this weekend when I will


be attempting to kick one of these. Even after the live show, I am a


practising. Rugby has taken over my life this week.


Three steps back. 3 to the side. That is terrible!


And Twickenham is only two days away.


It is such an amazing thing to do. Not only is Ritchie an amazing


player, but you've got to play with professional rugby players!


Amazing! I took it too seriously. That is not like you. I am


competitive and I was getting stressed out. You can find out how


I got on later in the show. Helen. You are a pig and I am a goat.


According to the Chinese Zodiac. Because this weekend sees the start


Chinese New Year celebrations usually last for 15 days. It is


currently the year of the dragon. But on Sunday it is the turn of the


snake. If you are a snake, its 41 mysterious, intuitive, have a good


temper and a good at communicating. Famous snakes include Daniel


Radcliffe and Dani Harmer. This is Blue Peter, so of course we've got


some snakes in the studio! I've just remembered, I've got a dentist


appointment. Look who's over here, it's Blowfish. What have we got


here? These are some corn snakes. They are only little. Are they


venomous? No, they are not, and they are so cute. Why are they


different colours if they are the same type of snake? They are kind


of like cats and dogs. We've bred them to have these colours. As far


as snakes to day go, I think I have it would snake here! These are just


little babies compared to what we are going to get up to. This one is


going down my top. Its blending in! There we go. We and we found out


you were coming in, we found out about what these guys eat.


Apparently... They eat Helen! eat rodents. Look at the size of


them. That is some snack! Rodents are small-fry to these guys. This


is a milk snake. He could be really quite nasty. Look at the banding,


you might think, venomous snake. He's a beautiful colour. There's an


old rhyme that we can remember to prove that this snake is safe. Read


in yellow, venom lack. Read then yellow, will kill a fellow. We are


still talking small-fry. We need to a bit of it. This is a real stake.


This is a reticulated python. This, essentially, is the longest snake


on the planet. How long do they get? There's one in Oregon that is


They are cracking beasts. What does reticulated mean? It refers to the


pattern on it. It means net like. It's wonderful camouflage. They


have beautiful skin and they feel so smooth. You expect them to be


slimy but they are not. Yes, they are very dry. They are gorgeous. I


like how they get their names. you look at a pattern on the corn,


it's exactly the same as the pattern on... Look at that. This


python is hissing, do I need to be worried? No, she's fine, just


checking it out. The front of this snake has something very clever.


Around the lips of its mouth it has heat sensitive areas. They are


picking up infra-red radiation. It's the same thing you see in the


movies when someone puts on special goggles and they can see the


outlines. This may punts in exactly the same way. They are clever


creatures. Thank you for bringing these guys in. I'm going to borrow


this guy for a minute. At the weekend, I entered my very own that


snake pit. I went to Twickenham. It was one of the first matches of the


Six Nations, between England and France. It was the place that I was


to take on my first challenge. I'm doing seven challenges ahead of Red


Nose Day. My first one was to attempt to kick a penalty at half-


I have been having sleepless nights about this all week. This is


massive, this is exciting. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. I


am so nervous, because I don't want to mark it up. I'm completely


freaking out. I think I'm more nervous about this than I was about


the high wire. The nerves are really starting to take over. It's


It's the morning of the game, so in a few hours, I will attempt to kick


this ball over that far. It definitely looks higher for some


reason in this stadium. I'm excited. Of course I'm nervous, I didn't


sleep much last night, but I feel like the stage has been set, so I


can feel the anticipation rising. I'm going to make the most of this


positive feeling. As Twickenham gets ready for the Six Nations


match between England and Scotland, the players are warming up, and are


led by their fitness coach, Bobby. To take my mind up my daunting task,


I'm going to find out how a professional rugby player prepares


professional rugby player prepares for a big match. A few hours from


kick-off, what will the players be doing now to get match ready?


will eat twice, chicken breasts today and a plate of pasta as well.


Three or four chicken breasts? I don't have that in a week! How much


will they run around? Eight or nine kilometres. Fluid is really


important. How much will they sweat during the game? They will lose up


to three litres of fluid. One litre of fluid is a kilo, so that's two-


and-a-half to three kilos. Should I be drinking loads to get ready?


you should be topping up. The it's a bit too late! As kick-off


approaches, the crowds gather. My support arrives to give me some


inspiration. As we take our seats, I try my best to enjoy the first


That's it, easy peasy. I'll just do that. It's nearly half time, so the


team give me some final tips. I'm absolutely freaking out. I did it


loads of times in training. You did. Just aim at the scoreboard. Try and


hit the number six. That's my cue, and the commentator is keeping a


This is Cumbria's finest. I'm here with Chris Paterson, one of the


finest figures in the game of rugby, Oh, I think she's just gone left!


I'm absolutely gutted. I've done it a million times. Why couldn't I do


it that time? I'm freaking out, I don't like it. You were so close!


I'm gutted, but that's just the kind of person I am. I think I can


look back and say, guess what, at least we went out there and had a


go. You could do something amazing That was so close, but hopefully it


will inspire you to do something sporty and raise money for Comic


Relief. You could get sponsored to kick as many conversions as you can


in five minutes. If football is more your thing, ask someone to be


goalie for an hour. You could get sponsored to score to save. You


might prefer getting wet, so why not put your goggles on and get


sponsored for each lot you swim at your local pool. Even better, get


your friends to be part of a swimming relay, because more splash


means more cash. Checkout the Blue Peter website but details of how to


pay in the money you braced. I'm not sure whether it's the slow


motion or the dramatic music that goes with it, but that was so close.


It was so good to watch but... It doesn't matter, 80,000 people, you


went out there and did it. I think you did a great job. I was so


nervous, but this is to inspire you to do something for Comic Relief.


Let us know what you're going to do ahead of this Red Nose Day. Visit


the website, there's loads more the website, there's loads more


ideas and everything you need to know about Red Nose Day. Tell them


what you're doing next. I'm going to be heading to the West End in


London to attempt to be in two West End shows in one evening. He's


laughing. Listen to this. Beautiful! What a voice! I cannot


sing. We've spent so many car journeys together when Helen starts


to entertain by starting singing. I'd rather walk! Let's go over to


two guys who've got beautiful voices in their own unique way.


They are answering your questions. They are not alone. We have a group


of children here from a science Would you like to go ahead with the


first question, Ben? Who ruined the most experiments? That was probably


me. I did went out of quite a few things. I wouldn't go underneath a


bridge. There was this box hanging underneath a bridge which was about


300 ft off the ground. I wouldn't go under bat. I didn't go in the


centrifuge. I ruined the series. is pathetic. I had to do it all


myself. You started to give it a go. No, I didn't. The Clifton


Suspension Bridge - no! He's just there with his own like that,


whilst I'm hanging under a suspension bridge. We will never


make Blue Peter presenters, put it that way. Who was your favourite


genius? I think it was a guy called Basil jet. He created something


that we all use but we don't know it, which is the underground sewer


system. The London sewer system. There's miles of pipes underneath


London. So when you flush the toilet or go in the Shayler, that's


where it all goes. You went down to have a look at it. Yes, we did.


It's smelly! The smell when you go down there, what would you think it


smells like down there? Don't be rude! It is congealed fat. You are


not meant to take that down the plughole. It goes down there, it


sticks all over and it stinks. People have to scrape it off.


Ridley says, what's it like having to do dangerous things on TV?


would know. It's great. The great thing about the job, as you guys


know, is what you get to do some incredible things that you would


never get to do at any other point in your career. They might be


dangerous, health and safety is all set up. I did do the Faraday cage.


That was probably one of the most dangerous things we did in the


series. I would never have done that, but you did it. Effectively


it is fair to say that date wins on that one. Thanks for coming in.


that it? All of you lot minus one question! It is not just things


that have an outside the studio that we are fans of. Last week,


Chris Packham was our guest and we made bird feeders together. To make


sure that the UK's birds are happy and well fed. You've been having a


go. We've got some examples of what you've been getting up to. Gracy


and Nancie have been hard at work Edward has made six bird feeders.


This one is the Michelin star of bird feeders. They look brilliant.


If you'd like to get involved, go to the website. I Can't Take My


eyes Off You right now with that beautiful hat. Thank you, guys, for


coming in. There's just time to coming in. There's just time to


tell you what's happening on next week's Blue Peter. I take on my


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