Dinosaur hunting, Picture food and Massive Art Blue Peter

Dinosaur hunting, Picture food and Massive Art

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Peter, we will introduce you to this girl, Daisy Morris, a real-life


dinosaur hunter. And I will take on a team of rugby league players in a


wheelchair. And we have a food artist who makes amazing artwork


using just food. Meat paste!It is using just food. Meat paste!It is


today's live Blue Peter. You are watching Blue Peter. If your


watch says 9.30, you need a new battery. Welcome. We have loads of


cool stuff coming this afternoon. First, have a look at our big wall


of fabulousness. Let's talk about what has been trending. Your


butterfly cafes have been a big hit. We had 1211 of the contacting


us this week. We love hearing from you. You are so creative. We have


the be an Daisy here, who have sent us their butterfly cafes. That one


is better than Helen's. She is wearing a lovely butterfly T-shirt.


Down here, Juliet has made her butterfly cafe. It is brilliant.


also showed you how to make a Father's Day card a few weeks ago.


Loads of you made that, including Adam and Luke in Middlesex. They


also used that design to make a birthday card. Hope you had fun.


Check out how smiley and and her dad. She made a Father's Day card,


and I think he is a satisfied customer. It was a great day for


dads on Sunday, and the day after that was the 50th anniversary of the


Blue Peter badge. On the 17th of June 1963, a lovely lady called


Valerie Singleton, a legendary Blue Peter presenter, sent balloons like


this into the sky. And that the bottom of the balloons, you can see


a type. 10,000 of these were launched, and 3000 of the tags were


found and sent back to television Centre. They were the first people


to get a Blue Peter badge. You have been sending us some of your own


stuff. Chloe, who was 13, sent us this Blue Peter badge marking 50


years, so thank you very much. did the classic repeater ship on the


bad, but it is actually a card. Talking of repeater badges, if you


missed the show last week, you will not be aware that we are going to be


introducing a brand-new Blue Peter badge. In two weeks' time, we will


tell you everything you need to know about the all-new Blue Peter sport


badges. We will be at Wimbledon in a couple of weeks' time on the 4th of


July. We will be presenting this show live, and we will tell you


everything you need to know. They will only be available for three


months of the year. How exciting is that? It is very exciting. And next


week, it is the start of your summer holidays if you are in Scotland.


That is a good reason to e-mail us. We are live. Let us know what you


are looking forward to and why. Tell us what you are going to get up to,


or you might just be looking forward to the weekend. We will try and read


as many e-mails as we can before the end of the show. Now, we know you


like sport. When we heard about a sport that involves nerve cells real


and wheels of steel, we had to check it out. It is wheelchair rugby


league. I have always loved sport. One of


the great things is that there are so much brightly. Some things are


gentle and slow. Some, you can play by yourself. Some require you to


stay quite a way from your opponent, and some are nothing like that at


all. This is wheelchair rugby league, and it is not for the


faint-hearted. These guys are the wheelchair rugby league team, and a


little over a week, I will join them in an actual match, provided I can


survive training. Here to help me come to terms with what is in store


is player manager Phil Roberts. What am I letting myself in for? A bit of


exercise. It is probably unlike most things you have done before. I have


never been in a wheelchair before. The hardest thing to get used to is


holding the ball, catching and passing and still using your hands


to move. The rules are the same as rugby league. You have six tackles


to advance down the field and try and score. The ball must be passed


backwards. And tackles must be made with the tag. I have to get your


tag? As soon as you have done that, I am tackled. I need to learn the


rules and the skills, so if you lead the way, I shall follow. Before I


can Inc about being skilful, I have to learn how to move the chair. A


bit of course that time. Now I have to learn how to pass the ball whilst


moving. This is going to be tricky. So I am not the best yet, but I will


learn, and there is no better way to learn than in a practice match.


Helen did really well. She picked up the chair skills quickly. She has


been a bit of rugby before, so she knew what to do in terms of the


basic rules. She was not afraid to get stuck in. The game will be very


different. Everybody had a laugh. We have not been defeated yet this


season, and we hope not to be defeated next Saturday. So no


pressure on her, but I am sure she is looking forward to it. I have had


a go, and I loved it. Roll on, Saturday. It is match day. Time to


put my limited skills to the test and see if they are good enough in a


competitive game. So, I have two spec haters today. My dog, and my


fiance. My fiance plays for the warrant and wolves, so he knows a


fair bit about rugby league, or so he tells me. His advice was, don't


be rubbish, you will let me down. How is that for a pep talk? I didn't


think I would be nervous, but I am, because this is an actual match in


their league. They were saying the other players will get thrashed. I


was thinking, oh my god. I want to win. You know what I am like.


two, one! Well, I caught it. I got tackled. Stay on the outside.They


scored. It was my fault. Another try on my side! Was that my fault again?


It is fair to say that a lot of their tries are happening on my


side. Second half, time to do better. I am wriggling. She is


getting the hang of it now. I think! I set that up! So close. Good hands.


Full-time, and we have one! I didn't know what to expect when I came here


will stop I certainly didn't expect to have such a laugh, and it is not


often that you can combine serious sport with having a giggle, that


these lot managed to pull it off. A massive thank you to everybody


involved in wheelchair rugby league. I loved it.


Now, you don't have to use a wheelchair in your everyday life to


get involved in that sport. Able and disabled people play alongside each


other, so get involved. Those guys were so patient. Good luck for the


World Cup in the summer. Your fiance was looking quite proud. He kept


telling me to get off. Let's talk about something that is close to my


heart, food. When I was little, I used to play with my food, like


making faces with the sausage. But I got told off for that. You still do


it in restaurants! Well, our next guest has made a career out of it.


She is a food artist and she doesn't get told off. It is prudent! --


prudence. So the one thing you don't want to mix with food is hair, but


unfortunately, he is here. I know you are a showbiz bridge, but first,


let's talk about prudence. How did you become a food artist? I got


bored of traditional media, so during my arts degree, I decided to


use some food. I liked the idea that I could eat my artwork. This is a


tiger. What is it made of? Peanuts. They look really small, but how big


is that in real life? It is three metres by two metres. This one is


Big Ben, made out of? Sandwiches. Sandwiches are mainly bred, but you


can put stuff in them. So we have an idea of what you create. Today you


are going to show us a simpler version of food art, but it looks


fantastic. We are going to combine something I am scared of, which is


spiders, that we will make them out of fruit. I am scared of fruit.


to your happy place. What we start with? We have got some strawberries,


some black plums and some currents. We need to make the body first.


what do you use the straw before, his thorax? That is the technical


name for the end of the spider full is up abdomen. Using the cocktail


play on someone's fear like that. So, you have exhibitions as an


artist. How does that work, because food goes off? How does it stay


fresh? Well, it gets eaten, so it is not there for long but over giving


is documented. And people get to eat it. So if you have a display for a


few days and they eat everything on the first day, you have no display


left. You could use long life milk. But what could you create out of


that? I wanted to have a gallery for licking the Mona Lisa on the neck.


She is not made of food. But you could make her out of food. Cheese


would be good. Through! So we have cocktails pics and some craft wire.


Yes, I like using the craft wire, because it gives realistic tarantula


legs. Could you use it for rabbit droppings? No, currents. Would you


eat rabbit droppings? Not again!I can imagine! Here are some I made


earlier. I hear you have done stuff with pizzas in the past. Could you


elaborate? I have made lots of pizza artwork. This is a famous picture by


Van Gogh called Sunflowers. I suppose we could call him Van Scoff!


Very clever. So we thread the currents onto our fruity thorax.


you eat them, even though they are on that wire? Yes.Like with a cabal


of. A current key about. You can find out how to do this on our


website. But because you are such a special guest today, Hacker, we have


asked if prudence would do something involving food, maybe a portrait. So


you have brought a treat along? have something special. What is it


made from? Is it made from meat? Meat paste? Don't get too excited.


Stage and to find out what it is. Now we will go from small art to


really big heart. Give me some and doesn't land that inspires


artists to pick up their brushes and pains. So many scenes make the


perfect pick Joe, like this stunning landscape. And it is not as


landscapes. Artist 's are always trying to catch the complexity of


the human face to create that perfect portrait. What about that?


Basically, art is about getting something interesting onto the


canvas. When you hear the word converse, you probably think about a


piece of a three paper, or maybe even bigger will stop but have you


ever seen a canvas that is that big? Yes, this is the size of a


building, and the artist in charge is Louis. He is putting the


finishing touches to part of his project, and he has asked me to


help. His festival is a celebration of urban art in Bristol, with more


than 300 artists attracting 30,000 visitors. Usually, painting on walls


without permission is against the law, but all of the artist here have


been invited to work in these public spaces. Lilly is a regular at the


festival. His art is often inspired by endangered animals. This year it


is all about the gazelle. I know that we are short of time. I am


ready to crack on and help you out. First we get the masks on for


protection. Normally you can draw with pencil and so you can rub it


out if you make a mistake. But you cannot do that here. You can just go


over it. If you go outside the lines that you have sketched out, that is


different. You have to figure out how to make it work. Show me what to


do and I will do what ever I can. Already I have seen different


techniques. How to look cool interface mask but also how to blend


colours. There are many different ways to do it. You can blend and


dust and do all kinds of creative effect. Hopefully there will not be


too many mistakes. Next we learn how to make the impression of further on


the gazelle using light strokes. A bit of blending. What do you think?


It is not bad for a first attempt. will take that as a compliment. This


unique form of street art has been around for quite some time. Urban or


street art has its roots in cave paintings. But the pig chewers have


come a long way since. -- -- pictures. Street art stretches right


around the world from derelict buildings to forgotten alleyways. It


is honoured with a sense of humour, is strong attitude and often some


surrealism. Urban art has recently been made popular. Some of the works


have been displayed in galleries and sold in auctions for hundreds of


thousands of pounds. It looks almost finished. It is getting there.The


shading looks incredible. Thank you for letting me get involved, it has


been a pleasure. There is just one last thing to do and that is to


frame it. I had such a great day with so many


creative people. But please do not go painting on the side of buildings


because you're not allowed. I would like to go and paint some theatre


curtains over at your front door! That would be amazing but you're not


allowed. Now something completely different. You might have seen the


trailers for a brand new show called Blue Peter, you decide. Ten hopefuls


will be set a series of challenges. Then they go before judges and they


are whittled down to three. Then you get to pick who you want to be the


next Blue Peter resent buying voting online. Here is a preview.


It has been called the best television job in the world. It is


the most iconic children's show the UK has ever seen. Incredible people,


laces and stories are all part of the day job. We do get to do some


amazing things. That is amazing. These are the only people who have


done it. Until now. Blue Peter is looking for a brand-new resent.


20,000 people got in touch but just ten made it through. These ten will


face a series of gruelling challenges. Across the country from


the depths of Cornwall, to the top of the tower. Follow us straight on


the skywalk. There are presenting skills will be put to the test at


every turn. Everyone has their own unique thing. Each week they will be


scrutinised by our expert judges, Eamonn Holmes, Myleene Klass and Cel


Spelman. Only the best will survive. But in the end it is all down to


June as ultimately you as the viewers will choose who gets the


job. Who will be your new Blue Peter presenter? This is Blue Peter, you


decide. It really is the best job in the world. If you want to find out


more make sure it that you watched a brand-new series five o'clock on


Monday. And if you cannot wait then do not worry, head over to the


website to find out more. It is a massive opportunity for everyone


involved. At the start of the show you said you would introduce us to a


dinosaur Hunter. She is called Daisy Morris. And she made a ground


wrecking discovery. This is Daisy. She is nine years old and has


monsters under her bed. Thankfully they have in bed for millions of


years. They are false. That she found on the beach close to the Isle


of Wight where she lives. Then she found one that was a little bit


special. What happened a few years ago on this beach? I came down with


my mother and for some bones sticking out. I dug them out.


did you know it was a dinosaur? was hard like rock. Who did you take


it to? Martin Simpson. Martin Simpson is a dinosaur expert known


as fossil man round these parts. Hello. You have bought some pictures


so we can actually see what Daisy found on the beach. These are the


ones that she found. It is a flying dinosaur. What was the process once


Daisy brought it to you. I took it to the team at Southampton


University and one of the guys there spent three years studying it.


discovered it was a new species, and a new group of dinosaur. The


fossilised Brown fragment is a very important scientific find. -- --


bone fragment. It has got a very technical name and that was given to


it to celebrate the fact that it was found by Daisy. But also to describe


what it is. How do you feel about that? Excited. So it is time for me


with the help of my expert guides to become a dinosaur Hunter for the


day. So you do not have to go digging, many of the fossils are


close to the surface? What about this one? That is quite light and it


does crumble. Bone is much harder. Is this a foot went? It is an actual


foot went. The dinosaur would have been about 30 metres. It is amazing.


An actual dinosaur foot print right there. I have found the tools of a T


Rex dinosaur. I have not quite got the hang of fossil hunting yet! But


soon we make a dinosaur related discovery. That is something really


special. Part of a crocodile. Even a tiny fragment like that, you can


tell by the shape. So we had crocodiles and dinosaurs living on


the Isle of Wight. You can spend quite a lot of time searching and


you can get a bit fed up. So when you do find something it is a


feeling like no other. It is a real achievement because you have spent


so long searching. Get down to the beach and have a look. I'm just a


bit down because we have found no dinosaurs. But Martin reckons that


there are still here. Earlier he reckons that we sought a T Rex


dinosaur. I should confirm that no one was


hurt in the making of that film! That fossil is in the natural


history museum and will be on display very soon. Well we find out


now what you have been up to. We asked you to let us know what is


exciting you. One viewer says, sports day at my school. I hope that


my team win. Sophie says she is looking forward to going to visit


her grandfather in Yorkshire. That is awesome. And Charlotte says I am


going away with my friend on a mini holiday. Jacob in Sheffield says I


am looking forward to having a water fight and walking my new dog.


Williams says I am looking forward to going to high school. We are


excited because we know what is coming up next week. Steve Correll


is a comedy genius. And he is taking part in a movie as a voice-over. And


we also have the national one charming Championships. And next


week we are meeting the guy who created this robot. And we're hoping


that you will join in with are make. Get a T-shirt ready and some


scissors and also some elastic bands. Make sure you have all those


things ready for the show next week. How are things going, Prudence?


have got some meat paste on a plate! Are you still excited about


meat paste? I love it. We have got some black olives in their for some


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