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electricity to power 198 million games consoles?


The weather is warming up so we will be giving you the celebrity look


with these T-shirts. We have the best in the business


today. A hip-hop group who mash up William Shakespeare. That is all on


at the earlier time of 5.30pm. Hi. You might remember last week on Blue


Peter we had the BMX flatlander Matti Hemmings in. He just missed


out on a new world record. The rules said he got a second go. We gave him


it and we put it online. This is what happened. He managed an amazing


32! Well done. He was awesome. That clip is still online. Go to


bbc.co.uk/bluepeter. Also, get in touch. Today has a hip-hop theme. We


thought rather than e-mailing us, why not tell us what you have been


doing in the style of a rap. need to tell us what you have been


doing in two lines. The last word of each line needs to rhyme. Barney and


Helen are on your TV, it is like gravy! Let us know. Go to


[email protected] We will read as many out as we can. Since last


Thursday, 512 of you have sent us things in the post. We have had some


fantastic things. This is a Blue Peter Ship. She has blue rice, bark,


pasta. Next to it is a collage sent in by Thomas. He has made the ship


out of stamps. He has it licked! It is first-class! Come on! Knock


knock? Who is there?Sarah. Sarah who? Sarah a reason why you are not


letting me in? ! William Shakespeare used one of the earliest forms of a


knock knock joke. He wrote words over 400 years ago that are still


being used in performances today. Here is all you need to know about


William Shakespeare. William Shakespeare is described as the


greatest writer ever. He was born in Stratford-upon-Avon in 1564. He


became an actor and a playwright. A good choice for someone living in


Elizabethan times because the theatre was more popular than the


Harlem Shake! William Shakespeare wrote 37 plays, some of the most


famous include Romeo and Juliet, A Midsummer Night's Dream and Hamlet.


He first used the style of knock knock joke in the play Macbeth. He


came up with over 2,000 words and phrases that we still use today.


Words like "fashionable" and "swagger". Let's welcome the Hip-Hop


Shakespeare Company. Hello, guys. Let's start at the beginning.


Hip-hop is 40 years old. How have you married these two styles


together? By looking at the music, the rhythm and the performance.


did the Hip-Hop Shakespeare Company come about? Wanting to put a hip-hop


back in its proper context and wanting to make something creative


and difference. I wanted Shakespeare to be seen for what it was. When you


did Shakespeare at school, did you think it was boring? Yeah. I didn't


think the way it was taught was engaging enough. We are trying to do


that. Your interpretation is far from boring. You are 11, what is the


best thing about performing with these guys? Using my poetry skills


that I have learnt in the workshops and coming to places like this.


is the idea. We will see what it looks like. It is time for a


Shakespeare mash up with the Hip-Hop # Dat boy Akala's a Diamond Fella.


# All you little boys are a comedy of errors.


# You bellow but you fellows get played like.


# The cello, I'm doing my thing. # You're jealous like Othello.


# Who you? What you going to do? # All you little boys get Tamed like


the Shrew. # You're mid-summer dreaming'.


# Your tunes are not appealing. # I'm Capulet, you're Montague, I


ain't feeling'. # I am the Julius Caesar hear me.


# The Merchant Of Venice couldn't sell your CD.


# As for me, All's Well That Ends Well.


# Your boy's like Macbeth, you're going to Hell.


# Measure for Measure, I am the best here.


# You're Merry Wives of Windsor not King Lear.


# I don't know about Timon. # I know he was in Athens.


# When I come back like Hamlet you pay for your actions.


# Dat boy Akala, I do it As You Like.


# You're Much Ado About Nothing. # All you do is bite it.


# I'm too tight, I don't need 12 knights.


# All you little Tempests get erked on the mic.


# Of course, I'm the one with the force.


# You're history like Henry IV. # I'm fire, things look dire.


# Better run like Pericles Prince Of Tyre.


# Off the scale, cold as a Winter's Tale.


# Titus Andronicus was bound to fail.


# So will you if Akala get at ya. # That's suicide like Anthony an


Cleopatra. # Cymbeline was a olden day Bridget


Jones. # Love's Labours Lost, a woman on


her own. # She needed Two Gentlemen Of


Verona. # This is Illa State and I am the


owner. # # 'Being to great I have no need to


beg. # A weighted halo rests heavy on a


King's head. # I was not born to sue, but to


command. # And move mountains with my royal


hand. # The great King Richard, who knows


not my name? # Your pain must be withstood for


Lions make Leopards Tame. # # When hall we three meet again with


thunder lightning and rain? # When the choice is done and the


battles are won. # For us the light comes with the


setting of the sun. # Because Fair Is Foul and Foul Is


Fair. # We hover through the fog and the


filthy air. # Wallow in the rain because were


going nowhere. # Until we bother to refrain from


the weight of the chair. # What I mean is?


# The head that wears the crown never ever does sleep well.


# An It's the daggers in a mans smile.


# That has torn a gash right through the whole world. #


# We've sold our souls. # Sold Our Souls.


# We've sold our souls. # # With solemn reverence: throw away


respect. # Tradition, form and ceremonious


duty. # For you have but mistook me all


this while: # I live with bread like you, feel


want. # Taste grief, need friends:


subjected thus. # How can you say to me, I am a


king? # # Am I King? Can you feel the energy


I'm channeling? # Am I Queen because I control the


powers I enroll? # Am I King? King, or just a really


dashing prince? # Am I King?


# Is He King? # Is She Queen?


# Is he King? # Am I King? Can you feel the energy


I'm channeling? # Am I Queen because I control the


powers I enroll? # Am I King? King, or just a really


dashing prince? # Am I King?


# Is He King? # Is She Queen?


# Is He King? # # I am the poet because I do not use


dull language. # And I use a variety of vocabulary.


# I take the listener to deep regret and back to exquisite happiness.


# These Words; Poetical thoughts, wrought from my spirit.


# And my lyrics are with it, innit? # And the pivot around my bars. #


He was working the camera at the end there! The camera is his favourite


friend. I want to play the trumpet! Thank you to the Hip-Hop Shakespeare


Company for recording that for us. We have more hip-hop for you in 15


minutes when we go head-to-head in a cool quiz with a catchy name. It is


called Dost Thou Knowest Hip-Hop Whence Thou Hears It? Stay tuned to


find out who wins that. Keep your e-mails coming in. What are you up


to? I have one. Me and Barney, we is on the TV. No? What is the first?


Watch us while you eat lots of jelly! [email protected] Keep


them coming in. Sending us an e-mail requires lots of electricity. We try


and be efficient. We have loads of recycling bins. These lights come on


when we move around. Have a look in this room. This room is known as the


gallery. They are being really quiet now. They are normally shouting!


They have loads of tellies. Loads of tellies require loads of


electricity. Where does it come from? That was amazing. The acting


was incredible. If you are anything like me and your favourite TV show


has just ended, you probably get up and make a drink. You might put the


kettle on. Turn the lights on. You need to see what you are the doing.


-- what you are doing. That is better. The only problem is people


are like me. Not like me, you know what I mean. When the big TV shows


end, the ones that are watched by millions, they could start to use


power at the same time. That creates a huge demand for electricity. The


experts call it the TV pick-up. When it happens, where does the extra


power come from? Well, most of it comes from the UK's network of power


stations, like this. And wind farms like this one. When the wind is


blowing, that turns the blades, that generates electricity. That is then


sent to our homes via cables, pylons and substations. That is the


National Grid. Easy. So when there is a TV pick-up, that is all we do.


Wait for a bit more wind or turn a big battery on. That was an easy


day's filming. Back to Helen in the studio. What? Barney? That film


should be longer. What is going on? Is this meant to happen? Oops. Yeah,


it is not quite that simple. Unfortunately, there isn't a giant


battery and electricity can't be stored in that way. The UK needs to


generate as much energy as it is using at any one time, otherwise the


lights could go out. It is at this top secret location where they make


sure that doesn't happen. Welcome to the control room. This is where


everything happens. It is like a movie. That on the back wall there


is a map of Great Britain. Basically, it shows all the power in


the country. All the guys in this room are looking at all the


Powerpoints to make sure they are running smoothly so everyone gets


the power they need. Brilliant. Because electricity can't be stored,


making an accurate prediction of how much we will need is vital to


keeping the UK's lights on. John is one of the forecasters who helps


make these predictions. What sort of things affect the amount of


electricity that people want? part of what we do is looking at the


weather. On a bright, sunny day, when it is warm people aren't going


to be using their heating or lighting. A degree drop in


temperature would see an increase in demand equivalent to a whole power


station. You have a popular talent show on telly. It comes to an end.


What happens then? All the people who were watching TV, they do things


so they will boil the kettle to make a cup of tea, they will put lights


on if it's got dark during the programme. They will turn their


computers on. We will see a spike in demand. We have to forecast when


they will be. Two of the biggest spikes have been at the end of last


year's Wimbledon's men's final and for the Royal Wedding of William and


Kate. Minutes after the famous kiss, they saw a massive increase in


demand for electricity. How do they deal with spikes like this? If we


don't have enough power, we can ask some of the power stations to supply


more. That can take hours, depending on the power station. In an


emergency, we have our secret weapon. That secret is at the top of


a Welsh mountain - and a wet and windy one! Behind that mist is a


lake. It contains seven million tonnes of water. That will be enough


water to fill Wembley Stadium 12 times and it can produce a lot of


electricity. This reservoir is drained through a series of pipes


leading into the largest man-made cavern in Europe. Down here, there


are six valves which act like the plug in your bath. Opening these,


allows the water to flow through. This is the control centre, so


should the UK need more energy, the call comes from the National Grid.


You open the valves. Water comes gushing down. You can create


electricity? That's correct.How quickly? In 15 seconds.That will


happen when I press this? Yes.Now! The water that's released turns


these turbines which generates the electricity that is then fed into


the Grid. This is the bottom lake where all that water ends up. 580


metres since it started its journey, it is mad to think that if we turn a


kettle on at the same time, this place will spark into action.


can't believe they let Helen control the valves there! Now, right now, it


is Saturday night, we are in the control room, the TV show The Voice


is about to finish. John and Vernon know that there is going to be a TV


pick-up. So more of a demand for energy. So do you know at this point


that you have got enough? Oh yes. I have got enough. The reason Bernard


knows that is h because he is taking power from Dinorwig Reservoir. These


guys in this control room know - is that an alarm? Is that OK? The Voice


is running late. Although the Grid are generating extra power, we


haven't started to use it. It is now running three or four minutes


behind. This could be dangerous. Generating too much power could


overload the system. You can see on the screen that it is starting to


come to a close. They are talking about the teams. This is a close for


the show. The show has now finished. On cue... That yellow bar is going


to the left. At the end of The Voice, everybody got up and started


using power. The Grid proved more than capable of dealing with it.


They are going to turn off the other power station and this should drop


right down to 50 which means that they are meeting the demand exactly.


Right on cue, there it goes. John, Bernard, thank you for letting us


see what you do. Thank you very much. All of this stuff, the tech


that you see in a movie is here with all of these people in control of


it, just so we can turn a light on. It was an amazing evening. Every


time I turn the kettle on, in my head they go, "What is going on?"


There is a chart there. They are there to make sure you have enough


power. I won't do it as often! Last September, you might remember we


launched a competition inviting primary schoolchildren to write and


record the music and soundtrack for a Wallace and Gromit animation. We


sent along our cameras to find out how they got on. The two teams who


won our competition got this amazing opportunity to record their own


version in a professional sound studio. First, are the blue team,


who won in the older primary category. They are from Cornwall.


They will be mastering their action-packed version of A Matter Of


Love And Death. Paul is on hand to help out. We will make this sound


brilliant! We have a booth over there. Shall we have a look? Yeah?


First into the booth are Olivia and Maddie as singing nuns. Brilliant.


We will swap over now. It is time Tor Tate and Emily to become cats.


OK. Then it is time for ducks. Quacking effort, girls! I will play


that back to you, OK? What did you think? Really good.You like it?


Yes. My favourite noise was the nuns. It was funny. I think it is


going to sound really good. Here is a clip from their final mix. Next,


the red team,. Who won -- next the read team, who won in the younger


primary category. This is their entry. We are ready. Ready when you


are. And this one. To help, they have brought their own instruments.


When you come out, it was really funny. Your ears go strange and you


can't hear anything. One more time. Hard as you can! Not that hard! They


have brought in a drill, too! Perfect, first time. Thank you very


much. Well done.What do we think? Really good. You like it? The thing


I mosted liked in the recording today was being in that tiny space


-- most liked in that recording today was being in that tiny space


and letting loose on the drums. is going to sound really good.


is the red team's final mix. Well the winners. Thank you to everybody


who took part in that competition. Barney, what are you up to? How is


your duck impression? It isn't any better than yours! It is similar,


really. Let's talk about summer. It is nearly here. So everyone is


getting a T-shirt on. We know this because we get sent stuff. This


T-shirt is amazing. It is a Blue Peter Badge. And it's really simple


to make. We will be showing how to do something different. This is


do something different. This is known as a slogo T-shirt. We have


some people in the studio to help us out. Welcome to the show. Give us a


wave and say hello. Hello. Hello. All the details you need for this


make are on the Blue Peter website - that ask bbc.co.uk/bluepeter. You


can choose any design you like. We have made it easy for you. We have


made it even easier because you need to reverse these for them to print


on your T-shirt. You can get software that does it for you, or


you can press mirror image on your printer. The ones on the website are


reversed for you. We take our slogos and we put on some transfer cream.


This stuff costs �3.50 from a hobby and craft shop. You can probably get


four T-shirts out of a tube. That is good to know if you are feeling


creative, something Georgia knows all about. What have you done


before? The way I did it, I drew and designed and coloured in my own


design to go on to my T-shirt and then we scanned it into a computer


and then we made it into a mirror image and then how we did it after


that is, we printed it off on some special paper and then we put it on


to the T-shirt and then we used a heat press and then... You have your


own heat press? That is posh! Does your dad make T-shirts? No.The


great thing about this process is you don't need to have special


paper. You can do it on ordinary paper. It is the transfer cream that


does the work. Of course, you don't need a heat press because they are


probably about �1 million! This is simple to do and anybody can get


involved. Once you have covered your slogo, place it face down on to your


T-shirt like that. Then you need a roller. The neighbours will have


one! Roll it forwards, roll it sideways. This is where you need to


be patient. It takes eight hours to dry. In the meantime, here is some


music. I'm only kidding! We will show you the one that was made


earlier. Now, that is stuck. We need to get the paper off. You will


notice this tin foil underneath. That is when you are applying the


transfer cream, it can go through the material and stick your T-shirt


together. You don't want that. Put the tin foil in the middle. Sponges,


nice and wet, please. We want this paper to be as wet as possible. That


will bring it away from the transfer cream. It is really handy that you


are getting involved with this. Georgia is really getting involved


with it. Just make sure the wet is coming through the transfer and then


you use your finger, which everyone has got, and you work in a circle to


bring the paper off. Look at that. It draws off the paper and reveals


the logo underneath. How is yours going, Isaac? Fine.You are a


creative person. What about the one you did at school? That was one that


said, "Grip My Ride." It will look like this when the paper comes off.


Once it is dried, make sure you seal it with more transfer cream to give


it a glossy look. That will take another eight hours to dry. It is


well worth it. Amazing! I can see them coming together. Good work. If


you do decide to make one, all the details are on the Blue Peter


website - bbc.co.uk/bluepeter. If you make one, send us a photograph


of your effort. Let us know what design you go for. That address is


[email protected] The Hip-Hop Shakespeare Company performed a rap


for us earlier. Now it is time to test our knowledge of hip-hop and


Shakespeare in a little known quiz called... Dost Thou Knowest Hip-Hop


Whence Thou Hears It? What's up, yo? Is that Ben from the CBBC office or


a hip-hop/Shakespeare-dressed costume character? You look amazing.


I thought I would make the effort! All right, you ready? Yes.I will


test you against your Shakespeare and hip-hop knowledge. Akala is


going to say a line and you have to decide whether it is Shakespeare or


hip-hop. Ready.Hit them with your first line. Maybe it is hatred I


aspew, maybe it is food for the spirit. Hip-hop or Shakespeare?


Hip-hop from Helen and Shakespeare from Barney. The correct answer was


hip-hop. I knew you were going to win this. 1-0. Ready for line two?


was not born under a rhyming planet. Shakespeare or hip-hop? The correct


answer is Shakespeare. You are both correct. Another point. That is 2-1


to Helen. I'm taking this far too seriously. The last one. Being so


great, I have no need to beg. that Shakespeare or hip-hop? You


both answered Shakespeare. It was Shakespeare! That was Richard II.


Helen you win, you got three. Barney, you got two. That is a very


close game considering that was me and you playing it! Thank you for


playing. Thank you, Ben, thank you, Akala. Anyway, loads of you have


been getting in touch throughout the show. We asked you to let us know


what you are doing in a rap stylee. "Today I revised for my maths exam,


then I had my dinner, which was ham." Michael says, "Today in


French, I did a Blue Peter poster, my amazing level gets closer and


closer." "Today I had a right laugh, but in maths we did a graph." That


is my favourite. "My day started at the beginning and ended with a


lesson in swimming!" Thank you to everybody who have got in touch


today. You will love what is on next week. I get access all areas on a


new show - Strangehill High. It is a mix of puppets and animation.


is a proper Blue Peter film. And we are going bionic in the studio. We


have got a vet who fits animals with bionic limbs. Loving the tech here.


Ben, thank you for coming in. Akala, thank you as well. Lovely to hear


from you throughout the show. Head over to the Blue Peter website and


Download Subtitles