Lapland: Elf School, Christmas Jumpers and Mr Stink Blue Peter

Lapland: Elf School, Christmas Jumpers and Mr Stink

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With Christmas well and truly in the air, today's the show is a bit


of a special one. We have come to Lapland in the far north of Europe.


We are going Christmas mad. But we will not be marvelling in the


Winter Wonderland Apphia, instead we will be going hundreds of metres


underground to one of the largest theme-park dedicated entirely to


Christmas. What are you doing? It's Welcome. We made it below the


surface on to we Christmas trying to get you into the spirit of


Christmas or stopped we will show you how to make these Christmas


jumpers. And I will show you how to make one of these Christmas


crackers. We go behind the scenes of one of this Christmas' most


exciting television dramas. Give us some inside tips about what David


Walliams said to you to try and get into this character? He said, you


really stink! And we're going to be taking you to one of the most


Christmassy places in Europe. at the toys, it's like some to's


grotto. I'm going to take you somewhere pretty special, but it's


very cold. Cool! Look at its little face. Have you written your


Christmas list? It's just a small less. I'd like some shoes, some new


boots, socks, sweets, a pony. can't ask all of that! If you are


looking for a bit of inspiration this Christmas, we have been


testing out some of the tour is predicted to be massive this year.


We were thinking about who we could get involved. We thought about


Hacker. But he would just think about bones and things to G one.


You cheeky Rascle! We did talk about being from the CBBC office,


but he would didn't get any work done. Helen Skelton! The end we


thought Bobby and Will, they played Jake and Danny. I'm not sure about


their moustache us, but they do have the ultimate guide to gadgets


and how you can spend your pocket money at Christmas.


Today we are on the really important mission. Isn't that


right? Yes. We are having a look at some of the season's most


anticipated toys. So sit back and pay attention. It like us to love


toys, you will not want to miss this. Professor Will, are you


ready? The yes, Dr Bobbie. ready? The yes, Dr Bobbie.


combat King of toys. It was huge in the 90s. But they were very simple


back then so what's all the fuss about now? It develops a


personality, based on how you treat it. Tickle it and you make Hearts


appear. How do you feed it? You can download the app and then control


it from there. Like this. The last time around the American Security


Agency banned the Furby because they thought it might repeat top-


secret information. Really? Watch what you are saying. They will have


as! My lips are sealed. For Kyrgyz sake?! Next up is the PlayStation


wonder Book. This is high-tech stuff. As the player touches the


book with the want, they can view their moves on screen through the


PlayStation camera. As you progress through the book you will get extra


enemies. This is an advanced text book for anyone who wants to become


an accomplished with it. - Market Now that I've learned my spells, do


you think I could get a date with Hermione? A not a chance!


original twister was invented way back in 1966. But this is a


complete reinvention. Place the coloured dots on the floor and


lights flash on the console to let you know where to put your feet.


You can connect your own music device and dance the night away.


Yeah, moving on. OK. This augmented reality jigsaw puzzle. It's a super


long name and a 1000 piece jigsaw with a difference. Have your


smartphones ready. You get a sense of accomplishment when you finish a


puzzle. Be mean when I finish it. Teamwork. It's called teamwork. If


you hold your smartphone over the puzzle, you can watch it come to


life. You know, the military are using augmented reality to train


soldiers. To make them better at jigsaw puzzles? That's very odd.


These are collectible characters based on the original online only


pets. I love pets, but I wonder if I could play games of my pet,


decorate its helm and set a secret missions with it. This is a virtual


world where you get to create your own pet. The more games you play,


the more mulched you get. Virtual money. You can use this to buy


items, furniture and anything else for your house. It's a full-time


commitment. That sounds like hard work, Dr. Will we have to take them


for a walk? You don't quite have the hang of this, do you?


Seriously, will we have to walk them? I'm not a big Walker. Dr


Bobbie, do you know what to you are getting me for Christmas? Are of


course I do. Why, have you done your Christmas shopping already?


course I have. I need to go into town. Can I come? No. Merry


Christmas, everyone! Brilliant. If you are going to be


buying things for Christmas, there was definitely one thing missing


off that list. Yes, all that could - a cool kids are wearing them.


Christmas jumper! We are going to show you how you can make your very


own Christmas jumper. The first thing you will need is an old


jumper. You might have won lying around the house, your mum or dad


might not wear a jumper any more. Look what happens every time I do


that. The bells ring. The good go to a charity shop and get a cheap


one. I think we should use this one because we are going to make a


Christmas pudding and that will show up nicely. I've already


created my Template. I've created a circle and then drawn a Witherley


line so we can create the sauce on top of it. You can put cream on it


if you want to. I'm starting that this. I will get brown felt to make


my pudding and cut this out. going to use this, this is some


Holly. The finishing touches to the Christmas pudding. Once the design


is on the paper, cut it out. That's what you stick on to your material.


We've bought this from a craft shop but you can use any material that


is lying around the house. You can be as creative as you like and


recycle as much as you like at the same time. When it comes to putting


things on the jumper, you can cell them on or do what we are doing


today, use fabric glue, which is a lot quicker. I've got my pudding.


Then I need to create some white sauce to pour over the top. I have


some Glitter felt. I'm going to cut out a couple of strips of Holly to


go on top. Rather than using the typical holly berries, I'm going to


use some of these bells to go in the corner instead. I've got the


wiggly line. That's brilliant. I need to create the Christmas


pudding top. Am going to appease those two bits together. My brown


circle and the glittery felt for the top, which is going to be the


source dripping over the top. Now you need to attach them to the


jumper. If you are selling them on, it's a good idea to place a piece


of card between the front and back of the jumper because otherwise you


will stitch them together and not be able to get inside of it. Just


one more piece to go and then we are ready for the topping.


going to stick the top of the Christmas pudding to the base using


this, non-toxic fabrics glue. It's pretty easy to get hold of. You


find in loads of different craft shops and supermarkets and


department stores. It means you can do this really quickly. I want our


Christmas pudding to look 3D. I'm going to use some of this. I'm


going to put some of this behind the Christmas pudding so that it


sticks out like that. That's Then I'm going to lay that over the


top like that. I think the Pavlin looks good because it brings them


to life a little bit. That's what I like about this, the carrot


sticking out. Now the Holly is going on. Give us a splodge here.


Jingling jumpers are definitely the Decorating your Christmas tree is


just one of the things that happens at this time of year. Every


December it is also time for Sports Personality of the Year. We have


got a bit of an exclusive when it comes to Young Sports Personality


of the Year. The top-ten contenders have been announced but our sneak


My name is just have Craig, and a world record holder and I'm the


youngest gold medallist at the 2012 Paralympic Games. To be nominated


is the greatest honour I can think of. It is such a prestigious award.


For me, it sums up the year I've had. Just have Craig, just 15 years


old. He has won gold! He's broken his own world record again! I first


took up swimming at the age of five. It was as a therapy for my cerebral


palsy, to stop it from getting any more severe. I couldn't ask for a


better school to go to because they gave me all the time I need to go


and do my competitions. One of my biggest aims is to maintain my


title and world record in Rio 2016 Games, and continued to be a very


successful athlete that people can hopefully look up to and see as an


I am Rebecca Tunney. I'm the youngest member of Team GB at the


Being nominated for the award is a great achievement. I've always


grown up watching it and thinking about the celebrities on telly.


Being able to be part of it is overwhelming. The biggest highlight


of this year was having been in the Last year it was kind of just a


long shot. I was the baby of everyone so it was just a long shot


Webber Wright got there or not. But I worked as hard as I could. You've


got to have the dedication to come in the gym and do the work you have


to do. But then to keep up with your schoolwork as well, you need


We've got the Europeans next year and in two years we've got the


Commonwealth Games. Then there is Rio in four years' time, but that's


a long way away, you never know I'm just go Jane Applegate, and


Paralympic gold medallist in the It has been a tough year for me, I


had an operation before London, and that has been tough, going through


that, but we still made it.. Jessica-Jane Applegate is swimming


for gold, and she looks like she might just get to the line first.


To secure another gold medal in the pool for Great Britain, and she has


done so. When I got out the pool, my media lady said, you are going


to get a gold post box and I screamed at her. On my average day


I would be up at four, I would train from 5.30 to 7.30M the


evening we start from 4.30 to 7.30. I missed my 16th birth day, I


missed my school prom so my gold medal was per effect as a birthday


present. To be nominated for Young Sports Personality of the Year is


amazing. I know there has been a lot of nomination and to be one of


them, it is really, just made me so happy. You can find out who wins


that and the main Sports Personality of the Year on 16th


December, across the BBC. Now, come with me. Barney and I are inside


one of Europe's biggest Christmas theme park, we have split up


because I am looking for elf school. Somewhere round here, there is a


secret tunnel, which will lead me exactly to where I need to be.


is elf school. Hello. I know this is a busy time for you. But you


have agreed show me how to wrap the perfect present. Can you show me


your tips. I have three tips. First we need to cut the exact right


amount of paper. I have a precut amount of paper. I have a precut


piece here. Not too big, not too small. Could I have some double


sided tape please, because that is one of the very important tips of


every gift wrapper. So double sided tape makes it neat. So it is tip


two. Always use it. We have to fold it very neatly on the sides. Some


double sided tape please. Is that tip three, the folding? Yes, of


course. That is the secret of the elves. So right size paper, double


sided tape, fold it neatly, and you have a perfect present. Excellent.


Don't you just have magic? That would be all too easy, but we do


have magical words. It will help you make a very good present. Let


us have a challenge, because you like a Blue Peter presenter must be


really good at it. I like a race, that is for sure. We are wrapping


books so it is relatively easy. Sort of. We will see. 3, 2, 1, go!


If I don't win. If you don't, you might never be allowed back into


Santa's grotto. Oh no! Now you are putting me under pressure Ta-da! It


is not the neatest, however, maybe if I use the magic words, it might


turn into something better. I think you need to say them like three


times. OK. Barney will appreciate times. OK. Barney will appreciate


it. You are welcome. What is Christmas without Christmas


crackers. It is rubbish. I have snuck into the workshop to show you


snuck into the workshop to show you thousand make your own it is very


simple. You will need wrapping paper, a good quality one that is


nice and thick. You will need A4 card. I have gone for silver and


sparkly. You will need these. These are cracker snaps, that goes in the


centre. When you pull it, that makes the bang sound. You can get


that from a craft shop. You will need scissor, tape, a ruler, some


blue, and you will need a shampoo bottle like this. A tall one that


is round. It is important it is round. Then you will need the


things that go inside, the toys. I have gone for the class ib, sweets,


Toffees, the paper hats you have to have a paper hat. Let us start. You


will need to take the wrapping paper and cut it to size. Then you


need to make the barrel, that holds the presents. To do that, take your


card, and make a mark, half way and cut it right down the middle. That


is the perfect side for the barrel to hold your toys. To make it into


a tube, that is where the bottle comes in. Place it in the middle


and wrap the card round the outside. A good trick is to use double sided


tape and stick it on the top. So when you roll this it will stick to


itself, rather than having to mess about sticking it after. Take your


bottle, roll it gently, making sure both sides meet each other, as you


roll it over, it should stick, and give you your tube. Now, you need


to work out where the centre of the paper is. So about there. You put


your double sided tape across that line. Carefully does it Barney! And


then the same at the top of the paper, like this. Lovely. You put


your tube in place, right down the centre of the paper, and then you


take your cracker snap and feed it through the middle of the tune,


just like that. And simply you stick this down with tape as well.


Like that. Once that is stuck down, you roll your tube backwards and


forwards, so that it sticks. Nice and tidy. And sticks just like that.


That will leave you with a Christmas cracker tube. You need to


put the toys in here, but if you do they will fall through, we have to


make a stop at one end. I will use this stuff. This is brilliant. It


is that stuff you wrap round presents to make them sparkly. Give


yourself enough. You can always trim it. This is where the bottle


comes in handy. Your slide it into one end. You will feel it meet the


tube in the middle. Pull it back out a bit, and test if you have a


big enough gap to tie the string. Once you know you have enough space,


slide your ribbon underneath. Tie it in a bow in that gap. This is


why the wrapping paper needs to be strong. If it wasn't, it would tear,


you don't want that. Now you have create add stop at one end, you can


put your toys in. We will take some Toffees, a paper hat, which also


goes in, and I will use, this is like confetti, it is like a star


confetti, when it is pulled you get an explosion of presents. A novelty


toy. Helen can use that for her hair or something! Once you are


happy your presents are in, do the same thing with the bottle on the


other side. Find the gap. Once you have your space, neckache sure it


is tight again. Just till you think it is about to rip, and put the bow


round the side. There you have it. A finished cracker. All the details


you need are on the Blue Peter you need are on the Blue Peter


website.. Is that for me? Yes. it my pony? These look brilliant.


Would you like to pull one? please. One, two, three. I never


win these. I wish you had put a joke in. But you put in something


for my hair. Knock, knock. Who ease there. Me, I have no jokes left.


What a great ep society sod it has been. We have shown you something


Christmassy to wear and we have shown you how to make crackers.


This time of year is famed for great telly. David Walliams's


children's book has been made into a TV drama on BBC One. So when Mr


Stink was being made we sent Johnny Pitts along to get the inside story.


As a TV presenter I find mims backstage but none are as smelly as


this one! But I suppose it is to be expected. I am backstage at Mr


Stink. It is based on the 2009 best selling book by David Walliams,


about a young girl sheltering a Mely man in her parents' shed


without them finding out very cheeky. Before I get chance to meet


the star, I need to prove my worth and get stuck in with the set


design team. They need help decorating a shed. This is the


first time I have deck rated a shed. Using items that other people would


usually think of as rubbish, the guys will turn this ordinary shed


into a derelict wonder land. This will be on a major BBC show. I feel


there is pressure to get this right. So where do I put it? Where you


feel, anywhere. If we do it on the gold bits, is that all right. Wax


on, wax off! You can even throw it at it. I can throw it. OK. Let


there be magic. Yes, masterpiece. In the time it has taken me to


sprinkle glitter on this branch and myself, the team have transformed


the shed. Claudia, in is amazing. It is not quite finished but it is


nearly there Look at this. To me this looks completely magical. I


have to say I think it is that branch that makes the scene, you


know. Definitely. Now the art department are happy with my work


and the photo shoot is underway I have taken the opportunity to sniff


out a quick chat with some of the stars. Tell us about this guy.


is a bit of a loner, he has been walking the roads of Britain for


many many years and then he comes across Chloe who takes him into her


home for Christmas. Kpwhr such unimaginable kindness. You play


Chloe, she lets a smelly man into her house, why does she do that?


She starts to form a real connection with this character, Mr


Stink, she doesn't want him to get cold or anything, and she wants him


to have a place to stairs she wanted to be with her friends, she


keeps him in the shed. Sorry it is just a shed. But it gets you off


the streets. There is no ensuite but there is a bucket. A buck Celt.


Very la-di-da. -- a bucket. Serpents of Doom. You play Chloe's


mum, you are very competitive. mum has gone batty. She wants to


become the local MP. She is going out campaigning and trying to get


people to vote. Thank you for visiting the website. As Chloe's


dad, what do you make of Mr Stink who comes into your house? I am


sympathetic in way, she is the daughter he is getting a hard time,


because of what is going on with her mum's political ambition.


ban the wearing of leggings in public because they are common.


Most importantly of all, the homeless will be removed from the


streets. Soap dodger, portable wine tasting club, they are a menace to


society. Thank you. I forgot to press record. Ow! Give us some tips


about what David Walliams said to you to get into the character.


put his hand on my shoulder and he said Hugh, you really stink, so I


took it as a compliment. I thought there is a character insight really.


My auntie sent me �5 for a Christmas card. I wanted you to


have it. To buy a blanket or some soap. Thank you but I have no use


for sorpbgs I had a bath last year. Shut the door on your way out. I


hope we are doing David's book justice, if people don't like it,


it is his fault. There you have it. I have been sniffing round


backstage and chatting to the cast about what I think will be the


biggest hit this Wynter. I smell success, among a few other things!


That is going to be brilliant. There is loads of good stuff on the


telly over Christmas. Will be in my Christmas jumper watching it. I


forgot to post my letter to Santa Claus. Forget post boxes, I think


we can do one better, What do you mean? Have a look in there. It is


Santa Claus. Hello Santa. Here is what is happening next week. I have


been a very good boy this year. is one of the most special events


in our calendar, the Blue Peter Christmas show. And we have a


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