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Latitude Festival, Hip Hop Shakespeare & Musical Fireworks

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festival fever. We are going to be celebrating some of our most


memorable music ad and performance moments. I join the UK's top


fireworks display team as they attempt to take Monaco by storm.


wonderful words of Shakespeare meet the big beats of hip-hop mash up


style. I take to the stage as I learn to sign a live gig. We both


light up Salford Quays in a fun run like no other. That's all coming up


on today's Blue Peter. That was absolutely amazing!


Hello, this is Kendal Calling, a music festival in the Lake District.


You're dancing already. I can't help it. The stage is being set and there


is loads happening. We have been on the roads travelling. We went to


Leeds last week. We hope you had as much fun as we did and we unveiled


who you have picked as your brand-new Blue Peter presenter.


next Blue Peter presenter, as chosen by you, the CBBC viewers is...


Lindsay! Congratulations! It's fair to say she was pretty shocked. You


can see it in slow mo replay. She is over the shock and she will join us


in a few weeks. This festival attracts 13,000 people. The UK goes


crazy for festivals in the summer. It normally means getting muddy and


rained on but this year even the sun has his hat on. There isn't a welly


very good at dancing. There's so much to be discovered like this


badge wall. This is amazing. OK, we brought with us. Let's talk about


the amazing stuff you have sent in. We have had so much post in the last


few weeks. We love these letters sent in by Anna from Tunbridge


Wells. She sent us all the letters but you sent us so much stuff we


cannot fit it on the wall. Thank you all. This is amazing, everything you


expect from Blue Peter, all the pets and badges. Look at the side here, a


lovely little holder for your badges. Have a look at this book


sent in by Natalia in Dorset. So much information and the cover is


all sparkly. There are pop out pages and she even has a list of all the


Blue Peter pets since 1962. Thank you so much for that, absolutely


fantastic. Thank you for the fabulous things you send us, we love


seeing what comes through the letterbox. It is a huge part of any


festival but how does it affect your enjoyment if you cannot hear it?


Deaf people can find it very difficult to get the whole festival


experience so I went along to meet some people who use British Sign


Language to bring music to life for everyone. From one big field to


another. This is Latitude Festival in Suffolk and there's plenty going


on here, too. I love music and I love watching it with groups of


people but at the moment, I'm not concentrating on what the band


sounds like, all I'm watching is the lady in the far corner who is


interpreting the songs. In a few songs time, that is going to be me.


Yes, I'm going to perform a whole song in British Sign Language. It is


a good job I have had some excellent teachers. I'm in a rehearsal room in


London to meet the team that will teach me how to sign. Hi, I'm


Rebecca and I will be translating for you today. Hi, I'm Jean. Jean is


going to help me interpret words and the meaning of the song. Hi, I'm


Ashley. Ashley is a presenter on the CBeebies show Magic Hands and he


will be on stage with me for the festival performance. I have been


practising saying hello, my name is. Can I have a go? Bear with me, I'm


not as fast at finger spelling yet. My name is B-A-R-N-E-Y. Hi! Well


done. We're going to play you a few short clips of music and we want you


to listen to them, perform to the mirror how you would express


yourself. A British Sign Language performance is all about expressing


the meaning of the song through movements, not just spelling out the


lyrics. I'm not sure I've got it yet. I think it's a song linked to


love? I have no idea what that was. A big finish. I can imagine the


tango dance with a rose between the teeth? Not quite. I've got work to


do so it's time for the serious business of learning a song for the


festival. The song we're going to be signing is called Rearrange by a


band called Stealing Sheep. Years ago you'd wish you'd known that


people change and rearrange. They don't sound like easy words to sign.


It's an emotional stumble rather than to fall over. It's like the


trauma so what we are going to teach you to sign is this movement which


is stumbling and then being hit by a metaphorical bramble. I'm not even


sure what that means! The movements are like a dance but there is so


much to learn. Stumbling down a bramble track. I'm trying to make it


more like this. Years ago, which is going over your shoulder. I really


want to do the best I can when I get on stage at the festival so I'm


recording Ashley performing a song so I can do some homework. There is


so much to remember and all in just two weeks. A big congratulations for


today. Remember, practice makes perfect. If you aim, you can


achieve. We will see you at the festival! Back at Latitude, my


trusty team and I catch up with Stealing Sheep, the band whose song


we are about to perform. What is the song about? It's like struggling


through something or trying to get somewhere and then things coming


together and becoming alive. What you're hoping for from us, or me, is


the song you've spent time writing and putting beautiful harmonies


over, is interpreted in the right way so everyone knows what you're


singing about? Yes.No pressure at all. Nervous. With the performance


just couple of hours away, I'm taking the chance to rehearse


whenever I can. The crowds are packed in and any second now, I will


be in front of them. I'm so glad Ashley is with me. Oh, we're on,


there's no turning back. Here goes! Stumble down the bramble track and


turning back to where it stands. Years ago you'd wished you known


that we've all changed and rearranged.


Oh no, my mind has gone blank. I don't think anybody noticed! Every


time I see your face. us and say we are incredibly proud


of him. He did so, so well. It was a massive achievement. Big claps all


around. That was it, that was the performance. There were a few


moments where I sort of froze. The great thing is, Ashley knew exactly


what was going on. He was a great shoulder to rely on. To sum it up in


one word, I would say, fantastic. I do this! That was fantastic, good


job. This is how to sign fantastic. I've always wanted to learn sign


language, it's so impressive. It is, thank you. Nervous. H-E-L-E-N. You


can spend hours, I will try and master some skills. Thank you to all


who helped me. And to Stealing Sheep for letting us share the stage with


them. It was so nice to learn the meaning of the song by learning the


language. Blue Peter is all about getting stuck in. This summer we


want you to get stuck in and inspire your friends to get involved in


sport. You might just get your hands on one of these. The Blue Peter


sport badge is all about inspiring others to take part in sport. Maybe


you are cricket crazy or hooked on hockey or fanatical about football.


You could earn a sport badge. Between now and September, get a


friend involved in your sport. It's really up to you but get a picture


of you both taking part. Then go to the Blue Peter website and fill in


the application form. Make sure your teacher, coach or parent signs it


and then put it in the post and wait. Badge applications are open


until the 30th September and you have to inspire someone this year to


be in with a chance of receiving one. Go on, be inspiring and get


involved. The Blue Peter sport badges are only available in the


summer so get those applications in fast. The sport badge is all about


encouraging others to get into sport but if there's something different


you have your eye on, our friends at BBC Sport have created a website


called Get Inspired. You will find everything you need to know to try


your hand at over 60 different sports and you can find the website


by clicking on Get Inspired. Be inspired and get involved. You never


know where it might take you. as Helen found out when she was


entered into a rather unusual fun run. There are a lot of things that


go together well. Ice cream and jelly, fish and chips, Harwood and


Skelton, but I have never heard of running and art going together. When


I found out about something that uses technology and people running


about to create art, I had to get involved. All I need is someone to


take care of the running. I wonder. Helen, you like jogging, don't you?


I'm always running. I have a challenge for you, and epic run, are


you up for it? Yes, is it in the desert or in Antarctica? No it's a


run around the quays. What is important is how you're going to


look. Follow me. You do look the part so far but there's one more bit


to add to your costume. This is climbing gear. Technically it is


running gear. Let me show you something. Lights off, please.


are you doing? Wait right there. Tomorrow night, you will take part


in an event that is unique and also creative. You will love it because


it means you get to be the centre of attention because you're going to


light up. Wow, they're all over me. I look like a Christmas tree.


does everyone else, look at this! That is amazing! You and 120 other


runners will be jogging around the canal wearing these light suits,


painting a picture as you go, how cool is that? I'm going to be in


charge of the tech so I will be at the desk. That sounds like a big fat


cop out to me. You've got a rehearsal to get to. Jog on and I


will see you later. Have fun. Barney plays with his toys, I soon


discover this is much more than a run, I've got moves to learn. I've


got to do letters and at one point I've got to be a flower. Then I've


got to run, stop, run, stop. Do a flower again before you go. That is


a beautiful thing. Have a good run. It's time for the big event. As


darkness falls, Helen and the runners leave bang on time. I feel


like I'm part of some weird army. settle into the control room with


light technician, Callum, who is ready to talk me through my task.


We've got 430 cues through the show so there are 430 changes happening


to the suits throughout the production. A suit that goes from


white to red to white again is three cues. Yes, absolutely. Our run


begins with a warm up lap around the course and right past our Blue Peter


Studios. The crowd's gathering and when we're in position, the


choreography and light show can begin. So I'm just pressing the go


think it's going well. It creates a rainbow effect all the way through


the runners. Now. Oh, yeah. Is that bright enough for you? Going. Wow.


Perfect. I've lost my crew once but I'm back in the right place now.


Two, four. This event is about putting on a show for people who


have come to watch but it is also about the photography and film it


inspires. So I have left Callum to control the lights because I have a


very special gadget that is perfect for this job. This is a weird


monitor where you can see me moving in a very strange pattern. We are


going to try to show you how to paint using light. Normally you


would use a stills camera for this and put it on a tripod. And take a


picture over a long period of time whilst you move something that is


lit up through the scene. But this clever bit of software does it all


for you. I thought we could set this up to film the runners as they run


past and in doing so, it will paint a pretty picture. After a


last-minute reminder of our moves, it is time for the big finale. All


120 of us take to the piazza following our lead runners. Looking


good, Helen, and I've got the camera in position to start painting with


light. That looks absolutely amazing, doesn't it. All the runners


are moving quite frantically and they have got these people suddenly


appear, fading into the shot. When was the last time you looked at a


piece of artwork that changed every makes. It was chilly then but look


at us now. We've got sleeveless tops on and everything. We love to hear


what you get up to so why not get in touch. We are going to tell you


about something very special happening in September. A make that


lets you keep those special summer memories forever. It's a make that


requires a bit of preparation that you can do now. We need you to


collect things together. If you get invited to a party over the summer,


keep the invite, if you go to the cinema, keep the cinema stub. Maybe


you have some family photos. That's a nice idea. I'm going to keep my


festival wristband. If that's not enough to keep you going, get


involved with our Summer Reading Challenge. All you have to do is


sign up in the library and read six books over the summer. The stickers


that you will be rewarded with absolutely pong. Not in a bad way,


in an unbelievably bad way. They really stink. If you really fancy a


challenge, why not try reading the works of Shakespeare? Or you may


think 400-year-old books are a bit boring. This drum-beat in the


background works quite well as an introduction because the Hip-Hop


Shakespeare came in to show us their All you little boys are a Comedy of


Errors. One day my friend you're jealous


like Othello. What you gonna do?


Little boys get tamed like the shrew.


You're dreaming. I am the Julius Cesar here, me.


All's well that ends well. Like Macbeth, you're going to hell.


Measure for Measure, I'm the best here.


The Merry Wives of Windsor, not King Lear.


You battle like Hamlet, you pay for your actions.


You're Much Ado About Nothing. All you do is bite it.


I'm too tired, I don't need 12 Nights.


I am the one with the force. History, Just like Henry IV.


On fire, things look dire. Cold as a Winter's Tale.


It was bound to fail, so will you. That's suicide like Cleopatra.


She needed two gentleman of Verona. I am the owner!


Being too great. I have no need to beg.


A weighted halo rests heavy on a king's head.


I was not born to soothe but to command.


And move mountains with my Royal hand.


The great King Richard. Who knows not my name.


Your pain must be withstood. For lions make leopards tame.


When shall we three meet again? With thunder, lightning and rain.


When the course is run and the battle is won.


For half the light comes with the setting of the sun.


Fair is foul and foul is fair. Hover through the fog through the


filthy air. Hover in the rain cos we're going


nowhere. Do we bother to refrain from the


weight of the chair? # So-la-so.


With solemn reverence: throw away respect.


Tradition, form and ceremonious duty.


For you have but mistook me all this while.


I live with bread like you, feel want.


Taste grief, need friends: subjected thus.


How can you say to me, I am a king? Am I king? Can you see the energy


I'm channelling? Am I queen, cos I control the powers


I enrol? Am I King? King or just a dashing


prince? Am I Queen?


Is she Queen? Is he King?


Am I king? Can you see the energy I'm channelling?


Am I queen, cos I control the powers I enrol?


Am I king or just a really dashing prince?


Am I King? Am I Queen?


I am the poet. Cos I do not use no language.


And I use a variety of vocabulary. I take the listener to deep regret.


And back to exquisite happiness. Words, poetical force. Of course my


lyrics are in it. And I pivot around my bars.


APPLAUSE. Those guys were cool! Not as good as


this! What number have these following things got in common? The


Musketeers, Patrick in the football game, Blue Peter presenters. Lindsay


is going to be joining the ranks. Three! We could get her to hang


bunting on the Humber Bridge. Or what about getting her to go all the


way to Monaco with the UK's top firework display team? That sounds


being escorted into the docks of Monaco by the police. A police


expert -- Escort is normally reserved for monarchy but this is


full to the brim with fireworks. An award-winning British firework team


have transported these explosives over 1000 miles to Monaco by the


Mediterranean Sea. The team want to set up a fireworks display for an


international competition. The whole display was designed by Mark, who


started his planning eight months ago back in Britain. How do you go


from gadgets and TV screens to a fireworks display? We start with the


music. Lots of good music but some of it is not good with fireworks. It


goes from the music software into a scripting software. If it is a quiet


peace, we use quiet fireworks. If it is a colourful piece, colourful


fireworks. Is it controlled by computer? Yes. That is what has been


happening in Monaco. The harbour has already seen three huge firework


displays from France, Austria and the Czech Republic, all competing to


win this year 's competition. Mark and his crew face a big task


building his vision. But help is on hand. Mark's fiancee is also a


whiz-bang expert. Can you explain what you need to do. We have to


carry all these tubes into position and get them back in and get the


pins in so they are safe. We've got 20 crew here, 21. Can I be a crew


member? Bring it on. So I get down and dirty to lift these huge tubes.


They are used to launch specialised fireworks in the display. Placing


them is very physical and technical. I have been given a map of where the


tubes go and that, believe it or not, is the language these boys


speak. I'm guessing they want the progress. Mark, Hannah and the team


still have plenty of work to do wiring every firework up to the


computer. This does not look like the kind of fireworks you get on


bonfire night in the back garden. These are category four fireworks.


They're far more powerful. These boxes tell the fireworks went to go


off. Do you trust me? What do you reckon? Yeah, love to. If you put


that into 29. It doesn't matter what way round they go. It must be


connected otherwise it won't fire. They're definitely connected. Slot


29. That's mine! The set-up as gone have worked so hard to put this


together. How are you feeling? can't explain how nervous I feel.


The conditions are perfect so we should see the fireworks dance


through the night sky in time with the music. Will be our waiting for


is the lights to go out and as soon over Monaco in 50 different, vibrant


the ships down there. All of Monaco celebrates the fireworks by honking


their horns to let them know they're enjoying the display. It is a


cracking display! Light and sound in you, that's why they're UK


champions. And what an amazing day we have had. Our festival fun must


come to an end. Next week we will be taking to the skies and celebrating


our high-flying stands. I go loopy when I ride with a top aerobatics


display team. The Red Arrows let me join their ranks. And I lend my


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