World Record Special! Blue Peter

World Record Special!

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It's not stopping! There you go. Keep your stories


coming in. Right now we need to get ready for live Blue Peter. Here it


is. I've come to check out the


rehearsals for the World Record Special! There's limbo, peas and


even a record-breaking balloon artist in the studio. It's a snake!


CHEERING Welcome to live Blue Peter. Today we


are very very excited. It's our World Record Special and in one


minute will be attempting our first live World Record! I'm excited.


Let's rewind the clock one year when we smashed two world records. First


of all with the most number of straws in hair. This year we are


going to go one better, we are going to try and smashed three Guinness


World Records during today's live shows. Check out surely this week.


She's got a little Guinness World Record judging coat on! She's an


adjudicator this week. If you can spot her anywhere, let us know!


Hello darlings. I'm going to be taking part in my last ever BP film


later on. I'll sit in a car and drive it fast. Know! You're not


going anywhere! Tell people what's going on. I've officially ruptured a


tendon in my hand. It's getting better every day and today is all


about World Record! From broken hands to break records, let's head


this way and meet our official World Record adjudicator 's this week!


APPLAUSE Welcome to Blue Peter. This


beautiful book, Guinness World Records 2018 is out today. If we do


our records today, we could be in next year's book! What are we going


to be doing live today? The first Guinness World Record attempt is for


the tallest stack of hats worn on the head at once. I think we can do


this. Hats must be balanced only on the head with no support. The


measurement will be taken from the bottom of the first hat to the top


of the last tap and they must remain on the head for a minimum of 30


seconds. If they are touched then the attempt will be deemed invalid.


The record is 40 centimetres. That's quite high above my head. I'm going


to need some help in the form of Match of the Day Kickabout's John!


CHEERING Welcome to BP. You both are very


excited to try and set a World Record. What have you been up to? We


are about to announce the five players that are going to appear in


the new series on CBBC. Very cool competitions. I'm heading to the


Manchester city Academy and hopefully meeting the Agueros and


Kompanys of the future! We've got to get back to World Record chat. Here


we go. There's no time is there? Let's start. Camp us down. Three,


two, one, go. Get that on there. This one is going to go bed. I feel


good about this. Try and get the peaks All Over The Place. At


different angles?! Yes. Getting quite heavy! Let's see how Barney


and Radzi are getting on. Let's get a huge round of applause


for a man so important his parents named him twice, Ryan Tracey! As you


can see he is a balloon modelling champion. That was very fast. How


much preparation had you done? A lots of preparation. I've been doing


this for 4-mac three years and made over 100,000 balloons. I've got to


be the strongest and fastest I've ever been. You one Britain's Got


Talent and there was an adjudicator who was so mean to you. Vicki, how


are you? And very well thank you. What has Ryan got to do today? He's


got to attend the same record which is the most balloon modelling


sculptures in one minute. The record he set an Britain's Got Talent was


13 so he's going to try and break it today. It's a big ask. The only


balloons that will count will be ones that are fully completed. If


they aren't complete I will have to discount but one. We have pre-the


designs. If it doesn't match the design I will also have to


disqualify that balloon. She is very scary! Are you happy with the rules?


Are you ready to go? Three, two, one, go. That was a fish. He told me


earlier on the earlier animals were the harder ones. We'll give you a


time count as soon as we've got one. If you're wondering why there are


two balloons on the table, sometimes the balloons pop. If a bullying pot


he gets a second chance. That will cost him time. That's half the time


gone. 30 seconds to go. Good luck. You're doing so well. Hundreds of


billions he's made over the years. 15 seconds. You've got time... This


could be a World Record. Yes! Well played. Well, well played. Come on


over. We are going to find out if this was official. What would it


mean to you if you got a new World Record? This would mean the world to


me. Someone told me it's not about how you fall down, it's how you


stand up. Today is my chance for redemption. I just hope I get that


record. I want my wife and kids to be proud of me. My five kids are


watching today. Hello! Can you tell us how he's done? As you can see you


have completed all 14. I can confirm that all of them are valid so that


is a brand-new Guinness World Record! APPLAUSE


Congratulations. How do you feel? I feel amazing. I'm lost for words.


I've got a Blue Peter Badge! Hats how you break a World Record! Back


to Lindsey. I'm scared to move or even breathe. Jack is measuring the


hats. It's time to find out how we got on. It feels quite big. It is


quite big. It's a real hat-trick! In order for this to be a new Guinness


World Record it has to be a minimum of 40 centimetres tall. I can now


confirm that this stack of hats measures a total of... 63


centimetres. CHEERING Well done boys! That's the EU as


well! We've set two world records in about a minute! I feel great! What a


happy day. Stick around for later! All of this makes me think of


philosophy. Someone once said that and Blue Peter challenges go


together like two peas in a pod! Radzi, wake-up! I don't want to go


to school today. Come on, we've got to go and harvest the peas! Why am I


asleep in a field?! It's a good question and the answer lies with


these. Peas! The UK loves peas. With farms growing more than 2 billion


portions per year. Which is incredible. But what's even more


incredible is the race against time it takes to harvest them. A race


that starts very early in the morning. I'm here in Lincolnshire in


one of the biggest pea harvesting farms in the UK to help explain to


you how peas go from here to your dinner plate. To help do that is pea


grower, farmer and pea Guru Stephen Francis. Most of the 9000 peas that


the average person eats in Britain are frozen. To get them in the


freezer tasting as good as possible, Stephen's farm don't mess around. We


are here to harvest these peas. As soon as they start rolling and the


pot brakes, those particular peas Busby frozen in 150 minutes to


retain the flavour. How do they do that? I'm going to follow the pea


every step of the way. Time starts now. First up, picking. The guys


here could pick their 5000 acres by hand, or... They could use some


serious technology. This harvester can pick more than 300 peas every


single second! I'm getting a peas of the action! We are against the clock


to get them to the factory in time. We've got to be as efficient as we


possibly can. You're almost trying to make sure you're using the full


width of the harvester every single time you go up and every single time


you go down. This bad boy doesn't just pick the peas, it sucks them


out of their pods giving us the little green balls we all know and


love. I've genuinely enjoyed watching you drive this thing. Would


be possible for me to sit in the driver 's seat? Not a problem. Your


harvesting peas! Keep it straight. The reason I can't talk if this is


like when you first learn to ride a bike. It takes all of your


concentration. Here's what you've been harvesting! That is interactive


harvesting! I've literally just harvested that and you're now seeing


it on Blue Peter! Mum, I just harvested some peas. Now we are


going to take this lot over to the factory. One hour gone and the peas'


journey has only just begun. They have to be prepared in the biggest


factory I've ever seen. Stewart can show me what happens here, after he


ticks me in a wicked hairnet! This is where we try and get rid of any


of the material that's come off the field and cleaned up before it goes


into the branching and freezing operations. I take it that's inside?


Can we go there now? You certainly can. Once cleaned the peas boiled so


they are fresh for freezing. This happens as quickly as possible in a


noisy part of the factory. What is going on here? The peas are being


cleaned, blanched which seals in the vitamins and flavours. To freeze


this many peas you need a serious freezer. I genuinely feel like I'm


in the North Pole! This machine gives them the sort of treatment


they would be proud of in the film Frozen!


The work at this farm is really un-pea-lievable. This is a world


record show, so I am not finished there. There is a pea world record


set with the number of peas eating with chopsticks in one hour. That


number is 7000. Off we go. I have had no practice for this,


whatsoever. Although, that has never stopped me before. But it soon


becomes clear, I am well off the record pace. So I am not a record


holder, but I am not bothered, I have had such a good day. From the


farm, to your plate at home, peasey. That wasn't an official world


record, but there will be another one in the studio in precisely seven


minutes. Let's take a look at the badge wall. We put it up to show how


great you are. It is all about the BP sport badge. The applications


closed at noon today. Over 5000 applied for the sport badge and


inspired other people to try a brand-new sport in just four weeks.


Amazing, good effort. Sarah and Katie did it. Sarah inspired Katie


to take up wheelchair basketball. They said not only is it fun, it is


good for your arm muscles. Congratulations to all of your


people who have got one. They other two biggest smiles in the country.


Oscar and Leonardo. Leonardo inspired Oscar to try judo. They


look so happy because they have their sport bag. Boys, well done.


Now it is time to announce the fan of the month for September. All


right, Cockers. I will announce your fan of the month. Stick your hand


into my lovely flan. It is not flan of the month, it is fan of the


month. The fan of the month is in the flan of the month. Orange


Summery seal. You have won a house in Spain. Not only are you an


incredible fine, but you have compiled lots of good luck messages


for Barney inside a card. Where is he going? He's going to go and find


it, I think. There it is. Open it up. You have still got a week to get


your messages in. Get your messages in for Barney. You have only got a


week. The usual address. Who wants to see my final film on BP? I have


been in a ballet, I have driven a car before, but I have never been in


a car ballet. Have a look at this. Choreographed stunt driving, using


incredible skill to perform synchronised routine and basically,


make cars dance. It is a beautiful thing and what it needs is someone


with courage, real charisma. So I am some with really cool hair. You can


see me, I am not talking about myself, I am talking about a motor


sporting legend. I am not the world's bus driver, but hopefully,


tomorrow, I will be. For my final Blue Peter challenge I will be


joining a display team to try to perform a stunned routine. It'll


take precision, bravery and a cool head. It is happening tomorrow. In


just 24 hours, I will be taking part in a choreographed car display. To


do that, I need to learn the basics so I need an instructor and they


need a car. Have you seen one anywhere? He will do. This is stunt


driver coordinator, Paul Swift. He will give me a crash course. That is


probably not the best phrase. Good to meet you. I am excited about you.


I have got you, the car and all I need now is the keys. Not so fast,


we need to spend some time give you some training, demonstrate a couple


of manoeuvres, you can sit beside me, then we can swap over and see


how we get on. That is probably best, can we go on two wheels as


well? Show us what you've got. Let's go!


That is ridiculous. This is so impressive. My hat flew off. That


was really good. My go? This is where the laws of gravity are


defied, the rules are broken. And I am genuinely, quite scared. OK, seat


belts on. Safety first. The two basic things is driving backwards at


speed and doing the J Turn. The J Turn is turning the car around in a


matter of seconds. If I cannot do this, I can forget about doing the


routine. Clutch, speed, straight in the wheel. In the first. That would


have been great, first time round if I didn't stall it. On, off, clutch


in, drive. More speed, of the clutch. Straight the wheel. You have


got to get this right, because tomorrow, there is no second


chances. I am glad you have said that. I keep changing into third


gear, I have no idea why, I have been driving for 20 years, I know


were first gear is, but for some reason I cannot find it today. First


gear! Yes! Amazing. Well done, Barney. Yes! We have just tried the


J Turn, one of the more simple moves, which will hopefully be a big


part for me. Next is the most difficult one, drifting. Wish me


luck. Drifting involves keeping the car under total control well


deliberately skidding around a corner. It is tough, but Paul wants


me to give 360 degrees around a traffic cone to demonstrate I can


make the car do what I want. Build up your speed nice and slowly and


you will feel the backend of the car step out. You will control the


drifting with steering. Build up your speed. Back-end steps out,


power. That is ridiculous. What am I doing wrong? You have to make sure


the front is going faster than the back. Power, Power. Keep the power


on. Go the other way now, now we are dancing. While performing a routine


at high speed, one wrong move can have serious consequences. I need to


show Paul I can do this. You have got it! Brilliance! That felt good.


It is getting there. Not far away, I was very impressed with the J Turn,


just need a bit more time to nail the drifting. Tomorrow we will be


ramping its other bit more because he will have myself and other


drivers around him and he needs to stand on his own two feed. It is


really hard, really, really hard. I am one of those people who like to


do things over and over again until I get them right. But I don't have


enough time to do it over again before the performance. Next, I take


on my final Blue Peter challenge. I have got to get it absolutely right.


Can I put everything I have learned into practice? Can I keep my head


when the pressure is on, in what is one of my toughest ever tests? Can I


save my best... Until last? Exciting. One of my favourite films


in six years. Find out what happens in part two next week. It is time to


break another record, bring in the team...


Look at the state of them. We will be doing some limbering. What we


need to know? Will a map of the most limbo is in three minutes by a team


of 25. The correct limbo is knees under the bar first and head, alas.


The minimum is 60 limbos in three minutes. Me-macro let's do it. This


is an official Guinness world record attempt. Three, two, one... Go! We


have some CBBC phases. We have Lindsey Russell from Blue Peter.


Typical Barney Harwood, that. Keep going, I bet faster. Let's get the


record. U cannot touch the floor. Radzi, go and speak to some kids.


This is carnage here. Do you train for this? I love competition.


Feeling confident. Snake hips. I am getting a bit old, but my back


still burns. Do you think we will get it? Yes. Hacker, can you say


some words? Jack is properly intense. He is properly making sure.


Jack! Jack! You cannot touch the floor, you cannot touch the bar. No


sideways bending. Vicki, you do not miss a trick. This is good telly,


this. It looks good. It looks good! 30 seconds left. Are you enjoying


this? Yes. Do you think we will break the world record? Yes! This is


now our third world record. Can we make this the third one? Looking


good. I think that was good. Did we get


it? Let's see where Shirley was hiding? On Lindsey's hat. The person


who has won has won themselves a house in Spain. It is DJ Snowflake


Deaver and their sister. We should find out the results. Next week's


show will be all about Barney Harwood. Vicky, what are the


results? 17 disqualified, that means your grand total today was 121 and


it is a new record. The winner of our amazing code


breaker competition next week, make sure you are watching. We will see


you next week. Goodbye.


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