Series 1

Series 1

Animation. Boj the bilby and his musical parents move from the Australian outback to the cosmopolitan community of Giggly Park.

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Boj the Collector

1. Boj: Series 1, Boj the Collector

All Boj's buddies have collections, but Boj can't decide what thing to collect.

Musical Mayhem

2. Boj: Series 1, Musical Mayhem

When Denzil breaks his guitar, Boj helps him to fix it so that he can play in the concert.

Hoppy Birthday

3. Boj: Series 1, Hoppy Birthday

Before Mia can hand Rupa her birthday gift, Gavin steps in and gives her something better.

Under the Giggly Moon

4. Boj: Series 1, Under the Giggly Moon

A father-son camping trip in Giggly Park ends up in chaos, but Boj saves the day.

In the Hothouse

5. Boj: Series 1, In the Hothouse

Mia and Rupa disagree over how to help Mr Cloppity water the plants in his hothouse.

Let's Get Rummaging

6. Boj: Series 1, Let's Get Rummaging

Mrs Bleat's rummage sale to raise money for a new Giggly Park fountain is a bit of a flop.

Giggly Holiday

7. Boj: Series 1, Giggly Holiday

When Boj discovers that the Twitches have not had a holiday, he creates a mini Hawaii.

Flat as a Pancake

8. Boj: Series 1, Flat as a Pancake

Animation. Boj mends a leaky paddling pool with Mrs Woof's extra-sticky pancakes.

Giggly Rink

9. Boj: Series 1, Giggly Rink

Gavin has got the gear but hasn't got the nerve to go ice skating.

Bouncing Boj

10. Boj: Series 1, Bouncing Boj

Mr Cloppity picks apples in the orchard, but gets stuck up high in his cherry picker.

High Flying Drying

11. Boj: Series 1, High Flying Drying

It is a windy day - perfect for drying Pops's clothes. But he has run out of washing line!

Non-Stop Pops

12. Boj: Series 1, Non-Stop Pops

Boj has a boj-a-boom idea to combine Pops's love of music and a way to keep fit!

The Sleep Under

13. Boj: Series 1, The Sleep Under

Mrs Twitch has left Pops and Mimi in charge of the tearaway Twitchlets.

Song for Mimi

14. Boj: Series 1, Song for Mimi

It's Mimi's birthday! Pops makes Mimi a drum kit. Boj creates his own present for her.

Rainbow for Rupa

15. Boj: Series 1, Rainbow for Rupa

Boj shows Rupa and her family that a homemade approach to decorating a playroom can be fun

Sneezy Snufferoos

16. Boj: Series 1, Sneezy Snufferoos

Mr Cloppity hangs out yoghurt pots on string over his seeds to keep the birds away.

Star Fishing

17. Boj: Series 1, Star Fishing

Pops takes Boj, Gavin and Mia for an evening of stargazing, and Mia wants to catch a star.

The Best Nest

18. Boj: Series 1, The Best Nest

Pops is distraught as he has lost his hat! Boj and Denzil come across a rare bird.

Robot Recycler

19. Boj: Series 1, Robot Recycler

Boj and Rupa make junk robots and rag rope out of the recycling.

Carry on Carrot

20. Boj: Series 1, Carry on Carrot

Boj and his buddies discover a giant carrot growing amongst the tiddlers.

Mia's Pet

21. Boj: Series 1, Mia's Pet

Boj plants a mini Giggly Park outside Mia's house so that his pet ladybird can fly free.

Giggly Park Rescue Squad

22. Boj: Series 1, Giggly Park Rescue Squad

Boj, Denzil and Gavin rescue the residents of Giggly Park from a variety of mishaps.

The Amazing Cloppity

23. Boj: Series 1, The Amazing Cloppity

Boj and his buddies discover Mr Cloppity's magic skills and ask him to put on a show.

The Big, Big Bike Ride

24. Boj: Series 1, The Big, Big Bike Ride

Boj and Mia ride their bikes, but Mia feels babyish about still having training wheels.

Denzil's Lost Teddy

25. Boj: Series 1, Denzil's Lost Teddy

Denzil has lost his teddy bear. The Twitchlets have Snugsy and they won't give him back!

Boj and the Booms

26. Boj: Series 1, Boj and the Booms

Boj and his buddies form a pop band, but Rupa and Mia walk out due to musical differences.

Watch the Birdie

27. Boj: Series 1, Watch the Birdie

Boj and Rupa are trying to spot the never-spotted long-legged runner bird.

Keeping Mr Cloppity

28. Boj: Series 1, Keeping Mr Cloppity

The buddies mistakenly think Mr Cloppity is leaving and set about getting him to stay.

Puppet Show

29. Boj: Series 1, Puppet Show

Boj and Mia look after the Twitchlets but get stuck putting on an endless puppet show!

The Peace Prize

30. Boj: Series 1, The Peace Prize

When everything spills from Mr Cloppity's buggy, the buddies have to hide the mess.

The Duckling

31. Boj: Series 1, The Duckling

Rupa discovers a little lost duckling. How can they get it to swim back to its family?

Picnic in the Park

32. Boj: Series 1, Picnic in the Park

Boj, Mimi and Pops are excited about joining the Woofs for a family picnic.

Fun and Games

33. Boj: Series 1, Fun and Games

Boj comes up with a game where it's good to knock things down - Bojey-Bosh Bowling.

Still as Statues

34. Boj: Series 1, Still as Statues

Boj finds Mia upset because her paintings of the Twitchlets are ruined.

Sports G'day

35. Boj: Series 1, Sports G'day

It's sports day in Giggly Park. Can Boj help his buddies all win a medal?

Gavin's Got Talent

36. Boj: Series 1, Gavin's Got Talent

The buddies put on a talent show, but Gavin's act doesn't work.

The Giggly Park Express

37. Boj: Series 1, The Giggly Park Express

Boj and his buddies make a train to take Denzil and his teddies on a trip around the world

Picky Eater

38. Boj: Series 1, Picky Eater

Boj and Mia are invited to Rupa's for pizza, but Mia doesn't like eating mixed-up food.

The Giggly Dig

39. Boj: Series 1, The Giggly Dig

Boj digs up Mr Cloppity's old time capsule. Now his buddies want their own to bury!

Pops's Outback Trek

40. Boj: Series 1, Pops's Outback Trek

Pops is homesick, so Boj cheers him up by recreating an outback trek.

Doctor Denzil

41. Boj: Series 1, Doctor Denzil

Denzil and Boj are playing at being doctors.

Happy Harvesters

42. Boj: Series 1, Happy Harvesters

Boj's buddies are off to Mr Cloppity's allotment to harvest their vegetables.

Buzzy Boj

43. Boj: Series 1, Buzzy Boj

Mr Cloppity's bees have not returned back to their hive, but Boj has an idea.

Bedtime For Rupa

44. Boj: Series 1, Bedtime For Rupa

Rupa wants an early night before her gymnastics competition, but it's too noisy.

Blast Off Buddies

45. Boj: Series 1, Blast Off Buddies

Denzil accidentally breaks Gavin's toy rocket, so Boj makes a new rocket for his friends.


46. Boj: Series 1, Boj-a-balloon

Denzil attaches balloons to his toy penguin Mr Freezie so he can fly.

Out of the Box

47. Boj: Series 1, Out of the Box

Boj, Pops and Mimi are invited to the Bleats' hi-tech house for tea.

Double Cloppity

48. Boj: Series 1, Double Cloppity

Mr Cloppity has the sneezy snufferoos, but he has so much to do in Giggly Park.

Sploshy Fun

49. Boj: Series 1, Sploshy Fun

Denzil and Rupa fail to win their swimming badges so Boj encourages them to have fun.

Keep On Going

50. Boj: Series 1, Keep On Going

Boj, Rupa and Gavin are trekking for their Ranger survival badges.