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Hi Greg? Hiya Greg? Greg! Greg! Gregory! Let's do this.


CHEERING. It's time for the CBBC official chart show, and here's the


man with the plan. It's Kel, Spellman! Welcome, it's so can to


see you again beautiful people. Thank you voice-over man nor that


introduction. Skill has started presenting. He is now going to tell


us what's on today's amazing show. Pointing out the obvious. I was just


about to do that. Jam-packed on the CBBC official chart show today. We


welcome our guests. We got... 5 After Midnight Ites Midnight... Oh,


ladies and gentlemen, we've got John Legend, Zara Larsson, Lukas Graham


and many, many more. Here we go, take two, please welcome today's


studio guests, X Factor finalist... Ites 5 After Midnight. Also on


today's show we catch one the stars of the BBC music awards. We have an


exclusive performance from Wilkinson. All of your favourite


tracks from the playlist. And live in the studio it is 5 After


Midnight. Gentlemen, thank you for coming on. How are we? Very well.


How was that X Factor experience for you? It was roller coaster. So much


emotion, so much hard work went into it. I just hope... We did what we


did. And that hard work was there for everyone to see.


Congratulations. And a tour as well. Yes! Amazing. Super exciting. We are


going to chuck you into the deep end. We play a little game. We like


to wrap up the number one trophy, OK; but you are not going to do


that. Let's introduce the game first.


So, as if by magic Louis Walsh has appeared on the official chart show.


Welcome to the show Louis. Fantastic! Your challenge is this.


You've got some wrapping paper and you have a head to head elf hat. You


have 30 seconds to try to wrap up Louis Walsh from head to toe. The


Here we go... Rotate! Oh, no, Louis's fallen!


Rotate. Go around. I'm going around. 30 seconds! The angle of the head...


I'm too tall for this. Tip toe, man. I can't! It's not happening. The hat


is there, kind of. Half a point? Don't run with scissors. Correct


grip as well there. In the build-up to Christmas every week we've been


asking our guests and musical artists around the world to try to


wrap up though trophy if they made it to the UK official chart. Look at


this bad boy. Shall we see how Zara Larsson got wrapping it up? It's


heavy! Why is it so heavy? I'm going to do this. That's it. Yes! I liked


how this wrapping paper matches my dress. That's how you do it, OK? She


gist nailed it. Time up. That looks so pretty as well. I don't think it


does. Congratulations Zara. You got 25 seconds in the Christmas Wrapping


Challenge. Listen, voice-over man, I appreciated the opening, it is great


we got you on the show, but please let me do my job. Thank you. If you


want to see John Legend trying our wrapping up the trophy, watch later.


Right now you guys have the player. You have 10 videos to choose from.


The three with the most votes, the first video you've chosen to show in


this week's show is... Is... After The After Party.


I'm hanging on my best friend's couch and my clothes are all on the


floor. Let's pour another drink, the


glasses go, we are always after one more.


'Cause after the afterparty, we're gonna keep it goin'


We're gonna rip it up, the neighbors might complain


'Cause after the afterparty (afterparty)


We're gonna stay 'til mornin' (stay 'til mornin')


Then when the time is up, we'll do it again (oh yeah)


We'll get our other two choices later. On Monday it was BBC music


awards and we sent along a good friend of mine to meet the guests.


We had the likes of... John Legend. I was about to say that. That..


Craig David. I know! Zara Larsson. Finished? I was going to say we sent


along dear friend... You are Cel Spellman. He's ruined it. We are


going to have a sneak around, because we're back stage. We've got


this little pass which gets me anywhere.


This is the red carpet. It is a carpet and it's red. Behind us is


Craig David! We are going to grab him and have a chat with him. I've


been doing this since I was 16. This is my fan girl moment but your album


was the first album I ever bought. No! I love that. Back in the day.


That's wicked. You have a reputation for being some kind of en masse


chocolate lover? It started with Katie B, seeing a few chocolate


balls on my counter top when we did one of the videos for. Who Am I. If


you get freebies, it is a good look. So now you get free chocolate sent


to you. If anyone is listening, I love caramel ones. Who are you


looking forward to most? Craig David. I just met him. I don't want


to boast, Pixie, but I'm so star struck I can't believe it. Have you


met him before? Of course. I'm going nick a biscuit.


I love this dress. It's gorgeous. I'm trying to focus on having fun.


It really helps me and my dancers, because they bring the energy and we


always have fun no matter what. You always look like you are having the


best fun. We are on the way to interview John Legend. He isn't far


from going on stage, so we are going hijack his dressing room. I'm going


to love you now like it is all I had... We heard your marriage


proposal contained salad and sand? I asked the hotel staff to bring out


the ring in a covered dish. Yeah. And for some reason they thought it


would be cool to put some greenery around it too, so it was like a


little salad. So when you lifted it upper, were you surprised? I was


like, why is there green stuff around the ring?! What is your


trademark dance move if you go out to a party? Probably like a... Like


a shimmy. I'm feeling it. I'm going to work that at a Christmas party.


How would sum up 2016? It's been a mad old year for you guys.


Unfathomable, incredible, enjoyable. I think we've had to get a little


bit into the future until we can really comprehend what's happened


this year. When you are 80 years old and you look back and you are like,


it was a good year. 206 will stand out. It is not too bad. I'm going to


run! Yeah! A massive thank you to Laura for meeting all of those


wonderful people. Now it's time for... Hey! Excuse me!


CHEERING. Thank you. What is this? This is Ask Me Anything, with our


studio guest today. Ladies calm down, it's 5 After Midnight!


CHEERING. Is it down. Guys, how are we? Good. I must say your fans have


inundated us with questions. Are you ready to answer them? Yes. Sarah


from Scotland asked this. What is the minimum amount of time you used


to practise to perform on X Factor? The minimum. Wow! That's a tough


one. Tense. We would take about a day. At least.


CHEERING. That's why they are finalists everybody. Lauren in


London wants to know Kieran, how long did it take you to learn to


black flip? About a year. The more tricks I learn...


CHEERING. Have you signed a risk assessment? Is it down! Thank you.


This is for each of you from Grace in Kent. What is your favourite


thing about Christmas? Spending time with family. Tugging at the


heartstrings. Nice. Kieran? Christmas dinner.


CHEERING. Christmas pudding. CHEERING. Last question. Joseph from


Northamptonshire would like to know what is your favourite thing to do


if you are not writing or performing songs? I would say dance. Really?


Yeah. Are we having a little dance now?


CHEERING. Please make some noise for 5 After Midnight.


CHEERING. Welcome back to the Playlist. That was a bit of a rush,


I can tell you. Second choice this week was Black Beatles ft Gucci


Mane. That girl is a real crowd pleaser.


Small world, all her friends know of me. Young bull livin like an old


geezer. Quick release the cash, watch it fall slowly.


That girl is a real crowd pleaser. Small world, all her friends know of


me. Young girl living like an old geezer. Quick, release the cash and


way. Fall slowly. Frat girl trying to get it easy.


Two down, one more to go. That's before the end of the show. We have


an exclusive performance for you wonderful people. Do you remember


Wilkinson? He had Afterglow. They performed leer on the CBBC official


chart show. # Softly hereupon my pillow


# Where no words are spoken # You're here with me alone


# Your case # But promises when they're all I


have told # Tell me those free live


# I'm not giving up your love as long as those sweet life


# I want to hold on to your sweet lies


# I'm not giving up your love # Those sweet lies


# Looked me in the eye # Can't you tell me


# I'm just another love you could leave behind


# Look me in the eye, can't you tell me


# Week I'm just another love you can leave behind


# Look me in the eye, can't you tell me


# Is there any love there, or just sweet lies?


# Love here, or just sweet lies? # Fearless


# Though we live in secret # I only live for your touch


# Enough love for the both of us # Wasted


# Impossible to face it # Can we keep it in the shadow


# Don't ever want to let you go # So tell me your sweet lies


# I'm not giving up your love # As long as there's sweet lies


# I want to hold, I want to hold onto your sweet lies


# I'm not giving up love # As long as there's sweet lies


# Look me in the eye, can't you tell me


# I'm just another love you could leave behind


# Look me in the eye, can't you tell me


# Is there any love here just sweet lies?


# Look me in the eye can't you tell me


# I'm just another love you could leave behind


# Look me in the eye, can't you tell me


# Is there any love here or just sweet lies? #.


Beautiful, there could be another top ten single in the offering. Now


it's time to sweep a game that plays -- sweeping the music industry.


Ladies and gentlemen, it's time for Noooote!.


Ladies and gentlemen... No more. Give me this back. Ladies and


gentlemen... It's time for Noooote!. The aim of the game is to sustain a


breath for as long as possible, one note, it's as simple as that. Now


clear it. It's the voice-over man, ladies and gentlemen, making the


postcode challenge today. Make some noise. 5 After Midnight. How you


feeling? Getting those lungs ready? Have a look at this leaderboard.


That's the way you think you will come. Don't worry about this, it's


an embarrassment. We are coming strong from 20 seconds, James


Arthur, 21, Sigma, 28. We don't talk about that. Western, 45 seconds.


Shami go from the top? Is what I like to hear. You're going to be


taking somebody on. Let's see who you're facing today. It might be


your mate, Simon. Maybe Justin Bieber. He's a big fan of the show.


This week, please be Simon Cowell... It's Lauren Layfield, CBBC. Let's


see what Lauren has in the locker. 19 seconds, it's all right.


APPLAUSE 19 seconds, beat that, you are on


the leaderboard. 45, you go top. Are you ready? I'm going to count you


in. To... One. 5 After Midnight... Grit your teeth.


Squeeze it out! We can reveal, guys, you got... 26 seconds! You're going


on the leaderboard. Very well played. We still got a few more


things to do before the end of a show. That was Noooote! But let's


find out how the wrapping up challenge got on. John Legend, do


you want to take it away? Yes. Lovely techniques. Oh,


actually... I can't watch this. You do the fold,


you do the fold, I've got this. What's that, you can't leave that


bit sticking up? I know. More? Happy? Merry Christmas.


And hopefully we'll be getting more of those wrapping of challenges


before the big day, Christmas, it's only round the corner, not far away.


Back in The Playlist, you vote, we play, it's that simple. We've had


Rae Sremmurd, I can now reveal your third and final playlist track


choice this week was... You guys, I'm so glad you've done this, we've


got a Christmas Christmas song, all I want for Christmas.


# I won't ask for much this Christmas


All I want for you is -- all I want for Christmas is you, Nicole. We are


about to find out the official number one but first, Nicole. How


excited are you to find out where your act charted this week? Where do


you think your X Factor at is going to come? Shall we find out together?


Thanks. Shout Out To My Ex, Little Mix, down three places.


# I'm all the way up, you'll never bring me down #.


Nine. It's down four places, Sensual, from Neiked.


# Just so you'll feel the way I feel #.


# I don't want a lot for Christmas #.


One of two Christmas songs in the top ten this week, it's a big one,


Mariah Carey, All I Want For Christmas Is You.


# I'm so in love with you #. Down three blazes for so you won't


let go from James Arthur, the 40th week in the top ten, wow. Six.


Already been treated to this because of the wonderful playlist track


choices, Rae Sremmurd, Black Beatles, down four places.


# Congrats to this guy, the Brits critics choice award winner,


Rag'n'Bone Man, with Human, up three places.


# I'm only human after all #. Four. 11 weeks in the top five for


Starboy, from The Weeknd, featuring Daft Punk.


# But I just got here I know it's been a while #.


When Christmas Comes Around, Matt Terry, X Factor winner. Two. Louis's


first solo track has gone straight in at number two, Just Hold On, from


Louis Tomlinson. They've done it again,


congratulations, Clean Bandit, seven weeks at number one with Rockabye.


There's the possibility they could get the Christmas number one.


There's only one place to find out, next week, a different time next


week, 5:30pm. I remind you before we go. Next week's playlist, the part


of the show Wii you have ten videos... What's that? There's no


playlist? Oh, there is still book because it's Christmas... We're


calling it the Sleigh list. # Baby, it's cold outside


# Time for parties and celebrations # Last Christmas I gave you my heart


# Christmas on my own # Merry Little Christmas


# I won't ask for much this Christmas


# If there was a way # Let the Bells ring out for


Christmas #. Not long until Christmas, we'll get


that Christmas number one next week. Can we make some noise pleas for 5


After Midnight. What's next, including the tour, building up to


that? Were going to be ripped -- recording, rehearsing, working.


Makes time for relaxing as well, boys. Thanks for coming on. Please


sign our sound box. Please leave your mark on the CBBC Official Chart


Show. That is it from us today. Ladies and gentlemen, I'd like to


see a massive thank you to everyone who has been involved. Just can't


get the stuff. See you next week. I love the CBBC Official Chart


show. You can get to their page


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