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Christmas Special with Tom Fletcher

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# I wish it could be Christmas every day...


# Let the bells ring out for Christmas #.


Beautiful people welcome to the Official Chart Show, wishing you a


Merry Christmas, we are ever so close. 12 minutes away from finding


out who is going to be this year's Christmas number one. 12 minutes


from finding a wicked Matt Terry, Little Mix, Clean Bandit or a random


Christmas tune can take the festive top spot. The six minutes away from


catching up with Tom Fletcher, he gets interviewed by a dinosaur. In


approximately two minutes, you're probably wondering what this is,


we'll be getting your playlist picked. If that wasn't enough, we


have a few more on the way for you as well. Tom Fletcher get


interviewed by a dinosaur. We surprise one lucky viewer. To give


them a Christmas number one. An exclusive Christmas performance.


Forget your favourite Christmas tracks in


the sleighlist. You've had nothing but festive songs to choose from


this week, ten tracks, three of them make it into this week's show. You


vote, we play, that simple. We are calling it the sleighlist,


obviously, you having that? Shall we get your first sleighlist pic? You


chose, first and foremost, yes! Wham, Last Christmas.


# Last Christmas I gave you my heart but very next day you gave it away


# This year to save me from tears # I'll give it to someone special


# Last Christmas I gave you my heart but very


# This year to save me from tears # I'll give it to someone special


# Once bitten twice shy # I keep my distance but you still


catch my eye # Tell me baby do you recognise me


# Well, it's been a year, it doesn't surprise me


# Merry Christmas, I wrapped it up and sent it


# With a note saying, I love you, I meant it


# Now I know what a fool I've been # But if you kiss me now I know


you'd fool me again #. Coming up to under nine minutes


until we find out the Christmas number one where whoever claims top


spot will get to lay their hands on this, the number one Official Chart


Show Trophy. In the build-up to Christmas we've been asking all


sorts of pop stars to get involved in wrapping this trophy. We asked


Bustard... Lucas Graham... We asked The Vamps. Zara Larsson! We asked


her as well, we asked John Fletcher. John Legend! We want to find out who


these guys are predicting to get the Christmas number one spot. You are


Kel Spellman. I know who I am! And literally going to do it very, very


simply, right? It's heavy, so heavy. Go! Do that, just chop it. Oh no,


presentation out the window. Happy? Merry Christmas. There you


go. Yeah! Nailed it. Time up! Right, 20


seconds. Ta-da! Finished. Perfect. I would like to give this to Michael


Buble who is the king of Christmas songs. John legend, love me now:


number one. A present to myself. I'd like Christmas number one did the


Malibu. For Christmas number one I'm rooting for Cruz Beckham. Matt


Terry's When Christmas Comes Around. She would be sorely surprised by


being the UK number one on the singles chart. That is four, James?


We would like us to be Christmas number one. We'll take that, thank


you very much. Of course I want me to be number one for Christmas, but


I wouldn't mind Rockabye, love Clean Bandit. We'll find out if any of


those guys guessed it right very soon when we reveal it with Mr Greg


James. Let's talk about Tom Fletcher, he has a book out turned


into a stage show, all about a Christmas dinosaur. We thought, what


better than to have a dinosaur interviewed Tom Fletcher? Isn't that


right Mr dinosaur? Who's interviewing me today? Hi. I thought


it was meant to be... Where's Cel? This is so ridiculous. The idea


for... Is that the question, I've forgotten the question. The original


idea for the Christmasaurus came from a song I had written called the


Christmasaurus. It was the thing that inspired the whole book.


I've had two Christmas themed birthday parties, which I guess


isn't that weird unless you know my birthday is in July. My Christmas


tree makes an appearance through the year.


The way I'm feeling right now, it would be a lot of snoring. I haven't


had much sleep lately. He's having a snooze. It would be like...


# Christmas Day, Tom's in bed, please be quiet...


# Just bring him dinner on a tray #. I think I've heard the melody


before. Dasher, dance, Panther, vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donna and


Blitzen and Rudolph. This is the best I've ever done.


I love a mince pie. I accidentally ordered 400. I've got the mince


pies, they are on me. I think they were from last Christmas and stale,


but... I made it once, a gravy and made,


funky gravy. I didn't realise it was disgusting and to everyone had


poured it all over their Christmas dinner. That is... My own gravy is


my least favourite. Beautiful, thank you Tom Fletcher


and Christmas dinosaur. Close to finding out who is the Christmas


number one. All I want for Christmas to do that is Greg James! Merry


Christmas everybody. How are you? Very well, got my jumper on, you've


got your cardigan on trend. These are great, whole is great. What's


going on in the top ten? It's been a busy year for the official charts


and the top ten has been, it has changed a lot because of streaming,


people streaming different stuff. We've had some surprises this year.


The Christmas number one was kind of wide open this year. Shall we have a


little look at the top ten? Let's. Down for Mac replaces, Black


Beatles. Service down four places. This was a bit numb the one earlier


in the year, James Arthur is down to Mac replaces. -- is down two places.


One of two Christmas songs, X Factor winner Matt Terry about When


Christmas Comes Around, at eight. 13 weeks in the top ten for the


weekend and that point, this is Starboy. Kind of Christmassy,


Starboy. A new entry this week from Zara


Larsson with, I would like. Great news, up three places, the


highest Christmas chart track in the top ten, Mariah Carey, All I Want


For Christmas Is You. Little Mix haven't quite made the


number one spot. A new entry, though, for Touch.


It's his birthday on Christmas Eve, Louis Tomlinson, just hold on, down


one place. He's just missed out on the


Christmas number one, Human was up three places this week.


Well... Well, well, well... Here we go. Their first-ever Christmas, one,


huge congratulations to Clean Bandit, Sean Paul and Anne-Marie,


Rockabye is the UK Christmas number one to 2015.


# She works the night by the water # So far away from my father's


daughter. She just wants a life for a baby


# No one will come # She's got to save him


# She tells him, oh, love, no one's ever gonna hurt you, love


# She tells him, your life ain't gonna be nothing like my life


# You're gonna grow and have a good life


Congratulations, Clean Bandit, they have got the Christmas number one of


2016. Ever so well done. We wanted to give you a number one Christmas,


isn't that right merely and Yasser? Freya broke into the show, she's a


drama fan, she wanted us to surprise her drama school teacher, it was


really good. We got a letter Little Mix's biggest fan. She want


to do a sleepover with her friends, so we did that too. Shall we do it?


Let's do this. Let's do this. I hope she's in, she has no idea.


I, high, Freya, are you all right? I'm Yasser from CBBC Official Chart


Show, you said you wanted a number one Christmas. Want to tell everyone


what you wrote? I wanted to surprise my teacher. Your teacher is going


Christmas shopping in 22 minutes, she's at the train station, let's


surprise her, shall we do that? You've got 22 minutes to get ready,


let's go. After a very special delivery for Becky. The charge by


giving you a number one Christmas by treating you and your friends to


eight Little Mix slumber party. Congratulations, you're going to be


Little Mix for the night! I literally can't believe it, I think


this is a dream. Did you know this was happening? I had an idea. I


literally thought it would be a classic go out with friends, go to


the cinema. Is this OK instead? A good second option? OK, good, I'm


glad. Let me introduce you to the Little


Mix slumber party cabin. OK, we are here outside the train


station where your teacher is. I don't know what your teacher looks


like. Hello, surprise! Hello! You were not expecting us, were you?


What are you doing here? Did you think you were going Christmas


shopping? Yes. Why do you say what we are doing. We are going to the


CBBC Chart Show. Varies no shopping am afraid!


We are now in a taxi in London. Our got any idea where we are going? I


have no idea! Well, we need one of these. What does this look like?


Like a ninja. Do you see anything? Where are we, Freya? We are going to


watch School of Rock! I have got the tickets. There is one thing left to


do, that is to take some selfies. # You're in a band! They were amazing.


When you were on the train, what was going through your mind? Am I


actually going to London? Am I actually going to London? I watched


you on the TV this morning. This has been the best surprise ever, ever!


What should we do now? Watch a movie. We hope you have an amazing


day as Little Mix. A normal day for us would be getting up, having our


hair and make up done and then ending it with lots of treats like


pizza. Lovely stuff. They literally know us now. Can we see it again?


Thank you for giving us a number on Christmas! Thanks for giving us a


number one Christmas! CHEERING


A massive thank you to Yasser and Milly Dowler. Beautiful Christmas


surprises. Back in the sleigh -- merely.


Shall we find out what the second track is going to be? You have gone


for fifth harmony and All I Want For Christmas Is You.


# I won't ask for much this Christmas


What another fantastic pic by you guys. Are you win the Christmas


spirit yet? You want more festivities? Of course you do, it is


Christmas! Wait a second. You will understand what that means, because


we have now got a wonderful Chart show appearance and it is snowing


here on the CBBC official Chart show.


# I followed the night # Can't stand the light # When will I begin?


# my life again? # One day I'll fly away # cat macro


leave your love # what more can your love do for me,


when will love be through with me? # Wireless life from dream to dream,


and dreamt that day when dreaming One day I'll fly away # Leave your


love to yesterday # Kay what more can your love do form a, and when


will love be through with me? CHEERING


Thank you to the Vaults for what was a beautiful performance. And a


stunning voice as well. Thank you for joining us on the Christmas


special. The time has arrived when we will get the final Sleighlist


track of the show. I can now reveal. It is our pals at the Vamps with I


wish it could be Christmas every day.


# He's put a great big smile on somebody's face


# You know that sweet Santa Claus is on the way


# Well I wish it could be Christmas everyday


# When the kids start singing and the band begins to play


# Oh I wish it could be Christmas everyday


# When the bells ring out for Christmas


# Then your rosy cheeks are gonna light my merry way


# Till the heat simply melts 'em all the way


# Well I wish it could be Christmas everyday


# When the kids start singing and the band begins to play


# Oh I wish it could be Christmas every day


# So let the bells ring out for Christmas


Thank you for that third and final track choice. It cannot be Christmas


every day but it is just around the corner. We are now officially 30


hours and two minutes and 55 seconds away from Christmas Day! How excited


are you, Greg? Really excited. Do they joke, we have got time for the


joke! What does Santa suffer from if you get stuck in a chimney? I don't


know. Claustrophobia. That is a bit advanced that one. We will be


looking back at the number ones of 2016.


There you go. Please make sure you get voting for your favourite number


ones of 2016. The website will have all the information. Greg, thank you


for everything this year. Are you looking forward to Christmas this


year? Of course. You guys get in, Merry Christmas everyone!


Can you guess the emoji Christmas songs?


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