Series 3

Series 3

The stars of CBeebies take part in a special week of stargazing, exploring the amazing spectacle of the night sky.

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The International Space Station

1. CBeebies Stargazing: Series 3, The International Space Station

The Stargazers find out what it's like inside the International Space Station.

How Stars Are Made

2. CBeebies Stargazing: Series 3, How Stars Are Made

The Stargazers pretend to be a giant cloud of dust to find out how stars are made.

Saturn and Its Rings

3. CBeebies Stargazing: Series 3, Saturn and Its Rings

Maggie helps the Stargazers do an experiment to find out what Saturn's rings are made of.

Shooting Stars

4. CBeebies Stargazing: Series 3, Shooting Stars

The Stargazers draw pictures of the night sky and find out about shooting stars.

Billions of Stars

5. CBeebies Stargazing: Series 3, Billions of Stars

The Stargazers find out how many stars there are in space.