Series in which a drawn line creates endless challenges and surprises for the unsuspecting little character, Dipdap

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1. Dipdap: Egg

The Line draws an egg. Dipdap wants to stop it from breaking but it is difficult.


2. Dipdap: Robot

The Line draws a robot, which scares Dipdap and makes him run away.


3. Dipdap: Stars

The Line draws a sky full of stars, but Dipdap accidentally knocks one down.


4. Dipdap: Flowers

The Line draws a seed for Dipdap. Each time he plants it, flowers grow.


5. Dipdap: Letter

The Line draws Dipdap a letter. He goes to post it, but strong winds get in the way.


6. Dipdap: Weather

Dipdap makes the most of the weather but the Line spoils his fun.


7. Dipdap: Balloons

Dipdap thinks the balloons will keep him out of the mud, but the Line has other ideas.


8. Dipdap: Comic

The Line draws Dipdap a comic about aliens.


9. Dipdap: Hats

The Line draws hats that Dipdap loves to wear.


10. Dipdap: Sun

The Line draws the sun and Dipdap settles down to relax.


11. Dipdap: Sleep

Dipdap is very sleepy and wants to doze off in bed, but the Line has other ideas.


12. Dipdap: Radio

The Line draws Dipdap a radio. It plays great music and Dipdap wants to dance.


13. Dipdap: Butterfly

The Line draws a butterfly. Dipdap is entranced and tries to fly too.


14. Dipdap: Ball

Dipdap plays with a ball drawn by the Line, but his games are disrupted.

Scary Thing

15. Dipdap: Scary Thing

The Line draws a scary thing to frighten Dipdap.


16. Dipdap: Bus

The Line draws a bus. Dipdap has quite an adventure trying to catch it.


17. Dipdap: Clockwork

The Line draws Dipdap a key. He uses it to wind up clockwork objects.


18. Dipdap: Baby

Dipdap tries to soothe a baby, but the Line keeps drawing noisy objects.


19. Dipdap: Home

The Line draws different homes. Dipdap is surprised to find he is not always welcome.


20. Dipdap: Feet

Dipdap performs some fancy footwork with the huge feet drawn by the Line.


21. Dipdap: Plant

The Line draws a plant for Dipdap to take care of.

Sea Monster

22. Dipdap: Sea Monster

The Line draws mountains for Dipdap to climb, but they are not quite what they seem.


23. Dipdap: Chicken

The Line draws a chick. Dipdap tries to look after it, but it won't stop running about.


24. Dipdap: Dive

When the Line draws a swimming pool, Dipdap tries to dive in.


25. Dipdap: Obstacle

The Line draws Dipdap a bike which he loves to ride.


26. Dipdap: Mess

The Line draws Dipdap a vase, which he smashes. Dipdap does his best to clean up the mess.


27. Dipdap: Chair

Dipdap has a tricky time trying to get comfy in chairs drawn by the Line.


28. Dipdap: Dragon

The Line draws a dragon. Dipdap tries to lose the dragon in a castle.


29. Dipdap: Boat

The Line draws boats for Dipdap to play in, but all is not as it seems.

Sad Thing

30. Dipdap: Sad Thing

The Line draws a very sad thing. Dipdap does his best to cheer it up.


31. Dipdap: Tent

Dipdap keeps being disturbed by a noisy creature and can't settle down in his tent.


32. Dipdap: Sticky

Dipdap is caught in a sticky mess when the Line draws some bubblegum.


33. Dipdap: Dig

The Line draws Dipdap a spade so he can dig down to investigate a strange sound.

Wrong Noises

34. Dipdap: Wrong Noises

The Line draws animals, but they are all making the wrong noises.

Snow Storm

35. Dipdap: Snow Storm

The Line draws a little man and his house. Dipdap tries his hardest not to annoy him.


36. Dipdap: Bubble

The Line draws lots of colourful bubbles and Dipdap loves to burst them.


37. Dipdap: Ladder

Dipdap tries to use ladders to reach an apple, but they are not what they seem.


38. Dipdap: Headphones

The Line draws headphones and Dipdap hears music and cannot stop dancing.


39. Dipdap: Leak

Dipdap tries to plug leaks drawn by the Line, but the Line makes it difficult for him.


40. Dipdap: Sculpture

Dipdap tries to create sculptures from shapes drawn by the Line.


41. Dipdap: Switch

The Line draws a switch. Dipdap tries to pull the switch but the Line gets in the way.


42. Dipdap: Socks

The Line draws some smelly socks. Dipdap tries to get away from the smell.

Disappearing Books

43. Dipdap: Disappearing Books

The Line draws books for Dipdap, but when Dipdap tries to read them, they disappear.


44. Dipdap: Beanstalk

Dipdap tries to climb a beanstalk but the Line doesn't make it easy for him.


45. Dipdap: Sports

The Line draws some sporty challenges and Dipdap tries to compete.


46. Dipdap: Tomato

The Line draws a giant tomato that rolls after Dipdap.


47. Dipdap: Umbrella

The Line draws an umbrella which protects Dipdap from unpredictable weather.


48. Dipdap: Guests

The Line draws Dipdap three cakes, but every time he tries to eat one he is interrupted.

Lost Alien

49. Dipdap: Lost Alien

The Line draws an alien that drops to Earth. Dipdap helps to get the alien back home.


50. Dipdap: Gallery

The Line draws pictures for Dipdap, but they are not what they seem.


51. Dipdap: Sneeze

The Line draws a pig and Dipdap accidentally makes it sneeze.

Cute Thing

52. Dipdap: Cute Thing

The Line draws a cute thing and Dipdap tries to protect it from heavy objects.