Driving Academy

Driving Academy

Joe Swash presides over an intense fortnight of driving masterclasses, as four children and their careless parents learn about road safety and safe driving while having some serious fun along the way!

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Episodes List

Episode 1

1. Driving Academy: Episode 1

Joe Swash challenges the teams to drive around a really tricky obstacle course.

Episode 2

2. Driving Academy: Episode 2

The teams use their cars to knock a giant football into a goal.

Episode 3

3. Driving Academy: Episode 3

The teams' braking skills are tested as they try to stop on a target without crashing.

Episode 4

4. Driving Academy: Episode 4

The teams are distracted by three incredibly noisy and annoying passengers.

Episode 5

5. Driving Academy: Episode 5

On day five the teams learn all about the dangers of driving at speed.

Episode 6

6. Driving Academy: Episode 6

On day six the teams learn all about passenger comfort and smooth, safe driving.

Episode 7

7. Driving Academy: Episode 7

The teams learn about possible hazards on the road. Will they spot the escaped gorilla?

Episode 8

8. Driving Academy: Episode 8

The teams learn how dangerous it is to drive in hazardous weather conditions such as ice.

Episode 9

9. Driving Academy: Episode 9

The teams attempt to make a turn in the road in a 15-ton truck!

Episode 10

10. Driving Academy: Episode 10

The teams face the ultimate driving test on their final day at Driving Academy.