Fly-High and Huggy

Fly-High and Huggy

Animated comedy shorts. Fly-High the squirrel and Huggy the guinea pig test Professor Aulus Von Hoot's latest crackpot inventions to get the Golden Nut up the tree for the king's breakfast.

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Episodes List

The Inflatorater

1. Fly-High and Huggy: The Inflatorater

Huggy is inflated like a balloon so she can float up the tree with the Golden Nut.

The Wheely Pulley Thingy

2. Fly-High and Huggy: The Wheely Pulley Thingy

Huggy wears a pair of leaf pants to catapult her up to the king's castle.

The Seesaw Blaster

3. Fly-High and Huggy: The Seesaw Blaster

A new seesaw invention boings Huggy on another nut delivery for the squirrel king.

The Bubble Bath Belter

4. Fly-High and Huggy: The Bubble Bath Belter

Huggy and the Golden Nut have a bubble bath before they head to the king's castle.

Do Not Press the Red Button

5. Fly-High and Huggy: Do Not Press the Red Button

Fly-High presses a red button and rocket-blasts Huggy and the Golden Nut into space.