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Hi guy, I'm Georgeia, I have nine cousins and they are all boys.


Hello everyone, I'm Tiger, when I was younger I wanted to be an ice-


creamman. I'm Richard, I love acoustic guitars. I'm Dionne, I'm


petrified of bridges. I'm Aiden, I'm scared of bowling shoes.


kel lack and I support Manchester City. This is the instant guide to


the week ahead. We will tell you about a whole load of cool stuff


like these. These are new sleeping bags like a body suit. That is not


a sleeping bag. They are too small for your legs. I don't think yellow


is my colour. I'm too big for mine. I prefer a black one.


This is what's coming up. Dani Harmer dishes out fashion advice in


Style Download. Wass reals out supertricks in weekend download. We


have the best of TV and movies. are on the finest ship in Narnia's


Navy. Chipmunk will be here to perform his latest signal in the


music download. Welcome to this week's Dance


Download, today I will teach you one move which you will see in this


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 48 seconds


Pictures APPLAUSE Thank you people, right, for this


week we're gonna learn one move, which he just saw, it is called the


wave, it you might recognise it, it looks like this. I use it a lot in


the routines, I will teach all of you how to do it, people at home


and my man Richard, come on. So what is it? What's the move


called? The Wave. Talk me through it really slowly. Stand still, both


your hands shoulder height, do it in stages first. Go really slow. So


everyone can do it. Just for you. Knuckles, knuckles, wrist elbow,


shoulder jest, what we will do for this arm, the same moves but


outwards, here we went wrist, elbow shoulder, we will go shoulder,


elbow, wrist, knuckle, knuckle. Do you see the pattern going on here.


Is it good to practice in front of a mirror. It is the best place,


because you can see what you are doing. You can put this move into


any routine. I put it into all my routines. It is a move you will see


in every one I do. Let's go through it one more time. Arms out,


knuckles, knuckles, wrist, elbow, shoulder, chest, shoulder, elbow,


wrist, knuckles, knuckles. One more time for me. Let's go


again. Knuckles, knuckles, wrist, elbow shoulder. Run through the


elbow a bit. When you get to hee, you turn your arm slightly, and put


your elbow into the air as if you are hitting air. As you do this you


put your wrist still facing that way. Exactly like that, get it


fluid so you are constantly doing it again. If you are finding it


difficult, keep going over that. is better to do it in stages.


more stages, added on, and eventually it will l look fluid and


exactly like a wave. Do you want to go to the music? Let's try it.


going to do it through the music, I will count you when the music comes


in, we will do it four times in the routine. It is coming up fast.


is, so make sure you're ready. You are ready? I'm ready. Are all you


Now! Well done if you have it, there is loads.


Well done. One more coming up. If you missed all the rest of them, it


is coming now.. One more in. One You need to practice. Right, there


we go. Don't leave me hanging. So well done to Richard, well done to


all you who have it, and the people at home F you haven't got it first


time, keep practising, practice makes perfect. Dance Download


This is the Style Download, where we help one of you with your style


dilemmas. This week Dani Harmer has been out and about, let's see what


she's up to. Welcome to Style Download, today


I'm in deepest Wokingham, to meet a nine-year-old girl, who when it


comes to fashion is completely helpless. I'm Jessica, I'm nine


years old. I live with my mum, my cat and my guinea pig. I have loads


of clothes because I love shopping, and because I get loads of hand-me-


downs. Since my school has got no uniform,


it makes it a lot harder for me to find clothes to wear to school.


loves fashion and she tries very hard to get the latest looks. But


sometimes she doesn't quite pull it off. I love my clothes, but I wish


I could have more ideas to create more outfits and wear more stuff.


She needs restyling fast, colour clashes, and she needs my help


badly, she needs a Style Download. Hello. I'm Dani, nice to meet you,


are you all right. I love your room, by the way. Right, I hear that you


have got lots of cloths. Too many. Tell me, where did all of your


clothes come from? Most of them are from shops, and some of them are


hand-me-downs. You don't know what to do with them. Maybe I could help.


Where sthal shall we start? It is crazy in there, she has


tonnes of clothes, loads of hand- me-downs, lucky girls, she has no


idea what to do with them. We will sort out three looks and show them


off to her friends and mum downstairs. I have loads more to do.


I think what we should do is make a good pile and a bad pile.


More clothes. Very cool, very rock n' roll, I


like the way it zips up to the side. What's always good is you have a


nice little patterned number, is to have a nice little block colour to


go over the top. I was thinking about this dress, I think it would


go great with a belt, if you haven't got one, it is good to wrap


ribbon around it. You have tonnes of amazing clothes, some you have


bout, some hand-me-downs, if we combine the two with your own


personal style you will look great. Let's dress you up and show you off


downstairs. Hi guys.


So you must be Jessica's friends. Yeah. I'm Dani you're here to see


an exclusive fashion show of Jessica's new look, are you excited.


It looked really nice, she looked so different from what she usually


wears. It was wonderful, I really liked it.


Excellent. So this look we decided to go for a


casual number for maybe school or casual number for maybe school or


This next look we decided to go for a nice long printed maxi dress. To


finish it off, a block colour little cardigan. A block cardigan


is one colour, no patterns. It is perfect for a summer barbecue. I


think she looks brilliant. The final look is for the school disco.


You have a lovely polka dot dress, we have decided to go for a lot of


red ribbon around the waist. She looks beautiful.


Hopefully she has learned a few tips how b how to be more organised


and what to put with what. She looks absolutely fabulous, I think


this is the start of a very stylish summer for Jessica. Meeting Dani


was the best thing in the world. She was really nice. She was like


meeting a big sister or cousin or auntie. We have had a great day and


enjoyed every minute. I'm so happy, it was the best way of my life.


Thanks Dani and Jessica is here with us in the audience, wearing


one of her outfits, you look amazing.


Style Download complete. Now it's time for TV Download, in


this part I will be telling you what TV shows you should be


watching next week, after you have done your homework, not before. The


first show is So You Think You Can Dance, has given watched this. If


you love dance, this is definitely the show for you, I love dancing of


all sorts. This show has everything, tap, contemporary, hip hop, bit of


this, busting my moves! It is really great. You have a variety of


contestants, boys and girls, doing their own thing, it is a joy to


watch. Let as take a look at last # If I lost you would I cry


# Oh how I love you baby # Baby


The next show is Leonardo on CBBC, it is based on Leonardo da Vinci as


a teenager. Some of you may know Leonardo da Vinci was a very famous


artist and he drew the famous picture of the Mona Lisa who just


looks like that. She was a girl. This is him as a teenager, and what


life was like for him hundreds of years ago. It is a really factual


show, really enjoyable to watch, you have all his friends,


Machiavelli and Lorenzo, it is about him as a teenager doing his


drawings and making some inventions. At the same time people are trying


to take his inventions, it is set Maybe no-one heard it.


Come on quick. There has been a breach. Come on.


Master Lorenzo there has been a break in? No, really. You must have


heard that sound. Oh yes, from the kitchens. From the exhibition room.


Well, you know how sound travels in big old palaces. So you haven't


The next show is Doctor Who. I'm sure you all know this programme,


it is a brilliant show, I mean who doesn't want to be the Doctor, I


know I do. I would love his outfit. This is the third episode, this is


based on a pirate ship, I want to be a pirate myself, I'm definitely


watching this. The Tardis lands on a 17th century pirate ship, it is


being attacked by a mystical sea creature. The crew don't know what


to do, the Doctor is on hand to save them, he has to find out what


is going on. Throw the gun down. The rest of you, on your knees.


what are you doing? Saving your life, that OK with you. Put down


the sword, that could kill us all, girl. That is why I'm pointing it


Now the next programme is quite knew, Sing If You Can, it is a


hilarious show. Two teams of three, with a celebrity judging panel,


each member of the team has to sing a really famous song while under


pressure. For instance, one of them had to sing while being spun around


laifg knives thrown at them. At the end the losing team captain has to


be plunged into tank full of water. Their face is hilarious.


OK in this challenge I'm the master of the switches. Let's see this,


singing Mercy By Duffy, give it up for Ben Richards and Jedward.


don't know what you do, but you do it well.


# I'm under your spell # You got me begging you for mercy


# Why don't you release me # You got me begging for mercy


# Why don't you release me # You better release


# Me # I said you better release


# Release me # Mercy


Crazy. The final show is Sorry I've Got No Head, I'm sure you all know


this, this is the start of the third series. It is such a funny


show, it is a sketch show, but it is all adults playing different


parts. So one of my favourites is the Vikings with the lightsabers,


Vikings with lightsabers, who would have thought T Look at this, they


are all broken, all of our axes and swords, they have just worn out.


Chief, I have actually been working on a new kind of weapon for us. It


is based on an idea from a long time ago. Somewhere far, far, far


away. I haven't tried them out yet, but have a go and see what you


think? I'm sorry, is this some kind of joke. This wouldn't even scare


Sven. Well, all right, you take my point. No you have to switch them


on first, you hold them out in front of you like this, and then


push the button. Turn them off. Oh. Oh, I mean they


are very impressive, but they are terrifying. Yes, if everyone can


learn to use them without screaming, we could take over the world with


such terrifying weaponry. Vikings do you think you can try it again


without screaming? Yes. Yes. then, hold them out. Press the


button. TV Download complete. Welcome to the Games ska gadget


Download, I'm here with Aiden and Georgeia, they are helping us


demonstrate the new games. It is the XBox Kinect. What are they


doing now. The dog is flying around a bit. The general idea of


Fantastic Pets is to create your dream pet and have fun with it,


like Aiden is doing it now. You can design every aspect of it.


Different colour fur, wings, horn, even decide on its personality.


Give it a stroke Aiden? stroking it. You need to make sure


your actions are big and definite. I have loads of love hearts on my


screen. Look at that, happy dog. What is helpful about the game,


Aiden is on the screen, that allows him to get closer while he's


customising and playing with this dog. If you would like to


demonstrate, we will play a game. Which involves you getting a bit


physical. Good luck with that. We will do some sort of race. The aim


is to get to the end of the race. There is many challenges like this


in the game, it is fun. It is a cute dog.


I made him myself. Run, run, run, Aiden, Aiden, Aiden, Aiden.


Sit. Aiden. He probably won't pick me up.


Run, run, run, run. Georgia, Georgia, Georgia, Georgia, Georgia,


Georgia. Go acid down.


You're both rubbish. Right, sorry everyone, hang on, I have a bit of


a call coming in. Hello. Are you all right Tiger.


mate, how are you? Just chilling on my phone watch. Where are you?


chilling here and about in Spain. In Spain? I'm on the move now.


Where are you going? Jumping on the plane. Hello Tiger, I can see you.


End the call. What is this? These are the new Swap Rebel watch, they


are fatastically cool, it is a cross between, I have just got a


new message. It is a cross between a watch, a phone and an MP3 player.


Can you put your own music on it as well. I will show you how, this


little bit of the strap that goes into the side is a USB, which goes


into our computer, so you can put video, pictures, and you can put


them on your computer. They come in pink, orange, green, black, white.


Which colour? Pink all the way. Green. White. I would stick with


the green one. It is funky, isn't it. Right everyone. Now it is time


for Tiger V is, we will need Tiger versus is the part in our


show where I will be going up one of these guys at one of my


favourite games. We will play today Wii Party on a poing geostick game.


Let's find out who I'm against. It's Ceal everyone.


Grab a controller. We're playing on spring time.


the best man win. I'm going to win. I'm red. Is What is the start.


go, go. Just go. Jump, I don't know Why does no-one like me. Cel, Cel.


Cel. Yes, thank you.


What's that 1-0. I let you win that. Cheers for the support, that is


what might me win. That is the scam I'm nine years old, this is my joke.


Why didn't the skeleton go to the boxing match? Because he had no


guts! Now it's time for the Fail Download, this is the fail of the


week. This is Total Wipeout, this woman's epic fail.


Come on, Maria, watch out for the... I can still see the imprint of her


mum. Maria you have been motivated, she got a move on, it does work,


look on, one minute not going, next moment going, really fast with her


eyes shut, fabulous. �75 that Motivator cost, money well spent.


You can catch that next week on CBBC. Wow. I know. Will you be


watching? Yes, if stuff like that happens every single episode.


Pretty much. Did you see the size of the mud impact on the ball as


she dropped off. Fail Download complete.


I'm going to be telling you my five top picks for this current week.


The first one is by Bruno Mars, the lazy song. It is the third single


from the album, Do-wops and Hooligans, you might know him from


previous singles like Grenade, and Just The Way You Are. Let's have a


look. # I might mess around with my


college degree # I bet my old man will be proud of


# Sorry pops # You will just have to wait


# Yes I said it # I said it


# I said it because I can # Today I don't feel like doing


anything # I just want to lay in my bed


# Don't feel like picking up my phone


# So leave a message at the tone # Because today I swear


# I'm not doing anything # No


# I ain't gonna comb my hair # Because I ain't going anywhere


# No no no no This next pick is by Emily Osmet,


it is called Lovesick, it is about robots falling in love. She is huge


in the US, she's set to break the UK. She plays Lily in Hanna Montana.


She's really good friends with her in real life. # Gambling with that


delicious thing # It takes two to dance floor


# Like it ate away # Hot like it ate away


# Supersonic boom # You might my heart go


# Boom Boom


# Supersonic boom # You make my heart go


# Supersonic boom # You got me high


# You got me low # You make she go go


# Out of control # I like the way we flow


# Let's go go # Get me that sensory overload


My next song is by Wretch 32, a big fact you should know about this, is


how to say his name a lot of people cull him wretch 32, rather than


Wretch 3-2. This song is called Unorthodox, it featured Example, he


had a massive song last year called Kickstart. # I got a good vibe


# I ain't trying to be babe # With my hook lines


# I had a feeling I could fly # Before I hopped on a plane


# I'm a good guy # You heard otherwise


# It's a true lie # I bump up every tree


# And I do right # I'm only saying


# I ain't got time for this to runway


# The beat's my only thing # That sounds sad


# I'm happy # Unorthodox


# Don't follow no crowd # They follow us


# Don't follow no sound # They follow us


# Don't sit in hell # Look round that wishing well


# Unorthodox # We all our own shots.


My fourth pick is a new band called Encore, they are a trio, called


Mark Pierre and Cairo, really good looking too, girls look at that. I


saw them when they supported Jessie J, they think they are better than


JLS, JLS look out. # Now it feels like the end of time


# Oh I wish I # Wish I could start from the


beginning # I demand


# Honesty # Then like a man


# I'm the one to cheat # I wish I could take away


# This feeling # Can we get that love we used to


have # Get back trust and lose the past


# Because I just can't have us losing that


# No no # I used to be the one


# Turned to # Now I'm just the one who hurt you


# I don't want to go through life # Knowing that I made you cry


# I used to be the one you turned # Now I'm just the one who hurt you


# I don't want to go through life # Now I have made you cry


# That would be suicide Aiden, what do you zu think of


those four? They were, really, really, really good. What was your


favourite? Unorthodox. Do you guys agree with Aiden? Yeah.


My final pick, aisle really excited about this one, is Chipmunk In The


Air. What do you think of Chipmunk? Love that song, Chipmunk, amazing.


We are really lucky, we have him performing, Chipmunk In The Air.


In the air # Put your life up in the air


# In this moment # Now together


# Be as one # What is everybody afraid of me


# See the edge I came through # I went with a storm


# I'm playing with thunder # And fiery cells


# They making it rain # We making it hell


# You want to visit # I throw you to hell


# They can't see me # You're looking at the Holy Grail


# This is what I want to make # I don't care if it sells


# Put them lighters up # Everybody everywhere


# Put them lighters up # High where I can see


# So you can shine like me # In the air


# In the air # Put your lights up # In the air


# In this moment # Come together


# I want to see you wave it # Be the one without a care


# In the air # Put your lights up in the air


# In this moment # Come together


# Be as one without a care # Why you acting like you


# Ain't heard of me # It is sub verse to me


# Everybody is getting good now # Every label wants me


# You can't replicate my style # I will be your behind force


# Now you're looking at the Holy Grail


# This is what I want to make # I don't care if it sells


# Put them lighters up # Put them up in the air


# Everybody everywhere # High where I can see


# Put them lighters up # So you can shine like me


# In the air # Put your lights up in the air


# In this moment # Come together


# Be as one without a care # In the air


# Put your lights up in the air # In this moment


# Come together # Be as one


# This is trait up you can't F with my music


# It is destiny music # This is confidence crushing music


# I'm cool with it # I'm trying to take it where


# No-one else has took it # I'm a novelty


# I'm cooking up # Without looking


# You can't get a look in Put them lighters up


# Everybody everywhere # Put them lighters up


# High where I can see # So you can shine like me


# Wave # In the air


# Put your lights up # In the air


# In this moment # Come together


# Be as one without a care # In the air


# Put your lights up in the air # In this moment


# Come together # Be as one without a carele


Music Download complete. My name is Niahm, I'm ten, this is


my joke. What do you do when you find a green alien, wait until it's


ripe. This is Weekend Download. This is


about skills that you can show your friends on the weekend. Let's have


a look at this. I took up scooter riding about two


years ago when a friend of mine managed to convince me to get on


for a laugh. I rode more and more, got myself a scooter, next thing I


know I'm taking it seriously. My scooter is made out of alluminium


and steel, it is made to last, I perform punishing stunts on it


daily luckily. It has handle bar, wheels, and a brake at the back.


There is a lot of scooters out there, you can practice and learn


basic tricks on almost any scooter. Scootering is a new sport, it has


only been going for ten or 1 years, compared to BMX and skateboards


isn't a long time. But really it is only started getting big in the


last two years. When suddenly there was massive boom in scootering, it


went from one or two kids on scooters down the skate park to 50


on a Saturday. My favourite style of scootering would be skate parks,


which means big ramps, big quarter pipes, jump boxes and go high. I


suppose there is scooter lingo and tough stuff, if you have a trick


you land it, you say you land that die every time. Safety equipment is


very important when riding your scooter. Even with the amount of


experience I have, you are still always falling off. The safety


equipment I wear when I ride, is good knee and elbow pads, a nice


helmet that looks good too. The best way to avoid accidents is


to keep your eyes open, keep a good lookout around you, make sure you


are not in anyone's way and you are not in anyone's way. Along as you


wear your safety helmet you will be This trick is called the bunny hop


180. You can press in and hop like a bunny and you do 180 degree spin,


which is half of a full rotation. This trick is good for beginners,


because it doesn't take that long to master. Once you have it can


help build the confidence for bigger and better tricks. The first


stefpt bunny hop 180 is compress in like a coil with the knees and


elbows, this will generate the power and momentum to get the 180


spin. You bend your knees, and bend yourself in, your elbow, get your


body compressed like a coil. When you spring out you get the most


time for the trick. Step two of the trick is after you have compressed


you have to look after our shoulder, jump up and twist your boredy to


give you the spin. You are now going backwards, once again you


have to look over your shoulder, spot the landing, turn your bars a


bit and spin the other way than you have just spun. You will then roll


in the right direction. As a beginner I would say it is


probably a good idea to start riding your scooter just outside


your house, it is a good idea to learn to control your scooter and


yourself somewhere quiet where there is not a lot of people there


first. This trick is the bunny hop tail


lift. You have to hop quite high like a bunny and kick the deck


around nice a fast, that is why it is call the tail whip. This is


perfect for people new to scootering, it is a basic trick,


not too complicated and quite easy to learn. The first step to


mastering this trick is to compress with your legs on your scooter, so


you can get a nice amount of power to hop up and get some good height


and get good time to kick the deck around. The second step to landing


this trick, you have to hop, and with the tips of your toes you kick


the deck around and spin it quickly. You have to try to get one foot on


and leave the other foot off for balance and confidence so you don't


fall over. After landing the trick for balance, you will get more and


more confident. You will be able to As a beginner I would say to get


good at scootering you have to practice as much as you can, every


you have spare time. When I first started riding, I thought it would


be something to have fun in the evening with my friends with, now


it is turned into something that I'm known all over the world. I


would hope this could turn into a full-time career. Something that I


could really live to do. That's what scooters can do, get


outside and try it yourself. Hi everyone, this is Rob, if I have


never, ever scooted before, what is the basics, how do I start and


learn? I would say the first thing tough do is decide how you will


stand. A lot of people would like to stand on the scooter ski like


this, because your feet are together. Does it matter which foot


you are, I lead with my left foot on everything I do? That is down to


personal preference. Some like the left or right. I will be leading


with my left foot today. You will be standing side ways, if you are


leading with that foot, the best thing to do, the first trick you


should learn is a bunny hop. You pull up with the bars and try to


pull up with your feet as well. Keep the feet on the deck and just


jump. Is this the first trick? is the first trick anybody should


learn on a scooter. Would you show Pull up with the bars and the knees


and keep your feet attached to the Not bad for a first attempt. If I


keep practising I can go higher. know people who can do them this


high. I could never do that. Show your friend, that is Weekend


Download complete, thank you very This is Just For Laughs, I will


show you a funny trick. I tell you something, I have been so stressed


today, that, (knuckles crack) sorry guys just my neck (knuckles


cracking sound) Guys I'm joking, this is known as the neck cracker.


For this trick, what you are going to need is just a plain plastic


bottle, make sure it has nothing in it. Has to be empty. All you do


with the action is with one hand squeeze it like that. It make as


really good sound. Once you have got that, make sure you can do it


one hand a get a really good sound. The other will tilt your neck to


make it more realistic. To hide it you put it down the back of your T-


shirt. Can you see anyone. Can anyone see it? No. It is all about


the bit before you do it. You have to act, you have to be really


dramatic. Really feel tense, like guys, guys, my back, my neck, just


sorry, there we go. That will impress all your friends and they


will think it is really disgusting. Just For Laughs Download, complete.


Now it is time to the music tribute download, each week we will show


you your versions of classic pop videos. It is Willow Smith Whip My


Hair. # Fighting # I'm down


# And I feel like giving up # I whip my hair


# Back and forth # I whip my hair


Here is how you do it. # I whip my hair back and forth


# I whip my hair back and forth # I'm gonna


# Get more shine in a little bit # As soon as I hit the stage


# Applause I hear it # None of them will feel like I do


# I get to that Mmmm$$NEWLINE # Go hard


# When they see me pull up # I whip it real hard


# Don't let haters # Keep my head


# If I know I'll be fine # Fighting until I am there


# When I'm down # I feel like giving up


# I whip my hair # Back and forth


# Long short # Whip your hair


# All my ladies # Do it whip your hair


# Don't matter if it's long short # Whip your hair


# Your hair # I whip my hair


# Back and forth # I whip my hair back and forth


I rub my chair back and forth. I rock my chair back and forth.


you want to get involved check out the websites for details, Music


Tribute Download complete! This is Hot Or Not. First up,


Richard has his Hot Or Not? Mine it ripped jeans. That is hard.


depends how ripped? Yeah, and how much they are. Are we talking about


ripped, all the way down, or just on the knee. I mean a couple of


rips here and there. Hot. I'm on this side. This is hot.


If you ripped it all the way down it is so annoying. After if the rip


is bigger you end up with no knee caps that looks weird. Some people


buy jeans and rip them. Ripped ones are more expensive. Hot. I'm going


not. We win. Is this My Hot or Not is animals


wearing clothes. That is a definite That is so hot, I love that. It is


the cutest thing. When you see a little dog dressed like a chef or


something. That is ridiculous. We win.


They win. I still think it is hot. I'm hot.


I'm not hot. I thought you said. I'm the only hot one.


I'm on my own. My one, Open-towed shoes? I hate


them. If you have nice-looking feet, so I'm on the yes. The thing is


everyone hates their own feet. like my feet. They are OK in the


summer, in winter people are walking in their flip stops?


you get boots with open toes. have to say hot though. I saw one


in the snow wearing flipflops. is weird. If they are wearing socks


with the flipflops. That makes it worse. Sand dals and socks. Hands


up if you are hot? Oh man. I'm hot. You're on your own. Who is next.


Mine is hair gel, hot or not. I'm on not hot for. That I don't


like boys that wear hair gel. gel do you mean wax as well? Like


Ceallach. That is harsh. Aiden you use a lot of hair gel.


Yeah. Are you saying it is not hot or hot? Hot. We're basing it on


ceallach? Hot, hot, hot. No, no. Who is next. I have got one saying


L. O. L. On a text. That's OK. will be there, going when the


conversation ends, if someone is like OK, I will send a text saying


LOL. How many times do you actually laugh out loud? You don't. People


say it like LOL. Actually speaking it? I can't decide until you tell


me is it with a text or people saying it. I mean speaking it? It


would be two different answers? I was to talk to you, and we were


talking I never laughed and I went LOL. That is not hot. Get over here


then. My Hot Or Not is, Shrek the musical.


That is just out in the West End. We haven't seen it. But just a


general opinion on Shrek. Hot. saw the Shrek, he looks like Shrek,


the performer. I don't know, I'm going to go not. I'm not fan of


musicals. So you're telling me you don't want to see...But Toy Story


is not in the theatres. We're sticking with Shrek. Are you hot.


think it is hot. The song is like # I'm all alone


# There is no-one here beside me They don't that in the film. In


musicals they do it for no reasons, it is the most annoying thing.


Didn't you say to me that you like Shrek. Get in the hot side. No, I


like SHrek. Hang on. That's time up. That was the klaxon. I was winning


My name is izy I'm going to tell you my joke. How do you wake up


Lady Gaga. Poke her face! This is Movie Download. I will tell you


what movies to see on cinema, what is on DVD and the TV sets. The


first film to see at the cinema is Rio, it is a film based in Rio in


Brazil. First of all you have a bird who is blue, but he's a bird


that can't fly, these are some of the problems he has to face. Greats


film, if you haven't had a chance to see it yet go and see it. Can


you watch it in 3D, the colours, The film that you should watch on


DVD this week is chronicles of Narnia, voyage of the dawn treader,


this is also in the series of Chronicles of Narnia. I'm sure you


know all that. Voyage of the Dawn Treader, it is a cool pirate ship,


about them trying to make Narnia the perfect place, they face a few


troubles on the way. You have all the mythical creatures along the


way, you even have a dragon. The older brother and sister are not in


the film, they are not too missed, their cousin is introduced.


Get that thing off me. Hello. Your imaginationties. Hello,


what a pleasure. The The pleasure is all mine. That giant rat thing


tried to claw my face off. I was trying to expel the water from your


lungs Sir. Did anyone see it, he talked. It is trying to get him to


shut up. The moment there is nothing to be said, I will promise


I won't say it. I don't know what prank this is, I want to wake up


right now. Perhaps we could throw him back. Edmund! He demand to know


just where in the blazes amI. You're on the Dawn Treader, the


finest ship in Narnia's Navy. And finally, here is the film


No way. Now it's time for movie mistake, we


show you some mistake that is have been spotted in some of our


favourite movies. Check them out. In this clip from Harry spotter and


The Chamber of Secrets, the second in the series, the enemies are at


it against, Harry and Drako are dualing. See if you spot the


See anything odd? Let's look again. What is the cameraman doing there,


maybe he attends Hogwarts again. It is obvious when you watch it back


again. I said disarm only. In Camp Rock, the aspiring singer


goes to Camp Rock to pursue her dream. That is her and her mom


eating lunch. Here is another Camp Rock brochure. Look at that, and


great cheese omelette by the way. You should definitely add that to


your catering menu. Let's look again, did you spot it?


Watch the brochure. Mum has the brochure closed, the next spot she


opens it and then she opens it again, and then she close it is and


closes it again in the final shot. So you have no idea how this


brochure got in there, or the one taped to the vacuum cleaner.


And finally, from the 1939 film, The Wizard of Oz. Dorothy and the


scare crow are on their way to Oz and meet some angry trees. There is


the scare crow and Dorothy being attacked by caple trees. Keep an


eye on her rub ruby slippers. She's never allowed to take them off, now


black slip-ons. They don't want us to spot that. In the next clip,


Dorothy, the Scare crow, and Tin Man are walking, the Tin Man gets


into a spot of bother, take a look. Are you all right? I'm afraid I'm a


little rusty. Oh dear. Notice anything.


Keep an eye on the oil can. Here it falls on to the Yellow


Brick Road, here it is in the basket! On the road, in the basket.


In the next clip, Dorothy, the Scare crow, the Tin Man, and the


Lion, are met with a security guard. Nobody can see the great Oz, not


nobody, not how. She is Dorothy. Notice anything strange about the


guard? Look at his moustache, it goes upwards, it goes downwards,


that really is a bad hair day. Movie Download complete.


Guys so every week I'm going to be taking you through a song, this


week it is Jessie J Price Tag. The lyrics are on the screen, let's


Download Subtitles