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Here are Europe presenters. Richard. Aidan. Dionne. Tyger. And of course


Welcome to Friday Download. You instant download for the weekend.


Georgia is not here with us this week. She is with us in spirit.


Miss you. I played the football tournament, Soccer six. I played a


For Waterloo Road. I scored a few goals. How many? I scored a few.


Well done. I notice you have had your hair cut? Yes. Not only did I


score one. I scored a second goal. They it was not you. -- that was


not U! That was definitely me. It was definitely me. It was the


camera angle. It is a team game. I was part of the tin. He did not


score. I did not score any goals. That goal would not have happened


if it was not for me. The day was to raise money for charity. There


were lots of celebrities. I was chatting with them. You can see me


When I was growing hope I just wanted to be a footballer. --


growing up. When I watched music So you were there? Yes, hanging out


with my celebrity friends. Dingy Sneijder is coming on next week. I


will introduce you. Here it is -- And hot new girl band, SoundGirl,


Welcome to this week's Danns download. Today are we do things


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 48 seconds


differently. I will do a recap of To help you recap the moves, I have


got the entire cast apart from Georgia. Everybody else, get on


stage. We are going to learn all the moves again this week. I will


start with the popping. Can you remember it? Yes. Doc us all


through it! -- told us! It is a Freestone move which means there is


You just pence your muscles. -- tends your muscles. That is not bad.


You need to practise. The way that I learned his if you have your bent


elbow and you straighten it. I find it easier if you straight in your


arm and bend it. -- straightened. I will teach the rest. We freestyle


the move. Pop Annie were we want in any position. -- anywhere. That is


You have been practising. You remember how to do it. The Richard,


what else did I teach you? -- Richard. What is that called? This


is the body Wave. It is like holding a bar or a rolling pin. We


move the body part out of the way. He looked like you're from Hull why


the! -- you look like you from Someone practised after homework.


You and Tyger should it do at duel of sliding! -- duet. What we're


going to do now is put them all together and do our long free


styles to the routine I just did. - Wave, into body waves and Bak up. -


- back up. Nice to finish. -- nice My name is Isobel and I am 10 years


old. Why do the surface Lyons not heed the clouds? Because they taste


funny. TV is looking great this week so I will be telling you what


to watch. First, the queue. -- de Cuba. It is a celebrity special.


Taking part is Tom FA Flyer. His band mates will be there to support


him. It is again show were people or celebrities in this case take on


a series of physical and mental challenges. It seems quite simple.


When you have got an audience, it is very tense. Here is Tom


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 48 seconds


The next one is a medieval game show hosted by Dick and bomb.


Really funny. It is like a total wipe-out. You might be seeing this


show. It is the first series and the first episode starts on Monday.


Three contestants have to take on a massive assault course. It is not


that simple. There are defenders trying to stop them. It is


hilarious. You see loads of funny facial expressions. Lot of tripping


over. If you want a laugh, definitely watch it. If you say you


are cool doesn't that mean you are not cool? I think that was pretty


cool. It was cool because it was That is cool, isn't it? That was


cool because it was not cool? It is the opposite of what you mean.


is one cool customer. Addison makes up home in 4.34. The next is Robin


Hood. This is the last in the series. It has been on the TV


before. This is your final chance to catch it. The first part is on


tomorrow and the next part is on Sunday morning. This has got to be


one of the most action filled episodes I have seen. It is Robben


od's last chance to take over Nottingham. -- Robin Hood. Great


action sequences. Get up early to watch it. You do not want to miss


it. We attack immediately. Time to wake them up, I think. What is


Run, Robin! Do not miss that. It looks amazing. I know you think you


have seen it. Watch it again. And finally we have got So You Think


You Can Dance?. It is the live final. We started with 20


contestants. We are down to the final four. Four judges will assist


you with who you want to win. I sent Aidan a long last week to the


live semi-final. Aidan was in Britain's Got Talent. Let's see


I have managed to sneak behind the Can you show us your signature


move? And my favourite thing is to do a double header. Nothing fancy,


or huge. Find the camera and give it this. You will find that easy.


am going to try that. Double head. That was cool. Now I want you to


try one of my moves. A simple one... This. Very good! I am here with the


smallest of the dancers! You obviously think you can dance. Can


you show me a favourite move? right, it involves my leg. Like


that. I am not trying that one! It is below a jeans! Now try one of


How are you? All right. You? Cool. Show me one of your favourite moves.


A my favourite is probably fish out of water. As I will only do this


Thing is, I've pulled my leg! Let's have it... So I have to flop around


like a fish? Brilliant! I think that went well! That was cool. Now


try one of mine... Isolation. I can't do that! The finals, I


think you can win it. I hope so. We have a good chance. A light your


confidence. I finally have an interview with one of the scary


judges! You are so good, I hate you! I wanted to join you! How you?


Fine thank you. I am a bit of a dancer. I heard. Could I get in?


will be brutal! I don't know if I All right! Nice. Good eye...


Absolut LEA! A golden ticket straight away. Awesome. Thank you.


That is brilliant. Any tips for someone like myself? The same


advice to everyone - go to lots and lots of classes. Try all types of


dance, don't be specific in one type. A successful dancer is a


trick of all trades. So they all think they can dance, and to be


fair, they can! Normally I would say... This is my section of the


show. You're not saying it! TV download complete. Welcome to the


Games download. We are demonstrating some new cool stuff.


The first day in -- game is Zomba fitness. It is not like a PE lesson,


it is more dancing and fitness. It takes lots of different styles of


music and put them together with lots of different moves and you get


fit as well. To play the game you need something called a some but


You have to just copy it. This is on begin a setting. It goes


beginner, intermediate, expert. You can change the levels of you are


finding it too hard, or easy. You can learn each individual step. You


have -- you can see how much time you have left. You would get tired


eventually if you did it for that long. I think it is a really jolly


You have to strap it round your Copy what they are doing. When she


flashes green, it means you are doing that move. When she flashes


red it means you have got it wrong. Orange is close. Their arms are


going everywhere! This is really hard. You can't go like me!


feel like you're getting a bit of a workout. Which is why it is called


fitness. This is a big craze What did you guys think of that?


Good. I enjoyed it but... I don't know. A I'd just like the colour


sort of. It was colourful and bright. Is it more for girls, than


guys? Probably. It is quite flamboyant dancing. Boys my like it,


too. Richard might! A few had a party and put that on everybody


would have a good time. It would be It is this bad boy. It is quite


small and light. It is a project. - This is something we prepared


earlier. Will you shut up, let's see if it works. -- pull your shirt


up. The image you're sitting at home on your TV of this project it


might not be as good as it is in the studio. But trust us here, when


-- it looks fantastic on Richard's stomach. What would it be used for


four in everyday life? I think on an aeroplane you put down your


table and set it up on the seat in front of you. I would have won in


my room. On the white wall. What do you think? I love it. I like how it


is small and you can put it into what did you want. It attaches to a


tablet, camera, phone, MP3 player, anything. Usually a project is


huge! It is the smallest one I had This is the part where I go up


against one of these guys. What is the score? 3-2 at the moment. I


beat you. Up but did you beat me the first time? Today the game is


modern nation are races. Let's see Dionne. It is a card game. The


basic goal is to win the race. At can't see! -- I can't see! Time to


I stopped! Yes! You have let yourself down, the team down, you


let Friday Download down, your mum down, you're dad down! You let me


down, George are down, she is crying out now. -- George or down,


she is crying right now. I am going home! That was modern nation races


and I just beat Dionne. That makes the score 4-2 in the series. Games


I'm Luke and this is my joke. What do you get when you cross an angry


sheep with an angry cow? A baa--ad This is a song from Rhianna. She


led her fans choose this one which is really nice. So let's have a


California wishing on the stars for your heart, for me, my California


King... Doesn't how her look amazing, I wish I could pull that


of! My next pick his the Black Eyed Peas with don't stop the party. The


third single from their album, beginning. It is an electric sound


but it is really good. Let's have a I ain't gonna quit... Baby, don't


Baby, don't you stop it, stop it, stoppered. My third pick his Celine


ago Ms Weepu says? It is her first single from her new album. If you


don't know who she is it you might know her as Justin be the's goal


from. Lucky, right? The song is about being yourself despite what


everyone says. In the video you will see the lyrics pottered around


in the scenery. See if you can I'm no beauty queen, I'm just


You've got every right to a beautiful life. He says you're not


perfect? He says you're not worth Trust me, that's the price of duty,


who says you're not pretty, who says you're not beautiful? Who


says? A spot the lyrics? Hanson next, give a little. Three brothers


from Oklahoma in America. They are not that old but their last single


they had was 15 years ago. That is when I was born! It is really good,


it was called Um Bop. Let's look at the video. She likes to keep you in


suspense. She loves to keep you in But you know she just wants to


dance! Give a little heart and soul. I like that. My final pick his


SoundGirl with their new single, Don't Know Why. It is going to be a


massive hit. They have supported # Laa de daa de daa


# Laa de daa de daa # Laa de daa de daa


# Laa de daa de daa # OK, seven days gone bye, bye, bye


# I call you up, but no reply # Now I don't need no SBI to tell


me something's changed # Ohhh, you make my heart go, boom


boom boom # Making mixed tapes in my room


# Yet again you changed your tune but its hard to let you go, ohh


# I wake up and baby I've been dreaming of the way you make me


smile # Now everything you do just leaves


me (wondering) wondering (wondering) wondering


# Why does your love hurt so much # Why, why, why, why, why, why, why,


don't know # Why does your love hurt so much


# Why, why, why, why, why, don't know why, why why why


# Laa de daa de daa # Laa de daa de daa


# Laa de daa de daa # Laa de daa de daa


# OK, now I was hanging with my girls below


# When you pulled up with summy and you said hello


# I've got your number, I'll give you mine


# But baby now you're taking up my extra time


# I've got my eye on the time you're wasting


# With the dumb girl doing the chasing


# You said you loved me, no lie # But now you're back tracking,


why? # I wake up and baby I've been


dreaming of the way you make me smile


# Now everything you do just leaves me (wondering) wondering


(wondering) wondering # Why does your love hurt so much


# Why, why, why, why, why, why, why, don't know


# Why does your love hurt so much # Why, why, why, why, why, don't


know why, why why why # Laa de daa de daa


# Laa de daa de daa # Laa de daa de daa


# Laa de daa de daa # Ohhhh, your love crept into my


heart # I'm picking up the pieces, just


like broken glass # Ohhhh, and ohhh I see it in his


eyes # I'm talking to a stranger I know


I don't recognise # Why does your love hurt so much


# Why, why, why, why, why, why, why, don't know


# Why does your love hurt so much # Why, why, why, why, why, don't


know why, why why why # Laa de daa de daa


# Laa de daa de daa # Laa de daa de daa


# Laa de daa de daa # I gotta get up, I gotta go there


# I gotta get up, I gotta go yeah # I gotta get up, I gotta go yeah


# I gotta get up, I gotta go yeah # I gotta get up, I gotta go yeah


# I gotta get up, I gotta go yeah # I gotta get up, I gotta go yeah


# I gotta get up, I gotta go yeah # I gotta get up, I gotta go yeah


# I gotta get up, I gotta go yeah # Laa de daa de daa


# Laa de daa de daa # Laa de daa de daa


That was amazing. That his music Plummet back again. Take a look at


this. I am David and I am a 15 years old and I am a juggler.


Juggling is a skill with three or more objects in the air. You can


juggle with a variety of objects. I prefer to juggle with clubs because


there are more tricks you can do. I belong to a juggling Club in


Manchester. There are clubs all over the country. They are agreed


place to learn the tricks. I learned by tricks from the internet


and having a lot of practice. The type of juggling I do is technical.


I tried difficult tricks were the number of objects. It is a cool a


skill you can learn anywhere. I began with tennis balls my grand


might give me. -- my grandmother. I would recommend watching joggling


on the internet and joining a local juggling club. Practise as much as


you can. You have to learn the basics. Get used here throwing one


ball from one hand to the other. Now introduce the second ball. The


trick is to release the second ball once the first is at its highest


Now ready to juggle with three balls. Place two balls in one hand.


This will be a dominant hand. Release one ball from the dominant


hand, release the ball in the other hand when this ball is at its peak.


This is repeated with every throat. This is called the three-ball


pattern. The trick I am going to show you his job Les -- jobless


tenants. It is good for a beginner. Make sure you can juggle three


balls fluently. Begin by throwing one ball higher than normal. Throw


the ball up and over from your body. Make sure you can do this with both


hands. Introduce this manoeuvre in the middle of a normal three-ball


juggling pattern. Repeat this with the same ball. This takes it out of


the regular pattern. It gives it the tennis effect. What I love


about juggling is it is a cool skill that you can learn anywhere.


My ambition is to break the world record for the night of clubs are


juggled. -- the amount of clubs David is here. Show us again what


Yes! Wicked! I am going to bring my main man up. You have got to shake


this guy's hand. He is amazing. Are you going to teach us? * it with


your right hand. As soon as the first ball starts to fall, you fall


K eight practising this. -- keep practising. He starred with two.


You get comfortable. -- you start. Then you go like that. It is the


same with the other hand. I have got three in my hand. I have never


known of the technique for that. think I am getting it. A bit of


practice. That his weekend download complete. -- that is. This is my


job. What did one can say to the Now it is time for hot tries Back


not. We discuss different topics. - - Hot or not. Super? Heart. --


Super? Heart. His food -- soup food or drink? Soup is a food. You do


not drink it. I like the ones with big chunks of potato. Is that hot


or not? Heart. -- hot. It is the Queen's official birthday tomorrow.


She has also got an au -- and on official birthday. Because she is


the Queen. -- on official. She goes from 60 to 61 Butt macro --... That


is just greedy. I am the Queen so I'm going to have two birthdays.


The is my official birthday today so I want my present. -- it is. It


is hot. That is being greedy. What about the audience? They are saying


not. We have decided it is not hot. Moving on. Balloons. They are so


hot. Balloons in general. I think they are nice decorations. I would


definitely say hot. As you saw last week I did wear a chap. Somebody


asked me if I would like to go to the Black Eyed Peas concert or and


opera. I said the Black Eyed Peas. Opera, hot or not? He is different.


You have to be so talented to be a good opera singer. I would get


bored very easily. When you are Mine is going shopping with your


mother. It is hot! I always go shopping with my mum. I go shopping


with my mum. She always treat me. Normally what happens in my


household is, if I want something, I asked mum to go shopping for me.


And she will go shopping for me! you print of pictures from the


When my mum goes shopping, C knows my exact style and my exact size. -


- she knows. Why she buys one I am not there, I will never wear. --


That is the klaxon. A That Was My Here is that a fantastic point of


the show where you send in your brilliant presence of poppets. This


week it is Sheryl Crow. Isn't it going to be strange she is not in


the X Factor? Let's see how you did Makes it hard to know which road to


go. Knowing too much can get you hurt. Is it better, is it worse?


What I do not want to do is crash low. You're not in this thing alone.


There is a place you can call home. Just go back, back, back to the


It is worth fighting for. It is out of the question, you've got to find


some more. -- fight some more. We have got to fight for this lot. --


love. It is happiness we are fighting for. I am willing and


ready to go. We have been driving so fast, we just need to slow down


Anything Marsworth having his sure enough of fighting for. Marketing


is out of the question, when it gets tough got to find some more.


We've got to fight, fight, fight If it's worth having, it's worth


fighting for. We've got to fight, If it's worth having, it's worth


If you guys want to send in your videos go to the website and kick


get involved for Friday Download all the information. Music tribute


download complete. Films are getting better and better each week


but here is what is coming on your television screens, on DVD and new


to the cinema. A film about today in cinemas. Kung-fu panda number


two. Powys back with his friend but has a new enemy, the evil Dr Who


wants to rid the world of the animals. We can't have that. It is


in 3 D as well. It is like it's coming out of the screen. It feels


like me just dodging the kung-fu moves. The cinematography is


brilliant to watch. Here is a sneak peek... Hi up! Help! -- help!


at everything. Let's get out of here. -- that is everything. Wings


The dragon worrier! The panda? Impossible! My fist hungers for


justice. That was my fist! That happens to me all the time. We have


more in common than we know. Out on DVD this week is Glee. It is a DVD


of the selection of songs from season one. It has all your


classics and Weber's on there. You can pick and choose which ones you


want or put them on the shuffle. It is a great DVD to have fun and


Don't stop believing. Hold on to Hold on to that feeling. Street


light keep on. Don't stop! Don't stop! I love that song. I just want


to sing along. A lot more of that on the DVD. When your screens this


week the film is Ice Age meltdown. A funny film, obviously. So make


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 48 seconds


sure you tune into the TV to watch Make sure you watch that. I am now


going to pass you over to Tiger who will give you some classics. I have


had to look for the Movie mistakes this week and coming up this week -


- coming out now I have some corkers for you. First up let's


look at Spiderman where high-school nerd Peter Barker turns into a


super hero after being bitten by a radioactive Spider. In this scene


he has discovered his new superpowers and is practising his


new skills in his bedroom. Keep an Peter? What is going on in there?


You must have spotted that! Let's have another look. Here Peter


practises his web shooting of powers and accidentally smashes his


bedroom lamp. Watch. Smash! But moments later his aunt knocks at


the door and there is the lamp again, good as new. There it is


again. One moment it is smashed. The next it is fixed. Did he use


superpowers, or just super strength glue? Let's have a look at a


classic. Home alone starring Macaulay caught in. A boy you has


to defend his house from two burglars when his family go on a


Christmas holiday without him. Here Kevin decorates his Christmas tree


when you get a nasty shock. Something is not right here. Have a


look at the reflection. When Kevin is decorating the tree he is


standing with it in front of him and the window behind him. Why then


can we see both the tree and the window behind him and a reflection?


Tree in front. Tree behind. In front. Behind. Two trees? Does that


mean twice as many presents? The markets go to New York to find fame


in a musical. Here the jealous Miss piggy wodges Kermit talking to a


friend. She loses her temper but watch carefully to see if you


Did you see it? We will give you another chance. As she spies on


Kermit, watched as she bends the pipe with fury. The pipe is narrow


and bent. A moment later she is holding a completely different pipe


A second later we see the original bent pipe again. And finally she


finishes and we can see her holding the new pipe again. Bent. Not bent.


Bent. Not bend. Clearly to different pipes. And one very a


happy pig! -- clearly two different pipes and one of very unhappy pig!


Later we see Kermit smuggling his friends into a restaurant. Everyone


still with us? Watch carefully as Kermit is seated. A table for one.


Or is it a table for two? Did you spot Kermit's hidden friend? Let's


slow down and have a look. As Kermit takes a seat you can clearly


see the top of the head of the puppeteer coming from under the


table. Can you see him? Let's have another look... There he is. I


wonder what is on the menu. Frog's legs? Movie download complete.


is the time in the show where I take you through a song. The lyrics


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 48 seconds


Download Subtitles