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This is taste. Welcome to Friday Download, here is the amazing Tiger,


the genius Aidan, beautiful Georgia. Amazing Dionne, lovely trainers


Richard, and the beautiful one of the bunch, me.


Welcome to Friday Download. Your instant download for the week ahead.


We will tell you about loads of cool stuff. Aidan had a web chat


and said he would create a Food Download, we have now for you a


theme known as Jelly Bean bean Boozled. It is a lucky dip of jelly


bean, half of them are disgusting, vomit flavour, mouldy cheese, baby


wipes. What happens is each of us will take a go at spinning the


wheel. We will get one of the colours, say we got black or


something, tell us what the black will be? You could either have,


sorry, skunk spray, or liquorice. Who is going first? We should go


down the line. Start with Aidan. That's number one. You could either


have, What colour? It is brown, like this one. This could either be,


canned dog food, or chocolate pudding.


That's his brown one. And the rule is you have to have at least three


chew, there is a bowl down there. I can smell it. I can smell it too.


I can't, luckily. I don't want to. That is disgusting.


Aidan stop. We have red. You could either be


eating a bit of centipede. Are you serious. Or strawberry jam.


Come on Georgeia, three chews. Nice big ones. All of it in one.


The aftertaste is absolutely foul. This could either be, buttered


popcorn, as in the cinema, or rotten egg.


Three chew, Dionne. I'm so sorry. That's the cheese one. I think.


This is either, pencil shavings. Or banana. Which one is it, this one.


Yes, banana. Tiger it's your go.


Tyger this is lovely liquorice or skunk spray. Don't do this to me.


Yes, liquorice. I will do it. Number five. It is


either Carmel popcorn or mouldy cheese. This is the worst out of


everyone. You can smell them after. Carmel popcorn. Yes. That was the


game, and here is what's coming up on today's show.


You guys show Rihanna how it is done in our music tribute. Richard


gets to grips with break dancing in Weekend Download. And the brilliant


Katy B will be here to perform her new single in our Music Download.


Hello everyone welcome to the Dance Download, today I will teach you


another move from another routine. Right, now this week I'm going to


teach you a move called The Glide, to do this I have two of my friends,


Richard, and a newcomer, Tyger. The Glide, did I hear you say?


think I know what t it is the one where you went to the side.


looks like this. You don't have to do the stamp at the end, I just did


it for dramatic effect. To do this, you stand to normal, first. Get


you stand to normal, first. Get your right foot and go to the heel.


You will slide the heel, when you get in front of this foot, go to


the tip toe, then the heel of your left foot and slide it out, once


we're here switch it again, normal heel, then glide, tip toe, and


glide out. When you get to this foot, it is heel toe, slide, heel,


toe, slide. We have come close to the edge, let's go to the middle.


Run me through it one more time. Heel, slide your toe, slide and


then back, heel, slide, toe, back. It looks like your leg is coming


across but you aren't! It looks like you're dragging a football.


are going to go to the music and I will tell you when to glide, we're


going, 1, 2, 3, 4 glide to your left. You're getting it. Trust me,


when I was first here, it was so bad.


Cue the music. Get back to the centre.


Now. Back, back.


APPLAUSE I kept going, instead of moving


over, I kept doing that and doing that.


I found out, it is not just the movement it is balance. And how


fluid you can get T that comes with practice, you keep practising,


especially after your homework Tyger, I know you have lots of it,


big studyer. Dance Download, complete.


Now it is time for TV Download were I will tell you what TV shows to


watch next week. The first one is Secret Life of Elephants, it is all


about a herd of elephants living on a Kenya reserve. It is about the


problems they face during their everyday things, and the


researchers trying to look after them, what problems they encounter


trying to look after them. It is a factual show, I have learned loads


of stuff, half the stuff I didn't know, their instinct, how they


communicate, it is really interesting. If you love animals


and want to learn a bit about them, watch this.


Miro is heading in the wrong direction, this could be serious a


confused baby elephant could potentially run for miles. Shigal


is up but walking away from her calf. Ian has a solution. We're


trying to direct the calf to the mother. Baby elephants don't have


fully developed sense, he's tricking her into thinking his car


is another elephant. That is good enough.


She just needs a final push in the Thanks to some quick thinking by


the team, the operation has been a success. Looks very interesting


indeed. And now, the next one is Gory Games, this is a spin-off from


Horrible Histories, it is where a group of four children compete


against each other to try to win a horrible history prize. It could be


this gruesome mummy hand could be the prize they have to win. They


have to answer a series of questions to do with history, it


could be anything. They have to take part in tasks, in this week's


episode they become grave robbers, their task is to steal fake corpes,


and whoever collects the most wins. They have gone into hiding, here


comes the policeman, having a good look around the graveyard, if he


spotted them they would be in deep, deep trouble. What a big hat he has.


He's a very serious-looking individual, he's a policeman. He's


gone. So they can come back and keep stealing bodies. That's


exactly what Joel and Niander are doing, a body apiece. Joel is doing


well. There is Holly. Look at that, the second body delivered. Holly is


in the lead, she has yanked it through by one leg. They manipulate


these bodies into extraordinary these bodies into extraordinary


shapes. Here comes Holly, her final body, she's there, and picked up


the dodgy money lock, just to get through the railings at the end,


she has won it. That money can be spent however she likes.


Truly, gruesome indeed. And now, I know, it is a very sad time for me


and all of us, it is the final episode of Doctor Who, don't worry,


it is not the end of Doctor Who, it will return in autumn, the final


one in the current run N this episode, Amy Pond has been captured,


it is down to the doctor to save her. He has to gather forces to


attack where Amy Pond is being captured. It is very tense, all the


amazing monsters, Doctor Who in there with his cool shoes and suit,


and the costume I want, everything I love and you love. Make sure you


are all tuning in to the final are all tuning in to the final


episode so far of Doctor Who. Why on earth are you wearing that


The Dr'S why. His rules of engagement, float like a butterfly,


sting like a bee. I look ridiculous. They have taken Amy and our baby,


the Dr Is getting some people together, we are going after her,


but he needs you too. I can't. Not yet, any way. I'm sorry. This is


the battle of Demons Run, the Dr'S darkest hour, he will rise so high


and fall so much further, I can't be with him until the very end.


not? Because this is it. This is the day he finds out who I


Doctor Who, we will be seeing you in the autumn. And now, the next


one is Project Parent, this is a bit of a different show, it is


where children want to give their parents a different lifestyle so,


they could be anything, anything they don't like about their parents


it is down to them to change T in this one, a girl wants to change


her mum and wants to give her a more natural look, instead of


makover, she wants a makunder. She wears fake eyelash, fake everything,


so we get to see what kids think of their parents. I feel worried about


putting them in control. I think she needs a natural look, she will


look beautiful. We have a very different assignment this week.


Style guru is helping me, Darren Kennedy. He's a stop stylist who


knows how to make lady look her very best. If anyone can stop mum's


obsession with dressing like a teenager it is him. We have a huge


task on our hands to make your mum under. Are you up to being project


managers. Yes. The first task is to choose the most hidious item, and


we will bin it. There it is. Do you agree with the


choice. Yes. Hello. Dress looks familiar, doesn't it. This is


horrible. And it is going in the bin.


No, that's my favourite dress, you can't do that.


Now, I think we all know what is happening tomorrow night, it is the


Britain's Got Talent final, I'm sure you have followed the


semifinal, the last one tonight. I mean, I can't put my finger on who


will win. I know you sound like a judge, Simon Cowell is back, I


don't know who will win, everyone is great. We will see you who gets


through. The winner gets to perform in the royal variety, and win as


cash prize of �100,000. Let's have a look at what happened earlier


this week. # I'd go to the ends of the earth


# For you # To make you feel my love


So we're left with Paul, Ronan, and Joe, in no particular order, you


were voted the top three acts by the public. Here goes the winner of


the first semifinal and going straight in to Saturday's final


is... Ronan Park. Ronan you have won the first


semifinal. You are going through to Saturday's


final. Are those happy tears? Are you pleased? Yes. You are going to


have to come back and do it all again Saturday, are you prepared


for that? Yeah. Ronan Park everybody.


We will be watching that tomorrow. I have got my brother from another


mother who was in Britain's Got Talent's 2009 and was in the final,


it is Aidan. Did you win Britain's Got Talent? No. Pardon? No. I can't


hear you? No. What was it like being in the final? It was actually


one of the most nerve-wracking things in the world. Is it that


nervous when I watch it I think are they putting it on? It was nerve-


wracking but exciting, you can go one way or the other, one way is


breaking down and saying I don't want to do t and the other way is


going whoa. I was the whoa on the awed dix, and the first semifinal,


and then it was like, I don't want to do it on the final. And then you


didn't win. Cheers. That is very interesting indeed. And that is TV


Download complete. I'm Lola, I'm nine years old.


What's invisible and smells like carrots? Rabbit farts!


Hello everyone, and welcome to the Games Download, I have Richard and


Georgia with me. Virtua Tennis is what I'm talking about. We can


perfect our technique, we are playing it on Movie it has the


world's best players, all the one that is you could possibly want.


You play as a person. Would you like to start playing a doubles


match, we are going to need to get in character.


We have some headhands and stuff for you there.


We will need a racquet for you each. Do I put one on each hand. Or two


on one. I'm liking this. And the headband.


It's easy to move because the backhand and the forehand is good.


I'm at the back. You guys are doing quite good. If the ball comes that


way, backhand and then forehand this way. It is not just a tennis


game, when you do the career mode, it is going to charity events and


doing signings and stuff. Everything that you do affects your


popularity with the public and stuff. We have just lost! We lost a


point. What? That's Virtua Tennis 4. I have something to show you.


Aidan? Looking beautiful. Come sit down next to me? Excuse me, I have


some flippers on, as you can see. Back up. What have you been doing


recently? I have just come back from swin swimming with goldfish


and sharks. You videoed it all, didn't you? Yes. How did you get in


that tank? I never got into the tank, but I did use these goggles


to video tape it all. And these goggles...Are Steaming up very fast.


They are the liquid image HD scuba mask, you can record up to 60 hours


of footage on there and take thousands of pictures. It looks


like it takes pictures but not video, where is the memory. This is


what they look like, this is the calm ma, here, in this little


watertight thing we have the memory card in there.


Pressing this takes your picture, what do you think? I think it is


ral good idea. It takes good footage, doesn't it. Was it


actually taken with this. On my adventure through the fish.


Now it is time for Tyger versus, we will need Dionne and Ceallach.


Tyger versus is where I go up against one of my mates and my


favourite games. Let's find out who I'm against.


We have Ceallach, a rematch. We're playing on nectnect Joy Ride. It is


completely control - Kinect Joy Ride, it is a completely control-


free game, we are playing on the straight forward race game for a


minute. To get to the finish line as fast as we k steering like this,


like we have a steering wheel, this is just how you steer. There is


lots of obstacles to dodge, just like. That


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 40 seconds


To boost, this game, you pull it A tenth of a second, I beat you.


Yes! I think that now means that I take the lead in Tyger Versus,


making it 3-2 for the series. Unlucky guys. He's in shock right


now. That is the Games Download complete.


OK guys, it is this time I give you the Music Download, the first pick


is The Saturdays, Notorious, it is the first single for 2011, it is


amazing. The video was shot in California, even though it is in an


office, it sounds really strange, I know, let's have a look.


# I'm the big boss # I'm the gangster


# On the dance floor # I'm the outlaw


# I'm the big boss # I'm the gangster


# On the dance floor # Boy beware


# I got a record # And I'm known for my style


# And everybody knows my name here # And I'm the head of game here


# Of pleasure and of pain yeah # Because mys re may says I'm a bad


girl Closer in my eyes


# I've been a bad girl # I'm notorious


Such a good song, I can tell you The Saturdays will be here in a


couple of weeks performing the song. Make sure you guys are watching.


My next pick is by The Kixx, they are a new boyband, a guitar-playing


boy band, they are amazing, Dave, David, Jack and Robbie, they are


really, really good. If you are a boy you will definitely like them,


and girls you will like them too. They are actually supporting Olly


Murs on his tour, with Wonderland, who were here last week. Let's have


a look. # You want it back


# How it used to be # Bakey I'm already


# Gone # Just pass the time


# Girl you were never mine # Girl you shouldn't have gone


# How does it feel # Now that you're alone


# You can cover baby # I won't be home


# Baby I'm already gone # Oh


# Baby can't you move it # Because I'm going to leave you


behind # Oh


# Baby I'm already gone # Better get to moving


# Because I'm going to leave you behind


Did you notice something about that, it was Emily Atic, from Dancing on


Eyes. The next is script script, Science and Faith, it is an anthem


song, I love it so much. It is the second single from the second album,


also so-called Science and Faith, it went number one last year, so it


is going to be even bigger this year. Let's have a look.


# I try pushing evolution # As the obvious conclusion


# Of the start # But it was for my own amusement


# Saying love was an illusion # Of a hopeless heart


# Of all the things # That's she's ever said


# She goes and says something # That knocks me dead


# You find faith down the tennis court


# You won't find it in the stars # You can break everything down to


chemicals # But you can't explain a love like


our's So my final pick is Katy B, Easy


Please Me, it is her new single from her album, On A Mission, I


love it. She went to the Brit School, with the likes of Leona


Lewis, Adelee and Jessie J. # Standing at the up


# With my friend Olivia # We were trying our best to catch


# That's when he walked over # Said I'd like to get to you know


# All I could say Is I'm sorry before


# Too many times before # Right now it's not


# Really my thing # He said give me two minutes


# Of your time # And tell me what you like


# It's not that easy # These days can't find a man to


please me # Their lines are


# Far too cheesey # No boys on a level


# Believe me # No boys on a level


# Believe me # These days


# Can't find a man # To please me


# No boys on a level # Believe me


# These days # Can't find man to please me


# Don't have to have lots of money # All you have to have is fire


burning # Deep in your soul


# And if you have a dream # For something that you love


# I'll support you # Aisle I'll play my role


# I won't call you 20 times day # Because I've got my own to do


# Let me see my name # Flashing on my phone


# I want you to feel butterflies for me too


# It's not that easy # These days


# Can't find man # To please me


# Their lines are # Far too cheesey


# No boys on a level # Believe me


# No boys on a level believe me # These days can't find man


# To please me # No boys on a levelm # Believe me


# These days can't find man to please me


# One thing I can't stand # Is arrogance


# There's no way we could ever get along


# But one thing I love is confidence


# And humility to know when # You've been wrong


# I love a bad boy # Mentality


# But I don't want to be visiting no jail


# Just know there's someone out there


# Mocking me # When it time


# It's not that easy # These days


# Can't find man to # Please me


# Their lines are # Far too cheesey


# No boys on the level believe me # No boys on a level believe me


# Oh these days can't find man to please me


How amazing was that guy, give it up for Katy B.


Music Download complete. My name is Blaze, I'm 11 years ol,


this is my joke, why did the teacher go cross-eyed? Because she


couldn't control her pupils. Welcome to Fail Download, this week


we will look at Hole In The Wall, Now, that was fantastic, hilarious,


they should have been the other way round. I don't know why they were


that way. A bit weird. What do you think of Hole In The Wall any way?


As a show I think it is fantastic, I love seeing people getting bashed


into pools of water. Such a nice person. It is true, I love watching


people fitting into small holes and failing miserably. Enough, Fail


Download complete. Back again with Weekend Download, I


have something really cool to show you, just take a look at this.


I'm Izzy, I'm 17 years old, and I'm a B-girl.


A B-girl is a female break dancer, a boy break dancer is known as a B-


boy. Break dance is a type of street


dance, which originates from hip hop culture. I have been a B-girl


for two years, I took up breakdanceing as I used to be a


gymnast. I was able to corporate gymnastics into dancing, I found it


a lot easier to become a breakdanceer.


Breakdanceing is all about having attitude and developing your own


style. The secret of this is just to believe in what you do and be


confident. Some breakdanceers start from two or three years old, they


learn top rock, floor work. If you want to learn breakdanceing, the


best advice I can give is start up classes at a local dance club or


leisure centre. If you are starting out breakdanceing, all you will


need is a bagy T-shirt, jogging bottoms and a pair of trainers. I


also wear a beanie hat a head- spinning hat. When I do moves it's


not hurting my moves when I spin on the floor.


As a breakdanceer beginner, you will have to learn the basic top


rock. Then after you have learned that you learn the basic foot work,


and then set power moves. The most move I will teach you is the top


rock, it is important, as it is the introduction to all throw-downs for


breakdanceers. Step 1, put your farms out in front of you, one on


top of the other, bounce twice and then lean to the left, come back to


the centre, bounce twice and lean to the right, repeat this on each


to the right, repeat this on each side. Step two, do two jumps centre


and cross your right leg over your left. And then back to the centre.


Do the same with the opposite leg, repeat this on each side. Step


three, combine step one and two as a fluid movement. Perform for a


count of eight. My top tip for a beginner breakdanceer is to go out


and have fun, to learn from professional B-boy or coach. To


meet new breakdanceers get them to help you out and practice, practice,


practice. Move two is called the free step,


it - the three step, it has three stages to the move. As a beginner


the three step is the first floor work you will move. Step one, begin


on your knee, put your hands down in front of you, a spreading your


feet shoulder width apart. Cross your left leg over to your right,


supporting yourself with your right hand and left leg. Switch legs,


your right leg is straight, transfering your body to your left


leg and right hand. Place your left hand in line with your right and


then jump round so you are facing the opposite direction with your


legs shoulder width apart. Repeat step 1, 2, 3, to complete two full


circles. A breakdanceing battle can be solo, duo, and crews. You have


to beat the opponent, it is intimidating, and you have to show


your best skills and listen to the music to try to beat the opponent.


Overall I do really like taking part in breakdanceing battles, they


are exciting and you get a sense of achievement out of it. I love


breakdanceing I get to meet a lot of new friends, learn new trick, go


to amazing events and meet amazing people, I want to take it as far as


I k and make this my career, I k and make this my career,


That was amazing I will let you Wow.


Now, Izzy, you are professional, so don't go trying all that at home.


She is here, with us, and you are going to teach us a little bit here.


going to teach us a little bit here. Aidan come in.


Aidan has been teaching me a bit of breakdancing on the show. I don't


know if this is your type of dance, we can learn together. We will.


Shall we run through the steps one more time. Step one, arms out in


front of you, we're going to go one-and-out, out, out, out, out.


Step two. Hands behind your back, feet


shoulder withed apart, two little jumps and cross over to the side,


come back, cross over to the side. One and two, three and four, five


and six, and seven and eight. Got that? Step three, we're going


to put both movements together. no. This is the arms and the leg


movement. Show us how it is done first? A count of eight. It should


look like this. 5-67-7-8. Do you want to go first? We will do


it together. Slow.


5-6-7-8. 1-2, 3-4, 5-6, 7-8.


That move I think everyone can get at home if they practice. But Aidan


is a little bit more advanced. Have you got a special move that you can


show him today, just for Aidan, because he's special. Cheers


Richard. I have got a move called a three step. This is the basic


footwork what we do in breakdancing, it is very simple, very basic to


pick up. You know you say simple, do you mean you're a beginner now


let's do it simple, or a few weeks of learn.


Possibly blood, sweat and tears. today. We start down. The jeans


pulling down. I'm a load rider! We're here, first step jump


shoulder width apart and straddle. Step two go from here cross your


left leg and right hand on your head, you should all your body


weight on your hand and foot, from here all the body weight over we're


going to switch, our legs switch and then our arms, go swap.


down. I'm back.


From there, you put your hand towards the back and jump round to


your legs are shoulder width apart. Tough complete it twice to make a


full circle and go back to the front.


From here leg, one, swap, two, hands in front, straddle.


Considering Aidan's finding it a bit difficult, I'm not going to try


t I will go with this one. Shall we That is Weekend Download complete,


show your friend. I'm Scott. I'm Alice. This is our


joke. Why are you so late for school? Because of the sign. What


sign? The sign outside that says "school ahead, go slow ".


Hello and welcome to Hot Or Snot. This is where we discuss given


things and say what we think of them. I'm going to say spiders?


That will be not hot, and that will be not. I hate spiders. I'm going


to say hot. What is hot about spiders? Everyone


is scared of them, a bad stereotype, not every single spider will come


up, lay eggs on the floor, and they will hatch and crawl all over you


and eat them. Did you know you swallow ten spiders a year in your


sleep. I like spiders, they are fascinating because you can get


poisonous ones. Would you eat ten a year? If p one bit me that is not


nice. Do they achieve anything? flies. If we didn't have spiders,


apparently they would be 50-times as many flies. I'm going hot on


this. I'm a Spiderman. It rhymes with my name. Spiders are hot. Who


is next? Exams and cool tests. Why would you do one. Georgia, are


you OK? It depends, are you talking about it instead of cool work,


tests are more fun than just lessons. Are you serious. Sit


anything silence for an hour. goes quicker. Georgia, back to


planet earth, we are doing Hot Or Not, exams? Not exams itself.


in my exams the other week, there I was at the back, everyone doing


their work, I feel a little bubble in my stomach, and I go (blows a


raspberry) in the exam. Did it defuse to the front. I don't think


trupton is on this show. Mine is chopsticks.


Chinese chopsticks. I feel cool eating with them. Have you seen


them eat rice with it. That is not hot. That is not hot. I shouldn't


have moved. I'm getting really confused.


you saying they are not hot? What is not hot about them? Because I


want to use a spoon or fork. They are not hot. It's my go now, I'm


thinking electronic books? Not hot. Electronic book, slips in your


pocket, how much easier is that? I'm never going to go on a trip to


Asia and carry books with me, I will never be in the middle of Asia


and think I'm bored and not use my film and electronic film and read a


book to pass a time. I love books. On a plane journey you will. No, I


listen to my music. Electronic books? Not hot.


I'm going with hot. They definitely are.


It is me. Pick n' mix? It is too expensive.


like the little Cheries. Yes. eggs. Coal la bottles. Too many


hurt my teeth. So we have all decided that one is


hot. Mine is really long car journies.


like them. Me too. As long as I have a pillow. And a duvet and food.


And duvet can have too much. If I had chicken wings.


Everything near you. That is the Clarkson.


- klaxon. Sorry guys, continue next week.


Hot Or Not Complete. Now it's time for Music Tribute


Download. You have sent in brilliant music video, we asked you


to send in Rihanna's Who's That Chick this week. Here is how you do


# Feel the adrenalin # Under my skin


# It's an addiction # Sound is my remedy


# In the energy # Music is all I need


# Baby I just want to dance # I don't really care


# I just wanna dance # I don't really care yeah


# In the air yeah # She's been crazy


# Disco diva # Any wonder


# Who's that chick # It's up to you to keeper


# So hard for you to leave her # Who's that chick


# Too cold for you to keep her # Too hot for you to leave her


# Who's that chick You guys are amazing, Music Tribute


Download complete. So, you all know, I'm a massive


movie fan. I will tell you what movies you should be going out to


see this week and to watch at home. The first one is out today, Prom,


it is based around an American high school, all preparing for the end


of year Prom. We have the good girl of the class, the President, she


has teamed up with the bad boy of the school, and they are in charge


of getting all the decorations ready. They hate each other to


begin with, one there and one there, clashing. But they learn that they


have more in common than they thought. And so what will happen


there. You will have to watch to find out. It is a really good film.


I watched it, I know someone like that at my school, and someone like


that too. You can compare every character in there to someone you


know at school. If you want to go there, really feel-good film, go


and see Prom. P-for the paralysing crush I have


on the new girl in my math class in the 8th grade. Her name was Mai and


she was awesome. R-is for the really long time it took me to get


up the nerve to ask her out. O-is for the only girl I have ever


called my girlfriend and the only one I ever want to. And M-is for


university of Michigan of course, because that is our next chapter


together, but I'm getting ahead of myself, because before graduation


and college and the rest of our lives together, there is something


I need to ask. Yes, yes. I have got my Prom coming up very


soon, that has made me more excited for T


Next is Gnomeo & Juliet, it is a take on William spikes peer's Romeo


and Juliet. It might sound like oh, Shakespeare, it is different, it is


Anam makes, it is not real people, it is - an animation, but it is not


real people, it is gom, and they are - it is Gnomes, and it is not


real people and it is based on a drive in England. Let's have a look


Hold on. Hay, Benny, see you on the other


Imagine walking out your front door and say, yes, they are my garden


Gnomess, living a little battle, I will step back indoors.


A film on your TV sets which you should sit down to watch is...


Something inside. Would you like a tour? I don't have any money. That


is cousin, Grandpa, that is aunt Beatrice, and that is George, your


brother. Look, he's already happy to see me.


Well, that's just about everybody. Except for... Snowbell, drop him


now. Spit him right out, spit him right out. Security, are you all


right? Wait, I'm fine. And now it's time for one of my


favourite parts of all the show, this is the movie mistakes.


A sizzler, Wonka has a new one. Remember Willie wong ka and the


chocolate franc - Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory was on TV,


how closely were you watching, in this clip the kids are in Bill's


candy shop and he sangs Candyman. Watch the girl standing close to


the counter. Do you see her. Let's have another look.


There is a lesson, don't be too greedy.


I tried, I came back tonight, didn't I. That was one night.


dealing with the most ridiculous job in history. Another movie


Download pick from a couple of weeks ago, Night at the Museum, New


York's Natural History Museum where all the art facts come to light.


There is an escaped caveman. Did you see them? Let's take


another look. One moment they are There and then they are gone.


Now you see them, now you don't. Just like magic.


Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl. It follows them


on their adventures. This is the last scene of the film. Captain


Jack Sparrow has finally won back the Black Pearl. Here he is setting


sail, are they all pirates, let's have a look.


On deck you dogs. Did you see the mistake. Who is


that? In a crowd of pirates you can see a member of the filming team.


He should be behind the camera, a cow boy hat and sunglasses on a


pirate ship. Movie Download complete.


Download Subtitles