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Hi, we're The Saturdays! Welcome to Friday Download. Your instant


download for the week ahead. We've got lots of great stuff coming up


on the show today. And I'll be teaching you guys how to chest pop


in the Dance Download. Stop rolling. Sorry, this is our show. This


Friday Download. And I do a dance section and the chest pop-up.


You can stay on stage but don't worry about it. Welcome to Friday


Download. Your instant download for the week ahead. Don't get us wrong,


guys, we can't wait for your performance in the music download.


Here is what is coming up on today's show. Aidan shows us how to


do the chest pop in Dance Download. You guys serve up a brilliant


tennis-themed music tribute. Ceal held gets very excited about the


final Harry Potter in Movie Download. Plus The Saturdays will


be here performing their amazing new single. # I've been a bad girl.


Hello and welcome to this week's You a move from this routine coming


up. Thank you, thank you. The move To teach you this week is called


Hello and welcome to the dance download. I'm going to teach you a


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 68 seconds


Pop. Pop. You see this move in a lot of different videos. It is a


sickly stick in your chest out. You have to stick your chest out.


Question, how do not move any other part of your body? It is isolation.


This, isolation. Isolation. You keep your chest out. So it is like


you swag? Keep swaggering. You have to do it powerful as well. I don't


even want to feel it! That his power! Shall we try it to the


music? I will tell you when it is coming in and I want you all to try


it as well. Everyone joined in with the popping out. Stand in the


middle now, freestyle for a bit. Every time you hear boom-boom, pop


your chest out with the hand. Do some a bit cocky. Now do it walking.


Everyone join in, don't stop, keep joining in! I want to see you all


popping in the front. That's it! Keep practising that. You have


already got it, keep doing it. You will get it perfect. So, Dance


I am a massive fan of movies so here are my picks of whats out in


the cinema, coming out on DVD and going to be on your TV screens. Now,


the first one, guys, it is out in less than a month. It is probably


going to be the biggest film of our lifetime. It is Harry Potter And


The Deathly Hallows part number two. I hope you can feel my excitement


for this. I cannot contain it. Can you feel? It's going to be insane.


It will be full of action, everything you know and love. It


will be mega. Words cannot explain how excited I am. Here is the


trailer for the new film. If you're easily scared, look away now but


here is the trailer. Expelliarmus. Harry Potter. You have fought


valiantly. But you have allowed your friends to die for you rather


than face me yourself. On this night, join me and confront your


We could end this. I never wanted any of you to die for me. Come on,


Tom, let's finish this the way we started it, together. It looks


amazing and I am a bit of a Harry Potter geek. It you saw the big red


thing around Hogwarts that was the protego curse. Out on DVD on Monday


it is Yogi Bear. This film is based around the well known cartoon


character Yogi Bear which was out in the sixties. The film stars


Justin Timberlake, you might know him. Yogi Bear and his companion


have to stop their home town Jellystone Park being closed down.


I know, what would you do if your home was going to close down? You'd


do everything to stop it and that is exactly what Yogi and his


companions do. He makes some great friends along the way and also some


rivals. It is a cross between live action like me and cartoon


characters. It is a little bit different and I really like that.


Here is a look at the film. Boo-Boo, I think it is time I


introduced myself to that picnic basket. You know, we could just


hunt for food. All the other animals do. A picnic basket has


everything a bear needs. And I am not just talking about the treats


and snack type goodies. No, a picnic basket holds a lot more than


that. It holds dreams. What are we looking at? I don't know. Are you


sure it will work, Yogi? Well you know, I am smarter than the average


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 68 seconds


Cheeky bears! The film that is on Maybe it the power trying to come


And I am now going to throw you over to Georgia for some movie


mistakes. Thanks, Ceal. Yes, it's time to spot some slip-ups from our


favourite movies. Take a look. First up is Toy Story 3, the third


film in the series. We meet Woody, Buzz Lightyear and the gang, toys


that come to life when humans are not around. In this scene, we see


the toys are being played with by the owner, Andy. Keep an eye out


and see if you can spot the major error. Buzz, shoot your laser at my


badge. Let's jump forward a few seconds but keep watching closely.


It's a 50 fit baby from out of Any luck? Let's rewind for another


look. As Andy plays with his toys, we can see he has taken out one of


Mr Potato Head's eyes. Ouch. A moment later, after his mum walks


in, out of nowhere, something has magically reappeared. He has both


eyes back. One moment he is a one- eyed potato, in a flash, both eyes


are back. One eye, two eyes. You should have spotted that one. I did


ask you to keep an eye out for it. Here we are later in the film and a


grown-up Andy has given his toys away to a children's day-care


centre. In this scene we see cowboy Did you notice the blunder there?


Whilst on his escape mission, with the uses a yellow sign to hide


behind. He creeps out and in a flash it is nowhere to be seen.


Look again. Here he is hiding behind the yellow sign. He takes


one step and hey presto, it has vanished. If only Woody could get


out that easily. Let's have a look at another classic now, this time,


Hook. A film based on Peter Pan in which a grown-up Peter Pan returned


to Neverland to rescue his children from Captain Hook. Here we see


Tinkerbell played by Julia Roberts. Watch her closely as she flies


She moves fast! But if we slow it down, look out for the wire that


moves her around. There it is. Can you see it? As she flies around


this boy's head, you can see the How did the director miss that? He


must have been away with the fairies. Here, later on in the film,


a grown-up Peter is trying to remember how to fly. He is not


doing very well, is he? After he is hit on the head by a stray baseball,


Did you notice anything wrong? Let's rewind. As Peter is hit on


the head, he collapses out onto the grass. But in a flash, the grass


has vanished and he is lying on a stone floor. Grass. Stone. Grass.


Stone. At least he had a soft landing. Unbelievable. Movie


Download complete. Hello and welcome. This is the part


of the show where we watch people fall over and laugh at them. As you


know, last week, we gave the big red balls a bit of a break but they


are back again. Onto the big red balls now, come on, Lucy. You can


I think what makes it funny it is as you can see, she looks like the


Honey Monster. Look. She bounces a little bit and then she goes to


jump but fails. Did you like that? Yes! I never get tired of the big


red balls, absolutely brilliant. I think it is the mud that makes you


slip. When they land like that it is a classic. Fail Download


It's time for another Style Download. Today I'm meeting Brandon


who wants to create a theme wall in his bedroom, he doesn't know where


to start. I'm riding to the rescue. I'm Brandon. I'm ten and I live


with my mum and grandma. I love horses. I'm not a horse! I have my


own pony called Mr. I take part in equestan, that is show jumping,


cross country and dressage. I'd love a theme in my bedroom base


around my horses. Brandon is a good horse rider. He is very competitive


and likes to go really fast. The wall's's in his bedroom are plain.


He would like them to be liven up in some way around in his love of


horses. His big idea is to fill everything relating to his


favourite hobby much I need to find him and learn all about. It I need


to introduce myself first, he has no idea I'm coming. Hi, I'm Georgia.


Nice to meet you. You too. I was watching you on TV the other day.


Awesome, thank you. Who is this? This is Mr, my pony. Is gorgeous. I


used to have riding lessons myself. You want to create a theme wall?


Yes. I take it Mr Is the theme? Have I anything to put on the wall?


Loads of pictures and rosettes. Maybe we could put a picture of Mr


Up and make a theme of the Ross sets as well. Have you anyone to


help us? I have a bunch of friends in my room ready to help us. That's


great. Come on. Hi, guys. Hi. to meet you. We will create a theme


wall on this wall here. It will be packed with rosettes and pictures


and cool stuff. Can you guys help OK, Brandon, hee with putting up


your photos. What is going on here? I'm at a show jumping course,


jumping over the first jump. Brilliant. It's time to get the


rosettes on the wall. Now, it's time for strt piece of the wall.


The brilliant picture of Mr That your mum got made up. Smooth it


I reckon we did a brilliant job. I think we should show it off to


everyone down stairs. Absolutely. Let's get them. OK, guys, big


reveal on 3, 1, 2, 3! Wow! APPLAUSE


Thank you, thank you, thank you. Making a themed wall is a great way


to make your bedroom for exciting. I can't believe it, the wall looks


awesome. It's transformed his bedroom. Best of all, brand can


look at the wall every day. I think it's great I have met Georgia. I'm


happy she has been able to transform my room. I'm so proud of


Brandon and the kids. They have done an amazing job. I wsh I could


have one like that. It's the best wall in the entire world. Style


Download complete. Welcome to the Games Download I'm with Dionne and


Ceal to show you the cool games. Today we will look at Kung Fu Panda


2 the game. We will have it on PS3, you can have it on DS, Wii and the


Xbox. We have the PS3 version. The city is being invaded with gorillas.


That is in the film. Kung fu is going out of fashion. You need to


save kung fu. Is it levels? chapters. You go from location to


location. I recognise it from the fill 78. This is the PS3 version.


This is the least entertaining version of it because you can also


play it on the Wii You Draw Tablet, the drawing pad for the Wii. When


you are playing with that it's more fun. You can colour things in as


fun. You can colour things in as you are playing the game. How many


players are on the campaign? The campaign mode is one player.


there a multi play sner There is a multi player and you play as a baby


panda. You can do fighting mini games. They don't stop coming. Is


it a lengthy game? A long story mode. One thing I don't like about


the game is that it's samey. It's just moving from place to place.


And fighting. There are some good cut scenes and goot characters to


meet. It's not all bad. Maybe give it a go. Now, I've got this, which


is the Polaroid GR10 Instant Mobile Printer. I will turn it on.


looks really cool. Presleying the on button. It's on. It's on now.


Now, this isn't my phone everyone. Yeah, yeah. Tyger. It is pink. It's


made half by Polaroid and half by Lady GaGa. What, Lady GaGa? I don't


know what her input was. That is not very Lady GaGaish? Not really.


You would expect a weird design. Maybe she put the screws on other


something. Maybe it was her idea? Maybe it was. Would you make a


gadget being a popstar? Why not much I would get it in different


colours. Make it funkier? Yes. isn't out yet. We are lucky to have


one in the studio. When is it out? Autumn. I will print a picture off


now that I took earlier. It is called the Instant Mobile Printer,


it will not be ulterly instant, it it will not be ulterly instant, it


take as minute or so, or maybe less. That is good for printing out a


picture. You send it via Bluetooth. It's sending the data. The loading


bar is a third of the way across now. Could you be my model for me


there. OK. Show off the printer as the photo prints. You can hear it.


You might not be able to see anything. It's happening in there.


There it comes. Here it is. Who is that, tiegsner Just Frankie from


the Saturdays. They are on the show later, don't for get. Is that your


new girlfriend? No. Unfortunately not. Keep that close to your heart.


I will slide that in my pocket. Smudge-proof photos. That was the


GL10 Instant Mobile Printer. It's time for Tyger verses. We need


Aidan, Richard and Georgia. So Tyger Verses is where I go against


one of those guys at one of my favourite games. We are on Reflex


Ridge. Let's find out who I'm against. Who will it be this time?


Aidan. Aidan hasn't had the Tyger Verses yet. He is limbering up.


Verses yet. He is limbering up. This is the first time. We are


playing on reflex Ridge, the aim is, it's an obstacle course. There will


be bits to jump over over, bits to dodge. Things to go under. It tests


your reflex. Yes. You either jump, move. Any ducking? He ya, ducking,


jump, dive to the side slide. We need to get through the obstacle


course. Good luck, mate. May the best man win, Aidan. I want the


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 68 seconds


points. Good luck. This is Aidan's YES! YES!


APPLAUSE 148 to 127. You did win. Who won?


He won. What is the score, 5-3. Anyway, guys that is Tyger Verses.


That is the Games Download complete. I'll tell you the Music Download.


My first pick is a special pick. Not just one song, but a whole


album. It's Beyonce's new album called 4. The number 4. You are


wondering, why would you call the album 4, it's for her fourth alwum


-- album. It's brilliant. We featured one of the songs a couple


of weeks ago. Let's look at that again.


# Girls, we run this # We run this


# Yeah # Girls, we run this


# Girls # Who are run the world


# We run the world muck # Who run the world


# Who run this # Run this


# Who run the world # Girls


# Who run the world # Girls


# Who run the world # Girls, some of them men think


they freak this like we do # But no they don't don't


# Make your checks come at they neck mg disrespect us no they won't


# Boy don't even try to touch this # Boy this beat is crazy


# This is how they made me # I think I need a basher


# None of these can fade me... # Can't wait to get to know the other


tracks. My next pick is Avril Lavigne with Smile. It's from


Goodbye Lullaby. The video is really cool. Check it out. McYou


say, hey # What's your name?


# It took one look # Now, I'm not the same


# Yeah, you say hey # And since that day


# You stole my heart and you're the one to blame


# And that's why I smile # It's been a while


# Since every day and everything has felt this right


# And now # You turn it it all around


# And suddenly you're all I need # The reason why


# I smile # The reason why


# I, I # I smile... #


I love how in the video she is doing gestures to make people smile.


Another pick of mine is the Kings of Leon with Back Down Shouth south


it's the latest track from Come Around Sundown. That album went No


1 in ten countries. Not one, 10! Let's have a look.


# If you want to go # I'm going Back Down South


# Come on take my hand # I'm going Back Down South now


# Do you see the light # Do you hear the skies


# I'm going Back Down South # I want to know how far you're


going to go # I'm going Back Down South now


That's such a summer song. Now, my next pick is The Saturdays with


Notorious. You may have seen us feature on one of our shows before


but they are actually here to perform it for us. See if you can


check out when they are doing Aidan's chest popping. Everyone,


# Don't hold back. # It's nice to see somebody make an


effort. You know I like it in the street lights.


# Like, like, like the spotlight. # Do you like me?


# I la-la-love this track. # So if you wanna come with me you


should know. # I'm like, I'm like, I'm like this


beat, yes. # Crazy and infectious.


# I'm a give my business. # Boy my resume says "I'm a bad


girl". # Closer baby look in my eyes.


# Do you recognize me? # I've been a bad girl.


# I'm a bad girl, I'm notorious. # I'm a outlaw.


# I'm the big boss. # I'm a ganster.


# On the dancefloor. # I'm a outlaw.


# I'm the big boss. # I'm a ganster.


# On the dancefloor. # Boy beware.


# I got a record and I'm known for my style.


# And everybody knows my name here. I'# m the head of game here.


# Pleasure and the pain, yeah. # Because my resume says "I'm a bad


girl". # Closer baby look in my eyes


# Do you recognize me? # I've been a bad girl


# I'm a outlaw. # I'm the big boss.


# I'm a gangster. # Baby tell me can you get it from


my energy. # I've been a bad girl.


# I'm a bad girl, I'm notorious. # I'm a outlaw.


# I'm the big boss. # I'm a gangster.


# On the dancefloor. # I'm a bad girl, I'm notorious.


# I'm a outlaw. # I'm the big boss.


# I'm a ganster. # On the dancefloor.


# I'm a outlaw. # I'm the big boss.


# I'm a gagngster. Hi, we are back again with weekend


download. Now, I have got something really cool to show you but I think


I am going to need the expert for this one. Take a look at this.


Hello, I am Francesco, I am 16 and I am a yo-yoer. The yo-yo is a


pocket toy which has been popular for nearly 100 years. I have been


yo-yoing for almost two years. In that time I have learnt plenty of


tricks. The problem is, there are constantly new ones being invented


so you can never learn all of them. I first discovered the yo-yo in a


skate shop where someone was giving a demo. I was so impressed by the


tricks I bought one there and then. I practise a lot. I take my yo-yo


with me wherever I go so whenever I have a spare moment, I have a throw.


Anyone can take up yo-yoing because all you need is some spare time and


a yo-yo. When you first get a yo-yo, you need to start with the basic


tricks such as A sleeper and Rock The Cradle. The first trick I am


going to show you is the Sleeper. This is important because it is the


basis of all tricks. Step one, hold your your hand out in front of you


with the palm facing up full stop Step two, bring your yo-yo hand


over your shoulder. With your elbow pointing straight ahead. Step three.


Flick your hand downwards, releasing the yo-yo. It will now


The second trick I am going to show you is called Rock The Cradle. This


is a great trick because it will impress your friends. Step one,


begin by throwing the Sleeper. Then pinch the string with your other


Step two, this time pinch the string just above the yo-yo with


your yo-yo hand. Step three, bring your other hand down and separate


the strings to form a triangle. Then rock the yo-yo through the


I have been involved in lots of yo- yo competitions. Most recently, I


won the north regional yo-yo contest. You show off as many


tricks as you can in any order you like. Winning a yo-yo contest feels


pretty great and it makes all that practice seem worthwhile. In the


future, I would like to keep on inventing yo-yo tricks and show


them off at competitions. That was amazing! We have got him in the


studio right now. Francesco, everyone. Now, Francesco, just show


I'm having problems! But we are going to get Tyger and Georgia in.


They are going to attempt yo-yoing. I'm also going to attempt it for


about the 5th time today. What are you going to be teaching us?


first trick is called the Sleeper. Start with it like that. Does it


matter which finger it is on? Generally the middle finger. Grip


it nicely. And it backwards. Then just throw it down. Mine didn't


even go! I think I have got that. Then you just pull it back up? Yes.


Sort of. Tyger, you are getting good at this! I am going to have to


stop bringing you on Weekend Download. He's showing you up!


Ready? Watch. Go on, then. Yes! Come on, Georgia. So when do I put


it up? Do you let it stay there? Yes, for a few seconds. Thanks.


Some of you in the audience have got yo-yos. Show us what you can do.


That is good. He has nearly got it! That is a good effort! Hi-five me.


You are with me, not as good. That is incredible. That is good. I am


definitely going to be practising. Georgia is in a bit... In a bit of


a tangle. That is weekend download Welcome to Just For Laughs where I


am going to be showing you a cool trick which you can show your


friends and family. This is an imaginary lift down here where we


keep all our secret things. I actually have. Do you want me to


get in it? There we are. We want to go down to the basement. See you


later. See you later, guys. Hello, guys. I am going to come back up


now. Here we come. There we are. Get out the lift. Guys, there is no


lift their. Basically, all you're doing is, quite simple, really.


Just bend down like this. Then you have to set it up. Pretend there is


a lift. Open the doors and that will make it believable. Make sure


you keep practising it. That is It is now time for hot or not where


we discuss some topics and decide if they are hot or not. This will


be the hot side. That is the not too hot side. I am going to start


it off with a chequered shirts. Can you be my model? Hot or not? Hot.


The thing is, they do have to seek to you. Would you see Aiden suits


them? Yes. But I am just saying, that is not really checked like


this. I am talking about big squares. Georgia's is more checked.


I'm going to stand up. Do you agree? Checked shirts are hot.


hot or not guys is mustard. Love it? French mustard or English


mustard? All mustard. Not specifically English mustard.


hate mustard. I don't think we do here. I don't know. You know the


yellow stuff which is like catch-up but it is yellow. It goes on hot


dogs. I know! That is disgusting! It goes on hot dogs and you get it!


That is hot, definitely hot. Deck chairs? I think that is hot. In my


old age, I can see myself with my book in my deck chair! You know the


ones they lean back unexpectedly. You are sitting there and boom! You


are there with your legs up in the air. They remind me of the beach.


think deck chairs are hot. Deck chairs are good. It is my go.


Crosswords. Oh, No. I love crosswords. I think they are hot.


Really? I get bored. I sit there with my grandma and do a crossword.


They make your brain work. It is a fun way of learning. Cryptic ones


are hard. What are cryptic ones? They give you clues. It is like old


boot from across the street says hi and the answer is unwillingly or


something. That is the reason why I don't do them! I like the one with


the letters in them as well. I am talking about normal crosswords,


Mine is mixing sweet popcorn with salted popcorn. Not! I don't


understand how that would taste! Putting salt and butter on them?


it is like sweet popcorn and salt the popcorn. I am up for an


experiment, I think that is hot! You go for the taste of the salt


but it is sweet. When you have desert, you never put salt on it.


knew this person that had sugar on pasta though. Sugar on pasta?


guys, salt it out! That was terrible! Do you get it? That was


Who is left to go? Me. It's not hot, basically. My hot or not is,


wearing your hood up. Do you mean all the time? I usually have my


hood up all the time. I think that's hot. Why am I still sitting


on not hot! When people wear their hoods inside all the time they look


stupid. I'm joking, thats with a dig. I used to wear a cap and you


put your hood up it looks really nice, doesn't it? In certain


shopping centres they make you take it down. That is annoying.


understand them being weird in a shopping centre. Are we talking


about all the time? Yes. That is not cool. It's not raining.


feeling 3v3. No cheating. Rock, paper, do it. Rock, paper, scissors.


We win! That was the klaxon. We can say that is not hot. That is Hot


And Not Download complete. We are back again with Music Tribute


Download. We have been loving the tennis, it's the middle of


Wimbledon. We picked this song, Martin Solveig and Dragonette this


# Ladies and gentlemen, it is a pleasure to be here at Roland


Garros for Grand Slam action # I could stick around for a little


longer with you # Hello


# It doesn't really mat mean that I'm into you


# Hello # Oh


# You're all right, but I'm your darling to enjoy the partying in


# Don't get too excited, because that's all you'll get from me


# Hey # Yeah, I think you're too, but I


really think that you should know # I just came to say hello


# Hello # Hello -o-o... I'm not the kind of


girl who would get messed up with # Hello


# I'm gonna let you try to commence with you


# Hello # It's all right, I'm getting dizzy


# Just enjoy the party # It's OK with me if you don't have


that much to say # Hey


# Kind of like this thing, but there's something you should know


# I just came to say hello # Hello


# Hey # That was brilliant. Game, set and


match for Friday Download, that is Music Tribute Download complete


everyone. Everyone knows I'm a big lover of TV. Here are my picks nor


next week. First one is Animal Kingdom. This is a documentary


which follows the life of the animals and keepers at an African


game reserve. If you don't know lions don't eat hyena, they will


kill them because they threaten what food they can get. Hyenas are


portrayed as a villian. They are a top pred or tor and are really


interesting. They are vulnerable to attacks from lions. Spotty is in a


pickle. She is on her own surrounded by lion that is don't


want her to be here. It's like gang warfare. She has a cub to look


after. She has her work cut out for herself. Although this area covers


almost 300 square miles, it's home to only 24 lions. The Pride


responsible for killing the rest of Spotty's clan live in a territory


very close by. Unusually, for a male, the Pride's leader, Fugitive,


is an extremely good hunter. Together, with his Pride, he remain


as major threat to Spotty an her cub. Let's hope the hyenas survive.


Now on to Leonardo. I talked about this before. It is coming to an end.


This is the second to last one of the series. Leonardo is based


around the life of Leonardo da Vinci, as a teenager and what he


gets up to with his friends he comes face-to-face with ace ark


Nemesis. What will happen if you came face to fame face with your


arch Nemesis. I will let you think about that one. Here is what


Leonardo will do. Let's have a look. Forgive the blind fold, this is


Forgive the blind fold, this is where I do my Pottering. It's


fantastico. My deep sea diving suit. You have tested it? Everything


works, exactly as you designed it. I could never afford to build any


of these. That is why we're such a great time team. Your ideas, my


resources. We are not a team. don't trust me? That's reasonable.


I don't blame you for it. How about this, join me for a day or two, a


trial period. You would be free to leave at any time. Who is going to


come out on top? We will have to watch to find out. OK, we have now


got Style the Nation a new show on Channel 4. Nick Grimshaw scours the


nation to find someone who he will give �300. They are 4-hours to get


three outfits ready. It's a fun show. You see different people


styling clothes and what they like. I like hoodies, if you haven't


noticed. You can participate on- line where you take make your own


outfit and you might see it on the catwalk at the end of the show.


Next up is Catherine. Will her pattern clash selection be a


successful trend blend or a mish mash of material. If you really


want something, you need to keep at it. Everyone loves fashion. I think


you've got to have that bill extra for it. The facts that I've even


had the guts to go to Birmingham and be judged on what alook like is


just amazing, I think. I really want the public to be able to


rethriet my collections and, I hope, they really see the passion I have


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 68 seconds


This week's episode is based in my hometown, Manchester. I will watch


it. I might see a few places that I recognise. You can see where my


hometown is. We now have Remote Control Star. You get the


opportunity to take over a celebrity. I'm controlling my best


friend, David Beckham, telling him what to do. John and Edward are put


in awkward situations. They have to make a fool of themselves. If you


want to see celebrites doing funny things and watching children take


control, tune in. Jake and Joel participate themselves. It will be


a fun episode. Let's have a look at them in action. The salesman is


busy measuring up he is unaware that John and Edward are being


remote controlled. Time to hit the dance floor. It's ballet time.


Edward, it's ballet time. Are you ready? We do it around about this


time every day. We do ballet in here every single day. All the time,


yeah? Yeah. Can you try it? Try it with us. Are you ready? What do you


want me to try? Put your hands in the air.


# Stop, it's ballet time # Jedward is here to do ballet... #


He's joining in, amacing! I think we have to do this. He seems to be


going along with all this dancing. How long can they keep it up?


want you to reach out like this. Ready. 1, 2, 3. Cannot get enough


of Jedward at the moment. That is TV Down Load complete. OK, guys,


it's the point in the show where I will take you for a song this week


it's OllyMuirs with Please Don't Let Me Go. Hands.


# Where do I again? # Should I tell you


# How bad I neen you now # Yeah


# You're underneath my skin # But I'm confused


# My head is spinning all around # I waited so long


# I need to know, darling # What is on your mind


# Yeah # Normally, I try to run


# And and I might even want to hide # Cause I never knew what I wanted


# Till I looked into your eyes # So am I in this alone?


# What I'm looking for is a sign # That you feel how I feel for you


# Baby, please, don't don't let me # Baby, please, don't let me go


# No, please, don't let me go # Baby, no, no, no,


# Normally I try to run # I might even want to hide


# Cause I never knew what I wanted # Until I looked into your eyes


# Am I in this alone? # What I'm looking for is a sign


# That you feel how I feel for you # Baby, please, don't let me go


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