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Give it up for your Friday Download Hello and welcome to Friday


Download. You instant Download for the week ahead. It is Mother's Day


on Sunday. But our mothers, you might not see them, but they are


always here supporting us backstage. They are very important. We thought


we would introduce you to them. Basically, three of our mothers


will appear on that screen. And it is going to be up to you guys to


decipher whose they are. First of all, Mandy. If it is mine, give me


a cheer on the count of three. One, two, three. Cheering. If it is


Dionne's, give us a cheer. CHEERING the majority said it was me. Let's


look. I am Aidan's mum. Next, you have to decide whether you think it


is my mum or her Ceallach's. 1, two, three. If you think it is my mum,


can we have a show of hands? Let's see whose cities. I am Ceallach's


mum. -- let's see who it is. This is Linzi. Is it my mum or Georgia's


mum? If you think it is mine, chair. CHEERING and if you think it is


mine, Shia. CHEERING. I don't know. It is close but if I had to say,


think more people probably said it was mine. I am Lynsey and I am


Tyger's mum. Thank you so much to our mums. Happy Mother's Day to all


of your mum's. -- mums. Here is the amazing stuff we have coming up.


Jaysuma Saidy Ndure goes wild in Dance Download. Richard gets on


board in Weekend Download. Saffron Coomber has some Mother's Day tips


in Style Download. Mum's the world -- mum's the word in the Rizzle


Kicks music tribute. Pan's Labrinth performs his new single. -- and


Welcome to another Dance Download. This week I'm going to treat you to


a new routine to flow right up's a new routine to flow right up's


wild ones. -- Flo Rida. # Hey I heard you were a wild one


# Oooh # I like crazy, foolish, stupid


Oooh # Said I gotta be the man # When they heading my van, might


check one too # Shut them down in the club while the playboy does it,


and y'all get lose lose # After bottle, we all get bit and again


tomorrow # Gotta break loose cause that's the motto # Club shuts down,


I heard you're super models. # I need two friends.


Richard and Ceallach. All right? I know I have let you down in the


past, Richard. If you tell me I have to get off the stage, we're


going to fall-out. Here is the good news, you do not have to get off


the stage. We are doing it. I am ready. I am pumped-up. It is a


small popping routine. You taught popping with me. It is a simple


right? Left, twice. 1, 2, 1, 2. Literally, all we do is straighten


your arms. So we're not doing a double Paul? It is not a double


poppa. Leicester are to the music. -- let's do it. # Hey I heard you


were a wild one # I like crazy, foolish, stupid


# Party going wild, fist pumping # Music, I might lose it


# Blast to the roof, that's how we do'z it


# I don't care the night, she don't care we like


. # 1, 2, 1, 2. Just remember, you have to practise. You might be Hall


now but in a week, you might not be now but in a week, you might not be


able to get it. Keep practising. Welcome to TV Download. I will be


giving you my favourite TV pics. The first one is The Voice. I am


excited about this because it is my -- a bright new talent show, not


based on how people look for their attitude, it is about listening to


their voice. I'm going to explain why. It starts off with wind


auditions. The judges face away from the person singing. If you


were singing, I would be like this. If I'm liking what I'm hearing, I


push a Red Button and then I turn to face you. However, if Richard


was on the panel and he liked The Voice, then you have the power to


choose which coach you want to do The Coach Inn. I might think that


it should be me, not Richard, and it is really funny when the coaches


do it. You might have noticed I have not been calling them judges,


have been: Then coaches. I am excited and I'm sure you are. Do


they mention her the coaches were? -- did I mention who the coaches


were. Four of the most influential names in music are on a mission to


discover the UK's next great voice. With over 140 million records sales


worldwide, countless number one hits between them, these are four


of the biggest names in music. Jessie J, Danny O'Donohue,


will.i.am, and Sir Tom Jones. coach is looking for 10 singers,


the best of the best. It is an instinct thing. It needs to strike


a chord, it needs to move you. cannot wait to sit in that chair


and be blown away. It hit my year, like boom. -- my year. Britain's


Got Talent also starts that night and Simon Cowell is back. I wonder


which one will have us talking more. Next up, Deadly 60. Steve Backshaw


is back, going around the world looking for 60 deadly animals. In


this week's episode, he is looking for the komodo dragons. Things get


a little bit out of hand when they suddenly turn and change how they


are acting towards him. All he has is a stick to defend himself. Will


he be or right? I love a bit of Deadly 60. This episode is


particularly exciting. -- will he be all right. Go, go, go! Here they


come. Quick, quick! Back-up, back- up. I cannot believe the total


change in attitude of this animal. No, no, no. As soon as they go food,


they changed from a slumbering, slow-moving creature into a


predatory dinosaur. All of a sudden, they are not just hunting the meat,


they are hunting us. One of the dragons as the meat. -- Has the


meat. Just imagine trying to do a show with venomous animals coming


towards you. I don't know how he does it. He's incredible. Next,


Tracy Beaker Returns. It is the last ever episode. Yes, it is the


final. The CBBC channel were doing a big build up to this last episode.


They're doing a thing called Finale Friday, showing the last episode of


Sport Relief Does Glee Club and repeat of the last episode of Tracy


Beaker and the story of Tracy Beaker. Then, I know, you are going


to be nervous, they are showing Tracy Beaker Returns, the last ever


episode. I don't want to give too much away but Tracy Beaker is


leaving the Dumping Ground. Don't get upset. Basically, Mike has told


that it's not to be too upset because then Treacy will get more


upset. So Tracey thinks she is leaving and no one cares. But


Tracey, we do care! Take a look at this exclusive club. -- exclusive


club. At least I'm trying to do something more than setting up a


meeting for two weeks time. A fantastic job, Melanie, you manage


to make a phone call. Is that what she learned, getting a social work


agree? Don't be ridiculous. But it is OK because I'm leaving soon? And


you can Compton trait -- concentrate on your perfect


trainee? I can't wait to leave anyway. I am lucky enough to be


joined by Tracy Beaker herself, Dani Harmer her. After 10 years of


playing Tracy Beaker, what was it like to leave the character behind?


It was really difficult because I have grown up with the character


and I love playing her. It feels like the right time to move on.


the subject, was at emotional, filming glassine? It was so hard.


Obviously, last seen was with Mike, and I have known him since I was 12.


As soon as we started the rehearsals, we were both in floods


of tears. So the tears in the scene are genuine see it -- genuine tears.


They are completely real. Obviously, rich left a couple of weeks before


you. What was it like filming without him? It was really hard.


honest. It was really hard. He is like my little brother. We spend


every minute of every day together. It was really difficult when you


left. But we powered through and we got to the end. What can we look


forward to from you next? My new series of Danny's house is starting


after Easter. And I will review it as well. Thank you very much.


you for having me. TV Download complete.


Welcome to hot or not. Labrinth is with us. This is the part of a show


we decide whether things are hot or not. If they are hot, sit on the


side, if they are not, sit on that side. As I am such a gentlemanly


figure, I will let you go first. My hot subject of the week is...


Tongue twisters. I love a good tongue twister. I have got a few


tongue twisters. Through three cheese trees, three free fleas flu.


Through three cheese trees. Through three cheese trees. Through three


cheese trees? A that's right. Through three cheese trees...


fillies... Somebody help him out. Sister Sue me sort -- sister Susie


sewing shirts or soldiers. Sister Susie sewing shirts or soldiers.


I like tongue twisters. What about the good old red lorry yellow


lorry? We can do that one really fast. Go. Red lorry, yellow lorry.


Red lorry, yellow lorry. Red lorry, yellow lorry. Red lorry, yellow


lorry. Red lorry, yellow lorry. THEY GO FASTER AND FASTER. CHEERING.


Why are you on there? One side is a bit too busy. I'm going to sit on


someone's lap. You said red lolly. No, don't try that! Anyway, that is


definitely hot. My hot or not is from the website. It is from


corallittlebaboon. Nice! And it is crisp sandwiches. I love crisp


sandwiches. Same here. Have we got some? Yes, we have. Just crisps?


That's how it is. Bit of ham? Crisps and cheese. But not just


crisps. I think they are hot. have them for lunch. Every time


there is food on this show, you eat it. At my school you got bread and


butter for 30p. Got a bag of crisps, and you are saving money. I think


it needs some cheese. Yes, cheese! Cheese for that extra 20p. At least


you got butter in it anyway. Crisp sandwiches are not hot. Who is


next? Me. Just finishing my sandwich. My hot or not is talent


shows. Do you mean big shows like The X Factor? I am going to go on


this side. You are both in the music industry. Would you say that


talent shows such as The X Factor are good? Simon Cowell would not be


happy with me if I was not on this side. Would you say it is a


shortcut to getting out there? Aidan, you were on that talent show.


Aidan was on Britain's Got Talent. You smashed it, bro. Ah. Where did


you go? I got to the live semifinals. And then the final. And


then I didn't win. You know what they say, the winner doesn't always


do the best. There you go. True. Look at him, on Friday Download!


APPLAUSE. Would you like to be a judge?


my comments would be terrible. Everybody would leave there crying.


OK, so that is hot. That is hot. And my one is actually aliens and


it is inspired by your new video. Serious? Oh, I am definitely


staying here. I am going to support aliens. I love aliens, man.


originally wanted an alien to do Tinie Tempah with us but he said he


wouldn't do it so I decided to beat him in my next video. Are you good


friends with the alien? He is a good guy, called Ken. We went out


for a cup of coffee the other day. Really nice guy. Where is he from?


I couldn't say. He is a bit scary. I'm all for him. Let's do it.


and Ken would be a good duo. Ken The Alien, TV show. That sounds


good. So that is hot. OK, I'm next. Mine is from Molly Tracey. She is


over here. It is her birthday today, she is 14. Happy birthday! Please


can you tell us your hot or not? Roast dinners. Yes! What are you


doing? Mint sauce, carrots, mashed potato. Mint sauce and gravy.


sauce but no veg. It's too much effort. What do you mean effort? I


bet you don't even make it. someone to make it for you.


have got to sit down and eat. It takes up so much time. Of course


you have to sit down and eat. What do you eat, man? Would you rather


stand up and drink? I mean it's just boring. The combination of


flavours, I don't like it. What do you think? I think they are hot.


There you go. What do you have in your roast dinner? KLAXON.


No, no. That is just rude. It is the klaxon. Basically they


interrupt and go bang, time is up. Thank you very much for joining us.


You will be performing later, right? I am. That is Hot Or Not.


# Look around, there's a whole lot of pretty ladies.


# But not like you. You shine so What do you call a cow in a field


eating grass? I don't know, what do you call a cow in a field eating


Hello and welcome to the Games Download. I have Dionne and Richard


and we are going to be doing some pretty cool stuff. Do you remember


SSX? No. Does no one in the audience remember SSX, the


snowboarding and skiing games? For me they were my favourite game


on PS2. Kind of retro, snowboarding and skiing. I used to love them. It


is kind of like the comeback game, the new SSX. It is snowboarding


this time. Let's get playing. Stand-up, Richard. What are the


buttons? To move you are going to use the left analogue stick. The


left analogue stick is for moving and steering. How do I do tricks?


Oh, my days. If you go into a tree like that you can grind on it. Flip,


man. Fifth. That is not bad. Five out of five! Basically you are last.


Try and get on a grind. I don't need to grind, I am too cool.


and get on a grind. Sometimes I think the game is a bit unrealistic


in the tricks that it does. Watch out. You have done fantastic.


Fourth place. I am just having fun. We will wrap it up there. Brilliant


effort. It is fun but it is very hard to control, left and right.


don't know if I would play it. turn left and it goes worse. Maybe


you can adjust the sensitivity. Great game but I would get bored


very quickly because it is the same thing. That was SSX and now we move


on to the gadget which is the Mad Pad app. You know those beatbox


percussion things you get where you get a little grid and you press


different squares and you get different sounds? I have seen one.


Oh! Oh! You can muck around with them. But as I am the Gadget Man I


am not going to give you something you've seen before. This is a new


spin on one of them and I think it makes it extra cool. Basically I am


going to show you one that you get free with it. This is one made by


someone with a car. It is great. Each time I click on one you will


see movement of how it makes the sound and hear the sound.


HE PLAYS CAR NOISES TO SOUND LIKE That is good. So that is just one


you get with it. You can download 50 free ones from this application.


This is one I made the majority of earlier. As you can see, I have two


that I still need to do. Can you do one for me now? What? You have to


do one. What? What? SHE HUMS. SHE HUMS ON THE APP. These are the


ones that we prepared earlier. Let's go through the sounds quickly.


DING. DONG. WHAT. OH. TICKER TICKER. Oh. OK, shall we have a jam? To do


the jam, let me work on a loop. HE PLAYS BACKGROUND MUSIC.


This is hilarious. Come on, join in. HE PLAYS MUSIC


That was Mad Pad. You can do it straight online or save it on your


iPad if you want. Lots of funky stuff. However it is more fun, like


a novelty, because if you want to create some proper in-depth complex


interesting tunes, you need a proper beatmaker rather than just


this. This is just to mess about with with your friends. You can get


them anyway. Yes, and it is only available on Apple products like


the iPhone and iPod. If you are on Android, unlucks, mate. That was


Mad Pad. Now it is time for Tyger So, Tyger Versus is the part of our


show where I battle these guys at a little game and we have a


competition. The score is 6-4, which means this is an all-


important episode. Whoever loses... Can we stay positive? If I win, I


win the entire Tyger Versus. If you win, then it carries on to next


week, which will be even more nerve wracking. I can feel the intense


Tyger. Let's see who I am up against. I hope it is nice. Oh! Are


you ready? Positive energy! Right, I will have my own team talk as


usual. You look into the future. That is what drives you to win this.


Be a man. Right, I am going to be on the left. Best of luck. This is


a 400 metres relay. 400 metres to win. Can we please have some


concentration in the studio? This is a very tense time for me. This


looks like a good game. I feel nervous and I'm not doing anything.


Go on the sound, yeah? I am on the left. Who is Sonic? I am Top. Go!


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 48 seconds


We won! Fantastic. His face. It is like he has won the lottery! Well


done. Well done. You didn't let us down. So the plot thickens. Massive


well done to Cel. He just beat me. The score is now 6-5. Next week,


the final Tyger Versus will be unbelievably tense and we have to


wait till then to find out who wins. Unfortunately then is not until two


weeks time because sadly we are not on air next week. I object, CBBC! I


can't wait two weeks. I might have a heart attack by then. Two weeks


to train yourself. Not doing funny faces when you are playing. Thank


you again. That is the Games So this week in Download it is very


different. Let me tell you why, people. We have skateboarding and


snowboarding. We have put it together and we have created this.


Welcome to Weekend Download. This week I'm in the North of England in


the countryside. I'm going to be learning how to mountain board.


This is something that I've always wanted to do. Lucky for me, I don't


My name is Matt. I am 20 years old and I am the UK mountain board


champion. Mountain boarding is a cross between snowboarding and


skateboarding. You can ride it It is really easy to get into


mountain boarding. There are a lot of centres and places around the UK


where you can get a lesson. It is pretty cheap as well compared to


other sports. My favourite trick at the moment is the backflip. Jump


hard first and then lean back. You get to spot your landing with a


backflip. Cork spins are more difficult. As you take off with the


kicker, you want to lean back slightly so that as you start


spinning, you start to cork. Get a nice grab to make the spin go round


really nice and then ride it out. am not going to be doing any of


that. They said I could pick this up in a day. There is only one way


to find out. Hi, Matt. Nice to meet you. All right. Tell me a bit about


mountain boarding. Basically you have got this board similar to this.


Bindings to keep your feet on, pneumatic tyres to get you over the


How long have you been doing it? Seven years. He or a professional.


I am three times the UK champion. - - You are a professional. We have


to wear knee pads, or wrist guards and a helmet. Let's go. This is the


board. The first thing we need to sort out is the stance. Make sure


it is nice and comfy. Point your feet towards the direction. This


will stop the board running away. Attach it to you knee-pads.


Remember to keep your knees bent, look over your shoulder, keep her


weight Central. Let's do it. Let's This is your first run down the


hill. The easiest way to start is to turn it sideways, and put your


back foot in first. When you're ready to go, put your front foot in.


You should gently rolled to the bottom of the hill. When you're


ready, off you go. Nice. Bend your front like more. That is a good


stance. Good work. -- front leg. Good work. Wicked. What is next?


are going to do turning. Keep your knees bent. But the weight on your


heels. Exactly like skateboarding. Yeah, turn to the left. If you want


to turn to the right, put the weight on your toes. Let's see if


you can go round these polls. Keep your knees bent. Good work. Two


nice turns. Excellent. Yeah, boy! night that is how are you mountain


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 48 seconds


boards. If you want to learn how, Thank you for great day. No problem.


He did really well. I can't believe how much you have told me in one


day. Hopefully we will see you again. That is the most fun I had


ever had on a weekend Download. Weekend Download complete.


Welcome to this week's music Download. Given up for Chilli Bang.


How are you doing? Lovely Jimmy Choo. We have had your song, Ray


Charles, previously. I love it. For everyone at home, let us have a


rechecked -- recap. # Ooh boy, open your eyes


# A girl like me ain't waiting all night


# Ooh boy, better think twice # I got that honey, that sugar,


that spice # And I think I'm preheated, oven


# They hear me spit, they think they know me like they cousin


# But it's okay, we at the door that mean's we're buzzin'


# Now that's McDonald's and baby I think I'm lovin', it


# But you know that size doesn't # MC Hammer with...like why would I


quit? # Let's hire 40 people and get like


40 cars # And I wouldn't even drive cause I


would be Ray Charles. I love how you put the soulful live


in it. You dance moves are pretty wicked. Thank you. Can you show us


some? Not right now but all I'm doing is impersonating my family


members. At various family occasions, they have been known to


do that. You come from that kind of dance background. It is a very


boisterous family. Ray Charles has done really well and the animal is


out now. You're going to have a look at my picks, and the first one


is Rizzle Kicks with Travellers Chant.


# I call this the travellers chant # whether you're sitting on a train


or in the back of a car # thinking, maybe it's me, yes I do


have places to be (got places to # And do I start at the end or end


at the start # In this little bit of time, will


I get very far # Maybe it's me, yes I do have


places to be # And I'll be there


# Yes, yeah the other day I was sitting in a train but in other


place # I was on my way home or maybe


some would say # I was thinking bout the days I


wanna run away. # What do you think?


Are like the video. They went to the Great Wall of China. Did they?


Maybe it was a camera at trick. Rizzle Kicks are really good.


they are amazing wife. They also wrap but I heard the EU hold the


Guinness Book of records for the long this rap? Bloggers freestyle


rap. Nine hours, 18 minutes and 22 seconds. -- the longest freestyle


rap. This is very on ladylike but did you need the toilet? The thing


was, the toilet was miked up. I urinated and kept wrapping. Try and


break it. I might get swagged out and to some wrapping. Maybe you and


Rizzle Kicks should do something together. It could be history in


the making. My next Peck is JLS with Proud. # Now I am hoping, if


you hear this. # You'll believe that all that I do


is to make you happy. # Make you stronger so why rise up.


# Make my mind up, all that I do is to make you proud.


# Proud, proud, make you proud. Prout, Prout, make you proud.


# All that I do is make you proud. # I never gave up cos you said keep


hope alive. # Is essentially a charity single


for Sport Relief. What do you think? A like it. You guys seem to


be invading us with boy bands in America. We're getting overrun a


little bit in America. How would JLS do? I don't know, bring them


over. I think they would do very well because of the time they


boyband comes to the States, they leave trails of crying girls


everywhere. That will be you soon. Don't worry. By next pick his Angel


featuring Wretch 32 with Go in, go hard. # No pain, they say there's


no game. # I was frustrated, I made mistakes,


and play hated. # I know it's going to come my way.


# And singing to the world today. # Writer wrong, I'm going to keep


it tight. # Angel is a new British rapper but he has been around on


the crime scene for a couple of years. What do you think of grain


music? I am a big fan. But the cool thing about this song is we


actually got to be on tour with the Wretch 32, and we went round the UK


for about a month and a half. He would open up every night and play


Tractor, and we would be like, what is this song? We went back to the


States and now it it has gone to number one. It is featuring a film


called St Danns 2. I think the impact of the film will mean it


does really well. My final Peck, I don't know if you have heard of him,


but it is Labrinth. What do you think of Labrinth? I love him.


# Followed Tokyo. # Looking for somewhere that my


journey could begin. # Bitter attack Berlin.


# I know that I ain't leaving Paris without a friendship. # Were on a


trip around the world. # Now everybody jump.


# One moment to another. # A will to be discovered.


# I know it's my turn to fly. # Less -- let the feeling last.


# I be fair, give me the groove. # I'm going to party all night and


then a wake up in Cancun. If I sleep in Seattle, London next,


I'll be... # We are on a trip around the world.


# Let's make a wonderful. # Come on, let's go.


# One moment to another. # Karl Wills to be discovered.


# -- a world. And now it's my turn to fly.


# Let this be the last time I say goodbye.


# Round the world, it's a merry-go- round.


# Round the world like a merry go round.


# New York City, London town, there's a morning somewhere out


there. # You never know what's waiting


outside your window. Let me see some Hans! Let me see


some hands up in the air. Let me # Now everybody jump.


# One moment to another. A world to be discovered.


# I know it's my time to fly. # So let this be the last time I


say goodbye. # Let's Go!


# Around the world. Come on! Hey, ho, hey, ho!


# Round the world like a merry go, merry-go-round. # Give it up for


Labrinth. That is music Download complete.


Welcome to movie Download. I will be reviewing my favourite pictures


in the cinema. The first one is We Bought a Zoo. It is a family film


and I must say I was very pleased. The family are looking for a fresh


start. So Bickel looking for a house, and they find a house they


like but there is a catch, it is a zoo, a full Zune. It is down to


them to buy the house and get it back up. It is a big challenge and


they take it upon themselves. It is based on a true story about a


family who bought a zoo in Devon. In the film it is based in America.


One of my favourite parts, little girl was fantastic, so funny, and a


Let's look at the Mee family. This is exactly what we have been


looking for. It's complicated. What is so complicated about this place?


ROARING. It's a zoo. Yeah! We need somebody to take charge of this


place or else we and all these animals are gone. That is the


Just imagine waking up to the roar of a lion like that. That is my


lion, don't worry about it! Next up is The Hunger Games. It is based on


the trilogy of books by Suzanne Collins and warning, guys, it is


for the older ones. If you are easily scared, miss it out. It is


based in North America in the future and it has been split into


12 districts. Two teenagers from each district each year are chosen


to go into the hunger games, a deadly game of survival. The book


was incredible and the writer said she was really happy with the


outcome of the film and it did her books justice. You can't go wrong


there, can you? Let's have a look And so it was decreed that each


year, the district shall contribute one young man and one young woman


between the ages of 12 and 18 trained in the art of survival.


This is the time to show them I am quite excited because if this


film makes enough money, they have said there is a possibility that


they are going to turn the remaining two books into films. So


maybe if we are lucky and it makes enough money we might get more of


them. Out on DVD is Tintin. You might know Tintin, the famous


character with his little white dog Snowy. I wasn't a massive fan of


the TV series. After watching this film, definitely changed my opinion.


Loved it. Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson. Steven Spielberg did


Warhorse and Peter Jackson the Lord Of The Rings. They have


collaborated in this film so I had high expectations and high-calibre


people and thought it would be great. It did not disappoint. The


action sequences were very believable because instead of using


CGI they used motion sensor, which is what Gollum was in Lord Of The


Rings. He dressed up in a suit and did the movement on a green screen.


Incredible if you can go and see how they do it. This is Tintin.


What is this? That model ship conceals a clue to one of the


greatest treasures in all history. Good boy, Snowy. Are you going to


take charge of this evidence? fear, Tintin. The evidence is safe


with us. Help! Thomson, where are you? Already downstairs, do try to


keep up. I am Tintin, by the way. Haddock. Archibald Haddock. What


have you done? I lit a wee fire. a boat?


This is Stephen Spielberg's first animation and he got the rights to


make the film 30 years ago and he has finally got it done. Well done,


Steven, proud moment for you. That Joke Download. Where do frogs


Welcome to music tribute. It is Mother's Day on Sunday. I know.


Excited. Because it is Mother's Day on Sunday we thought on Friday we


would give our mothers a treat. We would get them involved. At the


start of the series we had Rizzle Kicks on and this is called Mama Do


The Hump. Because Mama is mummy and it is Mother's Day. Clever. It goes


like this. THEY SING. Also, while you are watching this


video, you need to watch out for Susannah Forbes from Chippenham,


whose mother flashes her bus pass. I am being serious. Since you are


throwing out the surprises, do you remember Finn Armstrong from the


audience last week? Definitely. Keep your eye out, he might be in


# Yo, coming in with a sound fresher than cut grass, fun starts.


# Second that we enter if you must ask rush past.


# Like you've forgotten your mind. # or the drivers all up your face


like can I see your bus pass? # we just wanna lickle rhyme, bruv.


# call me what you want but you should not call it a night, love.


# and I might just dance to the music.


# half a rooms like what's this all about?


# with the other half jiving. # I love that sound.


# Yeah, yeah, I love that sound. # yeah, yeah I love that sound.


# Yeah, your mama can hump. # mama, do the hump, mama do the


hump hump, mama. # Won't you please let me do the


hump hump? # mama, do the hump, mama do the


hump hump, mama. # Won't you please let me do the


hump hump? # mama, do the hump, mama do the


hump hump, mama. # Won't you please let me do the


hump hump? # mama, do the hump, mama do the


hump hump, mama. # Won't you please let me do the


hump hump? Enjoy Mother's Day. Treat your


mother's. Music Download complete. We have all been there! Friday's


afternoon with Mother's Day on Sunday and no idea what to get your


mother. Luckily saffron was on hand to prepare an extra special day for


her mother. Hello, I am Saffron and I am doing Style Download this week.


It is Mother's Day on Sunday. I am going to help one girl come up with


something special for her mother. Hello. I live here with my mum, dad,


two sisters and my brother. I like watching TV, especially Friday


download and Tracy Beaker. Most of all I love my mother and I want to


do something special for her on Mother's Day. I think I have a few


ideas up my sleeve. Let's go and Hello. Oh, my God! Hello. Hello.


How are you? I have come to help you plan for Mother's Day. Is that


OK? Can I come in? Yes. Cool. OK, tell me what you have got planned.


My mother always runs after me and I want to do something special for


Mother's Day. Rather than giving her a present, why don't we think


of something that will allow her to relax and stay in bed and stuff


like that? What do you think stresses her out most? Leaving my


shoes on the floor. She tells be to put them on the rack. When I am


watching television and she tells me to do my homework and not doing


my chores. Come and help. The great thing about what we are going to do


is that it does not cost much money and it will go further than just


Mother's Day. She will be able to enjoy this for longer. Sound good?


Let's get to it. OK, you said you are always being told off for


leaving your shoes at the bottom of the stairs. My idea is to make a


sign to help you remember. What do you want it to say? Always remember


to put your things upstairs or That is our signed done. Let's put


it at the bottom of the stairs and come back for the next thing. You


said your mother is always doing things for you. To help her, we are


going to make some vouchers. Basically she can use them when she


likes and you are going to do the jobs for her that she usually does.


I am worried. But are you going to do it? Yes. What jobs did your


mother not like doing? Cleaning, washing, hoovering. OK, you are


basically going to do that. By well-designed the vouchers and you


are going to write on the jobs that you will do. -- or I will design


OK, that is our voucher book down. You told me your mother is always


on at you for watching television when you are meant to be doing your


homework. To counteract that problem I have rather splendid


inventions. They are called television curtains. I know it


sounds silly, but trust me, they work. Let's make them. OK, that is


everything done. I think your mother can have a quick snake pit


before Mother's Day. Let's go and Yes! If you want to spoil your


mother this Mother's Day, or say thank you for being a great mother,


You can use marker pens to write your mind on a piece of card and


then decorate how you like. We used a stencil but writing free hand is


just as effective. Parents often complain we watch too much


television. A fun way to say when the television is off-limits is to


put curtains across. You will need a piece of red velvet material cut


to the size of your television. A bamboo pole. Some sticky tape.


Thread the ball through the top of the material. Stick it to the top


of the television with tape and you are ready to go. Make sure the


curtains are always open for Friday Download. Step three, the vouchers.


Promise mother it to help with our jobs with official coupons is great.


Write your message on the top of the Golden Card. But it in with the


jobs you are prepared to do. Decorate and tied with ribbon for


effect. They can be used on Mother's Day and any other day of


the year. I like the vouchers, but I am worried that she will use


them! I will not use them all on Mother's Day. I will save them and


use them when she least expect it! I hope that she has got her over at


the ready! Some great tips on how to help your mother. They are not


just for Mother's Day. Download complete.


Now it is time for this thing down. I will take you through a song and


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 48 seconds


this week it is Olly Murs. Do you That was amazing. Can I point out


these wonderful people in amazing Friday Download T-shirts? Joy as


next week because it is my birthday! Grown -- join us next


week. There will be an extra special birthday Dance download.


But this is why I came over, just to let you know that we are not on


air next week. Sadly we are not on air next week. But we are the week


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