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Welcome to the programme. All right guys, spill the beans. Admit, we


have seen them on checking themselves for the show. I don't


know what you're talking about, we always make an effort. We have got


a really, really good music downloads. Do tell. Well, they are


American, they cannot rap. They can dance. And of course, they can sing.


I know, didn't they toured with Nicole Scherzinger and Justin


Bieber? These guys get mobbed everywhere they go. No, we haven't


got Mindless Behaviour on the show? Yes. Give it up everybody for minus


You guys have just been on tour with Nicole Scherzinger. Yard


during here in a month or so, are you excited? Yes, we had a lot of


fun being in the UK. We always have a lot of beautiful fans here.


heard you got your name because you can master anything and everything,


is that true? Yes, it is true! are going to have fun on the dance


download. I have heard you guys have been practising the British


accent. To start the show, can each will down the line and tell us a


fact about being in a minus mark in your best British accent. I am not


that good but I really love the fans. I have to say the same thing,


too. That wasn't there because I wanted to say the same thing.


basically... That's enough, here's what's coming up next on today's


show. Stay tuned, everybody. It's a special Mindless Behaviour Dancer


download. It is passing off in Tyger Versus. You guys because the


stars in music tribute and Mindless Behaviour perform their single.


Hello everyone and welcome to the game's download. Today is a very


special day, we have a UK television exclusive. You going to


like this one. This game isn't even out until next month but being the


gadget man that I am, I thought I would give you guys at treat. We


have a Kinect Star Wars came it is only available on the Xbox 360. It


will satisfy the fanatical Star Wars fans, the cattle star Wars


fans and if you've never seen Star Wars before and you play this game,


you will still think it's a great game. This is a fantastic game. I


will briefly explain different modes. You have Jedi destiny mode


or you can be at Jedi and use the force to interact with your


surroundings. We are on a train and the train doors open and he does


this. He pretends to use of force. Have you seen this one? I got the


Force! I was never going to get your! Are trained Jedi can sense


your power. That's because I played this game so much. We have a pod


racing mode. You got to press start the game. It is almost like a bike


so hands out in front of you. Occasionally he will have a green


bower. That will burst. Only when you've got the green section down


here. It will slowly be charged. Oh, you're going backwards! Move


forward. Can you see the Green Line? You've got to stick to that.


You got kissed. Bist! You getting the hang of it now. They cannot be


in to fire in front of you. Sheikh one arm. Occasionally you get these


things when you can harm another player. Did you just buy them?


using the force. Come on, you going to come 7th. That's not too bad.


That must do your arms if you like that all the time? I'm a Jedi,


don't forget, I don't feel any pain. At fantastic game but it is only on


the Xbox 360. I think some people will be really annoyed that they


cannot play this fantastic game will stop I have a special edition


Xbox 360 that is being released alongside the game in the style of


our 2D to and everyone be quiet and we can listen to some cool sound


effects. This is the Controller. Now it were going to move on to


today's gadget. This is their world. Basically they are a little robots


and they all have these remote controls. In the world, the


fundamental thing is that these other enemies, they are a blob


monsters. I will demonstrate a couple of things. Did you see that!


He's trying to wipe out him up there. That is the thing. There are


12 robots you can buy an income by different sets and put them


together. Shall we have a game of football? This is there arena and


this is there little pitch so if you put two of them in their and


give them a ball. He shoots, he scores! I think it's really cool.


Because there is so much stuff to collect, it may take a long time to


get it going and also there are so many little bits. When I was


younger, I would have been terrible with it. It's also quite hard to


control. I like that loads of people can play. Altogether having


a laugh. I think it's really cool. Let's get on to Tyger Versus.


Tension building. We're going to need the rest of our presenters.


Here they are. This is the part of the show where we have a little but


the competition. Let's see who I am playing. You cannot let us down.


should be worried because we're doing a singing game. I cannot sing.


The going to be doing her singing # I get tired and upset. # Don't


worry, there's no doubt # There's always something to worry about. #


Pack up your troubles in your bag and bury them under the sea. # I


don't care what the people may say Well done, you did fantastically


there. That is why you are a world- class singer. She beat me so now a


this is the score. We are coming back!


Have you heard of the joke about the roof? Never mind, it's over


your head. Welcome to Just for Laughs. I have


a little test for you. I have here a cup and an envelope with an arrow


on it. Can you see that? I can't. You can choose the prize if you do


it. You have to make that arrow face the other way without catching


the glass or card. I don't know. You can move around. Pass me this.


Does this work? Earlier and! No one has ever got it. How did you know?


I just guessed, I don't really know. A very lucky guess. For everyone at


home, Science Week starts this week. The water turns into a lens and


whatever goes through it changes of the direction. It is the angle of


refraction. I've never heard of that. Basically, it turns into a


lens so much are you have a bottle of water, at last and the arrow


will swap. Tell me, what is this week's music


tribute. It is about the stars. The singer is a female. She loves her


crazy cats will stop we are going # Uh oh uh oh


# We're on the rocket # Baby baby, we're on the rocket


# Venus and Mars now, can't be apart now


# Baby baby, put me in your pocket # We're on a mission, get in


position # Put the plug in the socket, give


me all your power # When you turn it on I can go for


hours # Hit the switch, push the button,


baby, then you'll see # We can have it all, baby, you and


# Kiss the stars tonight # You and me, oh, we will


# Write our name in lights # They will see we're in love


tonight # Love tonight, we're in love


tonight # Love tonight, love tonight


# We're in love tonight that was amazing. Did you see fray


are from the Wirral with a Pixie Lott face on her waist? Hashtag


Now it is time for hot or not were we discuss whether things are hot


or not. This is the hot side and that is the not hot side. A I am


first. My hot or not is collecting things. Literally anything. I like


elections. So do live. I think that has to be hot. Everyone has little


things that they collect. A what you collect? Do you collect


candles? I do have a lot of candles, there are about 12 candles in my


room. Did you buy them one at a time, because that is collecting?


If not, that is just buying candles. I have lots of Rubik's cubes as


well. My hot or not is fair grounds. I love the fairground. By and


staying where Ram. -- I am staying where I am. The a a all the gains


you can play, like fishing. I won a fish and fishing once. I love the


inflatable slides that you climb up, and then you jump down. They are so


fun. Do you guys like fair grounds? Yes! It is my goal, and I have one


sent in from the internet. From blue plaque will be, and it is all


lives. I love all of us! -- all of this. Seriously, no! You have such


strong opinions about food. I am not eating that, no. Have you tried


won? You have never tried one. do not like olives. You don't like


smelly cheese. You don't like anything else we have had on the


show. What do you meet? I told you, I eat chicken wings, chicken


burgers. Checkout Richard's cookbook. Page 1, chicken. Page 2,


the end. Not available at any bookshop.


I think there is something you're not telling us. I think you should


try and all live. You cannot make an all of 88 and Oliver. I have


tried them and they make me feel ill. This is the yo-yo. I think


they are not hot because I cannot do anything else with it. What is


that? Your managing to keep it going. Come on then. Let's have a


go. I have got or oil all over my hands. That is what makes me feel


sick. -- olive oil. There is a trick called the Invisible man, you


take off your shoes and get two yo- yos and you hit it and issues move,


like an invisible man. Wow. -- the shoes move. I cannot do it and I


get bored. Now we have an audience question for making. I do Morris


dancing. -- Nick in. I used to do Irish dancing. You have never shown


us. I will teach you the baby jig. Skipping for eight.., barely in,


head up. -- barely in. One, two. No,., you have to point. And then


you come back and you hop. Hot for three. -- hop. To be honest, as


dances go, it has to be one of the most boring. I agree. If you look


at it from a dancer's point of view, I can do it. Briefly, what did you


think? Hot. Do you do Irish dancing? Yeah. Let's have a go.


I have to say, when it is done like that, it is a lot better. Fantastic.


Thank you. A round of applause for Megan. Did you hear that? That is


definitely the captain. The hotter not download is complete. Still to


come on Friday download. Come on everybody, join in. That doesn't


look like a fair fight. OK, these are awesome. You are wearing these.


# I've got to see her, trouble across the world just a metre. #


Welcome to movie download. going to give you two DVD pecks.


Out in the cinema is John carton. Here is a warning, it is one for


older children. John Carter is just an ordinary guy, who is suddenly


mysteriously transported to Mars, out there in the galaxy. He knows


he needs to get home but he meets a princess and the Princess is like,


"Please help me, I do not want my town to be overtaken." In that time


he falls in love with Mars and the Princess. It is one big mystery, it


is like you are learning as the film goes on. Just like the


character, who is trying to discover what is happening. How


will he stay there? He is played by Taylor Kitsch from X-Men: Origins.


Let's have a look. When I saw you, I believe that something new was


possible to come into this world. You are John Carter of her. You are


s, ma'am. -- Yes. What happens to this place? A new power threatens


to destroy our city. That don't We did not cause this! But this


very night, we will end it! I was too late once, and I will not be


Did you know that he actually did 98% of his own stunts in a film. I


wonder which 2% he chickened out of. Out on DVD is Monte Carlo, starring


Celina Goumas. Her character is just an ordinary girl, who goes for


a holiday in Paris. -- Selena Gomez. She is mistaken for royalty and she


is whisked away to Monte Carlo. It took her seven weeks to learn the


British accent. Julia Roberts was originally considered for her role


but they wanted to go for someone younger. It was not really my cup


of tea but Coral's out there, you will love this. -- girls. The story


was weak but it was OK. Let's see how she got on with the British


accent. Don't you look lovely. I am so glad to see you were here.


else would I be? Than here, in Monte Carlo, where I am supposed to


be, at my ball. Not a bad accent, if I say so myself. I might not


have been as good but I have not practised for seven weeks. Another


DVD release is Twilight: Breaking Dawn part one. It is one for you


older ones, definitely. In this film, Edward Cullen and Belle Isle


have got married and big baby is on the way. -- Belle Isle. The thought


of having a half vampire, have human baby is pretty cool to me but


it upsets the wolves. I must say, the ending sets it up nicely for


Park two. I am not going to tell you what it is, don't watch it to


find out. Let's have a look. -- go and watch it. To love, to cherish.


As long as we both shall live. This is how I will remember it. Your


heartbeat, you pink cheeks. I am getting used to saying goodbye to


you. -- you're cheeks. It is impossible. The foetus is not


compatible with your body. It is too strong and fast growing. It is


crushing you from the inside out. am a vampire, I know. Movie


Welcome to another dance download. This week I'm going to be teaching


you remove you might have seen before, to Chris Bryant's I Can


APPLAUSE Now, to help the teacher is routine, first of all, let me


just call someone. Rich, come on stage. Listen, I had been meaning


to say this to you, and I have not got time to say during the week, do


you know how last week I said you could not do it because we had


Danny doing it. I missed it last week but I'm buzzing to be back on


the stage. You're not. What? The thing is, we have got Mindless


Behavior coming on and they're going to be dancing but there is no


room on the stage. Next week, I promise you. Next week. You said


that last week. But you know what, can we welcome Mindless Behavior to


the stage? First of all, welcome to Friday Download. In a routine there


was one move that you're familiar with because it is from your film,


Mrs Right. I want you to teach everyone in the audience and me how


to do it. Teacher everyone at home. All right, everybody, fists on your


hips. And you have to just wide it out. Shuffle. And then you have to


move your shoulders. Is there any particular part in the song when


this comes in? We just pretty much do stuff. Is there any tricks to


this to get a better? Are there that will tempt you can give the


audience? -- little tips. Probably dancing on your toes, that is


better. Instead of dancing flat- footed, because that makes it


harder. If you dance flat-footed, sometimes it makes it harder to


dance. You can stumble. What we're going to do now, we're going to do


it to the music and if you are finding it hard, just follow him. I


have been watching him. You have got some moves. When I say


freestyle, you need to break it Finishing with the three stand out.


Freestyle. Mindless Behaviour will be performing for us later.


What made the computer go squeak? don't know. Someone stood on its


mice. It's not every week that you come


across a sport that you never heard of. That's what I managed to do


this week. Welcome to weekend download. This weekend I think


we're doing polo. So I look the part. But then I realised, not that


type of polo. My name is Josh, and 19 years old and I play bike polo.


My team is seeded No. 1 in the UK. I am 17 years old and I've been


playing for two years. Enter as many competitions as I can. In the


most recent one, my team came for it and I won the Most valuable


Player award. It is a sport similar to Haughey. You've got a mallet and


the aim of the game is to score goals by hitting the ball into the


goal. The rules are pretty simple. It's a really exciting sport,


really exhilarating, speedy and is a great social event. It is still a


small sport but is spreading quickly all over the world.


time has come for me to get going, which we lack, guys. Nice to meet


you. Tell me a little bit about the sport. Three on three, played on


the bikes and the aim of the game is to win. When you're riding


around, can you put your feet on the ground. You're not allowed to


put your feet down. What do I need? A helmet and some gloves. The first


thing and going to teach you his ride one-handed. That's important


because you had your mallet in the other hand. You got to be able to


stop with just one hand on the break. Get on your bike. You got


your right hand off, keeper left hand on the bike and practice


coming to a stop carefully. See if you can keep going. OK, that's


great. The first thing I will teach you is that when you're on your


bike, you will be staying still and you will lean on you manage to stay


still. Excellent. Try and keep your balance in the middle of your bike.


When you are goalkeeping, you can move it around to see the ball.


When you score a goal, you got to hit it with this all aired. When


you're passing it around, you can use the other side. It's just about


keeping it under control. Let's try this on the bikes. Oh, the hitting


part is quite hard. A you need to go quite slow. When you have the


ball rolling with you, you can hit it. Excellent. Wicked, I think I'm


putting this up. You ready for your first game. He didn't see anything


about the game. Each team are on the fence. The team's charge


towards the middle to try and get the ball. Josh has just told me and


playing a game. I'm really nervous, I don't know what I did. This is my


first game, who are we playing? Don't worry, it'll be fine. It's


really easy to get into bike polo, or you have to have is about. We


can have a knock around and get used it. Es! Have just caught my


first goal, and loving mess. ball is like a cricket ball in size.


You can just use whatever is easiest for you. The main thing is


just having some friends to play it with. Getting a vault is easier


than you think. This is how you do it. Find yourself a bike. Then you


need a mallet. You can't even make your own. Learn to ride one-handed


and to you feel comfortable. Then with a street hockey all, practice


and are you comfortable with it. Getting a game going, usually we


have three players on one side and three on the other. You also need a


flat surface. For the goals, you can use cones are even jumpers.


Score by hitting the ball into the goal - simple. It gets you really


fit and is loads of fun. I've had really good fun today. I have been


shown and sport that I never knew existed. I scored two goals and and


we take this would further. Now it's time for the music


downloaded. How excited are you? a scale of 1-10, definitely off the


scale. I'd better get to it. My There's an elephant standing in the


room. It's not just you and me.


You want to talk about it? There's an elephant and the room.


What did you think about this one? And disappointed because I didn't


see an elephant. It is a matter for. There's an elephant in the room.


There's no elephant in the room? Know. My next picky is the city


City lights are bright. Dancing to the beat, we are feeling


nice. Just living life.


She has been signed to Gary Barlow's label and she has quite a


nice sound. I think you'll like What did you bring us a song? A I


have a massive fan and I love his work but I'm not sure about this


change. It's completely different to the rest of it. I thought he


would like the song. I do like it but I do prefer his old stuff.


Guess who's coming on the show? Labyrinth. Have I told you how much


I love his new song! My next peg is They know my name, they know my


name, they know my name. So? I love it. I wasn't a fan


before but when I heard this, I was properly up and dancing. I've liked


it for ages. My final one and they're here to perform for us. It


is Mindless Behaviour. # Where is Mrs Right, I gotta find


her. # Where is Mrs Right I gotta see


her. # Travel all across the world just


to meet her. # Get me on a flight I gotta see


her. # Travel all across the world just


to meet her. # Travel to LA and maybe to the Bay.


# Come to Chi-Town, she might be out the states.


# Book a flight to London, book a flight to France.


# Can we go to Switzerland, can we hit Japan?


# Shawty say ya don't but I bet you # MB on your ringtone, posters in


your room. # Sassy little thing, like the way


you talk. # Heard you got the goods go ahead


show them off. # Take a picture quick, send it to


my phone. # Dimple in your cheek, white Gucci


stunners on. # Don't know where you've been


hiding from me so long. # Prodigy, Roc, RayRay and


Princeton we on. # So baby come on


# Where is Mrs Right I gotta see her.


# Travel all across the world just to meet her.


# Get me on a flight I gotta see her.


# Travel all across the world just to meet her.


# Travel to LA and maybe to the Bay. # Come to Chi-Town, she might be


out the states. # Book a flight to London, book a


flight to France. # Can we go to Switzerland, can we


hit Japan? # Light-skinned, dark dark-skinned.


# Long hair don't care long as ya hearts in it.


# Looking for my Mrs. Enough to drive me insane.


# Matter of fact aye yo Prodigy sing.


# Hopping on a plane, coming straight to y'all.


# In Tokyo we say Kon'nichiwa, is off the walls.


# London in the spring, pa- Paris in the fall.


# We don't discriminate girls no we love 'em all.


# All my German chicks, let me kiss ya back.


# Open up your Mac Book, put me on your lap.


# Space and sending smiley faces on the chat.


# Met some good girls, yeah they're all over the map.


# But where she at, where she at? # Where is Mrs Right? I gotta see


her. # Travel all across the world just


to meet her. # Get me on a flight I gotta see


her. # Travel all across the world just


to meet her. # Travel to LA and maybe to the Bay.


# Come to Chi-Town, she might be out the states.


# Book a flight to London, book a flight to France.


# Can we go to Switzerland, can we hit Japan? # Flying so high, so


high, destination everywhere, I gotta find a way to get to where


Welcome to TV Download. I will be giving you my favourite pecks 40 p


this week. The first one, Sport Relief Does Glee Club. Glee club is


back to raise money for Sport Relief. Yes, the judges are back,


Cisco Gomez and two celebrity Goumas -- vocalists have to find


the best glee club in the UK. They have to choose 24 Acts, narrowed


down to five in the final. Three go through to the final and you choose


your winner. It is a great show, full of all the usual singing and


dancing, and for a great cause. Let's look at Monday's episode.


This world is such a crazy place # It's all about the go, go, go.


# Sometimes life can taste so sweet, when it slows you down.


Start seeing the world a little differently when you turn it upside


down. # I don't care, I'm halfway there.


# And I'm just soaking up the magic in the air.


So, guys, don't stop believing. See what I did there? Next up is the


wizards of Waverley Place. It's coming to an end. I know, it is


exciting. Alex or so is a wizard along with her brothers and they


are training to become wizards. But only one of them can keep their


power in a wizard competition. I'm telling you about the third to last


episode, which is where the or so family has been evicted from their


home because their grandfather sold it. So they go back in time to try


and stop their grandfather from selling it. It is all build up to


the final episode. Let's have a sneak preview. We are leaving.


Where to? 1957. I've heard of that place. What are you doing?! Weight,


this isn't 1957. We travelled to 1977. You must have bumped the


arrow when you got -- grabbed this thing. By Emily trying to save the


universe. We know the song, let's shake our grew things before we go.


I can take it! No one a shaking their grew things! Come on, Justin,


let's boogie. We can change the future, we need to get out of here.


But I do love this song. Harry Potter ending, the wizards of


Waverley Place sending, I will be the only was it left on the earth.


That is TV Download complete. -- the only was it.


Four this week's Style Download, we have been out and about.


Saffron here, and this week they have given me my very own Style


Download. I have come to Yorkshire to surprise Larissa, who needs help


planning for a school disco. I am Kiss The Stars -- Larissa and this


is where I live. I live here with my mum, Darren and my little sister.


There is a school disco coming up on the one to make it special but I


don't know how. Larissa has been looking forward to the school disco


and she is really excited. It has to be really special. I have been


to a few school discos in my time, and I know what I'm talking about.


Hello. I am Saffron and I'm here to help you plan for your party. Can I


come in? OK, so tell me about your problem. I have got a school disco


coming up, and I wanted to be really special but I have no idea


how. OK, well I think we can come up with the perfect outfit. I have


some pretty cool accessories to help you stand out. What else?


can never decide on the tunes. music choice, we can help you with


that. When is it? Tonight. Coal! OK, I thought you were going to say


that. Where is your room? Up there. Let's go. OK, if Larissa, the most


important thing to remember when you're wearing something to a disco


is to wear something right, nothing to Gordy. Don't mix patterns, but


just something that will make you stand out. Sue-wise, where


something smart. -- where something smart but comfortable because you


do not want your feet to be sore if you're dancing. Where are your


clothes? Right here. Let's find an outfit! What about these? They are


nice but they will not be comfortable enough. OK, these are


awesome. You're wearing these. I don't care what you say. How about


these? Perfect. OK, so we have got your outfit nailed. Do you like it?


I love the colours and patterns. It is brilliant. Now it is time to


tackle the music. Let's go. Bouquet, Larissa, I remember that you said


you have a hard time choosing music. Is that fair? Yes. My solution is


to make a song selector. How does that sound? We have got paper, pens,


and scissors. I will get folding and I want you to write down the


OK, so you pick out the colour and then the letters. Whatever number


you land on is the song. If you pick three, he will be listening to


Domino. That is the music sorted but a very good song needs a good


dance move. I have a surprise for you because Aiden Davis has


choreographed a dance move for you to do at the disco. Let's look.


Hello, Larissa, I'm going to teach you a move to do at your school did


sheet -- school disco to wow your friends. This is the move. What


we're doing is really simple. 1, two, one, two, one, two, one, two.


It, hit, a hit, yeah, hit. It will work with literally any song. A


slow one Rory faster one. -- or A. That is the move, use it.


absolutely love that. Are you feeling confident? We really


confident. It sounds like your friends are here so before you


answer the door, I have brought you some glow-in-the-dark bracelets.


They will help you to stand out. Enjoy. The these are awesome.


Thanks. If you need help preparing for a disco or a party, here are


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 85 seconds


There is no doubt that Larissa's disco will be one to remember. I


wish I was going now. Nice one, Saffron. Style Download


complete. OK, it is time to -- time for Singh


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 85 seconds


Download. This week it is dynamite Make some noise! Can I just say, we


appreciate this boil veneer, his moves were insane. And also, big


shout out to Finn over there. thank Q2 Dionne, and thanks to a


Download Subtitles